The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1555

Chapter 1555 Get Out

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Ye Futian understood it; he really did. Although he still did not understand the truth of the world, he knew that his Path must be the perfect one.

Although he had many Life Spirits, his Natal Spirit was always just the World Tree. It was the World Ancient Tree that gave him many Life Spirits and endowed him with the gift of cultivating various Paths and even merging the Great Paths.

This was probably related to his life experience. He was born to be extraordinary, and his godfather said that he was destined to be a king in the future. Although he did not know his identity, even a powerful person like Lord Taixuan could not escape the fate of the world and had sighed that the Great Path was lacking when he made the breakthrough.

Even the strongest figures could not escape their fates, but Ye Futian could easily cross over his own from the moment of birth. He was very clear about that even in this imperfect world of cultivation,

His Path must be the perfect one. The Divine Wheel of the Great Path he would create when he set foot on the Renhuang Plane in the future must also be a Wheel without defects, which was to say, the extraordinary Wheel of the Great Path in the eyes of the world.

His Life Spirit could make up for the shortcomings of the world. He stopped talking because he knew what it meant.

The Divine Palace had a treasure to make up for the defects of the Path, so they always had to be alert to any crisis that might be brought by it. The reason why no one dared to touch it was because of the Palaces power, but what about Ye Futian? If someone knew that his Life Spirit could make up for the defects of the Path, he would instantly become a target, and how many people would be staring at him?

Even the top figures in the cultivation world would be coveting it, and he might even end up dying without knowing who killed him.

No wonder his godfather told him not to show his Life Spirit outside when he was young. Ordinary people might not know it, but those powerful people were likely to be able to spy something from him. The powerful person in this shrine could see through his disguise at one glance, and if his Life Spirit was revealed from his Life Palace, how could the person not perceive its peculiarity?

Ye Futian didnt talk anymore and just cultivated quietly in the corner, perceiving the true meaning of the ubiquitous Great Path. He was totally absorbed in cultivation, so the person would not doubt anything.

As expected, after seeing Ye Futian cultivate, the powerful figure in the shrine also fell silent and did not speak again.

Soon, the shrine was quiet again.

In the shrine, Ye Futian was comprehending and cultivating, and there was a roaring sound in his body.

Outside the shrine, Huang Zhong was also cultivating. More precisely, Huang Zhong was comprehending, and what he wanted to do was to build what he thought was the perfect Wheel of the Great Path. Only in this way could he live up to his knowledge and talent.

The two were cultivating inside and outside the shrine. Many of the disciples in the Divine Palace were challenging the Golden Ancient Road and the River of the Path. Gai Shi Shi of the Golden Divine Nation had tried many times and failed, but he was still trying. He could endure that the peerless talent of Higher Heavens Realm, Huang Zhong passed it, but now, Ye Futian had also entered the shrine.

Gai Shi Shi was not content.

Ordinary people might not know the truth of this world, but as the top descendant of the Golden Divine Nation, Gai Shi Shi knew more than ordinary people. The top one figure of the Golden Divine Nation was a general of Donghuang the Great Emperor, so the senior leaders of the Golden Divine Nation knew some truths in the world, and Gai Shi Shi also knew a little bit.

He knew, so he wanted to be stronger.

However, the Golden Ancient Road was full of many powerful attacks, and although he could break through some, he had never been able to cross completely and could only struggle again and again.

In fact, what Gai Shi Shi had achieved was beyond ordinary cultivators ability. More people could not even pass the River of the Path, and just one step was extremely far to take. Although the shrine was just in front of them, for the disciples of the Divine Palace, it was endlessly distant and unreachable.

At this time, many people inside and outside the River of the Path looked forward, and many of them were disciples of the Divine Palace.

"Both Gai Shi Shi and Shen Jing have crossed the River of the Path. Did they enter the shrine?" Many people discussed the matter amongst themselves.

"Its not an easy thing for them."

"Who is more promising to enter?"

"Shen Jing," someone said. "In those two battles, he proved his unparalleled talent, and in the Land of Proving the Way, he defeated Gai Shi Shi. This time Lord Taixuan chose an extraordinary figure to inherit his swordsmanship, and he has gained fame on this trip to the Divine Palace."

"Is Shen Jings trip to Shrine also guided by Lord Taixuan?" someone wondered aloud.

"Very possible." Many people said and began to think. There was no doubt that the swordsman-in-training Shen Jing of Taixuan Mountain was a direct disciple of Lord Taixuan. Everyone had known about it, and it did not require confirmation.

If Lord Taixuan had known that he got a direct disciple out of thin air, nobody knew what he would think. Perhaps, he would turn the Divine Palace upside down, or perhaps, Lord Taixuan wouldnt mind at all.

Time passed by, and Gai Shi Shi eventually gave up and returned, which made many people sigh. Some people asked Gai Shi Shi whether Shen Jing of Taixuan Mountain had entered the shrine, but Gai Shi Shi did not answer.

He did not leave, either. He chose to stay outside the River of the Path.

On this day, the last peak of Sword Comprehension Mountain suddenly gleamed with brilliant light, and then, the 81 peaks of the Sword Comprehension Mountain shone together, and the Sword Will rushed up to the sky.

At this moment, every cultivator in the Sword Comprehension Mountain looked in one direction, their hearts beating fast.

In the Divine Palace, there were also many warriors looking at the direction where Sword Comprehension Mountain was located, with light shining in their eyes.

"A new breakthrough," someone whispered.

"Another Sword Emperor was born! Was he before Huang Zhong?"

Many people discussed, and their hearts trembled.

Did the previous war really help him break his shackles?

On the last sword peak of Jianshan, a figure like a sword stood proudly on the top of the mountain, and there was a monstrous Sword Will flowing all over him. A terrifying sword river appeared between the sky and earth and turned into a giant sword of the Great Path.

That was, the Divine Wheel of Great Path being cast.

Li Daozi, who made the breakthrough, would become a Sword Emperor.

Many people of the Divine Sword Li Family were also here and were all excited while watching this scene. Although there was a defeat, it did not affect Li Daozis state of mind. No wonder he was the most outstanding figure of their generation in the Divine Sword Li Family.

On the top of one Sword Mountain, Wan Shouyi gazed in the direction of Li Daozi. Luoyue said, "Li Daozi was defeated in that battle, but shortly after that, Li Daozi made a breakthrough. It seems that Li Daozis heart of sword was clear and was not affected at all, and the battle became his aid instead."

"He was looking for someone to quench the sword, and he only needed two more parts. After that battle, Shen Jing helped him complete one part, and only the last part was left. Now he accomplished it and succeeded," Wan Shouyi said. "It is indeed outstanding. We still have a long way to go."

"Does this also prove that he is more outstanding?" Luoyue whispered.

"Of course," Wan Shouyi nodded and said. "Among ten thousand cultivators, you can only find one like Li Daozi in the world, and in the whole generation of the Higher Heavens Realm, there were only two people like him. Now, they are at the end of the River of the Path."

"Can he enter the shrine?" Luoyue asked. These days, there were many questions about whether or not Shen Jing could enter the shrine. Every day, people discussed this matter.

Wan Shouyi looked towards Yaya and remembered the conversation with her that day. At this moment, Yaya was still fully absorbed in her cultivation. She was a sword fanatic and was marvelous at swordsmanship, and even such a person had unparalleled confidence in Shen Jing.

So, he also had expectations.

What if he really made it?

After all, Shen Jing had been in there for many days.

Many months had passed. Although many people had left River of the Path, there were more and more discussions about Ye Futian. The longer he stayed on the other side of the River of the Path, the more possible it was that he had entered the shrine. Gai Shi Shis silence also made many people suspicious.

On this day, there was no one here on the bank of the River of the Path, and only occasionally would someone come by to have a look.

At this time, a figure came to the bank of River of the Path. He passed by and took a glance at the river. The towering palaces stood on both sides, but the whole space was still very quiet.

"Not yet," the man whispered, about to leave. He had no idea whether he had entered the shrine or not.

But at this moment, just as he was just about to leave, he seemed to have noticed something. He paused a second and turned around and saw a figure standing above a sword and slowly coming from the River of the Path.

"Hes come out," he thought to himself. His pupils contracted, and his heart trembled. Swordsman-in-training Shen Jing of the Taixuan Mountain walked out of the River of the Path.

His temperament became more and more outstanding, and his life force was unfathomable. The sword floated above the River of the Path, and he steered the sword and came slowly towards this side at a steady speed. In his bright and deep eyes, there was no emotion.

Seeing Ye Futian getting closer, he asked, "My Taoist friend, have you gotten anything during this trip?"

Ye Futian looked up at him, smiling, and did not respond.

"Have you ever entered there?" the man asked Ye Futian. Since Ye Futian didnt answer, instead of turning around, he just asked directly.

"Where is there?" Ye Futian asked.

1"The Ancestral Land," the person stared at Ye Futian and said.

"Maybe, Ive been there," Ye Futian whispered. He came up onto the bank of River of the Path. The man gave him a deep look and then flashed away in the air.

Soon, the whole Divine Palace knew that Ye Futian walked out of the River of the Path.

Suddenly, the Divine Palace became noisy again.

One after another, their bodies flickered, and the cultivators all moved in the same direction, toward where Ye Futian appeared.

In the Divine Palace, the news made the whole palace boiling.

Shen Jing of the Taixuan Mountain entered the ancestral land of the Divine Palacethe Shrine.

For many years, only one disciple of the Divine Palace had stepped into the shrine. This person was still cultivating in the ancestral shrine: Huang Zhongthe top one figure among the descendants in the Upper Heavens Realm.

Today, there was one more person.

Many people in the palace were even reluctant to believe it. Some cultivators in seclusion came out and wanted to ask Ye Futian in person.

At this time, in the Divine Palace, Ye Futian walked towards the direction of Sword Comprehension Mountain. This trip to the Divine Palace was perfect for him. He completed all tasks and even had unexpected gains.

It was time to leave after cultivating in the Divine Palace for so long.

However, people kept coming towards him. Around him, disciples of the Divine Palace appeared one after another, all staring at him. The emotion in their stares was complicated, but no one stepped forward; they all just looked at him.

As if he was a monster!