The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1560

Chapter 1560 Ambush

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Inside Ye Futians body, the dazzling glory of swordsmanship gleamed. Shadows of swords appeared. It was as if all the veins of his body had turned into veins of swords, and his blood had turned into a sword river. His entire body was now the sword that ruled all other swords.

"Sword body of the Great Path."

Many people were trembling in their hearts. Was this an indication that the Sword body of the Great Path was about to be forged?

Thousands of swords returned against the current. It was no longer the swordsmanship that was released from Ye Futian, but an infinite sword that was born from heaven and earth, coming toward Ye Futian.

This could only be accomplished by someone who had gathered the soul of the Way, but Ye Futian clearly had not yet reached that level of intensity. This could only mean that his spiritual will was stronger than the power of ordinary men.

Countless divine swords reversed as the swords locked onto the sky. Roaring sounds of the Great Path came out of all the cultivators, and an amazing power exploded forth. Some raised their hands to attack, destroying the coming swords, but several other swords came toward them as they tore the void, leaving a sword mark as they continued to the target.

He continued to attack but saw more and more swords. Left and right, top and bottom, there were divine swords on all sides. It was endless. This scene caused a great disturbance in Ye Futians heart. It was as if he was facing the illusion of the divine wheel of the Renhuang swordsmanship.

Bang, bang, bang One sword could not execute the killing, but what about countless swords?

Moreover, the sword was getting stronger, turning into a storm that countered the Great Path, destroying all methods.

It was not just him, but everyone was contending with this imprisoning swordsmanship. A swordsmanship storm appeared in every direction, and this swordsmanship storm was resonating with one another as if to become a giant storm that would annihilate the existence of everything.

The people in Linxiao City looked up into the sky. At this time, there were countless Divine swords. Ye Futian was standing in the center of the storm, and those countless Divine swords resonated with his body as the center.

"Its so strong." Everyone trembled. What had they experienced in the Divine Palace?

Gai Shi Shi also stared at Ye Futian with indifferent eyes. Golden divine spears were flowing around his body and collided with the swords. The extremely holy and godlike figure stood there and could not be shaken. Such swordsmanship alone from Ye Futian would naturally not affect him, but if this continued, the others would end up in great misery.

The golden divine spear was raised, and the divine light shot out from it. However, at this time, Ye Futians eyes opened, and an extremely overbearing divine aura came out of them. He raised his hand, and suddenly, the sky was covered with suffocating pressure. His fist blasted toward the front, dazzling with divine light, but no one knew what he intended to do.

When he blasted out the aurora of the fist, he stepped out simultaneously and crossed the void in a single step. He appeared in front of a man who was fighting against the Swordsmanship. The divine spring had already penetrated the void and was charging downward.


There was no hesitation. Under the shocking sound of elephant trumpeting, as thousands of Divine Elephants rushed by, the Great Path collapsed. The mans body was directly punched through as his soul scattered, and he was knocked away, powerlessly, into the distance.

"Dominating." Everyones heart trembled. Under the attack of the divine sword, coupled with the power of the Divine Elephant, it was invincible.

Ye Futian continued to step forward. He appeared in another spot in an instant. Only those cultivators who had Renhuang divine implements dared to confront Ye Futian. Therefore, even though his swordsmanship was superior, it was only able to trap them but not eradicate them.

However, Ye Futian, whose body contained the bones of the supreme Divine Elephant Emperor, had a close-quarter attack that was enough to break his opponents defense.




A series of dull sounds came out, and each sound was accompanied by the fall of a Nirvana plane character, which struck fear in peoples hearts. These were all people who were qualified to enter the Divine Palace. None of them was an easy opponent, as they were all of the strongest existence in Nirvana Realm. But at this moment, they seemed to have become mediocre, which was the result of the suppression of their talent as well as the crushing of their combat power.

Any genius talents would still look unremarkable in front of peerless characters.

All the cultivators seemed to be reduced into supporting roles at the moment, probably just to accentuate the name of Shen Jing from Taixuan Mountain.


It was unknown how many died in the continuous attacks. Those who were still resisting Ye Futians swordsmanship finally felt a strong sense of fear. Ye Futian was not joking; he was killing for real.

Furthermore, he also could battle. If they continued to fight, it would probably only spell death form them.

"Lets go."

Many people thought about leaving at the same time. Although they had a tenacious state of mind and were willing to risk fighting to obtain the fruits of the Way, the situation now could no longer be solved by taking a risk. Ye Futian had demonstrated superior fighting power that was enough to kill them all.

Continuing to fight could only mean death.

Those who had not yet perished kept pulling back, ready to evacuate from the battlefield. Ye Futian glanced at them, but the swordsmanship still attacked forward, chasing them, forcing them to continue their retreat into a distant area so that they disappeared from this battlefield.

Ye Futian did not continue to pursue them. He was surrounded and attacked, and he had no choice but to kill his opponent. However, he knew that killing them would not benefit him at all.

He turned his eyes in a direction, then stepped into the void. The sky oscillated as the Divine Elephants rushed through the sky. He walked toward a man who was retreating.

The man was Luo Youming, and this was not the first time that the prince of the Divine Capital of Xiling had provoked him.

The Renhuang divine implement he was equipped with seemed to have the effect of attacking and destroying spiritual souls.

Luo Youming was also retreating. He had realized that it couldnt be done. Even the joint attack could not ensnare Ye Futian. The combat power exhibited by this man too terrifying; he was and stronger beyond imagination. There was indeed superior and powerful Renhuang magic in his body.

1Under such circumstances, he had to give up.

However, at this time, he saw Ye Futian coming toward him, which caused Luo Youmings pupils to shrink. Did this guy only pursue him?

A giant figure of the underworld appeared above the sky, and the world was rendered dark and dim as the will of death shrouded the world. It seemed that there was a pair of dead eyes that stared at Ye Futian. Death will directly invaded and rushed into his eyes to corrupt all his veins, nerves, and internal organs so that they lost their vitality.

However, Ye Futian not only ate the fruit of life but also swallowed the fist of life in the Land of Proving the Way. If the wills of the Way were to be ranked, then will of life would rank the highest, as its abundant vitality seemed to turn into a sea of life inside the body, flooding and eradicating the invading will of death.

Luo Youming looked badly. His palms were waving, and there appeared to be a formation of the Nether Matrix in the void, with numerous dark currents shot out from the matrix. Ye Futian felt that his spiritual soul was exposed. Those dark currents, like nails, nailing onto his spiritual soul.

This attack was extremely strange. It was as if the spiritual soul was not strong enough. He would have been killed directly.

Ye Futians spiritual soul bloomed. The Divine Elephant inside his body roared, and the Divine sword was unleashed. At the same time, he raised his hand and tightened his fist as if taking hold of the nether shadow in the void. Luo Youmings body stiffened, and he felt that his spiritual soul was imprisoned. Just as he had attacked Ye Futians spiritual soul, the same tactic was used on him by the other.

Boom. Ye Futian continued stepping forward, and each step seemed to suppress the Great Path, destroying the spiritual soul. Countless Divine Elephants trampled between heaven and earth, creating a scene that was shocking to behold. Luo Youming felt tightness all over his body, enduring a terrible force of oppression.

But Ye Futians body is still radiant, and the will of the Way was extremely abundant. This was something that Luo Youming could not compare with at all.

Both of Ye Futians fists blasted out simultaneously, and explosive sounds continuously came from Luo Youmings body. It was as if he had been pierced through while in the air, and the shadow of the underworld was also shattered in the void. Luo Youming let out a shrill scream as his body was flying through the air. Blood came out of his mouth, and he looked terribly pale.

"How dare you." At this moment, a cold voice came from above the sky. An incredibly powerful Great Path descended. Its might pressed against Ye Futians body, locking him in. Several supremely strong characters descended from the sky like divine gods. The breath released from them was the breath of Renhuang.

Those who surrounded Ye Futian today all possessed extraordinary status and came from great principalities. Among them, two were the strongest: Gai Shi Shi and Luo Youming. One was the strongest descendant of the Golden Divine Nation, and the other was the prince of the Divine Capital of Xiling. Those who had guarded them before on their journey to the Divine Palace had not left but had always remained inside Linxiao City.

But all the cultivators had started to attack Ye Futian, so they merely watched on the side in secret. However, now that Ye Futian had threatened Luo Youmings life, they couldnt remain on the sidelines any longer, so they walked over to reveal themselves.

Ye Futian was experiencing an extremely powerful oppressive force that seemed to imprison his spiritual soul. As the death will descended, his entire body slowed down, and his mind became dim.

It was then that a strong murderous intent came behind Ye Futian. Gai Shi Shi had not been made any attacks because he was waiting for an opportunity. Now that the Renhuang cultivators of the Divine Capital of Xiling had joined the fray, this was his opportunity.


Yayas expression changed as she shouted her warning loudly. Wan Shouyi, Luoyue, and the others also exclaimed in surprise, and their faces were extremely concerned. Gai Shi Shi of the Golden Divine Nation was supposedly a peerless and respectful figure. Still, he had employed such a low approach to unleash his most deadly attack when the other Renhuang were suppressing Ye Futian so that Ye Futians attention was divided.


The disciples of Taixuan Mountain were extremely angry. No matter what they thought of Ye Futian before, Ye Futian had treated them well in the Land of Proving the Way. Coupled with Ye Futians unparalleled and talented combat power, they had now all recognized Ye Futian as one of their own and admired him greatly. He was the representative of their generation of Taixuan Mountain. He was much stronger than Jun Mu, as the two were not even on the same level.

Presently, Taixuan Mountain needed such a person to represent them to the outside world. Jun Mu and the others would only bring shame to Taixuan Mountain and Lord Taixuan.

Under such a situation, they had already thought of Ye Futian as one of them. Upon seeing Gai Shi Shis lowly ambush, there was great anger in their hearts!