The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1553

Chapter 1553 Huang Zhong

On the bank of the Path River, many Divine Palace disciples showed up, and they all gazed at the Path River in the distance.

Now, nobody knew what happened to Ye Futian. Had he stepped into the Divine Temple of the Ancestral Land? Had he met that person? Was he having a difficult time?

There were many figures in the Path River at this time, and some talented cultivators had already entered the Path River.

Among them, someone had even crossed the Path River and embarked on the golden road, which made many people watch in awe.

However, the person was not a disciple of the Divine Palace but from the outside. He was the disciple of the Golden Divine NationGai Shi Shi.

At this moment, Gai Shi Shi was stopped by the Golden Ancient Road of Path. He was bathed in golden divine light, and golden beams were shot from his eyes. He looked straight forward. Even though his cultivation in martial arts was accomplished, he still could not break through the golden road and was trapped here.

He saw that Ye Futian had walked out of the ancient road and stepped in front of the palace in front of him. Besides Ye Futian, there was another figure.

Gai Shi Shi had heard of that man. Although this person rarely walked outside, he was very famous. Even though he had not yet become a Renhuang, he had already attracted the attention of the world, especially among the top powers who all knew his name.

Gai Shi Shis elders also often mentioned this person to him. Some thought that he would inherit the position of the Divine Palace Lord, and some said that he would not stay in the Divine Palace forever, that there would be a place for him in the Higher Heavens Realmthe center of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. They all gave high praise to him.

He was the disciple of the Nine Palaces, jointly cultivated by all masters of the palaces. He was a symbol of a generation. Before, Gai Shi Shi was somewhat dissatisfied when he first heard about him and had sought opportunities to fight with him. This time, he also wanted to meet him in the Divine Palace. However, the person had entered the ancestral land, but he was blocked outside.

Not only that, but he also met another person on this trip, Shen Jing of the Taixuan Mountain. Shen Jing defeated him and stepped on the Golden Ancient Road.

Gai Shi Shi began to question himself. Could it be that he was inferior to those two?

Thinking of this, his body became more dazzling in the divine light, and he continued striding forward. He wanted to walk there. Behind him, there even appeared many phantoms of the ancient golden deities, whose Might suppressed the world. The sigh of the deities came, which made the Might of the Great Path burgeon from his body.

He immediately stepped forward and set off a storm of the Great Path. He would not yield to anyone and did not think he was inferior to others.

Ye Futian looked at the figure sitting forward and asked, "What do you mean?"

The men of the Divine Palace didnt stop him, but this disciple of Divine Palace sat here and wanted to stop him?

The person didnt speak, still sitting there quietly. He looked at the palace in front, with a pair of eyes lacking luster. He said, "You should retreat."

He didnt explain why but just wanted to let Ye Futian retreat.

Looking at him, Ye Futian could feel that this lonely figure seemed to contain ultimate pride.

The Great Path in Ye Futians body roared. He watched the person and continue moving forward. He didnt say anything, either. Even the elders of the Divine Palace didnt care, so how dare a disciple of the Divine Palace tell him to retreat?

However, he could tell that this person was strongvery strongand might even be the strongest disciple in the Divine Palace. He was more powerful than Li Daozi, who gave him much pressure. Otherwise, he would not be here.

However, even so, how dare he let Ye Futian who had come here go back?

Since he had come to the Divine Shrine of the Ancestral Land, Ye Futian had to take a look inside.

"My name is Huang Zhong," the person in front of Ye Futian said. His voice was sonorous like the bell of the Great Path. The moment his voice fell, there seemed to be countless golden ancient bells appearing between the heaven and the earth. The sound circulated around the world and completely wrapped Ye Futian inside.

The bells rang through the world, and the sound of the Great Path roared. The destructive storms of the Great Path directly attacked Ye Futian, forming one giant storm of the Great Path.

Ye Futian instantly felt a terrifying force of attack on the Great Path. It was not only from the flesh but also from the soul. That person was standing still and didnt even look back at Ye Futian. He was looking forward, and those ancient bells of the Great Law just rotated around his body frantically. The power of the attack was just the killing power of the Great Path brought by the sound of bells.

Those killing powers were like golden lightning, splitting the void sky and breaking the souls of the deities. This attacking power of the Great Path was stronger than Li Daozis sword.

Ye Futian could feel that Huang Zhong had indeed reached the limit between Nirvana and Renhuang Planes. The ancient bells of the Path all over the sky were transformed by the mind, and the roaring Might in his body seemed to become light of the wheel of the Great Path.

This person might have already become half a Renhuang and was only a step away from the Renhuang Plane.

In fact, Ye Futian still underestimated Huang Zhongs level. Huang Zhong had been in his current Plane for many years, and he could actually enter the Renhuang Plane at any time, even at this moment. But he still chose not to enter the Renhuang Plane because he wanted to build a different Divine Wheel of the Great Path.

Only in this way, after entering the Renhuang Plane, could he be different from other Renhuang figures and have a higher starting point. He was born extraordinary, so he was supposed to do extraordinary things. The Renhuang Plane people dreamt of others was nothing important to him. Even if he became a Renhuang, he would just want to be a peerless one.

The fairy soul bloomed from Ye Futians body, and there was fairy light shining around his body as if a fairy phantom showed up.

At the same time, the sound of divine elephants roared in his body. The Great Path roared, and there seemed to be numerous phantoms of divine elephants that suppressed the eternal sky. Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky was released, and Ye Futian forcibly moved forward. The power of the Divine Elephant swept out with the dazzling sword of immortal souls, annihilating the light of the Great Path.

Huang Zhong slowly turned around and looked at Ye Futian. He still looked so ordinary, but the light of the Path surrounding his body was so unusual.

This was the first time Huang Zhong turned around to look at Ye Futian and feel the life force from his body. He said, "Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky Skill of the Heavenly Mandate Realm Elephant Clan, Celestial Soul Attraction of Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, Swordsmanship of Taixuan Mountain."

Ye Futian heard Huang Zhongs words and showed surprise. A real top-level talented figure like him could recognize the unique abilities being released at one glance. He had much more knowledge than normal people.

Here was the Higher Heavens Realm, and Huang Zhong cultivated in the Shangxiao Divine Palace. Yet, he could easily recognize two abilities obtained from the Heavenly Mandate Realm, which reflected how vast his knowledge was.

"It seems that you are from the Heavenly Mandate Realm," Huang Zhong continued. Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky and the Celestial Soul Attraction came from the Demon Divine Elephant Clan and the fairy power Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, respectively. Still, this person could use both of them, so he could tell Ye Futian was not a simple person. It was no wonder he could get here.

"Im from the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Ye Futian."

In the palace, the lingering voice came out again, which made Ye Futian stunned. He felt quite impressed in his heart. In front of the great people of the Divine Palace, not only was the technique of disguise easily seen through but after he showed his skills, his true identity was also easily recognized.

But this was also normal. Huang Zhong was a disciple of the Divine Palace, and although he might not know what happened in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, the battle of the Heavenly Mandate Realm was very influential. It even affected the whole political pattern of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Some disciples of the Divine Palace were also there. Elders of the Divine Palace must know about the event and maybe had been concerned about the matter, so it was normal for them to recognize him.

"Sir, since you know me, you should understand that I use the name of Shen Jing, given my current circumstances. Please forgive me," Ye Futian looked at the shrine and said. Since the other side knew him, then he should also know about the disintegration of the Celestial Gate and could understand why he was disguised.

The other side was silent for a moment, and Huang Zhong did not continue to attack. And then, another voice came from the shrine.

"The two most legendary descendants of the Heavenly Mandate Realm today are Ye Futian and Gu Dongliu. Now, one of them is here. The person standing in front of you is the most legendary person of the young generation of the Higher Heavens Realm. It could be accidental, but it could also be inevitable," the voice said from the shrine. The most legendary figure was destined to meet the same legendary character because they had no other opponents.

It was destiny.

Ye Futian glanced at Huang Zhong when he heard these words. This person was hailed as the most legendary figure of the younger generation in the Higher Heavens Realm. No wonder he was here alone, and he was so powerful. Although they hadnt started to fight, Ye Futian could feel strong pressure from him; far from what Li Daozi could offer.

It seemed that this person was not at the same level as Li Daozi.

"Now I get it," Huang Zhong whispered as if he also felt relieved. No wonder Ye Futian could come here. Was it because he was one of the most legendary figures in the Heavenly Mandate Realm?

Even so, since his Realm was far superior to that of Ye Futian, if the two confronted each other, it would still be unfair.

Looking at Ye Futians figure, Huang Zhong raised his hand, and the ancient bells of the Great Path suddenly covered the sky and chimed together, like making a chant of the Great Path. Terrifying golden lightning madly thrust out. Above the sky, there seemed to be many towering phantoms showing up like real deities.

Huang Zhongs finger pointed at Ye Futian, and there seemed to be golden divine wheels of the Great Path sweeping out. They suppressed the eternal world, breaking the void sky, and destroying the souls. At this moment, everything seemed to be on the brink of collapse.

The light of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension exploded from Ye Futians body, and the Might of the Great Path was released to the limit, and a majestic giant phantom of the shocking divine elephant appeared. He raised his palm to bombard the void sky, and the elephant rushed out. The Fleeting Divine Sword also swept out to defend the approaching attack.


It seemed that as the ancient bell of annihilation sounded, the Wheel of the Great Path destroyed everything. Giant phantoms of the elephants collapsed and shattered, and the light of the sword was annihilated into nothingness. In front of the ancient bell of the Great Path, everything should be shattered into nothingness.

Clang, clang, clang!

The bell resounded through the world, and the sound of destruction lingered for a long time. Ye Futians body roared and flew out of the shock. The body was about to burst, but there was a strong Might wrapping around the body and sustaining his life force.

His body descended from the stairs, but he still looked up at Huang Zhong.

With the physique of the Great Paththe soul of the Great PathHuang Zhong was not just half a step from becoming a Renhuang. It could even be said that he was but a line away from the Renhuang Plane.

He stood there and took a glance at Ye Futian, then turned around and sat there again. His eyes were closed as if nothing had happened just now.

"Go in," Huang Zhong said. He didnt stop him anymore!