The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1562

Chapter 1562 Violet Empress

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The golden armored Renhuan cultivators were like gods. The brilliant light that shone from them lit up the whole area.

They stared at Ye Futian with sharp eyes. They had been watching the battle in secret. Since it was a battle between people on the same level, it had not been easy for them to interfere in favor of their Prince. Besides, this battle was a kind of training for Gai Shi Shi.

1Unfortunately, he had been defeated in the end.

However, the man he was fighting was truly powerful.

He possessed many different abilities, He had the ultimate technique of the Divine Elephants of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, and he seemed to possess the mystical ways of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. In addition, he had Lord Taixuans Fleeting Divine Sword and the ultimate technique of the Divine Palace. He was skilled with them all, and will roared throughout his body with mighty power. He had a body of the Great Path.

In addition, his divine spirit was extraordinary.

From his body to his spirit, from his attacks to his defenses, there was not a single weak point. He was almost perfect. Thus, the talented genius prince of the Golden Divine NationGai Shi Shihad lost to him.

If this man did not die, he would become a great figure in the future. With the talent and strength that he had displayed today, he would not have to prove himself worthy to become a Renhuang. It would only be a matter of time. Although it was difficult to break through to this level, truly great figures could not be stopped from reaching it.

Ye Futian looked back at them with an ugly look on his face. More Renhuang level cultivators?

These top figures whom he had originally seen off had apparently stayed in Linxiao City, waiting for the Divine Palaces journey to end.

The Divine Capital of Xiling was just like this, and so was the Golden Divine Nation.

The golden pillars locked him in place, forming a golden cage around him. He could not leave. There was an extremely ugly look on his face. He rushed forward and thrust the spear he was holding directly forward, slamming it into the golden pillars and shattering them. He continued rushing forward.

He had broken through a prison created by Renhuang level cultivators.

Everyone watched the scene unfold in the air. This guy was truly strong. In fact, he could be said to be an absolute hero. He had defeated so many cultivators in this battle all by himself. No one was a match for him. Gai Shi Shi and Luo Youming had been defeated. In fact, they had been crushed.

However, he could not crush Renhuang level cultivators.

1One of them glanced at his spear, then stepped forward, reaching out his hand. Suddenly, a terrible golden divine wheel appeared in his hand.

In a flash, many beams of divine light shot forth from the divine wheel, transforming into chains that shot towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futians expression changed when he saw this. There were golden chains everywhere, and the divine wheel lit up the whole area. It was using all the will in the area, creating a prison with a single thought.

This was the power of a Renhuang level cultivator. He had forged a divine wheel that shone with the sun and the moon.

A crashing sound rang out, as the endless chains descended from the sky. Ye Futian rushed through the air in a certain direction. Divine elephants charged all around him, trampling through the air, but the chains seemed to be divine. They ignored all defenses.


A golden chain lashed against him. At that moment, Ye Futian could feel the Great Path collapse. He groaned, and blood trickled from the corner of his mouth.

Then, endless chains wrapped around him, and another chain wrenched the spear from his hands. He did all he could to hold onto it, but the chains lashed against his arm, and swept the spear firmly away from him, pulling it into his opponents hands.

And his body was held in place by the endless chains that were seemingly attached to the air itself. How could he withstand the power of a Renhuangs Wheel of the Great Path?

The Renhuang cultivator began to pull slowly, and the chain that had wrapped around Ye Futian began to pull him forward. He looked at his opponent with a cold expression.

"Are the Renhuangs of the Golden Divine Nation so cruel?" Wan Shouyi stepped forward. And not only him, but the cultivators of Taixuan Mountain and Yaya did as well. They had dark looks on their faces. This was simply too much.

Everyone had seen clearly that in the last battle, Gai Shi Shi had attacked Ye Futian in order to steal his fruit of the Way and had even not hesitated to launch a surprise attack. Ye Futian had been defending himself, and once he had won, the Renhuangs of the Golden Divine Nation had interfered.

The Renhuang of the Golden Divine Nation swept his gaze over them. Piercing light shot out of his eyes. He said nothing and continued to pull Ye Futian towards him. Below them, Gai Shi Shi had risen as well. He had been wounded badly, and he was covered in blood. He looked coldly at Ye Futian.

He rose slowly into the air. The Renhuang tossed the Golden Divine Spear to him, and he reached out to catch it.

At that moment, brilliant light shone down from the heavens. The Renhuang from the Golden Divine Nations expression changed, and he looked up into the sky. At the same time, someone raised his hand and brought out a huge golden palm print into the air, where the light seemed to be coming down from.


The palm print was instantly destroyed, and there was another roaring sound. Everyone saw Gai Shi Shi, who had been rising upward, disappear from his original place.


There was a loud noise that made everyones hearts tremble fiercely. They looked up, but the ground below them cracked, and fault lines spread out in all directions. Gai Shi Shi was thrown back to the ground.

This time it was worse. He was trampled to the ground by a foot.

And the Renhuang implement known as the Golden Divine Spear did not return to his hands. It was snatched away as it flew to him. The one who snatched it was the one who had trampled him to the ground.

"This" Everyones hearts trembled fiercely. Had someone else come?

Moreover, they had managed to crush Gai Shi Shi underfoot?

What kind of person was Gai Shi Shi? He was the most talented young cultivator of the Golden Divine Nation, and the nations hopes were placed upon him. He was likely to be their future ruler.

2He could be defeated, but to be trampled to the ground was an incredible humiliation.

How could someone be so casual? It was crazy. Did they not fear offending the Golden Divine Nation?

Everyone stared over there. They saw that the one who had trampled him had a pair of thin legs, so thin they seemed to not have any bones. It was a woman.

Though her legs were thin and weak-looking, she was filled with explosive power as she trampled Gai Shi Shi.

She was incredibly beautiful and wore a fiery red robe. She had a heroic and valiant bearing. As she stood there tall, she was not only beautiful but also had an air of nobility about her. It was the aura of an Empress. There was a hint of laziness amidst all this nobility, though. There was a cold smile on her fiery red lips.

Who was she?

Gai Shi Shi looked up at the woman. He looked very embarrassed to have been trampled by a woman like this. She had purposely humiliated him.

1Golden light exploded from him, but he was completely unable to break free. He stared at the woman who was stepping on him. He recognized her. He had seen her at Taixuan Mountain.

"This is a good spear." She held up the Golden Divine Spear and looked it over. Terrifying divine light shone from it. She lifted it up and aimed it at Gai Shi Shi, making his face turn pale.

"How dare you!" The Renhuang from the Divine Golden Nations face turned ugly as he gazed at the woman coldly. She had humiliated Gai Shi Shi so badly. He was the strongest young person in the Golden Divine Nation.

"How dare I?" The woman smiled coldly. The thrust the spear down towards Gai Shi Shis brow. It seemed like if she put even the slightest bit of pressure on it, she would pierce Gai Shi Shis head.

"This is a good ritual implement," she said with a grin, but her voice had a hint of murderous intent to it.

At that moment, Gai Shi Shi did not dare move even an inch. His face was deathly pale.

His very life was in danger.

He had heard about this woman back in the Golden Divine Nation. She was crazyextremely crazy. There was nothing that she would not do.

"What are you going to do?" The Renhuang level cultivator from the Golden Divine Nations expression had changed as well.

"What am I going to do?" There was a hint of mischief in the womans eyes as she looked at him. "I should ask you what you are doing. Do you think that Taixuan Mountain doesnt exist, or do you think that the Golden Divine Nation is invincible, letting you do whatever you want?"

1"Fourth Miss!" called Wan Shouyi and the others from Taixuan Mountain. They were relieved of the worries that they had had previously. Now that Fourth Miss was here, nothing bad would happen to Ye Futian.

The Golden Divine Nation had gone too far today, so it was no wonder that Fourth Misss anger had moved her to take action. She had dragged Gai Shi Shi out of the air.

She was naturally the fourth disciple of Lord Taixuanthe House Master of Taixuan.

She had been the one to bring Ye Futian to Taixuan Mountain.

Ye Futian was locked down and could not move, but he watched the House Master of Taixuan with mouth and eyes wide open. This beautiful Empress really had such a violent side to her?

Her foot

It was very beautiful, just as beautiful as the rest of her.

Ye Futian realized that she was more beautiful than he had first thought.

"Let us both release our captives," said the Renhuang from the Golden Divine Nation to the House Master of Taixuan.

The House Master of Taixuan smiled sarcastically and said, "Then let him go."

Her opponent frowned as he stared at her. "Well let them go at the same time."

"Youre trying to set terms?" The House Master of Taixuan pressed the spear down, piercing Gai Shi Shis forehead down to the muscle and making a stream of blood run down his face. Gai Shi Shi went even paler, but he kept his eyes open, staring at the woman.

There was a cracking sound as the chains tightened, putting pressure on Ye Futians bones, making him groan in pain.

"It seems as if Gai Shi Shi is not important to the Golden Divine Nation since no one cares if he lives or dies." The divine spear continued down bit by bit. It seemed like it would soon pierce into the center of his head.

"Stop!" called the Renhuang from the Golden Divine Nation angrily. "Dont you care about his life?"

"He is just a musician at Taixuan Mountain. If you dont care about Gai Shi Shis life, then I dont care about his," said the House Master of Taixuan. Ye Futians face darkened. She was heartless!

"Such a talented musician?" said her opponent coldly. "He must be a personal disciple of Lord Taixuan."

"It doesnt matter if you believe me," said the House Master of Taixuan. "I will count to three, and if the chains have not been removed, then the strongest youth of the Golden Divine Nation will die here today."



She did not wait for her opponent but immediately started counting. There was a clanking sound as the chains on Ye Futians body were suddenly retracted.

A look of surprise came over everyones face. Everyone had seen that the House Master of Taixuan had intervened for Ye Futians sake, but she had been right to guess that the man from the Golden Divine Nation would not dare gamble with his princes life.

The fourth great disciple of Lord Taixuan was a difficult person to handle!