The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1531

Chapter 1531 One Strike

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Little phoenix looked at Ye Futian, unhappy, and gritted her teeth, This b*stard!

Before, he was reluctant to give her even one fruit when she asked him, but now, he had given two fruits to the woman who just came. This was ridiculous.

And this woman was not even that beautiful!

Wan Shouyi and Luoyue were speculating about the relationship between the two. Shen Jing called her his sister, but she didnt seem like his sister in any way.

Path companion?

Not really.

So, what was their relationship?

Others also stared at Ye Futian. He tossed out the two fruits just like that. Did he have any more on him?

That gesture was generous enough.

Yaya sat cross-legged, digesting the power of the fruits of the Way. Within her body, a powerful sword will and life will flowed back and forth until the sword will became more magnanimous. The infinite sword will wrapped around her. It seemed to engrave the true will of swordsmanship into the meridians and skeletons of her body and transform them.

Ye Futian looked down at Yaya. Once upon a time at the battle of the Demon Realm, Yaya guarded him at all costs and suffered grave injury, but she also gained a lot. After returning to the Nirvana realm, it had deepened another layer of comprehension in her cultivation. Her swordsmanship had become more mature and powerful than before, and she had a greater comprehension of swordsmanship. This allowed her to perfect her own attack techniques, such as the Sword Matrix of the Void, making it even more excellent.

Now that she had just eaten two fruits of the Way, it would allow her to advance to the next level in the Nirvana Plane.

"How many fruits do you have?" Yaya was still cultivating when a voice was heard. The person who spoke was Luo Youming of the Divine Capital of Xiling. Obviously, he had some thoughts about Ye Futian.

They had not bothered with Ye Futian and the others from Taixuan Mountain before, because they were busy seizing this time to raid all the fruits of the Way here.

But now, almost all the fruit was gone, and all sorts of opportunities had been taken away. Perhaps only here at the Divine Tree of Comprehension could there be a possibility to meditate the Great Path.

But the people above had already made their arrangements, and they were unable to force their way in.

Since this was the case, they had no choice but to settle for the second option.

Ye Futian looked up at Luo Youming. There was a bit of coldness in his eyes. He didnt want to haggle with the other, but it seemed that Luo Youming had plans for the fruits of the Way that were in his possession.

"Quite a lot," Ye Futian smiled at Luo Youming and said.

Ye Futians answer stunned not only Luo Youming but the people all around them.

A lot?

And, he admitted it so blatantly?

Was he looking for trouble?

Wan Shouyi and Luoyue also expressed a look of surprise. This guy really was This was a totally different person from the Shen Jing on Taixuan Mountain.

The others were also somewhat moved as they turned their attention to Ye Futian.

"Is that so?" Luo Youming took a step forward, and the demonic will on his body was tossing and rolling. He smiled a cruelly at Ye Futian. After these people from Taixuan Mountain had fought each other, they were still so arrogant, unaware of their impending death.

"If so, why not give them to me?" Luo Youming stepped forward and spat with a creepy and eerie tone.

"Sure, come and get it," Ye Futian replied.

When Luo Youming saw that Ye Futian was so confident, in turn, he was a little doubtful. At this level of cultivation, his intelligence should be higher, not lower, right?

Then, where did Ye Futians boldness come from? This stopped Luo Youming in his tracks, and he seemed to be second-guessing his own judgment.

Unless he was emboldened because of Wan Shouyi and the others?

He looked at Wan Shouyi and the others and saw that Wan Shouyi was standing right behind Ye Futian at the moment, which made him even more suspicious.

"Arent you going to come and get it?" Ye Futian looked at him and continued.

Previously, Luo Youming was not too concerned with Ye Futian, but now that he was being so bold, he was suspicious and dared not act lightly.

"Of course," Luo Youming said, and with the will of the Way roaring, the cultivators of the Divine Capital of Xiling around him also released great and strong will. A sense of death rushed directly toward Ye Futian and the others. Even Luo Youmings eyes released a terrible will of death that rushed directly into Ye Futians eyes.

However, where the dead air entered, it was drowned out by the majestic will of life and had no effect on him at all.

"In the old days, when the Divine Capital of Xiling entered Taixuan Mountain, you wanted to experience the cultivation of the disciples of Taixuan Mountain. At the time, I had just arrived at Taixuan Mountain as a musician. Now that I have learned a few things from Taixuan Mountain, I will enlighten you today."

The moment he finished, a tremendous sense of will erupted fiercely from him. In an instant, the sky above him shrieked, the sword qi wailed, and countless divine swords were beginning to form.

Not only that, but streams of sword will went toward the void, flowing between heaven and earth. Looking up, the currents of sword will were visible to the naked eye, flowed through every space, as if omnipresent.

Many looked at the battle here and felt the magnificent will erupt from Ye Futian. Many showed a peculiar look. Was this might that was released by someone of the Unblemished Realm?

Even someone of the Nirvana Plane would not be able to surpass this by much.

Furthermore, Ye Futians vitality was booming. His entire body was shining brightly, dazzling with divine light. At this moment, he was like a divine sword that had been unsheathed.

"This strong?"

Jun Mu and the others were confounded. What was going on?

Didnt Ye Futian cultivate in music at the String Pavilion and then went to Sword Abyss to watch the swordplay by the swordsmen? Why was his swordsmanship this strong?

In front of Ye Futian, the endless flowing sword will now condensed into a real, sharp sword.

At this moment, Ye Futian closed his eyes as if he no longer needed to see with his eyes. He no longer needed to use movements to control the sword.

Psst A sharp shrieking sound was heard. It was extremely harsh and made many feel very uncomfortable. The currents of sword will flowing between heaven and earth formed a terrible sword river of true will, roaring and howling toward the cultivators of the Divine Capital of Xiling.

In this instant, all the cultivators of Xiling felt an unparalleled power of slaughter. It was as if everyone was inside this sword river and could not escape.

People all around felt the strength of this sword will, and many evaded and gave way to the battlefield to avoid being affected.

Ye Futians body gradually levitated in the air. He sat there in midair with a sword in front of him. As his mind moved, the sword struck.

Between heaven and earth, a real sword river appeared, sweeping through the void. The infinite sword will was unleashed at the same moment, cutting through the void. Those Saint Plane cultivators from the Divine Capital of Xiling were all of a powerful existence, which is why they were given a space to come here. But at this time, under this strike, they all felt inconsequential.

The violent demonic might exploded, and darkness shrouded the world. But wherever the sword qi passed, everything turned into nothingness, and all was wiped out.

The murderous sword river traversed this space, and sounds of muffled groans could be heard. Many of the cultivators of the Divine Capital of Xiling stiffened and stood in place, blood trailing down the corner of their mouths, and their faces were pale as sand.

And that brilliant sword strike took direct aim at Luo Youming across the space.

Luo Youmings face changed because he could already sense how strong this strike was going to be.

A terrifying demonic might erupted, and behind him, a body akin to a death demon appeared, and with it, numerous death spears were launched. However, under that sword will, there was no way for the spears to gain an upper-hand, as they were immediately shattered and pulverized.

In this instant, he seemed to have returned to the same scenario that day on Taixuan Mountain.

Boom. A great palm print of the demon god smashed out, and Luo Youming rapidly retreated leverage its momentum. But Ye Futian was still sitting upon the void with his eyes closed, and as the sword chimed, he was clearly controlling the sword remotely.

The dazzling divine sword was going forward without resistance, headed directly for Luo Youming.

Boom, boom, boomThe sword penetrated everything, and no matter where Luo Luoming retreated, the sword was still right there. Even the currents of the sword will between the heaven and the earth drowned his body, bisecting the void as if to bury him within the sword.

Luo Youmings face paled. Suddenly a terrifying might of pressure exploded from his body, and an implement now appeared in his hand, emitting the intention of a demonic emperor.

"Is he looking for death?" When people saw this, they exclaimed secretly in their hearts. Sure enough, a destructive divine light of the Great Path suddenly spilled down from the sky above. It smashed down on that Renhuang implement. The same destructive divine light of the Great Path also attacked Luo Youming at the same time, and he was hit instantly. His body fell weakly downward as he kept vomiting massive amounts of blood.

The Divine Palace gave an allotted quota to the top principalities of the Higher Heavens Realm so that their disciples could come to prove themselves and compete for the opportunity of the Great Path. It was not an occasion for them to show off with divine implements. Anyone who dared to resort to a Renhuang level implement would be immediately detected and dealt with, hence the scene that had just played out.

It was a wretched affair.

Luo Youmings body fell heavily to the ground. The sword will was chilling, and Ye Futians sword pointed to his forehead. It was as if with a turn of Ye Futians mind, hundreds and thousands of swords would descend.

"Its you." Luo Youming stared at the sword pointing at him. This was dj vu, similar to what happened on Taixuan Mountain before.

This was the same sword as on Taixuan Mountain.

Actually, it was a more mature sword, except the sword on Taixuan Mountain had taken the advantage of the character of the Way.

The sword was still pointing at him, and Ye Futian didnt respond. Jun Mus face instantly became extremely disturbed, but he was not alone; it was the same for several other disciples of Taixuan Mountain who followed him.

It was the same sword.

That extremely radiant sword on Taixuan Mountain, at this time, was blooming here.

"How could it be him!"

Many people felt a little surreal. Li Zhiyin, Chen Yu, and Ma Yi had seen Ye Futian first come to Taixuan Mountain. They had watched Ye Futian practice music in Guqin Valley.

However, how could he be capable of such a radiant strike by the sword? It was the second level of the Fleeting Divine Swordthe Cleave of All Things.

"The allotment of space."

When their thoughts turned to this, they realized that Lord Taixuan had known all along, and that was why he had sent Ye Futian to accompany them.

"How many positions do you think this sword deserves? "Ye Futians eyes opened. He didnt bother with Luo Youming, but instead, he looked up at the Divine Tree of Comprehension.

For the Divine Tree of Comprehension, his goal was not simply one space!