The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1547

Chapter 1547 A Single Sword Stroke Cleaves Anything

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Li Daozi stared at Ye Futian. The two of them had both comprehended 79 swords, and thus were well matched in terms of how well they were able to use the sword will of the sword peaks. Victory or defeat would be determined by their own power then.

Li Daozis body shone brilliantly. He formed a seal with both hands, and dazzling light bloomed from his body. Endless sword Qi flowed over him and swept up into the sky where it formed a divine sword.

When this sword was formed, there was endless chanting between heaven and earth, and it seemed as if all things were bowing down to it.

This was Li Daozis sword spirit. In the instant that it appeared, strange illusions appeared in the sky, and endless sword light shone. Golden runes descended from on high, filling the vast area. Each one seemed to contain sword will.

The sword spirit split apart. The one sword split into two, then into three, then into countless swords. Soon, the sky was filled with swords, each one with a rune filled with sword will etched upon it.

Ye Futian looked all around him as they fell. The endless runes were flowing towards him, summoning sword will from the mountain peaks. Li Daozis swords covered Sword Comprehension Mountain.

Sword will surged within Ye Futian. His sword spirit appeared, and although it was not as brilliant as Li Daozis, it had a more powerful aura, which made a terrible burst of sword light sweep out around him.


There was a sharp sound the swords imprinted with runes fell swiftly towards Ye Futian, leaving golden sword marks in the air itself.

Woosh! Ye Futian looked up, and with a single thought, a sword pierced through the storm of sword Qi, leaving a slash mark through the air as it cut through the sky.

At the moment that the two swords met, they cut through each other. They both shattered into pieces and then disappeared.

However, the sky split open, and there was a horrific noise as more golden divine swords fell from the air towards Ye Futian.

Heaven Splitting Swords appeared all around Ye Futian, destroying the oncoming golden swords. But up in the sky, the golden swords had formed a river of swords that was rushing wildly towards Ye Futian to swallow him up.

Ye Futian looked up into the sky. All of the swords would reach him in a moment.

Powerful sword will surged from him, and he let loose with the Cleave of All Things. In a flash, countless words slashed into the air with the Cleave of All Things. They were not only fast, but they were also cutting in different directions, completely destroying the river of swords.

Countless people were watching from a distance. The area where the two of them were fighting had been swallowed up by swords.

"This sword will" The cultivators who were watching were speechless. Anyone of those swords could have killed a Nirvana level cultivator. With so many swords falling, they could have destroyed an army of Saints.

The 79th sword peak resonated with the two of them, and sword will surged up into the sky.

Li Daozi looked at Ye Futian and stepped forward. He was floating up in the air, and endless sword will gathered together around him, integrating itself into his sword spirit. At the same time, numerous divine swords appeared around his sword spirit. They all shot forward at once, as if propelled by a single thought.


The swords fell, making it seem like they were in a world of swords, and the apocalypse was coming. Heaven-slaying Sword Light shone from a massive Falling Sky Sword up in the air and shot towards Ye Futian.

Endless sword will thundered above Ye Futians head as the Cleave of All Things swept all around him. He raised his sword spirit with both hands and sliced it into the sky. The sword will flowed backward, destroying everything within it.

Slice! Slice! The terrible sound of swords slashing rang out, and the air itself seemed to be cut by terrible sword marks. A divine sword descended from the sky through the backward-flowing sword will, resisting all methods used to stop it. Even the Fleeting Divine Storm could not disrupt it. It cut through the storm of Fleeting Divine Swords as it fell towards Ye Futian.

"The Divine Sword Li Familys Sword of Doomsday versus Lord Taixuans Fleeting Divine Sword. Which one is stronger?" Everyone was shaken as they watched the magnificent scene unfolding before their eyes. The wanted to see which of the two combatants was stronger.

The Sword of Doomsday was the ultimate technique of the Divine Sword Li Family, but the one that Li Daozi was using now surpassed even that. He had integrated what he had learned in the Divine Palace into it. Each sword seal in the river of swords contained incomparably terrible killing power within it.

Ye Futians eyes grew cold when he saw the Sword of Doomsday piercing through the storm. He pointed into the sky, and the Fleeting Divine Swords suddenly dissipated, then reformed and shot towards Li Daozi.

The Fleeting Divine Swords could not destroy the Sword of Doomsday, but neither could the Sword of Doomsday destroy the Fleeting Divine Swords.

The two of them used different sword techniques. Their attacks had destroyed each other, but they could not pierce each others defenses.

Li Daozi looked at the oncoming swords, but his expression was unchanged. His body transformed into that of a sword god, and endless sword will burst forth from him. Swordsmanship flowed through his veins, and sword marks were etched into his bones. His whole self seemed like a sword.

His thousands of swords gathered together into one, and incomparably brilliant sword light shone from him. If he could not block the Fleeting Divine Swords, then he would not try to.

Crack! Divine sword light pierced through him, but he still looked unperturbed. Countless sword runes appeared all over his body, giving forth powerful sword will that collided with the oncoming swords.

Even amidst the destructive storm, he still gazed down at Ye Futian. He had already forged a sword body, which he had transformed into. The Fleeting Divine Swords would never be able to destroy him.

He wanted to see if Ye Futian could withstand the Sword of Doomsday.

"A sword body of the Great Path!" Everyone trembled as they stared at Li Daozi. This was crazy! As the two swordsmen fought, it was not a battle between two swords, but rather a battle between a man and a sword.

As he watched the Sword of Doomsday coming towards him, Ye Futians figure flashed, and he disappeared from where he had been.

The Sword of Doomsday seemed to have locked onto him, and it pursued him, but Ye Futian pierced through the heavens and the earth like he was a word himself, and flew up to the highest part of the sky.

"Li Daozi withstood his sword, could it be that Shen Jing does not dare to directly face Li Daozis sword?" someone asked. However, Ye Futian had not yet forged a sword body of the Great Path, so there was nothing unusual about this.

But this Shen Jing was so fast. He was skilled at the Great Path of Space.

Woosh! The Sword of Doomsday flew back to Li Daozi and entered his body, reconnecting with his sword spirit. His sword will grew even more ferocious. He had felt his opponents Fleeting Divine Sword threaten his life spirit, and so he had summoned his sword spirit back to defend himself.

Ye Futian had reached the highest part of the sky, and he was level with the mountain peaks. He looked at Li Daozi. He had cultivated his defenses to be incredibly formidable, so even the Fleeting Divine Sword could not destroy them.

He had a boy of the Great Path, and his flesh was made of pure will. He was truly at the limits of the Saint plane.

Li Daozis flesh resonated with the Great Path. He looked up at Ye Futian. Was he trying to avoid his sword?

He closed his eyes and sensed the Great Path of Swordsmanship with his divine spirit. An incomparably brilliant light shone from all the sword peaks, and many divine swords shot forth from them, floating through the air as they covered the sky.

In a flash, the entire area was completely covered in flying divine swords.

"Burying Swordsmanship!" The disciples of Divine Palace felt their hearts tremble.

Moreover, this was not the end. Li Daozi continued to form sword seals, which flew through the air endlessly. Suddenly, countless swords appeared within all the sword will, all of them pointing at Ye Futian. The sword light that streamed from them was powerful enough to split the air itself.

"Rending Swordsmanship!" Everyone trembled once again. Li Daozi stepped forward, and everyone could see that he was flying among not only swords but also human figures. These human figures merged with the swords as they flew through the air.

"Transforming Swordsmanship!" The disciples of the Divine Palace were shaken to their core. This was a sword technique that only someone who had formed a soul of the Way could perform. Li Daozi was still a step away from doing so, but he had still managed to use Transforming Swordsmanship, meaning that he was breaking through his limits.

He had sought out Shen Jing so that he could test himself and break into the next level.

In the end, there were thousands of swords pointing at Ye Futian, and he was buried within them.

"How is this sword?" Li Daozi said to Ye Futian. Previously, Ye Futian had evaded his sword, but how could he do that with this one?

"You have a lot of swords here, but this is all just a bit too flashy. Since you have cultivated the Way of Swordsmanship, you must know that a single sword can cut through a thousand," answered Ye Futian.

Li Daozi looked at him and said, "Show me."

One sword could cut through a thousand? How could that be?

He had so many swords, and none of them was anything less than a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

Even those watching the battle thought that Ye Futian was being arrogant. He actually thought that Li Daozi was being too flashy! Every one of the swords that he had formed was incredibly powerful.

How could Shen Jing cut through them all with a single sword?

His Fleeting Divine Sword was not strong enough. It would not be able to defeat Li Daozis sword technique.

Ye Futian looked down, with sword will flowing all around him. All of the sword peaks lit up with sword light.

"Come here, swords!" called Ye Futian. Suddenly, countless swords flew from the peaks towards him, circling in the air above him. The people watching could see many of the peaks lighting up, including the 80th.

"This" everyone looked shocked. He had comprehended the 80th sword. There was only one left.

In the instant that the 80th sword peak lit up, the countless swords roared and shook as they resonated with Ye Futians body. A terrible storm of sword will whipped through the sky.

"Return to each other!"

The countless swords that were resonating at the same frequency merged together, and suddenly a burst of sword will exploded, causing all the swords in the sky to clank and clatter.

"Attack!" shouted Li Daozi. His swords buried the sky, but at that moment, a terrible storm of sword will was building up on Ye Futians sword.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

All of the swords were shattered into dust. Every sword in the sky was destroyed.

Everyone watched this scene in shock. How strong was this sword of Ye Futians?

Ye Futian formed a seal with both hands, and the countless sword images that stretched as far as the eye could see lit up and resonated with each other.

At that moment, it seemed like there was only a single sword.

"Go," said Ye Futian, and the sword shot out.

Everything in this swords path was destroyed. The Sword of Doomsday in front of Li Daozi shot out to meet it, but it was still shattered by the oncoming sword.

The sword reached its destination, appearing right in front of Li Daozis forehead!