The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1557

Chapter 1557 Murderous Intent

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In Linxiao City, it had been a long time since the guides from the Divine Palace had led the cultivators into the Sea of the Path. Since then, many had returned, bringing with them news and rumors.

For example, in the battle of the proving ground in the Sea of the Path, the strongest person was not Li Xun of the Divine Sword Li Family, nor Qin Zang of the Sky Burying God Clan, nor Gai Shi Shithe genius talent of the Golden Divine Nation. It was not even a disciple of the Divine Palace. Instead, it was someone that few people had heard of before.

A swordsman from Taixuan MountainShen Jing.

This swordsman from Taixuan Mountain, who was famed in one battle, had defeated all enemies in the land of the Land of Proving the Way. He alone had plundered the Divine Tree of Comprehension. Because of him, everyone from Taixuan Mountain was able to get into the Divine Tree to comprehend. Afterward, as many cultivators had entered the Divine Palace, less and less news made way to Linxiao City.

1Furthermore, although many had returned, those key characters, such as Shen Jing, who became famous in the one battle, as well as Gai Shi Shi and Qin Zang, had not been seen since. Could it be that they had all entered the Divine Palace to cultivate?

Many had already left, but some were still cultivating in Linxiao City, waiting for news. They wanted to see what would happen this time.

Naturally, all the top forces were stationed at Linxiao City as well.

At this time, on the coast of the Sea of the Path, many walked on the beach, and some enjoyed a drink or two in the taverns, looking out over that vast Sea of the Path. It was said that this sea was endless. The Divine Palace was located above the fae mountain of the Sea of the Path, but for those who were not disciples of the Divine Palace, unless taken by guides, there was no other way to enter the Divine Palace.

Although there were countless who longed for it, they had no chance to enter.

At this time, there was a sudden sound that came from the coast. Many turned their attention that way, looking in the direction of the Sea of the Path. Curiosity flashed through their eyes as they looked at the sea. Their eyes became brighter and brighter until finally, they saw in the distance, where the sea met the sky, figures sailing toward them. It was as if they were coming from the other end of the sky.

"They are back!" Someone trembled inwardly. Those who had gone to the Divine Palace had returned from the Sea of the Path.

Many heard whispers and turned to look over there. They saw that the group was not together but was made of different camps in different positions, but from a distance, it was as if they were all together. However, as they got closer, they could be seen more clearly.

"Cultivators of the Divine Sword Li Family are here."

"And the cultivators of the Sky Burying God Clan."

Everyone talked amongst themselves. Sure enough, it was the return of those who had gone to the Divine Palace to prove the Way.

It was unknown what they had gained on this trip.

"Who is Shen Jing?" someone inquired.

Many did not yet know who Shen Jing was.

Everyone searched, and quickly, their gaze fell in one direction. Over there, Ye Futian, Wan Shouyi, and Luoyue were together. However, there were still a few others from Taixuan Mountain who were willingly following behind them.

"There are the people from Taixuan Mountain, and the handsome figure in the front must be Shen Jing. He became the apparent leader of those from Taixuan Mountain." Someone pointed in the direction of Ye Futian. Suddenly, many were sizing him up.

When he entered the Sea of the Path before, no one had noticed him. But now, he became famous because of the one battle. So, naturally, he was the focus of all the attention.

Ye Futian and his party went all the way from the Sea of the Path, escorted by the guides from the Divine Palace. When everyone got to the shore, the guides from the Divine Palace turned around and left in the boat, carefree and at ease.

Ye Futian stood on a dinghy. The wind from the sea caressed his robe.

As the dinghy docked, he stepped off and said, "Lets go back to Taixuan Mountain."

"Very well." Wan Shouyi nodded.

Ye Futians body flickered, and he landed on the shore. The group walked forward, preparing for their trip back home.

In the Sea of the Path, people came through the air one after another, and they all went ashore.

The people of Linxiao City wanted to know what happened but had no idea who they should ask.

"Huh?" At this time, someone realized that all the cultivators had gone in the same direction.

Someones eyes sparkled, and a faint smile flashed across their face. "Quite interesting," they said.

Clearly, he had realized something and immediately caught up with the group.

Ye Futian and his group kept moving forward, and they quickly reached Linxiao City. He did not hurry, though. Instead, his brows were knitted together.

Next to Ye Futian, Wan Shouyi and Luoyue took on a cold expression. Obviously, they both discovered that after they landed from the Sea of the Path, many did not go back but had followed them instead.

Had some kind of tacit agreement had been made?

Or had it been discussed in the Divine Palace in advance?

More and more people had now gathered inside Linxiao City, and many cultivators, while sensing something unusual, couldnt help but become greatly interested.

It seemed that although everyone had returned from the Divine Palace, the matter was far from over.

There was going to be a show to see.

"They are here for you," Wan Shouyi transmitted his voice to Ye Futian. It was easy to understand that in the Divine Palace, Ye Futians strength was unparalleled and that at the Divine Palace, it was not easy for anyone to touch him.

Now that everyone had returned, they would soon be on their way back home, just as Ye Futian would also go back to Taixuan Mountain. If they did not make a move now, they would not have another chance.

No one would forget that Ye Futian, while in the Land of Proving the Way, had taken many fruits of the Way himself.

Those fruits were fruits that could form the body of the Great Path; it was especially helpful to impact the realm of Renhuang.

In addition, Ye Futian had obtained the inheritance of the Divine Palace in the Ancestral Land of the Divine Palace, which was equally alluring to the others.

Therefore, if everyone wanted to make a move on Ye Futian together, it would not be so unexpected.

Ye Futian nodded as he understood that as long as the people of the Divine Capital of Xiling was there, Luo Youming must have hated him and wanted to slaughter him mercilessly.

Now, the people of the Divine Capital of Xiling were in the dark.

And Gai Shi Shi of the Golden Divine Nation had followed along as well.

In addition, there were some other cultivators whom Ye Futian didnt even know; they had fought for the fruits of the Way in the Land of Proving the Way with him. Their realms were all unfathomable, and they were characters who had reached the top of the Saint Plane. They all desired the fruits.

Presumably, they already had the same idea, and now that they had left the Divine Palace, they wouldnt want to miss the opportunity again.

Ye Futian not only did not hurry to escape but slowed down his pace instead, casually walking around the city. His spiritual will shrouded his surroundings.

Unconsciously, the space where Ye Futian was became somewhat suppressing for others, and those around him pulled away. It was as if they could predict what would happen.

"You dont need to follow me," Ye Futian said. His body suddenly accelerated. He ditched Wan Shouyi and the others in an instant.

"You" Luoyue saw this and pointed forward, but Wan Shouyi caught her hand and shook his head.

If those who were to attack were the top genius figures, they wouldnt be of great use to him. Except for Wan Shouyis extraordinary comprehension of swordsmanship, everyone else might actually become Ye Futians burden.

And with Ye Futians unparalleled strength, even if he was on his own, it was far easier to deal with him than with them. That, at least, there wouldnt be any constraints.

Ye Futian walked forward alone, sword will whistling around him. His spiritual will shrouded the vast void around him. The wind and clouds roared above the sky, and there was a terrible death light lurking about. There were even places where bright golden divine light shot out, falling down with frightening breath.

In the void, Gai Shi Shi and the other cultivators were there.

Ye Futian wouldnt be able to get away so easily.

He took away the fruits of the Way and entered the Ancestral Land of the Divine Palace. He was not a disciple of the Divine Palace. Thus, even if he was taken, it would have nothing to do with the Divine Palace. Moreover, they also wanted to know what secrets were hidden in the Ancestral Land of the Divine Palace.

Boom. Divine thunder rolled above the sky like the apocalypse was upon them. Thunder clouds roared, blocking the sun overhead. A mighty power of Renhuang permeated and cascaded down, exuding a strong sense of threat.

"Shen Jing, you alone took possession of the fruits of the Waya greedy act. Since you dont cultivate in many of the methods, why dont you give up some of the fruits, and well leave?" a voice said from the void, obviously unwilling to start a war with Ye Futian. However, for the opportunity of proving the Way, they had to fight for it.

"The might of the Renhuang divine implement." Ye Futian glanced up at the void. The Land of Proving the Way strictly forbade the use of Renhuang-level divine implements. But in reality, many of those who entered the Sea of the Path were powerful figures who were equipped with Renhuang-level divine implements.

Now, outside of the Sea of the Path, if it was strength alone, no one could best Ye Futian. But this was a pillage; who would care to be fair? Clearly, any means would be used.

Ye Futians expression was cold and indifferent. Sword will circled his body, and there was murderous intent in his eyes.

They were out of The Land of Proving the Way, and they were all out of the Divine Palace. Were they still unwilling to give up?

The fact that this person was in possession of a Renhuang-level divine implement didnt bother him. What alarmed him was that someone like Gai Shi Shi, whose divine implement must be supremely powerful, was surely extremely powerful.

And these people were staring at him. They could strike at any time.

"Respectfully, I would like to advise everyone to leave now, and I will forget that this ever happened. However, if you make a move, I will see that as an attempt on my life. For those people, I will kill without exception." Ye Futians voice was extremely cold. If these people were serious about threatening his life, he would be merciless.

"As soon as I have the fruit, I will leave immediately. I only want one," the man in the void said in a cold and indifferent voice. Ye Futians spiritual will captured and locked onto the speaker. It was a middle-aged cultivator holding a divine hammer. Thunder and lightning filled the sky aggressively and with absolute dominance. Divine light of infinite thunder and lightning of heaven and earth gathered and turned into a chain of thunder.

At this time, Ye Futian looked up at the divine thunder tumbling above the sky. Bright sword light of murder shot out from his eyes, piercing the void, and into the other mans eyes. When the middle-aged man saw those eyes, he felt that his spiritual will was sliced through by swordsmanship. It was glaring and blinding.

"You asked for you it," a cold voice sounded in his mind, making him feel a very strong threat.

At the same time that the voice fell, Ye Futians body turned into an afterimage. Its dazzling sword light traversed the void and rushed into the thundering sky with extreme speed.

The middle-aged man changed the expression on his face. The divine thunder was extremely violent, he raised his arm and blasted out divine light of thunder that swept through the void, but the residual shadow blinked and disappeared.


A very slight sound emerged as the destructive thunder rolled and roared between heaven and earth, but the mans eyes showed tremendous fear. The divine implement fell from his hands. He held his neck with both hands as a crack appeared, and blood flowed out and stained his hands red.

The sword was that fast!