The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1554

Chapter 1554 The World Has Imperfections

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Ye Futian glanced at Huang Zhong and didnt know what he meant. Previously, he wanted to stop him, but after he shot, now he just stopped.

With his ability, if Huang Zhong wanted to stop Ye Futian, it was not easy for Ye Futian to break into the shrine. Huang Zhong gave up and did not hinder his way.

Ye Futian retrieved his Thoughts and kept walking forward toward the shrine where his Thought could not invade.

Ye Futian stepped into the shrine, and an extremely strong sense of the Great Path enveloped his body, and the Will was very intense. Ye Futian looked up into the void sky and could perceive that there were endless ancient characters of the Great Path dripping down. His eyes became extremely bright. He was able to see through the nothingness.

This world seemed to have changed accordingly, as well. The infinite characters floating between the sky and earth seemed to contain some kind of mysterious power.

They are all laws of the Great Path Ye Futian thought, his heart trembling. Here was the ancestral land of the Divine Palacethe Holy Shrine.

No wonder Huang Zhong did not allow himself to set foot in it. The real ancestral shrine contained the true essence of Divine Palace.

In such a place, there were no guards to stop him. Huang Zhong also came here to comprehend the Path, and of course, even the golden road of the Great Path itself could stop countless people.

Ye Futian kept walking forward. Among the endless characters floating between the sky and the earth, there were also some statues, like the deities hed seen before. Whether it was Celestial Worthy Mountain or the Sword Mountain, or the power released by Huang Zhong, they all somewhat shared similarities. It was as if they all came from this shrine.

"Swordlord," Ye Futian walked to a statue and murmured. The infinite sword spells floated between the sky and the earth and turned into flowing rivers of swords. He had the same feeling once in the Sword Comprehension Mountain.

The statue was also engraved with handwriting, which recorded the life of this heroic figure.

Wanliu Swordlord invented the 49 Techniques of Comprehension Sword and derived infinite sword skills from the 49 techniques. He once slashed off the seven layers of Celestial Ditch with one single strike.

"What does this mean?" Ye Futian whispered. He looked at the statue as if there was very intimidating Sword Will hidden above the statue. Here was a more suitable place than Sword Comprehension Mountain to comprehend the Path.

This Wanliu Swordlord should be the ancestor of the Sword Palace.

Ye Futian looked at it for a moment and walked to the other side. He saw a statue like a god. That was the Zhenshi Skylord, who made a breakthrough in the Path, suppressed the world, and could shatter the seven layers of the Celestial Ditch.

Ye Futian frowned. He continued to look at the next statue. One of the statues was sitting and playing the zither. There were infinite notes floating in front of the statue. Ye Futian knew from a glance that this statue should be the ancestor of the Divine Music Palace.

Ye Futian walked through the statues, a little bit shocked. Eventually, he came to the front of the shrine, where there was no statue, but only a stone stele, which released very bright light of the Great Path, enveloping the whole shrine. Above the stele, there were two lines of writing:

"Have a heart for the world and establish a life for the people."

These two lines of writing went straight into Ye Futians mind as if it turned into a voice echoing in his mind. It was like the sound of the Great Path, lingering for a long time.

At this moment, Ye Futian felt a sense of awe. He was deeply moved, and his heart beat fast.

Have a heart for the world and establish a life for the people, inherit the sacred knowledge of the past, and create peace for the future.

What kind of bravery was this, and what kind of place was this top one holy land in the Higher Heavens Realm?

He only knew that the Shangxiao Divine Palace preached to the world and was never involved in worldly affairs. It seemed to be a place for academic study, so after they opened The Land of Proving the Way, all the top forces in the Higher Heavens Realm were invited to enter. In each and every aspect, this place was indeed a respectable and pure Holy Land for cultivation.

However, if it was just a Holy Land for cultivation, why did they have such a bold mind?

What kind of mission did the Divine Palace carry?

And undoubtedly, here was the most powerful place for cultivation in the Divine Palace. The statues of the ancestors of the Nine Palaces stood here, and the mysterious life force of the Great Path enveloped the entire shrine.

If so, why was it so difficult to set foot here?

In his view, apart from Huang Zhong, for other disciples in the Divine Palace, even close disciples like Yi Tianyu and Li Daozi, it was not easy to set foot here.

He remembered that when he was outside the shrine, there was a voice inside, asking him why he cultivated.

He replied that he had no choice but to cultivate.

After that, the other side didnt say anything. Was this question a test?

Ye Futian looked at the gorgeous handwriting. It was as if it could be imprinted in his mind. He bowed slightly to the stele, full of respect. The boldness reflected in these two lines of handwriting was worthy of respect and awe.

Ye Futian lifted his head, looked at the stele, and said, "Sir, I have some doubts and need your advice."

Although there was no one in the temple, there was the voice. Naturally, someone was here, even though he couldnt see it.

Ye Futians words echoed in the shrine. After a moment of silence, finally, a voice sounded.

"You can tell me," a hazy voice said. It was hard to tell where it came from. It seemed as if it was everywhere.

"Where am I?" Ye Futian asked.

"Divine Shrine. The ancestral land of the Divine Palace," the voice responded.

"Who built it?" Ye Futian asked again.

"Ancestors of the Divine Palace, of course," the other side said again.

"Why was it built?" Ye Futian asked again. There was silence in the shrine again, and the response was no longer fast.

"The answer is what you have seen," the other side responded after a moment of silence. Apparently, he was referring to the handwriting on the stone stelefor the world and for the people.

"I dont know what you mean," Ye Futian said. He was not questioning it; he just didnt understand.

"The Divine Palace is the Top one holy place for cultivation in the Upper Heavens Realm, and even people from other realms come here to study. Since this is the case, why not let the disciples of the Divine Palace cultivate in this holy land of cultivation?" Ye Futian asked again.

"The world has imperfections. If they cant get here, its useless for them to come," the other side responded. Ye Futians heart trembled.

There were imperfections in the world.

On that day, on the Taixuan Mountain, when Lord Taixuan made the breakthrough, he sighed and said that the world had imperfections.

"Why does the world have imperfections?" Ye Futian asked again. He was more and more confused.

"The Path of the heaven collapses," the other side said.

Ye Futians heart trembled. The Path of heaven collapsed, so the world had imperfections.

"Sir, you have said before that the world we see is not real, so what is the real world?" Ye Futian asked again. He didnt understand this sentence when it came from the shrine.

"Its just like when I see you; you are not the real one. As for the real world, you need to explore it yourself," the other side responded with a certain expectation in its voice.

"The purpose of this shrine is for us to comprehend these ancestors Paths, right? Why did Wang Zhong sit outside to cultivate?" Ye Futian continued.

1"The purpose here is not to comprehend the ancestors Paths," the other side said. Ye Futian was puzzled and asked, "What is it, then?"

"The world has imperfections, and the Great Path also has imperfections. The Wheel of the Great Path made by cultivators is also flawed, not the perfect Wheel of the Great Path. It can be said that there are obvious defects and cracks," the other side slowly said. Ye Futian was very shocked when he heard this.

"Even the Divine Wheels of the Great Path created by Renhuang figures are also flawed?" Ye Futian asked. When reaching the Renhuang Plane, one had already become a Renhuang of a district with great prestige. However, their Divine Wheels of the Great Path were also missing?

This was unimaginable.

"Some people call it the ordinary wheel of the Great Path and say that Wang Zhong wants to create an Ultimate Wheel of the Great Path, but, in fact, in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, the Divine Wheel of the Great Path, which was built by the vast majority of Renhuang figures, could be said to be incomplete. It means this is the Great Path; it has imperfections."

Ye Futian listened quietly. Did many Renhuang figures know this cruel fact?

He said that the world he saw was not a complete world, so what was the truth of this world?

"The true Divine Wheel of the Great Path is the golden Divine Wheel, and whats more, it is the Divine Wheel that contains dazzling light. Once it blooms, it is dazzling. The Great Path is as one, and the sun and the moon shine together." The hazy voice sounded quite emotional. It said, "Only those who have seen the real Divine Wheel will know the flaws of the Divine Wheel of the Great Path."

"So, is this the meaning of this shrine?" Ye Futian asked. He sensed that there seemed to be a very wonderful force in the shrine. It was likely that this force also cast the trees in the Land of Proving the Way.

"Thats exactly the case," the other side responded. "The shrine has become a world itself, making up for the defects of the Path. Here, the Path is not missing. If one can cultivate here and become a Renhuang, one can cast a complete Divine Wheel of the Great Path. Of course, it is much more difficult than casting an ordinary Wheel of the Great Path. If one cant cross the River of the Path and walk through the Golden Road, it is meaningless to cultivate here. However, you and Huang Zhong were able to come here."

Ye Futian was lost in thought. At this moment, many things came to his mind. It seemed that a lot of things were related to it.

Or to say, from the beginning, his life had been given an extraordinary meaning; he was destined to be inextricably linked to this "truth of the world."

"There must be a treasure in the shrine to make up for the defects of the Path. If it is not the strength of the shrine itself, I am afraid it will bring bloody conflicts to the world," Ye Futian whispered. The moment his voice fell, suddenly, a strong pressure came onto him.

Ye Futian looked normal and calmly looked forward. He heard the voice continue, "You are right. Although the palace is the top one holy place for the cultivation of the Higher Heavens Realm, the threat always exists. Once the Divine Palace is weakened, It will bring many bloody conflicts."

Ordinary people didnt know, but how could the top characters not know the secret of the imperfection of the world?

There was a treasure in the Divine Palace to make up for the defects of the world. One could imagine how many people were coveting it. What Ye Futian said was very impolite.

"I get it," Ye Futian said and nodded. He didnt ask the impolite question deliberately. He just wanted to confirm one thing. He had experienced many things on his way of cultivation, and he was a secret himself.

"What do you get?" the voice asked.

Ye Futian looked at the stele in front of him. The world had imperfections, but the Divine Palace wanted to raise a cultivator without imperfections.

"Thank you for solving my confusion," Ye Futian saluted the stele slightly and said. Then he walked to a statue and sat down, cultivating with his eyes closed.

He didnt answer because it also was his own secret.

The world had imperfections, but his Path had no imperfections!