The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1544

Chapter 1544 Sword Comprehension

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How had he comprehended these swords so fast?

Even the personal disciples were staring at Ye Futian, especially the people of the Sword Palace of the Divine Palace. They were looking at him particularly sharply.

Sword Comprehension Mountain was the place you had to go if you were a swordsman. But as far as they could remember, no one in their generation had comprehended the swords this fast.

Had Li Daozithe most powerful person below the Renhuang level in the Sword Palaceeven been able to do that?"

"That was amazing." Zhuang Hong looked at Ye Futian speechlessly. It was enough that he had moved the mountain with a single thought, and now he was able to comprehend swords so effortlessly?

Yi TIanyu and Ye Man came up to him, and Yi Tianyu said, "He comprehended the swords with a single thought. Is there anyone else in the Sword Palace who can do that?"

"Historically, there probably was someone," said Zhuang Hong. "But as far as I know, no one in this generation has done so. When Li Daozi first joined the Sword Palace, he was able to comprehend 49 swords in a single day, which shocked everyone in the Divine Palace, and the Lord of the Sword Palace took him as his personal disciple."

"So, he wants to break Li Daozis record," said Yi Tianyu softly. "You came here with him, so must have been able to sense how extraordinary he is. Have you ever fought him?"

Zhuang Hong shook his head, saying, "This man is extremely interesting."

Ye Futian had moved the mountains with a single thought when he came to the Celestial Worthy Palace, which had made Zhuang Hong very interested in him. Later, he had spent his time cultivating and had eaten a piece of fruit of the way right in front of him. He was truly shameless.

"Who do you think is a better swordsman, him or Li Daozi?" asked Yi Tianyu. He was also quite interested.

"We will know when they fight," answered Zhuang Hong. Li Daozi had been cultivating in the Divine Palace for many years and had been taught swordsmanship personally by the Lord of the Sword Palace, so his current combat ability was incredible. Even though Ye Futian had made a name for himself during the battle at the Land of Proving the Way, he would not dare say that he would definitely defeat Li Daozi.

It was hard to see which one of them would be stronger.

Endless sword will flowed between the peaks as Ye Futian strode forward. Sword will flowed out from each peak that he passed. It was as if the swords were resonating with the Great Path. He shone with celestial brilliance as the sword fill swirled around him.

The sword will was even flowing through his veins and engraved and on his bones. His blood surged and seethed.

"Is he even human?" Wan Shouyi had been cultivating swordsmanship on Sword Comprehension Mountain for a while, but his progress had been slow. Now that he saw how well Ye Futian was doing, he was speechless. He was one of the best swordsmen of Taixuan Mountain. Otherwise, he would not have been chosen to come here.

So why was the distance between him and Ye Futian so great?

"Look at his eyes," said Luoyue beside him. She was staring at Ye Futians eyes, which at that moment were extremely enchanting. They were deep beyond all compare. They were like sword eyes, and also like eyes of the way. They could see through the Worldly Great Path with a single glance.

"Perhaps he has cultivated some special power that lets him see the sword will within Sword Comprehension Mountain." Wan Shouyi was also fixated on his eyes. In fact, it seemed that he had actually guessed the truth.

Ye Futian naturally did not know what they were all thinking. At that moment, he was completely immersed in a state of selflessness. He could not see other people, only swords. Within his divine spirit, those mountains were no longer mountains; they were made of sword will.

The sword will that each mountain contained was different. It seemed that the elders of the Divine Palace had inscribed the sword will on each mountain. In his current mystical state, each of the sword mountains seemed to transform into swords. Unreal figures practiced swordsmanship, engraving it upon his mind, and endless sword will flowed into him, making it feel like he was under incredible pressure.

His life will was so magnificent that it pushed his body to its limits. He took out a piece of fruit of the way and put it in his mouth.

"Hes doing it again" Zhuang Hong had the urge to hit Ye Futian.

Everyone else watched with mouth and eyes wide open, especially those who had competed with him in the Land of Proving the Way. Those who had been defeated in battle by him were even more speechless as they watched this.

This was too much!

"How many sword mountains is that?" someone whispered. He seemed to be asking himself.

"The sword will is flowing from 32 sword mountains, and they are all resonating with him," someone answered quietly. They all trembled inwardly. Although Ye Futian was slowing down, he had not stopped yet. It was just that the length of time between each step was growing.

He finally stopped walking forward. He returned to his original place and stood there quietly, sensing the world around him. The sound of sword will whistled throughout him.

"He finally stopped," said many people.

However, after only a short time, he moved again. He was submerged in endless sword will as he stepped forward, and powerful sword will flowed out from the mountains behind him once again, shooting towards him.

"Interesting," many people thought to themselves. Ye Futian had very quickly surpassed everything that Li Daozi had done.

Li Daozi and Ye Futian had spoken to each other arrogantly. Now, the swordsman from Taixuan Mountain had responded to Li Daozi with his actions. He had come here to comprehend the way of swordsmanship. It had nothing to do with Li Daozi.

"48 swords." Many of the people on Sword Comprehension Mountain were very interested in Ye Futian now. It was very common for people to come to Sword Comprehension Mountain to cultivate the way of swordsmanship, and most people would not pay them any attention. But Ye Futian had attracted a lot of attention because of the issue with Li Daozi. Then he had shocked everyone with the number of swords he had comprehended. Now everyone forgot about their cultivation, and they watched him comprehend the way of swordsmanship.

As Ye Futian continued forward, the swords of the 49th sword peak whistled as they flowed towards Ye Futian.

Within about an hour, he had comprehended 49 swords.

This had taken Li Daozi an entire day.

At that moment, Li Daozi was still seated in cultivation at the second peak, not caring about anything else. It seemed as if none of this mattered to him. His body shone with brilliant light, and his sword will surged to the heavens. It seemed like he would be able to cut through the very heavens with a single thought.

Li Xun appeared not far behind him. He had been watching Ye Futian all along. He sighed inwardly. He would never have thought that such a genius swordsman would come from Taixuan Mountain.

At that moment, Li Daozi suddenly asked a question with his eyes closed. "49 swords?" He seemed to be talking to himself.

"Yes, 49 swords." Li Xun had a dark look on his face.

Li Daozi nodded slightly, then continued to cultivate with his eyes closed. He still lacked two swords, but he was not far from the Renhuang level. He had needed a strong swordsman to appear so that he could test himself.

It was good that Ye Futian was here.

He was not surprised at all that Ye Futian had completely surpassed what he had done before. He was completely calm, and he waited quietly.

He had already confirmed that Ye Futian could make it to where he was now.

Ye Futian stopped once again after having comprehended 49 swords. He sat back down in his original place. He had finished his fruit, and his whole body was covered in endless sword will, like he was in a cocoon.

This time he stopped for a while. It was not that he was unable to understand the next ones; it was just that he had realized the first 49 words were different from the ones that came after.

The first 49 swords were of a single style. This meant that no matter how many there were, at their most basic level, they were all the same sword.

But after these swords, the rest were different.

"It seems like he sensed it," thought the people of the Sword Palace as they watched Ye Futian. The first 49 swords were the foundation of Sword Comprehension Mountain. A genius swordsman of the Divine Palace had once put forward the idea that all of the different sword styles in the world could trace their roots to these 49 swords. As long as you had these 49 swords as your base, you could create infinite different sword styles.

After the genius swordsman had created these 49 swords, the sword cultivators of the Divine Palace had carved their sword will into the mountain peaks.

Afterward, many powerful Sword Emperors had taken these 49 swords as their foundation and created many different sword styles. These were carved into the later mountains.

Thus the current Sword Comprehension Mountain had been created.

Ye Futian sat there calmly, without any distractions. It was as if he had entered into a word of pure swordsmanship. The images of 49 swords appeared around him, and each one was different. It felt like these 49 swords were carved into his mind.

Even though this was not some incredible sword art or ultimate school of swordsmanship, Ye Futian could still fell the brilliance of those swords. If he could completely comprehend these 49 swords, then he could cultivate any sword art in the future. It would be possible for him to create even greater sword arts with less effort.

Time passed, and Ye Futian was still sitting there without even the slightest reaction. It seemed as if he was completely immersed in comprehending the way of swordsmanship.

"How has he still not moved?" A look of surprise came over everyones face. Half a day had already passed. He had comprehended 49 swords in about an hour, but he had not moved since then.

"Hes waiting," said someone.

They waited for more than a day. Ye Futian was still sitting there, not reacting to anything around him.

"In the past, Li Daozi comprehended 49 swords in a day, but it seemed like he was able to advance quickly from there. Shen Jing comprehended 49 swords in an hour, but he has not moved since then. Could it be that he was resorting to trickery? Maybe he had not truly comprehended them, and is now spending all this time to do so?" someone surmised. One day was actually a very short period of time, and it was normal to be comprehending for this long. But Ye Futian had performed so brilliantly before. He had comprehended 49 swords in an hour, which was at odds with what he was doing now.

Moreover, Ye Futian had not reacted to anything in all that time. He was just cultivating.

Everyone waited like this for three days. Everyone thought that it would have been quicker, but Ye Futian sat there the whole time, comprehending the way of swordsmanship.

Some people ran out of patience and said, "It looks like we expected too much. Lets go."

On saying this, they flashed away.

Once they had taken the leave, other people followed, feeling a bit disappointed. They did not know how long they would have to wait. They had their own cultivation to work on and did not want to waste too much time here.

However, at that moment, the endless sword will flowed back into Ye Futians body. He opened his eyes and looked forward. He stood up.

"He is finished" Everyone was speechless. The time they had waited for had finally come.

"Three days. Perhaps we expected too much," said Ye Man as she saw Ye Futian move.

"Weve already waited three days, might as well watch," whispered Yi Tianyu. Ye Man did not say anything else. Ye Futian walked forward to the fiftieth peak.

"49 swords in three days, and from now on, he will be even slower. I dont know if I can wait until he finally fights Li Daozi," someone said.

Ye Futian continued forward step by step and walked past the 50th peak.

Just as everyone was discussing this, the sword mountain suddenly burst forth with sword light that shone upon Ye Futians body.

He was bathed in brilliant sword light, and he continued walking forward. Then, the 51st mountain lit up!