The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1528

Chapter 1528 Give An Inch Want A Mile

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When those women saw that Ye Futian had gone into the spring, violent, murderous intent swept out. Suddenly, the entire spring was shrouded by a strong will of the Way. It was as if it was an endless pure white silver lightning walking about in the spring, and swam toward Ye Futian.

Boom. An extremely majestic breath erupted from Ye Futians body, which turned into a radiant golden body, and a savage power swept out along with sharp and piercing sounds. Ye Futian stood there, his body immense, like a god, difficult to shake.

"Get out." That most beautiful woman, whose eyes were extremely cold, was staring at Ye Futian.

"The Divine Spring of the Great Path, where all goddesses bathe in it, why do I have to get out?" Ye Futian spoke lightly. The power of the fountain of life instantly entered his body. It flowed across his four limbs and the torso. The ancient tree of the world turned into a divine tree, swaying inside the Life Palace, absorbing the will of the Divine Spring.

This spring water contained a richness of life that far exceeded that of the previous fruit of the Way. If it could be completely refined and absorbed into the body, how vibrant would his chances of life be? Perhaps even the physical body would be difficult to destroy.

When his thoughts turned to this, the ancient trees of the world absorbed this power frantically. In an instant, his body seemed to have turned into a terrible vortex, causing the spring water to rush into his body madly.

In an instant, Ye Futian was overwhelmed by the richness of the breath of life.

The women in the Divine Spring looked bewildered. What was going on?

They bathed in the Divine Spring, gradually digesting and absorbing the will of the Way contained within. After this man had stepped into the Divine Spring, his body seemed to have turned into a vortex. It was trying to devour the entire spring.

Wan Shouyi and the others, likewise, were equally puzzled. This guy he intended to swallow up the entire Divine Spring?

"Stop him," the woman who was in the lead scolded. Suddenly, all the women in the Divine Spring moved toward Ye Futian. In an instant, many methods bloomed at the same time and rolled toward Ye Futian.

Ye Futians entire body seemed to be cast in gold, and there immense amounts of thunder and lightning swept out. The breath inside his body was magnificent and extremely dominant. Although he was only in the realm of Unblemished Saint, under that majestic momentum, it was definitely at the breath of Nirvana-level.

"This" When Wan Shouyi and Luoyue saw this, their hearts were trembling. Just how strong was this guy?

1Previously, they had seen Ye Futian swallow the fruit of the Way when he had gotten it. Ye Futian was indeed an expert at these kinds of abilities. It seemed that he was good at more than just music and swordsmanship.

However, although he exhibited many abilities, Ye Futians attack at this time was still in the realm of swordsmanship. As Sheng Jing, his disguise was a musician swordsman, so these two abilities played a major role while all the others were only ancillary.

Seeing these many attacks coming toward him, Ye Futian pointed his finger forward, and a terrifying vortex storm of swordsmanship appeared in front of him, wrapping all the incoming attacks inside. Even more terrifying was that the Sword Will of Cleave of All Things also contained the power to attack divine souls. Bodies were flying out, and many of the goddesses were injured. Some made muffled groans while others clothing was stained with their own blood.

Ye Futian didnt seem to harbor any tenderness for the ladies.

"Goddesses, the Way was hidden within this Divine Spring. It is meant as an opportunity to prove the Way and can be used by anyone. If the goddesses act so insolent as to prevent others from using it, then dont blame me for being merciless," Ye Futian said as he stepped forward. The sword will was murderous as it shrouded the Divine Spring.

What was even more terrifying was that the spring water in the Divine Spring was continuously decreasing and was still being swallowed madly by Ye Futian. His body was like a bottomless hole, draining the Divine Spring.

The divine tree nourished the life water of this spring, and it was impossible to move it. It could only absorb its will of the Way. But Ye Futian, did he want to swallow it completely, or move the Divine Spring into his body completely?

Moreover, was he cultivating the Path of Devouring?

There did not seem to be any the sensation of the breath of devouring the Great Path, so how did he do it?

The woman in the lead saw that Ye Futian was so overbearing in his stance. With a cold countenance, she released her breath and stepped forward, saying, "You should also know that this place is run by the Divine Palace, so this place, by right, belongs to the disciples of the Divine Palace."

This proving ground originally belonged to the Divine Palace, but it gave the outsiders the opportunity to cultivate, so that made them eligible to compete for it.

Many disciples of the Divine Palace were unhappy about this, but there was nothing they could do. Except for a few top characters, others could only come and compete with the geniuses from the outside. According to the elders of the Divine Palace, this was also a powerful trial for the disciples of the Divine Palace.

The womans name was Lu Qingyao. She was a direct disciple of a prominent figure of the Divine Palace. She was walking in the Divine Spring, and as her body emerged from the Divine Spring, her silvery-white dress was spotless. An extremely majestic might now rolled through the world. In an instant, this world turned into a world of frost; everything was about to be frozen.

Luoyue shuddered. She glanced down at her hands and body. There was a snowy white frost invading her body, and the sword will in the surrounding space was also solidified, seemingly frozen. Her ability to sense the outside world was reduced yet again. It was as if she had entered an independent space.

Likewise, Ye Futian also felt that his blood flow slowed down as the icy cold will of the Way now invaded his body, affecting his senses. He felt that he was no longer in the spring but was now in a frozen world. His perception of the outside world had also slowed.

"What a powerful technique. It affects the perception of the others and leads one into a space of illusion," Ye Futian secretly remarked. At their level of cultivation, everyones strength was unfathomably strong. Any kind of carelessness was a matter of life and death. Once the sense of perception was limited, the result would be devastating.

On the outside, Lu Qingyao looked coldly ahead, and her eyes seemed to turn white, like snow. Her long skirt fluttered as she moved forward. The world was filled with flying frost. The vast and endless space turned a snowy white, and everything was becoming slower; it was the same with Ye Futians body. Gradually, the hoarfrost would cover everything, and its will of the Way would continue to invade Ye Futians body until he lost all consciousness.

But at this moment, she seemed to feel something suddenly. Her brows were knitted together slightly. She looked up at the void as if she felt an invisible will of the Way flowing between heaven and earth, traversing that violent, icy will of the Way.


With a loud bang, the world of ice seemed to collapse and shatter. Countless sword will suddenly exploded, tearing the nothingness apart.

The look on her face changed slightly as if she looked down at Ye Futian. She saw a pair of terrible sword eyes. It was as if many sharp swords had penetrated her eyes, rushing into her sight and passed through the world of hoarfrost, piercing the sword spirit in the depth of the world.

In her pupils, Ye Futians shadow seemed to be getting closer and closer. She saw the other pointing in the air with his finger, and that finger was like a sword. The moment it struck, time seemed to stand still once again.


A muffled groan was heard. In the world of white snow, blood trailed down Lu Qingyaos mouth, dripping onto her white skirt. An extremely strong life spirit wrapped around her body, repairing her injury with incredible speed.

Watching the scene, the Divine Palaces disciples came to Lu Qingyaos side in a flash, but Lu Qingyao was still staring at Ye Futian inside the Divine Spring. Her eyes were very cold.

"There is still some water in this Divine Spring. If the goddess would like to bathe together, you would be welcome to do so," Ye Futian said. His body was still devouring the life water in the Divine Spring as if he really wanted to move the spring of life that had nurtured this divine tree for many years into his own body.

"Who are you?" Lu Qingyao stared at Ye Futian.

"A nobody. I am Shen Jing," Ye Futian replied.

"Shen Jing." Lu Qingyao indeed had never heard of the name, but now she would remember it. The Divine Spring was drying up at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. She didnt bother to go down anymore, but stood there, watching the whole thing from there.

She did not believe Shen Jing was a nobody. Would a nobody be able to break her technique, as she was a direct disciple of the Divine Palace?

And the several people behind him all had extraordinary temperament. In addition, the sword technique that he used before was very likely from Taixuan Mountain.

It didnt take long for the spring of life to dry up completely. It was absorbed by Ye Futian. At this time, Ye Futian was wrapped within a very abundant breath of life. That will of the Way was like a cocoon that made Ye Futian feel that the energy of life was incredibly vibrant. It was as if waves of a river were rushing through his body.

Ye Futian closed his eyes and felt that this spring of lifes will of the Way was sufficient to support his cultivation to the realm of Renhuang. Of course, the premise was that he could break through other areas. Now, if he could refine these powers some more, when the moment the Deed of Thorough Comprehension erupted, this vibrant will of the Way surging inside his body would not beneath the Nirvana Plane.

"By the way, do any of you have some fruit of the Way? I have a friend who also cultivates in the will of life and would like to borrow a couple of fruits of the Way." Ye Futian saw that Lu Qingyao and the others from the Divine Palace had not left. After sensing the majestic Will of the Way inside his body, he thought of Xia Qingyuan. If he didnt save anything for Xia Qingyuan, it would seem unreasonable.


Wan Shouyi and Luoyue stared at Ye Futian, stunned. This guy had devoured an entire spring of life. Now, he wanted to continue robbing the disciples of the Divine Palace?

And that Lu Qingyao had extraordinary strength. They had felt her prowess when she released the will of the Way. Judging from her status, she was very likely a direct disciple of the Divine Palace.

After Ye Futian swallowed the spring of life, he wanted to rob the fruit of the Way for his friends?


It was simply too imposing!

Even Luoyue found it slightly unbearable. Did he really have no manners around the ladies?

If she only knew that Ye Futian was going to rob the beauty of the Divine Palace in front of her for another woman, what would she think?

1Lu Qingyaos face turned white and then green. The coldness on her body swept around the world. The frost above the sky roared and roiled.

As the direct disciple of the Divine Palace, although her beauty could not be said to be unparalleled in this world, it was still remarkable. She had always been a proud daughter of heaven. When had she ever suffered such humiliation?

Feeling the chill, Ye Futian whispered under his breath, "If we fight for real, Im afraid the goddess will not be an adequate opponent. I really dont want to hurt you"


2Each of the regular disciples from the Divine Palace, who were next to Lu Qingyao, had a sour look on their faces. They had never seen such a brazen, shameless person.