The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1542

Chapter 1542 Focus

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Zhuang Hong looked at Ye Futian curiously and asked, "What did you do?"

He knew a little bit about Li Daozi. He was proud and aloof by nature, but his swordsmanship was unparalleled. There were few people in the Divine Palace whom he considered worth his time, and it was said that he was rushing towards the Renhuang level. There were only three swords left for him to comprehend on Sword Comprehension Mountain, and once he did so, he could forge a sword Wheel of the Great Path and reach the Renhuang plane.

If he was waiting for Ye Futian on Sword Comprehension Mountain, then this man before his eyes must have done some incredible things at the Land of Proving the Way.

"Nothing. This is probably because I defeated his little brother," said Ye Futian.

"No, given Li Daozis personality, if it had just been the fact that his little brother was defeated at your hands in the Land of Proving the Way, he would not go through the trouble of waiting for you on Sword Comprehension Mountain. He wants to test himself by fighting you. Thus, you must be an uncommonly skilled swordsman yourself," said Zhuang Hong with a smile. Ye Futian had called himself the swordsman of Taixuan Mountain.

"Shen Jing defeated all the proud sons of heaven by himself at the Land of Proving the Way, including Bai Xiua personal disciple from our own palace," said the man who had come with a slight smile. Zhuang Hong looked at Ye Futian. So thats how it was.

In that case, there was nothing strange at all about Li Daozi waiting for him on Sword Comprehension Mountain.

"Are you going now?" he asked with a smile. A man who could move mountains with a thought was naturally no ordinary man.

"What is this place?" asked Ye Futian. These mountains were all Mountains of the Way and were holy lands for cultivation. Since he had come here, he naturally wanted to spend some time cultivating.

"These are the Celestial Worthy Mountains," answered Zhuang Hong. "A celestial worthy from the Divine Palace once used this place to comprehend the Way, and his will still exists in all of these mountains. It is very well suited to one of the techniques of the Divine Palace. Here you can sense the Way of pressure and power."

"You so must have cultivated this technique, Brother Zhuang," said Ye Futian. Zhuang Hong nodded.

"In that case, I am going to spend some time here cultivating," Ye Futian continued.

"What about Sword Cultivation Mountain?" asked Zhuang Hong.

"He is the one who is waiting for me. I dont want to go to him," said Ye Futian with a smile and a shrug. Zhuang Hong was stunned, but what he said made sense.

"Then go ahead and cultivate," he said with a smile. Ye Futian nodded and sat cross-legged on the ground. Then he brought out a piece of fruit of the Way and popped it into his mouth, biting into it right as he sat there.


Zhuang Hong looked at Ye Futian in shock.

He was so shameless!

Ye Futian looked at Zhuang Hongs darkening expression and blinked. He took another bite. "This piece of fruit of the way is very large," he said while he was chewing. "It is truly worthy of being from the Divine Tree of Comprehension."

Upon saying this, he continued chewing with relish. He quickly finished eating the fruit as Zhuang Hong watched him wide-eyed and slack-jawed.

"I am going to cultivate now, Brother Zhuang," said Ye Futian when he had finished eating. He closed his eyes, and suddenly, the sound the roaring Great Path rang out from within him, filling the air in a flash. It resonated with the mountains. In that instant, Zhuang Hong felt a terrible pressure.

He looked up at the mountains around them and saw that they seemed to come to life. Faces appeared upon all of them.

"Amazing!" said Zhuang Hong approvingly. Shen Jings feeling for and comprehension of the Great Path was simply astounding. No wonder he had been able to move the mountains with a single thought.

As he thought of this, he returned to the stone that he had originally been sitting on and shut his eyes in cultivation.

For a time, the two of them had terrible power of the Great Path bursting forth from them, putting pressure on everything in the vast area.

Ye Futian kept cultivating there quietly. Although he was traveling around under the identity of the swordsman Shen Jing, he could not really only cultivate swordsmanship. In order to reach the Renhuang level, he had to forge a Wheel of the Great Path, and he naturally did not want to forge just one kind.

His World Tree life spirit gave him a great advantage in terms of cultivation that he would be able to continue to use when he reached the Renhuang plane, so how could he waste it? So, he ate another piece of fruit. At this moment, he needed the fruit of the way far more than anyone else.

A day passed. Sword Comprehension Mountain had many ancient peaks, and each one was its own sword mountain that contained mighty sword will. Many people had gathered there. Some had come to cultivate, and some had come to join in the fun.

The news that Li Daozi had come to Sword Comprehension Mountain to wait for Shen Jing had spread, and many people wanted to watch. Li Daozi was the foremost member of the younger generation of the Sword Palace. Who would be stronger? Him or the swordsman from Taixuan Mountain?

At that moment, many people were standing before one of the sword mountains. Someone asked, "Has Shen Jing still not come?"

"Someone said that Shen Jing is cultivating at the Celestial Worthy Mountains," someone beside him answered.

"The Celestial Worthy Mountains are not a place for swordsmanship. What is he doing there?"

"Who knows?" Many people were discussing this. Wan Shouyi and Yaya were there as well. They had not come because of the news, but because they wanted to comprehend the way of swordsmanship.


At that moment, the sound of a bell ringing filled the air. Everyone looked off in the distance. It seemed that a wave of divine power was spreading throughout the heavens and the earth.

The bell rang again, and suddenly a group of figures soared through the sky in the directions that the divine power was coming from.

The Divine Palace had summoned its new disciples. Of course, many of them did not go but stayed there cultivating.

Soon, many people were gathered together in a public square in the Divine Palace. Many of the disciples of the Divine Palace had come to join in the fun as well.

Up on a stairway, there were several elders of the divine palace as well as some of their personal disciples. They were looking down at the new arrivals, and one of them said, "Here we go again. I wonder how the new disciples will be this time."

"Given their trip to the Land of Proving the Way, there should be many powerful figures among them."

"There are also many people from top forces who were on the quota here. They are prepared to enter the Divine Palace."

"Li Daozis brother, Li Xun, is here as well." Someone pointed to where Li Xun was. He was going to enter the Divine Palace to cultivate.

Someone looked off in a certain direction and smiled. "How is it that you had time to come here today, Brother Yi?" At that moment, a figure with an imposing presence appeared. He had a powerful aura that seemed to be innate.

It was the Prince of the Heavenly Mandate RealmYi Tianyu.

"The master must have asked you to come here and choose disciples," said one of the young men with a smile."

"These new disciples are certainly lucky that you came out here to greet them personally," said someone else beside him. Yi Tianyu smiled slightly and nodded. He walked to the edge of the stairs and looked down at everyone. There was another outstanding looking person beside him. The two of them were so imposing that few people dared look directly at them. But everyones attention was on them.

One glance at the two of them was enough to tell that they were extraordinary, even within the Divine Palace.

"I heard that a genius appeared during this trip to the Land of Proving the Way," whispered Yi Tianyu.

"Youre interested in that matter, too?" asked the woman beside him with a smile.

"Li Daozi went to Sword Comprehension Mountain because of him. He must be outstanding in some way, so I want to meet him. I wonder if he came here because he wants to join the Divine Palace," said Yi Tianyu.

There were few people in the Divine Palace who could compare to him, but Li Daozi of Sword Palace was one of those few.

"He probably wont come," said the woman. "I heard that he is cultivating at the Celestial Worthy Mountains. Zhuang Hong is there as well."

"Zhuang Hong. He must be close to the Renhuang level by now," Yi Tianyu said quietly.

The woman nodded. "However, you must be even closer than Li Daozi and Zhuang Hong, right?"

Yi Tianyu looked off into the distance. "What does it matter how close I am? I still have a long way to go. And even once I do take that step, I will still have a long road ahead of me."

The Renhuang level was not his destination; it would only be the start of his cultivation journey.

At that moment, he involuntarily thought of two people: Gu Dongliu of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and Ye Futian.

Where had they gone after the dissolution of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven? How far had they gone in their cultivation?

Whenever he thought of this, Yi Tianyu was reminded that he could never let himself relax. He needed to advance faster than the two of them. They would fight again in the future, continuing the battles that they had fought before.

At that moment, the elders of the Divine Palace walked out and began selecting disciples.

Of course, none of this had anything to do with Ye Futian. He had been cultivating at the Celestial Worthy Mountains all along. He could not miss the chance to cultivate in such perfect surroundings. He was prepared to spend some time here at the Divine Palace, which must have many incredible places like this.

Nearly a month passed in the blink of an eye. Ye Futian spent the whole time cultivating at the Celestial Worthy Mountains. Li Daozi spent the whole time at Sword Comprehension Mountain.

One day, brilliant sword light shone from the highest three peaks of Sword Comprehension Mountain. Sword will rushed into the sky, and everyone all throughout the Divine Palace looked up and saw a dazzling sword.

"Li Daozi had comprehended yet another sword. He only has two more to go," everyone thought. In less than a year, the Divine Palace would have a Sword Emperor.

"That swordsman from Taixuan Mountain hasnt gone there yet?" someone asked.

"He has been cultivating at the Celestial Worthy Mountains all along. Is he trying to avoid Li Daozi?"

"According to what the people who went to the Land of Proving the Way said, this Shen Jing is extremely proud. He defeated all kinds of heroes all by himself. He is not afraid of fighting. He must truly just be cultivating there. Moreover, someone went there and felt all the will there. He is certainly resonating with the Celestial Worthy Mountains. He is not only cultivating in swordsmanship."

At that moment, a divine power covered the Celestial Worthy Mountains, as if something was coming to an end. In a flash, infinite will of the Great Path entered Ye Futians body, making him become incredibly tall and mighty. He opened his eyes and slowly rose. In front of him, Zhuang Hong opened his eyes as well and said, "Have you finished cultivating?"

Ye Futian nodded. "Yes."

"Where are you going next?" asked Zhuang Hong.

"To Sword Comprehension Mountain," replied Ye Futian.

Zhuang Hong smiled. "I will go with you.

On saying this, the two of them began walking together. Some people saw Ye Futian and Zhuang Hong leaving. A look of surprise came over their faces. Had he finally finished his cultivation?

The two of them shot through the air off into the distance in a certain direction.

"They are going towards Sword Comprehension Mountain," someone said. Soon, the news was all over the Divine Palace. Ye Futian had left the Celestial Worthy Mountains and was heading for Sword Comprehension Mountain.

When they received the news, many people left what they were doing and began traveling. Even those powerful personal disciples would be there at Sword Comprehension Mountain!