The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1540

Chapter 1540 Powerful Deterrent

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As everyone got closer, they realized that the mystical island that rose up out of the Sea of the Way was quite vast.

Everyone was looking forward with solemn expressions on their faces as the boats flew across the water.

"We are here," they all thought to themselves. The black turtle slowly sank back down to the depths of the sea. Everyones figures flashed as they shot through the air and landed on the island.

Ye Futian and the others landed on the island as well. The air around them was thick with the aura of the Great Path, and the vast island was covered with will.

There were several figures waiting on the shore. They were a few messengers who had come to welcome them. When they saw the cultivators coming, one of them said, "Those of you who passed the Sea of the Way entrance examination should familiarize yourselves with the Divine Palace. A bell will ring tomorrow, and when it does, you should all join together. Someone will be there to lead you in your cultivation. Those others among you who were part of the quota may stay in the Divine Palace to cultivate if you wish. If you do not wish to do this, you may leave whenever you want."

Previously, many people had fought for the right to be part of the quota to go to the Land of Proving the Way and thus had undergone a test at the Divine Palace. Those who were successful were already considered disciples of the Divine Palace. As for the people from the other top forces and the geniuses from throughout the Higher Heavens Realm, if they wished to stay and become an ordinary disciple of the Divine Palace, it would naturally be quite easy. As for whether or not they could become a personal disciple, that would depend on their performance at the palace.

"For the time being, you all may do as you please," continued the messenger, and upon saying so, they all turned and left, surprising all of those who had just arrived. Was the Divine Palace really so casual?

"Does this mean that they dont care about us?" someone whispered. The Divine Palace truly did things in a unique way.

"Arent they worried that we will cause a disturbance?" someone asked.

"Once you enter the Divine Palace, you are not forbidden from going anywhere, but that is because you are expected to take responsibility for whatever happens wherever you go. The Divine Palace is not responsible for whether you live or die," transmitted one of the personal disciples of the Divine Palace coldly. This was the Divine Palace, and there were not too many rules. As long as the place you wanted to go was somewhere that you were able to get to, you were allowed to go there.

If something happened to you, the Divine Palace would not care.

"This sounds like the Divine Palace, alright. They are very willful," whispered Luoyue.

"Do you think that our actions here can escape the notice of the people of the Divine Palace?" said Ye Futian with a smile.

Luoyue nodded and said, "You are right."

There were many people of high levels in the Divine Palace. Their thoughts covered the entire place. No matter what they did, there was no way they could hide it from these high-level figures.

The messengers who had come to greet them had left, and the disciples of the Divine Palace flashed away one by one as well, each returning to their places of cultivation.

"Lets go," said Ye Futian. They stepped forward into the Divine Palace. There were many Mountains of the Way all over the island, and there were celestial figures flying towards the mountains. All of them were of the Saint level or higher.

As they went inward, they saw that there were places for cultivation in between the rolling mountains. There palaces on the tops of mountains and in the valleys. As for cavern residences and blessed places, they seemed endless. The air was thick with will.

These places were all places where the people of the Divine Palace could cultivate. Those temples and palaces were naturally places where the great figures of the Palace could teach the Way, and the cavern residences and blessed places were places where the disciples could train.

Ye Futian discovered that many people were following him. In addition to the disciples of Taixuan Mountain, many of the other people were staring at him. At that moment, he had many of the incredible, precious pieces of fruit of the Way. He was an easy target for peoples greed. It was absolutely impossible that none of these powerful Saints wanted to rob him of them.

Moreover, it seemed that the Divine Palace would place no restraints on them doing so.

"They seem to be following you," Wan Shouyi transmitted to Ye Futian.

"Let them," replied Ye Futian. He naturally knew what they were thinking. If they tried to steal his fruit of the way, he would not be polite at all.

He stopped and said to everyone, "We are in the Divine Palace now. Everyone should go and see if you can find a chance to reach the Great Path. I will wander around here as well. There is no need for us to go together, so we should split up." The previous events had made the others from Taixuan Mountain look at him as their leader. They were all following him, which made him a bit uncomfortable.

Moreover, if a huge battle broke out, the disciples of Taixuan Mountain were all of a lower level, and it would be hard for them to defend themselves, so it was better not to let them get involved.

"But you" Li Zhiyin looked all around them. She could naturally see all the people staring at Ye Futian.

"I will be fine. I was able to take care of myself at the Mountain of the Way. There is no one here at the Divine Palace who can touch me," said Ye Futian confidently. Li Zhiyin was used to Ye Futian by now. Given the power that he had displayed, it was indeed true that few people could threaten him.

"Fine, then we will split up," said Li Zhiyin with a nod. They all went in different directions.

"You should go too," said Ye Futian to Wan Shouyi and Luoyue. He had helped them as much as he could on this journey. He had used his song to empower Wan Shouyis sword. The next time he fought, he would have to rely on himself.

"Very well," said Wan Shouyi with a nod of his head, and he left as well.

Yaya turned and prepared to leave, which shocked Ye Futian. "You are leaving as well?"

Yaya nodded. "Yes. I am going to spend some time here, cultivating."

"Alright." Ye Futian knew why Yaya was doing this. Although she had not attracted much attention in the past, it was not certain that no one had been watching her. There was nothing out of the ordinary about her and Shen Jing knowing each other. After all, it was unlikely that she would not know anyone in the Higher Heavens Realm.

But if she were always spending her time with Ye Futian, it would be impossible to avoid drawing attention.

"And what about you? What are you going to do here?" Ye Futian asked Little Phoenix.

"I am going to do my own thing, what does that have to do with you?" pouted Little Phoenix. She would not admit that she had been following Ye Futian.

"Ill travel with you once I get back. Until then, go off and play," said Ye Futian with a smile. Little Phoenix stared at him. Did this guy take her for a child?

"If youre going to go, then go." Little Phoenix spread her wings and flashed away, leaving Ye Futian alone. If someone really attacked him, then having Feng Yan by his side would be a burden.

Now that he was left alone, he could relax a little. He could do whatever he wanted.

He continued forward. He sensed an aura off in the distance and said, "If you want to steal these from me, then just try it. Why hide? You dont want to shame Old Demon Luo."

When he said this, a burst of mighty demonic energy filled the air. A group of figures appeared in the sky above him. It was indeed Luo Youming and the others from the Divine Capital of Xiling. He had been wounded by Ye Futian at the Mountain of the Way, and he had spent all this time healing. It was obvious how much bitterness he felt towards Ye Futian.

The trip to the Land of Proving the Way was over, and Ye Futian was the only one who had many pieces of fruit of the way. And his fruit was the most precious. How could Luo Youming not be greedy?

The will that burst forth from Luo Youming was terrible. Endless death will swept out, covering the space below him where Ye Futian was. The other cultivators from the Divine Capital of Xiling beside him prepared to attack as well. They blocked off all the different directions in the air above Ye Futian.

"You made everyone else leave. Youre not scared that I would attack the people from Taixuan Mountain, are you?" Luo Youmings eyes were cold, and his voice was full of killing intent.

"If you can take the fruit from my hands through trickery or artifice, do you think that you and the Divine Capital of Xiling will be able to withstand Lord Taixuans wrath?" said Ye Futian coldly. Right now, Lord Taixuan dominated the Higher Heavens Realm. The Old Demon of Xiling had been defeated by him. If he wanted to attack the Divine Capital of Xiling, who could stop him?

The strength of the elders was the greatest protection for the younger generations.

Right now, the disciples of Taixuan Mountain were a little bit weak, but no one would dare to harm them.

A strand of sovereign power appeared upon Luo Youming. He obviously knew that he was no match for Ye Futian in terms of combat ability. If he wanted to seize the fruit, he would have to use the power of his ritual instrument.

Boom! Someone suddenly launched an attack. Death spears pierced through the air, rushing towards Ye Futian.

"You must have a death wish." Ye Futian swept his gaze through the air, and suddenly, sword will filled the sky. The death spears were immediately destroyed, and the sword will continued onward, leaving sword slashes in the air.


Sword light pieced through the air, and slash marks appeared on the demonic cultivator. Blood spurted from his head as he stared at Ye Futian below them. Then, he gradually slackened and fell to the ground below.

He had been killed by a single sword stroke.

"Hes gotten stronger." When Luo Youming felt the power of that sword, his heart trembled. Obviously, cultivating for two months, had Ye Futian even stronger than when they had fought. His sword had pierced through the air. A common Nirvana level cultivator was no match for him at all.

Moreover, Ye Futian had used a killing move right away.

This made Luo Youming and the other cultivators from the Divine Capital of Xiling look at him coldly. They could not forget this easily.

"I know that you have a Renhuang implement, but how do you know that I dont? I dont want to cause any trouble, and I dont like it when other people cause me trouble. If anyone else attacks me, they will die," said Ye Futian coldly. He was not only speaking to Luo Youming. He was reminding everyone who was watching him in secret. It was not good that these people were always thinking about him, so he had executed one as a warning to the rest.

1Moreover, the man from the Divine Capital of Xiling had attacked him first, and he had just counterattacked. Although he was only a musician from Taixuan Mountain, Lord Taixuan had personally mentioned him by name. If an elder came after him due to this matter, he would have to think about how Taixuan Mountain would respond.

When he heard Ye Futians unmistakable threat, Luo Youmings face became livid. Imperial power was still blooming from him, but it was just like Ye Futian had said. He had a Renhuang level ritual implement, but how did he know that Ye Futian did not have one as well?

If it really came down to a fight, his opponent would probably not hesitate to kill them. If things were like they had been before, they would not be up to the task.

"All the rest of you, stop following me. Otherwise, my sword will be merciless," said Ye Futian. Everyone watched as he flew through the air, going faster and faster. The sword light cut a swathe through the air as he went off into the distance.

A group of figures walked out and watched the retreating figure with cold expressions. But in the end, none of them followed him.

Gai Shi Shi walked out as well, golden divine light flashing on him.

This man had offended many of the cultivators of the Divine Palace. It would be impossible for him to enter the palace without causing a disturbance!