The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1548

Chapter 1548 Simply

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One sword to break all methods!

Everyones eyes were fixated there, staring at the scene in front of them.

Ye Futian did not exaggerate; he did it with his sword. All swords resonated into a sword, and no matter what was thrown at it, be it burying, splitting, turning, or even the Divine Sword of Doomsday, they were all smashed and destroyed with only his sword.

Feeling the sword might spreading out from the sword in front of Li Daozis brow chakra, many gradually came to their senses again.

As the first person of the Divine Sword Li Family, and the direct disciple of the Palace Lord of the Divine Sword Palace, and the premier swordsman under RenhuangLi Daoziwas defeated by Shen Jing, the swordsman from Taixuan Mountain.

Li Daozi, who was one of the strongest figures in his generation at the Divine Palace, had lost some of his luster in the eyes of the others.

However, everyone was more shocked by Ye Futians strength. This disciple, secretly taught by Lord Taixuan, who had given him instruction on swordsmanship and music, aside from his absolute domineering comprehension of swordsmanship.

There were 81 sword peaks on the Sword Comprehension Mountain. He only heard that the last sword peak remained unsolved. Now he relied on the comprehension of the 80th sword peak to defeat Li Daozi by the sword. The battle of the trial and the battle today was enough to spread the name of Shen Jing from Taixuan Mountain all over the world.

After today, there would definitely be a place for him in the future of the Upper Heavens Realm.

Of course, the premise was that he would not fall before he got there.

Li Daozi gazed at the sword in front of his brow chakra. He felt extremely complicated at the moment.

He had lost to a swordsman from Taixuan Mountain.

This battle was initiated by him, and it wasnt simply because he wanted revenge for Li Xun, as that would be meaningless. What he wanted was to use Ye Futians sword to refine his own sword, so he kept waiting until Ye Futian had resolved the sword before him. Otherwise, he thought that the other really did not even have the qualifications to challenge him.

His patience was rewarded. Ye Futian had finally arrived, and he did not disappoint. He exhibited super abilities in swordsmanship, and in the end, the 80th sword of the solution finally pointed to him.

"So, this is the 80th sword," Li Daozi mumbled. Just as his voice fell, the infinite sword will between heaven and earth resonated, and an extremely brilliant divine light erupted from his body, just like a sword.

The resonating swordsmanship finally united, and an extremely bright glow of the swordsmanship bloomed from his body, directly breaking the sword in front of his brow chakra.

Ye Futian didnt interfere but merely looked at Li Daozi quietly. The 80th sword peak and Li Daozi had created a certain resonance, and there was sword will flowing to his body.

Li Daozi leaned slightly forward toward Ye Futian, saluted him with the sword, and then turned to walk toward the last sword mountain. This bow appeared to be showing Yefutian his gratitude for testing his sword.

1Even though he was defeated, his strength was, in fact, progressing.

Although Li Daozi was the first person of the descendant of the Divine Sword Li Family, the family had high hopes for him, and Li Daozi had always carried these many hopes and dreams on his back. However, he never thought that he would be unparalleled. There would always be someone else out there stronger than him.

For example, in the Divine Palace, there was a person that even he would need to respectsomeone by consensus of the Divine Palace regarded as the first person of the descendants.

Now there appeared a genius talent who had defeated him. This was not an entirely unacceptable reality.

What he wanted to do was to continually surpass himself, not just be invincible in the world.

In the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, there were countless outstanding figures. Who could truly be invincible?

That man was hailed as the first of the descendants at the Divine Palace and was even reputed as the strongest this generation had seen in the Upper Heavens Realm. No one could compete with him. Maybe there was no one who could match his likes in the entire 3,000 Realms of the Great Path.

In the way of cultivation, only by constantly surpassing oneself could one surpass all others naturally, even those who he once looked up to.

His sword did not seek to be unparalleled but only to move forward.

As long as he did not retreat, he would not dishonor the swordsmanship.

Ye Futian watched as Li Daozi was walking away. Li Daozi had come to the last sword peak to comprehend. It was as if he wanted to unlock the last sword to cast the Divine Wheel of the Great Path and complete this last step to break through into Renhuang.

Everyone at Comprehension Sword Mountain understood Li Daozis intention. No one would look down on him because he was defeated. How many in this generation at Divine Palace dared to boast that they could best Li Daozi?

If someone could, then there was probably only one person who could do it. What right did they have to look down on Li Daozi because of his defeat?

Li Daozis defeat was not because he was weak, but only because he had met a stronger opponent. Ye Futian had unlocked one more sword than him, and perhaps it was because of this sword that Li Daozi was slightly at a disadvantage. Supposed Li Daozi had unlocked the battle of the 80th sword a little earlier. There would no telling about the outcome.

Of course, there were no "ifs."

Defeat was defeat.

Its just that, even in defeat, Li Daozi was still the peerless swordsman, the extraordinary figure of the Divine Palace.

Likewise, Ye Futian walked toward that last sword mountain. Everyone thought that he had already broken the record of Sword Comprehension Mountain, and only the last sword was left. Could it be that he would not overlook this sword?

However, he was not yet at the realm, so it should be difficult to resolve it.

Ye Futian studied it for a moment and then gave up. He knew that he could not unlock the sword for the time being. Turning around, Ye Futian moved away, wanting to leave.

Everyone was slightly relieved. He had given it up after all. If Ye Futian were able to unlock this sword, it would be an unimaginable horror, as he had just broken into Nirvana not that long ago.

"How about it?" Yi Tianyu smiled and asked Ye Man, who was beside him.

Ye Man looked at Ye Futian and said, "The speed of his unlocking the sword is unparalleled, and his perception is extremely outstanding. Hes a rare talent. If he is willing to stay at the Divine Palace to cultivate, there must be many powerful characters who would be willing to accept him as a direct disciple."

"That goes without saying. His battle with Li Daozi was probably seen by many at the Sword Palace," Yi Tianyu whispered. He was obviously correct on that account.

Indeed, the Sword Palace had watched this battle closely.

"Lets go." Lifting his feet, Yi Tianyu walked toward Ye Futian. Ye Futian naturally noticed Yi Tianyu coming this way and stopped. Yi Tianyu laughed, saying, "Brother Shen Jings sword, would be hard-pressed to find its equal at the Divine Palace."

"Not even you?" Ye Futian suddenly asked. Yi Tianyu was surprised when he heard the question. Clearly, he didnt expect Ye Futian to speak like this. There was no match in the Divine Palace, and Yi Tianyu himself was also a disciple of the Divine Palace.

Next to him, Ye Man frowned when she heard Ye Futians blunt words. This was clearly a sign of contempt for anyone other than himself. To her, this was a great disrespect to Yi Tianyu.

"Just thinking out loud, please dont take it to heart," Ye Futian said with a smile.

"Its okay." Yi Tianyu didnt mind. He appeared quite diplomatic in the Divine Palace.

"Of course, not including him," said Ye Man, who was next to him. Yi Tianyu may not have cared, but she cared. She looked at Ye Futian with cold indifference. Even though Shen Jing was talented enough, he lacked respect for others in his speech.

Ye Futian glanced at Ye Man and smiled. "If there is ever a chance, I would like to experience it for myself."

As he finished speaking, Ye Futian walked past Yi Tianyu. Since their first battle, hopefully, Yi Tianyu had not just been sitting around and had made no progress?

They tested the land of trials, and the top disciples from the Divine Palace each had their own share of fruits of the Way, and Yi Tianyu also had this qualification. If he was progressing, then Yi Tianyu must have been progressing as well. It was just that his level of strength at this point was an unknown.

However, it was bound to be stronger than the previous battle.

Ye Man had great confidence in Yi Tianyu.

Yi Tianyu was a little surprised. His intention was to be friendly with Ye Futian, but Ye Futian seemed to be of the mind of rejecting such goodwill. How did he and Zhuang Hong come together before?

As Yi Tianyu watched Ye Futians departing figure, Ye Mans face displayed some displeasure. She said, "This victory over Li Daozi presumably made him think that he is invincible when it comes to Divine Palace. He is a little too conceited."

"Its normal for such characters to be proud like this." Yi Tianyu didnt take it to heart but felt that this cultivator from Taixuan Mountain was very sure of himself.

Ye Man was speechless when she heard Yi Tianyus response. Presently, Yi Tianyus personality seemed to have changed, and there was no telling if it was related to what had happened in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

"Actually, trying is also fine. It could be exciting," Zhuang Hong, who was next to him, said with a smile. Yi Tianyu glanced at him and asked, "Why didnt you guys try it before?"

"He didnt ask me to try." Zhuang Hong smiled.

"Now, do you think Shen Jing can be beaten?" Yi Tianyu asked.

"Im not sure, and now theres only one person at the Divine Palace who could say that with certainty," Zhuang Hong said. He was not so delusional; he wasnt even sure if he could beat Li Daozi.

Except for him, no one could boast of confidence in defeating Shen Jing, who had bested Li Daozi.

"For a definitive victory, indeed, it was only him," Yi Tianyu nodded in agreement, demonstrating just how much they respect this "he" that they were all talking about.

Publicly recognized at Shangxiao Divine Palace as the premier talent who represented this generation, and regarded by the elders of the Divine Palace as the future leader of Divine Palace, he was the hope of the Divine Palace. It was thought that he might become its strongest character.

Ye Futian didnt know what Yi Tianyu was thinking. Yi Tianyu did not recognize him and therefore wanted to be on his good side, but he and Yi Tianyu were destined to stand on opposite sides, and naturally, he would not be too friendly with him.

At this time, Ye Futian flickered. Suddenly, he seemed to detect something and stopped involuntarily, asking, "Whos there?"

Just as his voice fell, two shadows descended like swords. They came in front of Ye Futian. One of them showed a surprised look and asked, "Did you feel it?"

"Well," Ye Futian nodded and looked at the other, "what can I do for you?"

"You have excellent swordsmanship, and someone in the Sword Palace wants to see you. Would you be willing to go?" the person asked Ye Futian. A surprised look flashed across Ye Futians eyes.

At Sword Palace, someone wanted to see him.

Li Daozi was the first person of the descendants at the Sword Palace. This battle must have attracted the attention of Sword Palace. Now, they wanted to see him. Their intention was self-evident.

He also guessed that the person who wanted to see him was not a simple character.

Otherwise, it was not sincere enough.

Li Daozi was a disciple under the Palace Lord; if he defeated Li Daozi, who should he be under?

"I do not wish to go," Ye Futian replied. The Renhuang opposite him was stunned for a moment when he heard his reply. He looked at Ye Futian, somewhat bewildered.

This was the first time they encountered someone who refused so quickly, without hesitation. Shen Jing must have already guessed this persons identity.

Even so, he still refused without hesitation. He must be, without a doubt, a disciple of Lord Taixuan!