The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1532

Chapter 1532 A Song Of Swordsmanship

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In the sky above, in front of the Divine Tree of Comprehension, all eyes were gazing down at Ye Futian.

This sword strike, indeed, qualified him to meditate before the Divine Tree and obtain the fruit of the Way.

However, Ye Futian had come late.

Lu Qingyaos eyes were indifferent. A ray of cold air drifted out from her, and a young man not far from her looked at her and asked, "Is this the person who robbed junior sister Spring of Life?"

"Mmm." Lu Qingyao nodded, and swiftly, several disciples of the Divine Palace stared at that figure.

This time, a number of outstanding figures had converged from each of the top principalities. Gai Shi Shi of the Golden Divine Nation was extraordinary in strength and was extremely arrogant. He was unwilling to enter the Divine Palace to cultivate, but his combat power was not any less than its direct disciples. Of all the direct disciples here, none had the confidence that they would overcome Gai Shi Shi.

Qin Zang was of the Sky Burying God Clan. His attack power was equally as powerful, and he was unmatched.

And now, this swordsman, who came from Taixuan Mountain, seemed to be very strong. Moreover, he claimed to be a musician of Taixuan Mountain. Yet, his one sword strike was able to thrash all the cultivators of the Divine Capital of Xiling, including the son of Old Demon LuoLuo Youming.

And what was really wild was this man dared to raid the disciple of the Divine Palace and filch the fountain of life and the fruits of the Way on their home territory. It was truly unimaginable.

Gai Shi Shi and his cohort also looked at Ye Futian. On the day of the Battle of Taixuan Mountain, Gai Shi Shi had been present and witnessed the sword that defeated the disciples of the Divine Capital of Xiling, which caused great embarrassment to the cultivators of Divine Capital of Xiling. At the time, many thought that there had been a Renhuang secretly aiding, but now it appeared that it was the young man before them, that inconspicuous musician Shen Jing.

Furthermore, his sword method of the Fleeting Divine Sword had far exceeded that of Wan Shouyi. Therefore, was it possible that he was the disciple hidden by Lord Taixuan?

Lord Taixuan claimed that he would not accept any more direct disciples. He had been unwilling to accept Gai Shi Shi as a disciple, but now it seemed to all be an excuse. It was likely that Lord Taixuan had already had a disciple but had not publicized it.

So, was this the reason why Lord Taixuan was unwilling to accept him?

If it was a competition of swords, then Shen Jing, indeed, was more suitable than him.

But the truth was that Gai Shi Shi was overthinking the matter. While it seemed to be logical, but, in fact, except for the grand event on Taixuan Mountain that day, Ye Futian had never seen Lord Taixuan. So, how could he be his disciple?

Lord Taixuan left a space for him merely because he knew that the sword back then was from him.

However, this mans swordsmanship was superb. He had incredible strength. Although he was only in the Unblemished Plane, his whole body was radiant, and the will of the Way in him was glorious. It was as if he had ingested several fruits of the Way, which boosted the bodys vitality and essence. The will that was flowing out of him was no less than that of the Nirvana Plane.

But even so, it was still difficult to force his way through by force.

"There is no place for you here," in front of the Divine Tree, the young man next to Lu Qingyao said quietly. Suddenly several disciples of the Divine Palace expressed a look of sympathy.

Even though he had demonstrated tyrannical prowess, there was still no place for Ye Futian.

If he said no, then, naturally, there would be none.

Ye Futian looked up at the sky and the Divine Tree of Comprehension. There was no place for him?

He stepped into the void and said with a smile, "What if I insist?"

"Then try, and you will know," the young man from the Divine Palace continued, his tone indifferent but firm as if there was no room for doubts.


Perhaps, if he had reached Nirvana Plane, he would have a chance at a fight, but for now, as someone of the Unblemished Plane, he was not qualified to ask this question.

Ye Futian glanced at the sky above, then walked toward Luo Youming. He looked at the cultivators of the Divine Capital of Xiling. He said, "Hand over the fruits of the Way that you have."


Luo Youming regarded him with an extremely somber countenance.

A sword was circling Ye Futian. The sound of the sword chiming hurt their ears as the sword moved forward. It was now circling Luo Youming, who was heavily injured.

"If I had to do it myself, it would cost you much more than just some fruits of the Way," Ye Futian said again. If they wanted his fruits, then they would have to pay the price. It would not be so cheap.

Luo Youming was not weak, and with the cultivators of the Divine Capital of Xiling, they should have robbed him of the fruits right away. Furthermore, as the son of Old Demon Luo, no one dared to fight Luo Youming for it, and only he should be the one controlling the fruits.

"You sure you want them?" Luo Youming stared at Ye Futian. There were hints of demonic will in his pupils.

Psst. The sword came down, and a terrible storm of sword qi went directly toward Luo Youming. His face was extremely gloomy as he stretched out his palm, and three fruit of the Way appeared suddenly. He tossed them toward Ye Futian.

Ye Futian caught them and put them away. He smiled and looked at Luo Youming, saying, "Judging from your strength, there ought to be more than three."

The Divine Capital of Xiling had ten spaces, and with an average of one fruit of the Way per person, they would need to raid no less than ten fruits of the Way to share them evenly. Even if not everyone received a fruit, three fruits of the Way was simply too few.

Base on Luo Youmings character, he would definitely kill and plunder. From their entry into Taixuan Mountain, intending to forcibly interrupt Lord Taixuans breakthrough, their overbearing stance was more than obvious. Therefore, they could not possibly have so few fruits in their possession.

"It seems that I have to check myself." Ye Futian walked forward. Luo Youmings face was gloomy. He said, "Shen Jing, I will remember your name."

As he finished speaking, he waved his palm. One after the other, fruits of the Way flew toward Ye Futian. Ye Futian stretched his hand and took them with a flick of his sleeve. He was able to take them in one swooping motion. There were five of them in total.

As he expected, Luo Youming had taken eight fruits; he first handed over three, wanting to hide the other five.

"Then, you better remember it well." Ye Futian turned around with a smile, without pursuing the matter further. With eight, he was already somewhat satisfied. In addition to the other fruits he had plundered before and the Divine Tree of Comprehension above, the harvest this time was bountiful.

"He means business." The people all around couldnt help but twitch a bit. In this land of trial, many didnt even get so much as one fruit, and others had been robbed of theirs.

Ye Futian took care of the Divine Capital of Xiling and took eight fruits of the Way.

Coupled with what he already had, it was no wonder that he could afford to be so generous. He had given two fruits of the Way to the woman in front of him.

Jun Mus face was becoming even more disturbed. The more outstanding Ye Futian was, the more it accentuated his pettiness from before. He could see that the eyes of the people around him had changed already. They were thinking that Shen Jing had gotten so many fruits that perhaps even Wan Shouyi and Louyue would all be able to partake.

And they had, up until now, only procured two fruits by Ju Mu, which was simply not enough for everyone.

These two fruits of the Way probably wouldnt even be enough for Jun Mu himself. It was likely that he would never hand them over but had saved them for himself.

After he finished this, Ye Futian looked up and stepped forward, facing Wan Shouyi. He said, "If I gift you a song, would you dare fight me?"

Wan Shouyi was stupefied. Was Ye Futian asking him to fight?

Glancing at the figures above, there was Li Xun of the Divine Sword Li Family, who had defeated him before, as well as Qin Zang of the Sky Burying God Clan. There was also Gai Shi Shi of the Golden Divine Kingdom and several direct disciples of the Divine Palace. Every one of them was of a genius-level existence, and they were was not people he could contend with by himself. He knew this very well.

But Ye Futian wanted him to fight.

Clearly, Ye Futian wanted to enhance his swordsmanship with his music.

Seeing Ye Futians eyes, Wan Shouyis enthusiasm was peaked once again, as it had been when he first entered the Sea of the Path. He replied, "What is there to be afraid of?"

He stretched out his hand. The sword will moved about on his body, and the spirit of the sword appeared instantly. The palm of his hand went over the spirit of the sword, and drops of blood dripped down. A breath of terror flowed over the spirit of the sword, and the breath upon his body was madly rushing toward the spirit of the sword.

Above the firmament, the sword will rolled in waves, and there seemed to be infinite sword qi being born.

"Sword, come!" Wan Shou shouted, and in an instant, infinite sword will poured into his body. It poured into the spirit of the sword, forged a dazzling divine sword. His body was bright all over, sharper than ever. The man and sword were now one.

Behind Wan Shouyi, Ye Futian sat cross-legged, playing the guqin with both hands. When the music sounded, many felt their hair stand on end. Their bodies tensed up, and their hearts beat faster. Above the sky, wind and clouds were moving. Infinite melody integrated into Wan Shouyis mind, and the music and the sword became one. At this moment, Wan Shouyi had a feeling that though he knew that he would lose, he was unafraid. Though the Great Path was imperfect, he would still break the shackles and compete with heaven and earth.

At this moment, he wanted to howl into the sky. The sound of guqin complemented his mood at the moment perfectly, and it also completed the sword.


Wan Shouyi raised his head to look into the void and took a step forward. This expression of gratitude was naturally for Ye Futian.

No matter victory or defeat, it was enough that he had this song to enhance this sword.

"This is impossible"

Jun Mu couldnt help but make a sound. His face changed rapidly, and he even appeared a little pale. His eyes fixed on Ye Futian. This was absolutely impossible.

The hearts of Li Zhiyin and Chen Yu were also beating violently. They felt a little unreal when they regarded Ye Futian.

They had cultivated in Taixuan Mountain for many years and spent many years in String Valley, but they had never seen anyone from Taixuan Mountain perform this song, never

And Ye Futian, how could he possibly know it?

This song actually matched the music played by Lord Taixuan that day. Although it was far from the artistic conception conveyed by Lord Taixuan, it possessed quite some sophistication.

This was the lost sound of the Great Paththe Song of the Lost Divine.

Was Shen Jing a direct disciple of Lord Taixuan?

Li Zhiyin couldnt help but ask herself if this was also the reason for Jun Mus unrequited love affair. Ye Futians knowledge of the Song of the Lost Divine could only have one explanation.

On Taixuan Mountain, only the String Emperor had cultivated the Song of the Lost Divine and would not easily pass it on to ordinary disciples.


But Lord Taixuan made it clear that he would not accept disciples any more. Once upon a time, her masterthe Taixuan Hierophanthad wanted to send her to Lord Taixuan as an apprentice, but this had ultimately been refused by Lord Taixuan.

Not only the disciples of Taixuan Mountain were full of suspicion, but everyone else thought so, too, such as Gai Shi Shi.

Today, at this place of trial, someone actually performed the lost sound of the Great Path.

A song of swordsmanship.

Wan Shouyis sword broke through the air. At this time, he had completely entered a state of ecstasy and total selflessness. When the Way had been revealed, death was no longer fearsome. At this moment, he had the illusion that the Way was upon him.

Li Xun of the Divine Sword Li Family emitted a dazzling sword light from his pupils. He took a step out, and countless divine swords fell down, slamming at Wan Shouyi.

Wan Shouyi waved his sword, and the sword countered the Great Path. Li Xuns swords were torn and smashed instantly. A glimmer of the sky opened up, straight through the firmament!