The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1539

Chapter 1539 Realization

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Ye Futian walked up to the towering tree and looked up at it. He could feel many different types of will in this place.

The tree made him think of the World Tree within him, his life spirit, that could also hold all kinds of will of the Great Path.

Could there be some kind of connection between them?

It was probably just a coincidence. The World Tree was his life spirit, and this tree was a divine thing in the middle of the sea of the path. It bore fruit of the way that could be used to comprehend the Great Path.

He swept his gaze over the trunk of the mighty tree. As his eyes traveled downward, he saw that it seemed to be rooted in the Mountain of the Way. Its countless roots stretched out in all directions.

"This is the Divine Tree of Comprehension. We can use it to comprehend the will of the Great Path much more efficiently," Ye Futian said to himself. He sat down cross-legged beneath the tree and did not bother to form a resonance with any of the pieces of fruit on it.

He closed his eyes and cast away all distracting thoughts. He did not think about anything in the outside world, but sank deep within himself, immersing himself in a mystical plane. He seemed to forget himself.

Although his eyes were shut tightly, he could see more clearly than if his eyes had been open. His divine spirit covered a boundless area, and there was nowhere where he was not present. He could sense everything.

A crisp wind blew by, seeming to contain the Way within it.

He sensed a fiery piece of fruit of the way. His divine spirit entered into it, and in a flash, he could feel blazing flames burning in the sky. It seemed that these flames reached up to the heavens, and they burned his divine spirit.

He also felt a piece of lightning fruit. He suddenly felt like he was in a world of lightning, and he was bathed in the Great Path of Thunder.

He felt many other kinds of will. Every piece of fruit on the tree contained a frightening amount of the will of the Great Path.

The people from Taixuan Mountain were all there as well. They could sense the will contained within the fruit of the way. They sat there, sensing the world around them quietly. Will flowed over all of their bodies, except for Ye Futians.

Below them, everyone was looking up into the air. Many of them had their eyes closed and were using their other senses. Although Ye Futian had expelled the people who had been here previously, he had not forced them to leave. They could still sense the will of the tree from below the mountain, and thus it was still beneficial to their cultivation.

Ye Futian sat there quietly as if he could sense the world more clearly now. As time passed, Ye Futian sank deeper into himself, until he felt like he had turned into a tree himself.

The tree had worked its way into his very veins. The World Tree was spreading through him, and different kinds of will flowed on every one of its trunks. The will of the Great Path was very potent there, and it burned like the sun in the sky. Brilliant light gradually began to shine from him, and a powerful force began to spread out from his body.

The will resonated with the Divine Tree of Comprehension, and suddenly lines of will were flowing from the tree towards him. They penetrated him.

With a thought, Ye Futian formed sword will within himself. All of the will of the Divine Tree of Comprehension within him turned into sword will that flowed to every part of his body.

To become a Renhuang, one had to forge a Renhuang body, comprehend a Renhuang soul, and form a Wheel of the Great Path.

As Ye Futian thought of this, endless sword will flowed through his veins, and even into his bones and organs. Outside, sword will was also flowing down from the Divine Tree of Comprehension and over Ye Futians body. His entire body was soon covered in sword will.

Below, some people looked up at him. There was so much sword will; was Ye Futian trying to forge a Body of Swordsmanship?

Ye Futian was bathed in sword will. The current of sword will was growing stronger and stronger as it went into him until it formed a closed loop. It would not flow out of him. It seemed like all of this powerful sword will was locked up within him.

When one formed a law body and a law soul, one was on the inside, and the other was on the outside. The law body was internal, and the law soul was external. Once the two had been forged, they would resonate, and only then could one form forge the Wheel of the Great Path, know everything under heaven, shine with the sun and the moon, and have ones every movement be in accordance with the Way.

This was a place to prove ones worthiness. It gave people a much better chance to become a Renhuang. Everything that Ye Futian did here was something that many people would fight to have a chance to do.

Wan Shouyi and Luoyue seemed to feel something. They opened their eyes and saw that endless sword will was falling from the Divine Tree of Comprehension and entering Ye Futians body. This distressed them greatly. This genius was truly unpredictable.

Ye Futians need for will was terrifying, but the will contained within the Divine Tree of Comprehension seemed to be endless. As time passed, Ye Futians body seemed to be translating into a Body of Swordsmanship. Everything about him seemed to be made of sword will, both inside and out.

"Can he really comprehend this much, even without using any of the fruit of the way?" everyone asked themselves. This Ye Futian was frighteningly talented.

After a while, Ye Futian had completely transformed into a sword, a sword that was sitting there with his eyes closed.

"Shen Jing seems to be forming a law body," said the people who were watching him from below.

"This is a rare opportunity, so naturally, he must seize it. Let us also continue to comprehend the way," said someone, and he closed his eyes.

After a few days, Ye Futians body was like the blazing sun. The air around him seemed to be burning. He shone in all directions, making a look of surprise come over everyones faces. But most of them were immersed in their own cultivation, and so they did not pay him too much heed.

In what seemed like the blink of an eye, Ye Futian and all the others had been cultivating at the Mountain of the Way for more than two months. During this whole time, Ye Futian had not risen once. He was completely immersed in a state of self-forgetfulness.

He could sense that there was far more to this tree than even he could see. At this moment, he was in a mystical state, and he could sense that the tree connected the whole mountain together. Its roots reached to every corner of the mountain.

And it was not just the Mountain of the Way. They reached to the entire mountain range. This trees roots connected the entire area.

The tree was truly massive.

All of the trees in the area were really one.

At that moment, a brilliant light shone from the palace at the peak of the mountain. Everyone looked up at it. Some of them did not understand, but the disciples of the Divine Palace knew that the time had come.

The dawn light of the Great Path spread out, covering the entire area and enveloping the Mountain of the Way within it. Ye Futian ceased his cultivation and opened his eyes. He looked towards the palace and saw that it was as mystical as an illusion. It gave off a sense of unreality. He guessed that it was probably an image of the Divine Palace.

A burst of marvelous energy descended. A voice rang through the air.

"Time is up. Prepare to leave," came the faint voice from the palace. Ye Futian stood up immediately. With a single thought, all of his swords shot through the air, cutting down all the giant pieces of fruit on the tree then bringing them to him.

When they saw this, the people of Taixuan Mountain stopped cultivating and looked at Ye Futian. They were already perfectly satisfied with the amount of will they had been able to comprehend, and it was all thanks to the fact that Ye Futian had not blamed them for their transgressions against him. They may have had vain hopes to get more of the fruit, but now, Ye Futian had taken them all. They felt a bit disappointed by this, but it was only right and proper.

The fruit on this tree was incredibly valuable. It was said that a single piece of fruit was enough to support a cultivator in forging a law body and forming a Wheel of the Great Path. If you used one when you were at the peak of the Nirvana plane, it could help you break through to the next level.

He could not lightly give up any of this fruit, even for the sake of his friendship with Taixuan Mountain.

Little phoenix looked piteously at Ye Futian. Was he really so heartless?

"We have been here cultivating for so long that I will give you two more pieces of fruit to help you reach Nirvana." Ye Futian waved his hand, and two pieces of fruit flew over to little phoenixa flame fruit and a life fruit. Both were ones she had gotten before and had not come from the Divine Tree of Comprehension.

"So petty," whispered little phoenix as she took them.

"If you dont want them, give them back." Ye Futian stared at her. Feng Yang put the fruit in her mouth as quickly as possible.

Give them back? How could she do that?

Everyone watching envied little phoenix a little bit. Ye Futian had not even thought of them. He had already done everything he needed to do. If they were not happy with him, was there anything they could really say?

The light that covered the area grew brighter and brighter. There was a roar in the sky as another powerful beam of light shot out from the palace, swallowing up all the cultivators.

In the next instant, everyone could feel the stars revolving as the scene before their eyes changed completely.

Ye Futian was stunned. He looked around him and saw the endless Sea of the Path. Everyone was there. The mountain, the tree, and the whole land had disappeared abruptly. It was like it had all been a dream that had never happened.

There was a crashing sound in front of them, and a huge demonic beast broke through the waves, then floated on the surface of the water. It was the black turtle that had brought them here before.

He looked at everyone and said, "Come with me."

On saying this, he turned and continued on through the sea. Everyone formed boats and followed him. Along the way, Ye Futian could feel many eyes on him.

Men of talent always aroused the envy of others.

Moreover, he now had all the fruit of the divine tree. It was obvious that he would attract a lot of attention.

If they were not in the Sea of the Way, but rather at the Divine Palace, he would probably have a fight on his hands right about now.

Once they had left, there were no more rules to entangle them. People could even use Renhuang implements. And everyone there was extraordinarily powerful and had some impressive ritual implements.

"Are we going to the Divine Palace?" Ye Futian asked Wan Shouyi.

Wan Shouyi nodded, "Yes. Dont you want to go and see such a legendary place?"

Ye Futian looked off into the distance. Far away, he could faintly see a celestial palace. It was just like before; it seemed both like a reflection in the water and real at the same time.

"We will be there soon." Ahead of them, the black turtle sped up, flying over the waves. He was heading towards the place that Ye Futian was looking at.

Everyone else saw it as well. Other than the disciples of the Divine Palace, everyone else was curious. They all had their own expectations about it.

"Of course I do," answered Ye Futian with a smile at Wan Shouyi. He wanted to take a trip to the Divine Palace.

As they got closer, they could already see a mystical island rising out of the Sea of the Way.

This was the place where the premier holy land for cultivating in the Higher Heavens Realm, the Shangxiao Divine Palace, was!