The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1564

Chapter 1564 Many Renhuangs Appear

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Gai Shi Shi seemed to realize that he and the man who was looking at him were very similar. He may have called himself a simple musician of Taixuan Mountain, but when he was angered, he also did not care about the consequences.

The golden blood seemed to stop flowing within him as if it was congealing. His life aura began to flow away from him. It would be difficult for this spear piercing his heart to kill him, but if Ye Futian kept on like this and did not give him a chance to recover, his life energy would all be used up, and he would die.

"What do you want?" he asked. He had already realized that Ye Futian might not want to kill him, but also did not want to let him go.

So, he must want something.

Ye Futian looked at Gai Shi Shi with a cold expression. "The Sigh of the Divine God cultivation spell," he said.

He was more interested in increasing his own power than taking Gai Shi Shis life. This was the only thing that had surprised him in his battle with Gai Shi Shi. It was like a god descending to earth and then giving a sigh that could increase ones combat ability. It had increased Gai Shi Shis already formidable combat ability to the next level, pushing him to his limits.

His combat ability was already incredible, but who would not want to become even stronger? If he cultivated the Sigh of the Divine God, how powerful would his attack power become?

People said that Gai Shi Shi was an incredible talent and that he was the future heir of the Golden Divine Nation, but he had been defeated, so what was the harm in letting him live? If he could crush him once, he would always be able to do so.

"A life for a spell." Gai Shi Shi stared at Ye Futian. "It would be too great a threat for you to kill me, but if you get the spell of the Golden Divine Nation, are you sure you will be able to handle it?"

The Sigh of the Divine God was the ultimate technique of the Divine Golden Nation, and only the royal family had the right to cultivate it. Some of the Renhuang level cultivators had never cultivated this spell. Among the top powers, an ultimate technique like this would not be permitted to pass to the outside world. If someone stole it, they would have to be killed.

Did Ye Futian think that he would be free from danger if he learned this technique?

"You said a life for a spell. This is very fair," said Ye Futian.

Gai Shi Shi stared at him, then said, "Fine, I will give it to you."

"I would have thought that the Prince of the Divine Golden Nation would have struggled at least a little bit to protect his nations ultimate technique. It seems that you fear death even more than I thought, " said Ye Futian mockingly. He did not care about the consequences when it came to killing others, but he feared his own death.

He was cruel to others and merciful to himself.

Lines of golden light bloomed from Gai Shi Shis forehead. This was the power of his divine spirit. Ye Futian did not block them, but let them enter him. Under these circumstances, Gai Shi Shi could not play any tricks, as he could end his life at any time.

The lines of divine spirit transformed into memories as they entered his mind. Ye Futian did not immediately let Gai Shi Shi go but instead spent a moment sensing. The memories evolved in his mind. He could picture a divine god descending to earth. He knew that this was a true law power.

Gai Shi Shi did not want to put his life in danger. After all, the spear was still in his heart.

Those who were watching saw all this happen with their own eyes, and their hearts trembled. Ye Futian had stolen the ultimate technique of the Golden Divine Nationthe Sigh of the Divine God.

This guy was incredibly cruel.

He actually dared to do it, Wan Shouyi thought to himself. Even though Fourth Miss had interfered and told Ye Futian to do whatever he wanted, it still took a lot of guts to face the heir apparent of the Divine Golden Nation and do what he had done. With this, Ye Futian had offended the entire Divine Golden Nation.

But he could understand why Ye Futian had done this. Gai Shi Shi had tried to take his life again and again, so how could he put an end to it by simply letting him go? The enmity between them was already set.

Thus, Ye Futian had taken the Sigh of the Divine God, as it would be very advantageous for him to have the ultimate technique of a powerful force.

A terrible storm of the Great Path was still raging through the air. Ye Futian turned and looked up into the sky, where he saw four great Renhuangs fighting amidst a dazzling light.

Empress Yan was facing three Renhuang by herself. She was bathed in divine light and had transformed into a goddess. She was tall and mighty, and her Wheel of the Great Path seemed to be formed of divine wings. It was as if it had evolved out of her life spirit. Her wings covered the sky, and they cut through the air ceaselessly as she fought. She had learned the sword arts of Lord Taixuan as well, and she was using her wings as swords.

Two of the Renhuangs of the Golden Divine Nation had already been injured. Many ancient golden gods appeared around the Renhuang who had attacked Ye Futian before. Countless golden pillars fell from the sky, but this time he was not using them to attack, but rather to defend. These giant pillars formed up around him, forming golden divine gates that revolved around him, seeking to block the attack power that was coming towards him.

Countless divine wings fell from the sky, every feather containing incomparable slicing power. When they fell on the golden divine gates, an ear-piercing sound would ring out, difficult for those watching from below to bear.

The golden gates split open as cracks appeared in them. The wings cut through them.

The Renhuang within the gates looked surprised. His divine wheel surged with power, and endless beams of light covered him. His giant body turned golden. It was as if it had been forged of pure gold. As his Wheel of the Great path surged, the incomparably brilliant golden pattern shot forth golden chains. They raced through the air in an instant, then latched onto the onrushing divine wings, seeking to stop them.

But at that moment, the people below saw incomparably brilliant divine light covering Empress Yan. Even more divine wings burst from her. She was bathed in the light of the Great Path as she stepped forward. Everyone could only see a beam of light crossing through the sky. They could not even tell how fast she was moving.

In the next instant, they saw a burst of powerful light explode as the light of the Great Path descended from the sky, hurting everyones eyes. Even the Saint level cultivators had to close their eyes and sense things with their divine spirits. But even their divine spirits could sense how powerful this was.

Even though the fighting was taking place far away and high up in the air, their bodies still shook. Many buildings within Linxiao City collapsed and shattered, or were split open. Cracks appeared in the ground. They could not bear such a powerful aftershock.

Amidst their daze, they seemed to be able to see Empress Yan rush towards her opponent. He thrust her slender hands forward, and light wrapped around them. An incredible destructive power burst forth from them, destroying the endless chains. The brilliant golden pattern shattered as well. When the attack struck her opponent, it made cracks appear in the Renhuangs Wheel of the Great Path, and it smashed a hole into his body, sending him flying back.


A mouthful of golden blood fell out of the air. The Renhuangs blood was the blood of the Great Path, and every drop contained the power of the Great Path within it. Even those who had not cultivated to high levels could feel the will within it. But it was rare to get to see it, since battles between Renhuangs were so rare, and one of them being wounded was even rarer.

But a battle of this level had broken out at Linxiao City today.

"Is there anyone else here today who wants to attack a disciple of Taixuan Mountain?" The House Master of Taixuan swept her gaze over everyone. She also looked down at the Renhuangs from the Divine Capital of Xiling.

Old Demon Luo of the Divine Capital of Xiling had once personally launched a surprise attack against her master at Taixuan Mountain in order to stop him from breaking through to the next level. He had been defeated, wounded, and forced to flee, and her master had broken through to the next level. Ever since, Taixuan Mountains status within the Higher Heavens Realm had changed.

It was very rare for a top-level figure to break through to the next level.

Who would have thought that even after that defeat that the people of the Divine Capital of Xiling still hadnt had enough, so they would covertly send Renhuangs to interfere?

If her master had not told her to rush over here, the consequences would have been serious. Ye Futian would probably have been crippled by these people.

Woosh! She flapped her wings, and a storm of the Great Path whipped up. The terrible light from her wings shot towards the Renhuangs from the Divine Capital of Xiling, ignoring the distance between them.

But at that moment, the House Master of Taixuan frowned and looked off in a certain direction. There she saw divine golden light descending. It looked like there were two golden roads extending, and two figures descended upon them.

The two figures were suffused with radiance and looked like they were made of gold. They were at the Renhuang level, and the one in front had a particularly powerful aura, with sharp eyes that seemed to pierce through the air.

"The Golden Divine Nation!"

"It is Gai Shi Shis brotherthe Prince of the Golden Divine Nation!" Everyones hearts trembled.

Afterward, more powerful auras came over towards them, and several more Renhuangs appeared. But they were not from the Golden Divine Nation. They had come from another force.

"The Renhuangs of the Divine Sword Li Family" The Renhuangs stood high in the air, ready to fight at any time. Everyone could feel their surging sword will. It seemed as if their swords would be unstoppable.

"What is going on?" Everyones heart beat wildly. Although there were many Renhuangs among the various forces, this was limited to the top forces only. For the countless souls in the Higher Heavens Realm, the Renhuang plane was the absolute pinnacle for cultivators. The truly great people were those who could start their own force and teach people.

The greatest of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path were not like this, but in the smaller realms, a Renhuang would rule over the entire realm.

But now, many Renhuangs had appeared here in Linxiao City due to this battle. What was going to happen?

They could not have come from many different forces. Their appearance could only mean one thingthey had already been within the city, and thus they had been able to rush here.

The previous cultivators had all come from the Divine Palace. Could it be that these Renhuangs had come from there too?

This battle had attracted the attention of many Renhuangs!