The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1563

Chapter 1563 Mistreatment

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After the Renhuang of the Golden Divine Nation had let Ye Futian go, he said to the House Master of Taixuan, "Will you let him go as well?"

The House Master of Taixuan moved the spear away from Gai Shi Shis forehead, then looked at the Renhuang with a smile. "Dont worry. I am not as underhanded as you. I wont kill your junior."

As she said this, Ye Futian flashed over to her side and said, "House Master."

The man from the Golden Divine Nation looked at her, waiting for her to let Gai Shi Shi go. She handed the Golden Divine Spear to Ye Futian and said, "Take it."

Ye Futian hesitated, but in the end, he still took it.

The House Master of Taixuan laughed and said, "The battle between the two of them is not over; it was interrupted. Continue."

1Ye Futian was stunned, and a look of surprise came over his face. Golden light shot out of the Renhuang from the Golden Divine Nations eyes, and his aura swept out, covering the area.

"Since the Prince of the Golden Divine Nation has entered into a life and death contest with you, launched a surprise attack on you, and had his Renhuang interfere, there is no need to be polite. The battle is not yet over, so you can do whatever you want. You can even kill him," the House Master of Taixuan said to Ye Futian with a smile.

1Ye Futian looked at her stupidly. He could even kill him?

He could not tell how much of what the House Master of Taixuan was true and how much was false.

"Empress Yan," said the Renhuang from the Golden Divine Nation. Empress Yan was the House Master of Taixuans title. Few people knew her real name, which was Yan Muxue. After all, few people called her that, but many people knew her as Empress Yan.

"Although there are not many people in Taixuan Mountain, we still cannot allow this kind of bullying. Big sister is here, so theres no need to be afraid," said the House Master of Taixuan with a smile. There was a hint of wickedness in her smile.

She had called herself that again.

Ye Futians face darkened, but he still nodded. He walked in front of Gai Shi Shi, still holding the spear.

Gai Shi Shi had indeed come here today, seeking Ye Futians life. He had broken out of the cultivators encirclement, used the Golden Divine Spear to attack him, launched a surprise attack, and then had a Renhuang level cultivator interfere. All along the way, he had fought with killing force. All of this had been done to kill him. He had not shown any mercy.

The Prince of the Golden Divine Nation had done all of this without any scruples at all.

He lowered his head and looked down at Gai Shi Shi. The cultivators watching this scene from a distance felt their hearts tremble.

They had all thought that Empress Yan would let him go. They had not thought that she would not act, but would let Ye Futian continue their previous fight.

Previously, Gai Shi Shi had already lost, and his Renhuang implement had been taken. If they continued, he would most certainly be killed. It would be just like before.

1That was how the situation was shaping up before the Renhuang had appeared. Now, things were back where they had started.

Blood trickled down Gai Shi Shis forehead. Brilliant golden light shone in his eyes as he stared at Ye Futian. Powerful will blazed in those eyes as if he were warning Ye Futian.

He was the Prince of the Golden Divine Nation, the most outstanding young person there. He did not believe that his opponent would dare kill him.

"I really dont care whether you live or die, even if you are the strongest member of the younger generation of the Golden Divine Nation. But if I let you go after all the things youve done, I wont be able to forgive myself. So, what do you think I should do?" Ye Futian asked Gai Shi Shi.

"The things that have happened here today have canceled each other out. Let us return to our homes and cultivate, never to bother each other again," said Gai Shi Shi.


As he said this, Ye Futian brought his arm down. Gai Shi Shi twitched fiercely and gave a terrible grown. He stared up at Ye Futian, then looked down at his chest. The divine spear had been inserted right next to his heart, and terrible will was surging through his body. It seemed as if it could destroy his flesh at any moment.

Everyone who was watching felt their hearts tremble fiercely. This was so cruel.

Ye Futian had actually stabbed him.

"Youre funny." Ye Futian moved the spear. His expression was still calm and undisturbed as he watched Gai Shi Shi.

The things that had happened here today had canceled each other out?

"Finally, things are getting interesting."

Ye Futian looked back and saw Empress Yan smiling coldly. She seemed very satisfied.

When someone from Taixuan Mountain had been abused like this, it was not something that could be resolved with words.

The Master had broken through to the next level not long ago, and the Golden Divine Nation still dared to look down on them? Who were they kidding?

If Ye Futian had been defeated, she would not have been able to say anything. If he couldnt win, then how could Renhuang level cultivators get involved?

Golden blood flowed, staining Gai Shi Shis golden robes. Everyone watching from a distance was shocked by this. Even the cultivators from top forces and those who had fought Ye Futian before felt their hearts tremble.

Gai Shi Shi had tried to kill Ye Futian today, but now the Prince of the Golden Divine Nation had been mistreated by two people in a row. It was complete humiliation.

It was quite awful.

Of course, this was the price that he had to pay for what he had done.

"Empress Yan," came a cold voice. Golden light fell from the sky upon Empress Yan and Ye Futian. It was filled with terrible power. It seemed as if Empress Yans fragile body could be pierced by this golden divine light at any moment.

"Are you trying to start a war between the Golden Divine Nation and Taixuan Mountain?" said the Renhuang coldly.

"Are you trying to scare me?" Empress Yan looked up into the air. "When you first interfered, how did you not realize this would happen? Did you think that if the Golden Divine Nation struck the first blow, Taixuan Mountain would not dare respond?"

She rose up into the air slowly. A burst of incredibly powerful will swept out, filling the whole area.

"Now, we must repay you for the harm that you have done to Taixuan Mountain." Empress Yans smile was still beautiful and mischievous, but there was a coldness to it as well.

A burst of radiant light bloomed from Empress Yan. At that moment, she seemed even more divine and noble. It was as if she was the Empress of the whole world. Billowing will surged through her body.


Everyone saw brilliant beams of light flash into life. In the next moment, a pair of wings appeared behind Empress Yan, shining with dazzling golden light that covered the earth and filled the sky.

Her body transformed as well. Divine light covered her, transforming her into a goddess. The illusions of countless divine wings appeared, and endless will descended from the heavens, resonating with them. It seemed as if all of this was happening due to her power.

A storm of the Great Path whipped through the area. It blew through Linxiao City, and everyone felt as if their flesh would be torn apart. Everyone looked up at the Empress in the sky, and their hearts trembled unceasingly.

Would a battle between Renhuangs break out in the sky above Linxiao City today?

The three Renhuangs from the Golden Divine Nation stood in three different places. One was in front, and two were behind him.

The Renhuang in front could naturally feel how powerful their opponents aura was. He knew that he was the only one who could fight this battle.

Incomparably brilliant golden light exploded from him, hurting everyones eyes. There was a clanging sound as golden chains shot through the air, covering the sky. They were trying to enclose the whole area.

"How should this debt be settled?" said Empress Yan with a smile as she stood there in the air like a goddess. As she said this, she flapped her wings, and suddenly, the storm that was whipping through the sky knocked over the people watching down below in Linxiao City. What was even more frightening was that countless divine wings slashed out, cutting through the golden chains and then moving on towards the Renhuang from the Golden Divine Nation.

Every single wing was like a Falling Sky Sword.

The Renhuang of the Golden Divine Nation shone with incomparably brilliant golden light, and it seemed as if a divine wheel had flashed to life within him, its golden pattern giving off an incomparably dazzling radiance. Endless golden chains shot through the air, locking down the entire area.


A wild wind blew, and the frightening storm made it so that the Saint level cultivators could barely stand. In fact, they were blown away. Even Ye Futian, who was standing behind Empress Yan, could clearly feel how powerful the wind was. He was firmly planted in place, one foot upon Gai Shi Shi. If Gai Shi Shis body was not so strong, Ye Futians foot would have crushed him.

But even so, Ye Futian was putting a lot of pressure on him because he wanted to stay in place, which was making Gai Shi Shi bleed even more. His expression was full of murderous intent. This was a great humiliation.

Ye Futian looked back and saw the storm heading far away, carrying away several Renhuangs. He still saw Empress Yan flapping her wings, seeming to split the sky in two and cutting through the golden chains.

The House Master of Taixuan was so strong that those Renhuangs would probably not survive.

After all, she was one of the four great disciples of Lord Taixuan, even if she was the youngest of them.

Ye Futian looked back at Gai Shi Shi and said, "Have you thought it through?"

Gai Shi Shi looked at him with humiliation and anger. He had once set foot on Taixuan Mountain, seeking to become a disciple of Lord Taixuan, but he had been refused, which had made him unhappy. As a Prince of the Golden Divine Nation and the foremost young talent, joining Taixuan Mountain as a cultivator would be a confirmation of their strength. And yet he had been refused at the gate.

Thus, he had targeted Ye Futian.

However, how could he have known that a day would come when Ye Futian would be stepping on him?

Ye Futian still looked indifferent when he saw Gai Shi Shis expression. Gai Shi Shi was naturally talented and was a Prince of the Golden Divine Nation. He was even said to be a candidate for the future ruler, so he was incredibly arrogant. When he acted, he gave no thought for the consequences. With such a high status, he was not afraid of anything.

So, he had tried to kill Ye Futian.

Even up until now, he did not realize what he had done.

"It seems like you have not given it enough thought yet." Ye Futian lifted the spear and thrust it down. This time, he thrust it right into Gai Shi Shis heart.

Gai Shi Shi was incredibly powerful. Even though the spear pierced his heart, it would still not be easy for it to kill him. After all, he had a body of the Great Path.

But in the instant that the spear came down, his heart stopped beating. His eyes narrowed as he stared at Ye Futian!