The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1546

Chapter 1546 Battle Of Swordsmanship

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Ye Futian was cultivating in front of a sword peak, acting like nothing in the outside world mattered to him. At that moment, the only things he was thinking about were swords.

The images of countless swords appeared in his mind, but Ye Futian still was not able to comprehend their most important elements. Although he could clearly see what kinds of swords they were, he could not understand their essence.

He knew that this sword art was fast, extremely fast. You would become one with your sword. There would be swords everywhere, and you would be everwhere.

After comprehending for a while, Ye Futian shifted his gaze from the sword peak and looked to another one to his right. This was the mountain that Li Daozi was at, the second of the sword peaks. Their two mountains were not very different, and in fact, it could even be said that they were parallel.

At that moment, Li Daozi was immersed in his cultivation.

As Ye Futian was looking at the sword peak, sword will flowed across his body, making everyone look surprised. What was Ye Futian trying to do?

He had still not comprehended the third mountain. Was he planning on skipping it and going right to the second one?

Ye Futian could sense endless sword will gathering at the sword peak. Thousands of swords appeared in his mind, producing a certain resonance with each other and with the Great Path. This formed a particular frequency, and in the end, all the swords merged into one, making the sword will become even more terrible.

"So sharp!" Ye Futian said quietly. Although he was not able to comprehend these two swords, he could still sense what the essences of these two sword mountains were.

In the past, the cultivators of these sword mountains had informed everyone that they could use the 49 sword styles as the basis to create more sword styles. In the end, all the swordsmanship was the same, and each style had the same two essences.

Speed and sharpness.

Incredible speed and incredible sharpness were what every swordsman sought after.

The sword was the king of the battlefield, the master of all attacks. It was fast and fierce. If a sword were not fast, then at this level, it would be hard for it to hurt anyone. If it was not sharp, it could not break through anyones defenses.

Swordsmen pursued ultimate speed and ultimate sharpness. They all pursued a superior form of swordsmanship.

Ye Futian had not been comprehending for very long. He stared at the sword peak with a profound look in his eyes. His thoughts entered the mountain, but he soon withdrew his divine spirit. He understood now. No wonder Zhuang Hong had said to him that when he comprehended the 81 swords, he would be able to forge a sword Wheel of the Great Path.

In fact, one could say that sentence in the negative as well. If you could not forge a sword Wheel of the Great Path, then you could not comprehend the 81st sword.

The two were connected. He was absolutely unable to comprehend this sword right now. He did not know if he had to actually reach the Renhuang plane before he could comprehend it, but at the very least, it was impossible to do in such a short time.

Once he had understood all this, Ye Futian returned to the third mountain. He looked at the endless fast swords and the countless sword shadows.

He sat there in contemplation for seven days.

No one left over the course of these seven days, and even more people came to watch. He only had three swords left, and they wanted to see if he could comprehend them all, or at least how many of them he could comprehend.

Once he had done so, would Li Daozi fight him?

At that moment, Ye Futian was dazzling. He seemed to have formed a true sword body. And it was not just him. The sword peak was shining brightly. Endless sword will flowed over it.

A beam of sword light shot up from Ye Futian into the air, cutting through the sky. It moved incredibly quickly, then disappeared in an instant. A sword slash appeared in the air.


Then there was a second sword, and then a third Sword after sword shot into the air, and beams of sword light bloomed. Soon, endless sword marks appeared on Ye Futians body, and countless sword shadows were flying through the air.

It seemed to be responding to Ye Futian. Sword shadows shrieked across the sword peak and then shot up into the clouds.

He had comprehended the 71st sword.

Shen Jing had done the same thing as Li Daozi. Only the last two swords were left.

Moreover, the time that Shen Jing had taken to do so was not at all comparable to the time that Li Daozi had taken.

It was a new record for sure.

"Hes going to go all the way," whispered Zhuang Hong. "He is going to continue. He is going to comprehend all the swords except for the last one."

"He is truly a masterfully talented swordsman," Yi Tianyu said. He now wanted to fight Ye Futian more than ever. How would he have felt if he had known Ye Futians true identity? Would he still want to fight him?

The disciples of Sword Palace were speechless. Would Ye Futian be able to comprehend all the swords?

He had already comprehended so many in such a short time and had caught up to Li Daozi.

At that moment, Li Daozi opened his eyes as he at there cultivating before the eightieth Sword Mountain. He stood up and turned around. His long robe whipped in the wind. Sword will flowed out of his eyes as he looked at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian had comprehended 79 swords, just like him.

Ye Futian could naturally feel Li Daozis sword will. He looked back at him.

He was the foremost junior member of the Divine Sword Li Family, the strongest person below the Renhuang level at Sword Palace, and one of the strongest people in the Divine Palace. He had been waiting for him here. If he had not been able to comprehend this many swords, then he would not have had the right to face him and would have no right to be arrogant.

But he had not comprehended all these swords because of Li Daozi. He had done it just for the purpose of comprehending swordsmanship.

But at this moment, he and Li Daozi were standing at the same point. They were both right in front of the 80th sword peak.

Li Daozi looked at Ye Futian and said, "I am Li Daozi, a member of the Li family and a disciple of Sword Palace."

Li Daozi obviously wanted to fight. The fact that he had introduced himself like that showed how much he respected his opponent.

The fact that Ye Futian had made it this far showed that he was worthy of respect. He would fight Ye Futian to test his swordsmanship and to seek the Path.

His swordsmanship was not quite good enough, so he had to seize any opportunity he could get to improve. He was not sure if this talented, brilliant, famous swordsman from Taixuan Mountain would be able to give him this opportunity.

"I am Shen Jing, a musician and swordsman from Taixuan Mountain," said Ye Futian. Previously, he had introduced himself as a musician, but now that he had displayed his talent for swordsmanship, he had begun introducing himself as both a musician and a swordsman.

"The two of us have comprehended the same amount of swords. Neither of us will have the advantage in this battle," said Li Daozi. As he said this, he raised his hand. In a flash, endless sharp swords appeared on all the peaks, then floated up into the air. They shone with brilliant light and reflected off of each other.

All of the swords pointed at Ye Futian.

Previously, Zhuang Hong and Ye Futian had moved mountains at Celestial Worthy Mountain. Now Li Daozi was using mountains as his swords.

Everyone looked up at the 79 peaks. Swords floated in the air above them all, and all of them were pointed towards Ye Futian. Terrifying sword will spread out from each one of them, and at the same time, they were trembling and resonating with each other.

And not only that, but sword will was flowing around the swords as well, and each thread of sword will seemed like an actual sword.

Li Daozi stood on the 80th mountain like a sword master. He was bathed in endless sword light.

"What powerful sword will!"

Everyone was looking up into the air at the floating words. This was Li Daozis power. He was the most powerful person at the Sword Palace below the Renhuang level, and he was not far from reaching the Renhuang plane.

Li Daozi waved his hand and then chopped it towards Ye Futian. "Instant Sword!" he spat.

This was the Instant Sword of the Divine Sword Li Family, but Li Daozi had used the endless sword will from the mountains to form it. At that moment, endless sword light pierced through the air and shot towards Ye Futian in an instant. There were 79 sword mountains and 79 swords.

Ye Futian was about to be destroyed by this sword will. It seemed like he would be turned into dust.

As Li Daozi attacked, Ye Futian seemed to produce a certain resonance with the sword mountains. As the swords descended from the sky, he pointed upwards.

As he pointed, a beam of brilliant sword light erupted above, and a light curtain swept out around him.

No one could see Ye Futian being covered by all the swords; it just looked like a chaotic scene. 79 swords descended, surrounded by endless sword will, and they smashed into Ye Futian. But Ye Futian pulled out a single sword, and this sword resonated with the sword mountains. The 79 sword peaks linked up with his sword, forming a celestial sword curtain that protected Ye Futian from above.

The disciples of Sword Palace trembled as they beheld this scene. The two of them were displaying dazzling swordsmanship. It was simply terrifying.

Both Li Daozi and Shen Jing were geniuses with a sword.

When he saw that he had been blocked, Li Daozi still had no expression, and there was not the slightest trace of disturbance in his eyes. He stepped forward, his robe flapping in the wind. Not a single sword above Ye Futian had been destroyed, and they produced a sharp sound. The sword will around them grew stronger and stronger, and more swords flew over from the mountains.

Li Daozi stretched out his hand downward. A powerful pressure surged down, and every one of the swords shrieked as they cut through the sword curtain bit by bit as they were forced downward.

Ye Futian stretched out both his hands, and the sword will flowing off the sword mountains not only transformed into a sword curtain, many sharp swords formed and appeared around him.

"Go," he said. Countless swords spiraled upwards, sweeping out from within his sword curtain and smashing into his opponents swords and violently destroying them. A powerful storm of sword will whipped up between them.

"They are well-matched," thought everyone. Their swords seemed to be of equal power as they faced each other and were destroyed.

At that moment, they were not the only ones who were watching the battle. They could faintly sense that there seemed to be people from the Divine Palace whose divine spirits were descending upon them. They were observing the fight.

Many Renhuang level figures must have been secretly watching.

At that moment, there were several Sword Emperors within the Divine Palace standing together and looking off into the distance.

"Li Daozi has been cultivating at the Divine Palace for a long time, and his sword arts are quite impressive. Shen Jing is incredibly talented, and he has a powerful ability to comprehend swords. But in terms of comparing their sword will, I am more interested in Li Daozi," said one of them.

"It is unlikely that he will lose," said someone else. No one else expressed their thoughts.

The elder nodded, then continued to watch the battle from a distance. Even he could not see the outcome of this battle. After all, the two of them were displaying incredible power!