The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1556

Chapter 1556 Sword Unlocking 81

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Ye Futian came out and headed toward Sword Comprehension Mountain. He came on this trip as a swordsman from Taixuan Mountain. Besides Yaya, the others that he was acquainted with were those from Taixuan Mountain, like Wan Shouyi, Luoyue, and little phoenix. Besides little phoenix, there were several others who were cultivating at Sword Comprehension Mountain, which was the place to cultivate swordsmanship.

As for the others from Taixuan Mountain, they were outside of his control.

Disciples of the Divine Palace continued gathering and appearing beside him. Some disciples approached and asked, "Shen Jing, did you really get into the Ancestral Land?"

To the Divine Palace, this news was too shocking, especially for the direct disciples. They knew how difficult it was to enter the Ancestral Land. Now, Ye Futian claimed that he had entered the Ancestral Land. One could imagine the shock felt by the disciples of the Divine Palace.

An outsider had stepped into their Ancestral Land of the Divine Palace?

The elders of the Divine Palace did not stop him?

Huang Zhong, who was at the Ancestral Land, didnt stop Ye Futian either?

With Huang Zhongs realm of strength, who below Renhunag could surpass him?

"What answer you wish for is the answer youll get." Ye Futian glanced at the other. He no longer wished to respond anymore. There were still so many questions, and if he said that he didnt go, no one wouldnt believe him. If so, there was no need to spend time chattering. The people of the Divine Palace could think whatever they wanted to.

Since none of the great figures at the Divine Palace minded, the thoughts of the disciples of the Divine Palace were completely unimportant. Thus, Ye Futian did not care either.

The words carved on the stone tablet in the divine temple perhaps were the foundation of the Divine Palace.

"Brother Shen, what was in the divine temple of Ancestral Land?" someone walked up to Ye Futian and asked, his eyes full of curiosity.

Seeing this person, everyone was speechless for the moment. It was Zhuang Hong. This guy actually thought of exploring the secrets of the Ancestral Land from Shen Jing.

Indeed, apart from the key figures of the Divine Palace, probably only Huang Zhong would know what was in the Ancestral Land. Now that Ye Futian had gone inside, how could they not be curious?

1"This is the secret of the Divine Palace. Should I keep it or tell you?" Ye Futian looked at Zhuang Hong with a smile.

Zhuang Hong looked stunned. He glared at Ye Futian and said in a low voice, "You are an ass."

1Since he said that it was the secret of the Divine Palace, as the direct disciple of the Divine Palace, how could he dare to question any further? It would amount to probing secrets of the Divine Palace.

Why couldnt this guy just reveal a little? Just a little bit

"Try hard to enter it, and there you will see the real Divine Palace." Ye Futian patted Zhuang Hongs shoulder, which made Zhuang Hongs eyes shine with excitement as he stared at Ye Futian. How thrilling was his suggestion!

Only, he was even more curious!

What would the real Divine Palace look like?

Was the Divine Palace that they saw a fake?

"I want to, but I am afraid I wont be able to," Zhuang Hong mumbled to himself. The Path River was not so easy to cross.

Ye Futian didnt say anything more; it was really difficult to get through.

At this time, Ye Futian stopped and saw a figure standing in front of them. He was blocking Ye Futians way forward.

"Yan Sui." Ye Futian looked at the person in front of him. It turned out to be an acquaintance. This person had traveled to the Heavenly Mandate Realm with Yi Tianyu and was a good friend of Yi Tianyu. He was a disciple of the Palace Lord of Divine Music Palace. Now Yan Sui, who had already entered Nirvana Realm, was blocking his way.

"Yan Sui, disciple of Divine Music Palace." Yan Sui bowed slightly to Ye Futian, his demeanor cordial and measured.

"No need for formality since you are blocking the way," Ye Futian said with a smile. Blocking the road was, in itself, an act of rudeness.

"What can I do for you?" Ye Futian asked.

"Recently, I have been cultivating in solitude. After I came out, I heard that a legend had appeared in the Land of Proving the Way. I heard that Shen Jing, a swordsman from Taixuan Mountain and a disciple of Lord Taixuan, defeated many powerful cultivators with one sword. I heard that even Li Daozi was no exception. Furthermore, he had entered the Ancestral Land of the Divine Palace, which is rumored to contain the ultimate method of the Divine Palace. Since Brother Shen had returned from the Ancestral Land, and maybe Im overestimating my own strength, I would love to experience what Brother Shen learned in the Ancestral Land."

Yan Sui spoke politely. Even if it was a challenge, he was still courteous, exhibiting great diplomacy.

At this time, many disciples of Divine Music Palace and Yi Tianyu were also present. They looked at Yan Sui, and Yi Tianyu and Yan Sui were quite familiar with one another. Having seen the battle between Ye Futian and Li Daozi, he was afraid that Yan Shi might not come out of this battle victorious.

However, Yan Sui had always been arrogant. If he wanted to try, he couldnt really stop it. So he didnt speak but looked on quietly.

In fact, many people thought that Yan Sui would definitely be defeated. After all, Li Daozi was more famous than Yan Sui. Recently, Ye Futian had returned from Ancestral Land, so YanSui could not possibly be his equal.

However, it was possible to see whether or nor Ye Futians strength had improved any more and whether or not he had gained anything in the Ancestral Land.

"You cannot."

Ye Futian glanced at Yan Sui. His answer was straightforward, and he didnt give Yan Sui any leeway.

He was also wondering, when did the people in the Divine Palace hear that he was a disciple of Lord Taixuan?

He had only met Lord Taixuan once that day, and to call him a disciple was somewhat preposterous. What would Lord Taixuan think if he knew? Would he think that Ye Futian was leading people to believe he was his disciple?

1Hearing Ye Futians words, everyone in the Divine Palace was silent for a while. He was truly blunt about it.

Yan Sui did not expect Ye Futian to be so frank, dismissing him with just two words: "you cannot."

"Please advise," Yan Sui said, his voice was solemn. As his voice fell, lingering divine sounds of the Great Path meandered in the air. It turned into infinite musical notes, complementing the Way of heaven and earth.

A series of golden characters turned into terrible lightning and attacked Ye Futian. The roaring golden characters turned into a salient golden-winged Roc, hacking through the void.

Ye Futian was on the move, and everyone saw illusive afterimages, like golden lightning, sail across the void as a squealing sound was heard.


Everyone saw that the golden remnant of the shadow passed through the golden-winged Roc. Ye Futian actually directly split open the golden-winged Roc using his hand in place of a sword. His entire body was dazzling, and he radiated a terrible divine light of swordsmanship. His finger pointed forward at Yan Sui.

In this instant, the divine sound of the Great Path resonated throughout heaven and earth in harmony with Ye Futians finger. It created a supreme swordsmanship.

"Divine Sound." Yan Suis expression changed to one with shock as the finger descended instantly and landed. With a popping sound, his body flew backward, and blood dripped down along his hanging arms. In that momentary confrontation, without much drama, Yan Sui bled from the corners of his mouth. His clothes were also stained with blood. His arms hung helplessly as blood continued to drip down.


The hearts of many trembled. Though they could not see the swordplay clearly, they felt the Divine Sound and the swordsmanship. As for their true strength, it was unfathomable to many disciples of the Divine Palace.

"He has cultivated the Divine Sound, entered into the Ancestral Land, and the method of the Divine Palace truly exists in the Ancestral Land." Everyone was shocked. They focused intently on Ye Futian. If so, didnt that imply this swordsman from Taixuan Mountain was stealing the arts from the Divine Palace?

Ye Futian continued forward, walking past Yan Sui as his arms were just hanging there. He let Ye Futian walk past him, unable to do anything to stop him. Although the disciples of Divine Music Palace were not happy about it, no one tried to stop him again. With Ye Futians strength, except for the one who was cultivating at the Ancestral Land, no one was certain they could stop him.

Ye Futian continued ahead like a sword until he had arrived at Sword Comprehension Mountain.

A person stood on top of the first mountain of Sword Comprehension Mountain like a sword from the heavens, looking down at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian raised his head to looked up at him. It was Li Daozi of the Divine Sword Li Family, and the breath exuded from his body was the breath of Renhuang.

"Proving the Way of Renhuang," Ye Futian said to himself. Whether it was a strengthening of his power or a transformation of his mind, he viewed Renhuang differently than he did before. Once, Emperor Xia and Emperor Li were legends to himmythical figures who were unattainable.

But today and right now, he felt that Renhuang was not so far out of reach.

Especially when the person who had lost to him not long ago had now entered the realm of Renhuang. Naturally, he was not likely to be impressed. It was only that different people experienced the Way on different timelines, and Li Daozis realm was deeper than his.

Ye Futian didnt speak. He only looked up at Li Daozi, who seemed to be waiting for him here.

Li Daozi looked at Ye Futian. Although he had entered into Renhuang, Ye Futian had entered the Ancestral Land of the Divine Palace. Which was more difficult?

Realm of Renhuang. There were many at the Divine Palace, but how many could enter the Ancestral Land?

Therefore, there was nothing much to be proud of.

"Congratulations," Li Daozi said.

"Same." Ye Futian smiled. It looked like that Li Daozi was not here to fight. Indeed, it would be meaningless to pick a fight after the other had already entered Renhuang.

"Thank you for trying the sword," Li Daozi said again. He then shape-shifted into a sword and flickered away.

Ye Futian smiled. This heir of the Divine Sword Li Family was kind of interesting.

He continued to move forward and entered the Sword Comprehension Mountain.

Wan Shouyi and Luoyue looked at him with emotions in their hearts. Since this guy came down from the mountain, he began to show his edge and was becoming more and more legendary.

Was this still the Shen Jing that they knew?

They hardly seemed to be the same person.

Ye Futian smiled at them and walked forward until he reached the last Sword Mountain. The sword will flowed upon him, and the aurora of the sword shot out from his eyes.

After a while, he turned and said to Wan Shouyi and Luoyue. "Lets go back," he said.

"Very well."

The two nodded and went along with him, Yaya also followed quietly. As soon as they turned around and started walking, they saw that the last sword peak of Sword Comprehension Mountain was shining with a brilliant sword light that rushed toward the sky. Then, 81 Sword Mountains lit up at the same time. The sword qi roared and circled the heavens as if to send them off.


Everyones heart beat violently, especially those disciples from Sword Palace of the Divine Palace.

Without being in the realm of the sword emperor, the 81 swords had been unlocked; even the last one was the same.

This was another new record. No one had done it before.

What exactly did he obtain in the Ancestral Land of the Divine Palace?

In the void, Li Daozi, who was leaving, turned his head and glanced toward Sword Comprehension Mountain, many turbulent emotions in his heart.

Not an emperor, yet he unlocked the 81 swords.

Compared to him, he seemed to be lesser again. This title of sword emperor was nothing to be proud of at all.

It seemed that, in the future, he still needed to concentrate on cultivation.

Ye Futian walked toward the outside of the Divine Palace, prepared to leave. Many of those who had followed him into the Divine Palace were also leaving with him. After having stayed at the Divine Palace for many days, partially for his own private reasons. However, now that what needed to be done had been done, and since he didnt choose to cultivate at the Divine Palace, it was time to go back!