The Legend Of Futian Chapter 156

Chapter 156: Shocked
Chapter 156: Shocked
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After Ye Futian spoke, the surrounding gazes all fell on him. A Nine-star Glory Plane cultivator had asked a Level six Dharma Plane cultivator if he wanted to die! However, Ye Futian's eyes were sharp. His aura really made one feel a slight pressure as if it wasn't just a threat. Where did he get the confidence from? At least, where did he get the qualifications to say those words?

Yan Lu arched an eyebrow. The sword intent was still present on his body. He gazed behind Lin Yueyao and a few guards walked forward. This was probably the source of Ye Futian's confidence.

"You can try," Yan Lu uttered coldly, staring at Ye Futian. As he spoke, the air around him seemed to turn solid. The people on the stone walls watched the fight quietly. Cold animosity bloomed on Ye Futian's face.

"Enough." Ruo Yu walked forward at this moment and stood before Ye Futian. "Senior Brother Yan, you've crossed the line."

"Come back," Ruo Qiu reprimanded when she saw Ruo Yu run out.

"Shut up," Ruo Yu said to Ruo Qiu. "This all started because of you. Ye Futian invited us to a meal at our first meeting. Instead of being grateful, you said those ugly words at the inn. What ulterior motive would he have? Didn't you want to know how I comprehended my swordsmanship technique? Ye Futian taught me."

Everyone was fixated. Ye Futian taught Ruo Yu to comprehend the techniques from the stone wall? How was this possible?

"You're joking," Ruo Qiu said coldly.

"You think I'm joking?" Ruo Yu shot back. Ruo Qiu and everyone else was in disbelief. Did Ye Futian really teach it to Ruo Yu?

"Are you speaking the truth?" Yun Qianmo asked. She walked forward and looked down from her position in the air.

"Absolutely. Otherwise, how can I do it?" Ruo Yu said to her. "Senior Sister Yun, this is all my sister's fault. Ye Futian never did anything to us. Please tell Senior Brother Yan to stop."

Yun Qianmo gazed at Ye Futian and saw him standing there quietly. Sensing her eyes, he looked up at her.

"Was it the musical sorcery?" Yun Qianmo looked at him and subtly guessed that the music from before was unordinary.

"Do you want to learn?" Ye Futian looked at her with a smile.

Yun Qianmo met his eyes and said, "If you're willing, you'll be the Sword Clan's friend. We will protect your safety in the Qianmeng City."

If they became friends, today's scuffle would end and there'd be no need for more words.

Ye Futian looked up at Yun Qianmo. She was very pretty with some coldness. As the top disciple of the Sword Clan, she was qualified to say those words.

"If you want to learn, then sure." Ye Futian smiled and walked toward the music wall near the sea. Ye Wuchen, Lin Yueyo, and the others followed him.

The guqin wall was in the highest spot. Ye Futian sat down, crossing his legs, and released his Guqin Spirit. He strummed the strings and music streamed out, creating an artistic conception. Then, there seemed to be unique artistic conception strength on the guqin wall. It resonated with YeFutian's music. It was of a figure clothed in white, playing his guqin. Sword intent was born and a roc appeared. Waves crashed against land. When this artistic conception descended, the walls on each side seemed to resonate with the music.

The sword intent and music went from the sword wall to Yan Lu, digging into his ears. At that moment, he felt himself in that special artistic conception. He saw the sword in the stone wall's artistic conception.

The sword transformed into thousands of threads of rain, cutting everything apart.

"No" That moment, everyone heard Yan Lu cry out. Their hearts trembled and they looked over.

The next moment, a shocking scene appeared. They saw Yan Lu's body spiral up as the sword aura shot crazily out of him. However, endless rain-like sword intent appeared, tearing out of him. His clothing ripped apart and cuts appeared on his body. There was even blood on his neck. With a pained cry, he dropped to the ground. He grasped his wrist with blood flowing out. He trembled violently, fear filling his eyes. In the artistic conception in his mind, endless threads of sword intent were about to drown him. The sword created by the sword intent was unstoppable.

Everyone was shocked. They looked at the sword wall. They realized with astonishment that terrifying sword intent radiated from the poem. It bloomed and fused with the music. There was the faint shine of a dazzling sword.

Ye Futian used the music to guide the stone wall's intent and attacked Yan Lu.

"Would you like to try?" The music stopped. Ye Futian looked down on Yan Lu and everyone trembled inwardly. Earlier, Yan Lu had told him to try and now, he really did.

Ruo Qiu, Ruo Yu, Wang Jue, and the others were all shaking inside too. They looked at Yan Lu's pathetic state then back at Ye Futian. The boy who was still smiling and seemed easy to talk to completely changed when he began playing the guqin. His handsome features radiated coldness and once-in-a-century talent. Behind him, Yu Sheng, Yu Wuchen, and Lin Yueyao stood quietly.

For a moment, everyone understood why Lin Yueyao said that to Ye Futian. Probably only those who were willing to cultivate with him knew just how amazing Ye Futian was. He used his music to transmit the artistic conception and even helped Ruo Yu learn the sword technique that Yun Qianmo couldn't comprehend. He had comprehended the stone wall that no one had ever been able to and communicated with it. He even resonated with the walls on all sides.

Only he completely understood the Cang Mountain Relic. He was an unparalleled talent. For so many years, countless people from the Qianmeng territory entered the Ancient Barren World and studied the Cang Mountain Relic but no one could do what he did today. It was only one relic in the Ancient Barren World but it proved how monstrously talented this handsome boy was.

Ghastly pale, Yan Lu felt chilled. Everyone looked at him but he kept his mouth shut.

"Did you think I was joking? I'll give you another chance. Do you want to die?" Ye Futian asked indifferently. Earlier, he had asked if Yan Lu wanted to die and Yan Lu told him to try. Did he have the courage to reply that again?

Ye Futian placed his hands on the strings again as if he could start again at any time. Face pale, Yan Lu lowered his head and replied, "No."

Ye Futian looked at him mockingly and then looked away as if Yan Lu didn't deserve his attention. Yan Lu was livid and extremely humiliated. Behind him, Ruo Qiu and the others watched this without a word.

Yun Qianmo, Liu Yuan, and everyone else in the Cang Mountain Relic looked at Ye Futian.

"You comprehended all four walls. Does that mean that you found the artistic conception of the Golden Roc?" someone asked. It was Liu Yuan. He could only find the powerful wind intent from the wall. If he could comprehend it, it would be very helpful to him. It wouldn't only increase his fate.

"What do you think?"

"How strong are you with the wall's intent?" Liu Yuan asked, staring at him.

"Do you want to try?" Ye Futian asked.

"I just want to be friends," Liu Yuan suddenly said with a smile.

"Friends?" Ye Futian sneered. They had to be friends for him to transmit the wall's intent? Would they be enemies otherwise?

Ye Futian lowered his head and played the instrument, creating another melody. As the music streamed out, the walls' intent descended again. Light glowed from the walls at once.

Waves of artistic conception descended. They snaked into ears of Ye Wuchen and Lin Yueyao's group. Even the guards behind Lin Yueyao could sense the artistic conception. Hearts trembling, they glanced at the walls and started studying with no regard for the outside world.

Seeing this, everyone furrowed their brows. Was he teaching the artistic conception with music in front of everyone?

Many people were envious and jealous. If they could comprehend the Cang Mountain Relic, they could receive a lot of fate. The intent was suitable for cultivation as well and could increase their combat ability. It was beneficial to their future cultivation too.

In addition, many present were suitable for cultivating the intent of these walls. For example, the Sword Clan was great for the sword wall. Ironically though, the Sword Clan could have become his friend but chose to be his enemy.

Since Ye Futian had taught it to Ruo Yu, it showed that he didn't really care. He could help anyone who was his friend.

This was only one relic site in the Ancient Barren World. With Ye Futian's talent, he wouldn't have to steal the fate. He could use his savviness to figure out the Noble fate himself.

"Happy now?" Ruo Yu looked at her sister coldly. "What did Ye Futian want from you?"

Ruo Qiu was embarrassed. Yan Lu, whom they'd thought was extremely talented, had been easily defeated by Ye Futian and humiliated. A beauty like Lin Yueyao willingly followed Ye Futian. What would he want from her? What did she have that Ye Futian could want?

Thinking of this now, she realized that she had just been petty. She could have comprehended all of the Cang Mountain Relic and even cultivate with Ye Futian.

Looking around, she saw countless figures who wanted to learn but no one dared to move. Someone from the Glory Plane had played his guqin alone and stunned everyone.

"What are your requirements?" Yun Qianmo suddenly asked.

Ye Futian looked up from his guqin and smiled. He said, "Earlier, you gave me a choice so I'll give you a choice too. I'm unfamiliar with the Ancient Barren World and need a maid. I can consider you."

With his words, Yun Qianmo, Ruo Qiu, and the others all hardened their eyes. Everyone stared at him, speechless.

He wanted the top disciple of the Sword Clan, the pride of the world, Yun Qianmo, to be his maid?