The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1566

Chapter 1566 Revealing His Identity

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Ye Futian looked at String Emperor and saw that his body was shining brilliantly. A guqin appeared in his hands, full of the light of the Great Path. Moreover, it resonated with the Worldly Great Path, making many huge guqin strings appear in the air. Every string was a part of the guqin.

"So, this is a Wheel of the Great Path?" Ye Futian said to himself. When a Renhuang level cultivator forged a Wheel of the Great Path, they shone with the sun and the moon, and could use all of the Worldly Great Path. They could use their life spirit to change in an evolutionary manner.

Renhuang level cultivators had the Great Path etched onto their very bones and immersed in their veins once they forged their Wheel. Thus, their descendants could directly inherit their Divine Wheel life spirit, giving them outstanding power.

Once they reached this level, their every movement was filled with will. Their Divine Wheels were even more powerful than ritual implements, and thus ritual implements of their level were, in fact, useless to them. Only those ritual implements that transcended their level were of use to them.

At that moment, String Emperor strode through the air with incomparable power. He stretched out a hand and waved his fingers through the air. The strings of the Great Path crossed over each other as they danced through the sky.

Many of the cultivators in Linxiao City covered their ears, but they still could feel their spirits tremble. It was incredibly difficult to bear. But this was not directed at them; it was directed at the Renhuang from the Golden Divine Nation.

The countless strings of the Great Path resonated with the Renhuangs body, and he trembled violently in conjunction with the strings. It seemed like his spirit was being pierced through again and again. His face grew more and more pale, and his aura grew weaker.

Other Renhuangs from the Golden Divine Nation tried to rush over to help, and their will bloomed as they charged at String Emperor. But String Emperor reached out his other hand and moved his fingers. The Great Path flowed backward, and countless rays of formless light shot towards the Renhuangs. It seemed to pierce right through them, and it bound up their will.

Moreover, the vibrating strings intertwined into a piece of music. It was one of the Six Famous Songs of String Palace, Worldly Judgement. The destructive storm grew more and more powerful, and the Renhuangs were put under great pressure as they were shaken by the vibrating strings.

"Hes so strong!" Below them, everyone who was watching felt their hearts tremble. The Renhuangs who had come from all the great powers saw this as well. They were not surprised. This is what they had expected to happen. String Emperor was at a high enough level to crush several of the Renhuangs from the Golden Divine Nation.

And this was why String Emperor was actually being merciful. Otherwise, these Renhuangs would be suffering more injuries than just being bound up by the music.

Bang! A loud noise rang out. Gai Jiutian and Empress Yan flew apart and floated in the air. The two phoenixes were still guarding them as they circled around, making an ugly look come over Gai Jiutians face. At the same time, String Emperor plucked the strings again, and a high-pitched sound rang out. Several of the Renhuangs from the Golden Divine Nation groaned and spat up mouthfuls of blood. Their auras grew weaker. It was clear that they had been badly wounded.

"The next time I see you bullying a junior from Taixuan Mountain like this, I will not be so polite," said String Emperor calmly. He was usually gentle and merciful, but now his tone carried a hint of coldness. It was obvious that he was showing as much mercy here as he ever would.

"I have long heard your name spoken, String Emperor. You have learned much from Lord Taixuan, and you are truly a master musician," said Gai Jiutian. "However, your junior here has stolen an ultimate technique from the Divine Golden Nation. What do you think of that?"

"That is an easy problem to solve. Gai Shi Shi sought to kill him previously. So, let us first let him kill Gai Shi Shi, then we can talk about him stealing your ultimate technique. How does that sound?" answered String Emperor.

Golden light flashed in Gai Jiutians eyes.

"You people from the Divine Golden Nation have no spine," said Empress Yan mockingly. "He traded your ultimate technique for his life. How about we clean this filth away for you, and then we will return your technique? Also, the Prince of the Divine Golden Nation launched a surprise attack on our disciple, and you have not said a word about how your Renhuangs got involved, too. What is the meaning of this?" She could not believe that he still wanted the ultimate technique back.

It had been seized, and so it was seized. Gai Shi Shi had chosen to trade it for his life.

If they had not been there, Ye Futian would have been killed. Would the people of the Golden Divine Nation have slain Gai Shi Shi to pay for his life?

The people of Linxiao City were watching everything that was happening. The battle between people at the peak of the Saint level had led to many Renhuangs appearing. A battle had broken out between the Renhuangs of Taixuan Mountain and the Divine Golden Nation.

Moreover, considering the situation, the fact that String Emperor was here meant that it was highly likely that there were even more powerful figures from the two great powers present.

It was very likely that they were within the Divine Palace. All of them had come from that direction. No one knew what this conflict would evolve into.

At that moment, a terrible airflow descended from the sky. A group of figures appeared, all of them cultivators from many different powers. Many of them were at the Renhuang level. Ye Futian noticed some of the talented individuals who had traveled to the Divine Palace with him among them.

The Divine Sword Li Family, The Chang Feng Family, the Sky Burying God Clan, and more were all there.

The Divine Palace itself had even sent cultivators. The Palace Lord of the Divine Music Palace had come personally.

Some of the top figures of the Divine Capital of Xiling had come as well. He saw the Prince of the Divine Capital of Xiling, who had come to Taixuan Mountain to make trouble. His aura was mighty, and he gave off a powerful pressure.

There was another familiar figure as well. It was the divine general from the Golden Divine Nation who had brought Gai Shi Shi to Taixuan Mountain. His body shone brilliantly with light that incomparably beautiful. He looked at Ye Futian, making him feel as if he could not breathe.

He had brought Gai Shi Shi to Taixuan Mountain to seek to become Lord Taixuans disciple, but he had been refused. Now that he watched this battle, he could tell that the man who had resonated with the character that read "the Way" and used the Fleeting Divine Sword was the young man before his eyes.

He clenched his fists. Suddenly, Ye Futian involuntarily released the spear in his hands, dropping it. If he hadnt, his whole body would have followed it.

The Golden Divine Spear fell directly into his opponents hands. A burst of golden light covered Gai Shi Shis body. Ye Futian narrowed his eyes, but he couldnt stop it. He could only watch as his opponent took Gai Shi Shi away.

But in this current situation, there was no longer any use for him to continue threatening Gai Shi Shi.

The great figures of both sides were all here. There was no more point in people threatening each other.

Gai Shi Shi returned to the sky, but he was still badly wounded. He looked down at Ye Futian, his eyes full of murderous intent. His mission to kill Ye Futian had failed miserably, and he had lost a lot of prestige and respect. He had launched a sneak attack, not caring about what others would think. If he had won, he would have been called a king. If he lost, he would be called a fool. He only cared about results. But in the end, he had been defeated and humiliated.

Ye Futian had made a mockery of everything he had done.

1The divine general of the Golden Divine Nation looked down at Ye Futian but did not do anything against him. He had seen everything that had happened before. In reality, both sides of this conflict had their own plans. It seemed like this man had a very high position within Taixuan Mountain. Could he be Lord Taixuans secret disciple?

There definitely seemed to be some secrecy about him.

"Your cultivation methods seem to be from the Heavenly Mandate Realm. We would at least like to know where this man who has stolen our ultimate technique hails from," said the divine general to Ye Futian. His power descended. Ye Futian knew that he could not withstand him.

In the previous battle, many cultivators had used Renhuang implements to attack him, so he had needed to use up a lot of his power. Of course, maybe Lord Taixuan had already noticed what was going on, but he had not come to investigate.

There was no point in hiding his identity any longer.

The flesh of his face transformed, and his dark hair turned silvery white. A more handsome face appeared.

1Everyones eyes fell upon Ye Futian. So he had been using the Art of Disguise! Moreover, this heroic figure, with his handsome face, his snow-white hair, and his dark eyes that were so deep they seemed to be without end, seemed to be full of stories.

This man may not have the outstanding family background that Gai Shi Shi had, but he had much more experience than him.

"Its you!" came a cry from beside the Palace Lord of the Divine Music Palace, full of shock. It was Yan Sui, the disciple of the Divine Music Palace.

He had been badly beaten by Ye Futian at the Divine Palace. Now that he saw his true face, and knew that this was the young man who had fought Yi Tianyu at Xuantian Pavilion, how could he not be shocked?

He had become incredibly strong, and what was worse, he had come here to the Divine Palace, Yan Suis home ground.

"You know him?" the Palace Lord of the Divine Music Palace asked Yan Sui. Yan Sui nodded, and his face became ugly.

"I am Ye Futian. I am here on a journey from the Heavenly Mandate Realm."

As he said this, the whole area became incredibly quiet. This man had come from the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Moreover, he was a casual cultivator?

Ye Futian had once traveled with the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, but he was not their disciple. He had learned the ultimate technique of the Divine Elephants, but he was not a member of their clan. He was indeed a casual cultivator. He had not truly joined any power.

The Palace Lord of the Divine Music Palace looked at him. He already knew that when Yi Tianyu had returned to the Heavenly Mandate Realm, a battle had broken out there.

He was not the only one who realized this. Many others knew it as well.

A cultivator from the Heavenly Mandate Realm had defeated many outstanding cultivators from the great forces of the Higher Heavens Realm, including at the Land of Proving the Way, and now he had defeated Gai Shi Shi and others. In addition, he had come to the Divine Palace. This was magnificent.

This must be the most powerful member of the younger generation of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

What was even more amazing was that he had learned the ultimate techniques of so many great powers, but he was just a casual cultivator.

Ye Futian looked at String Emperor and Empress Yan and said, "Before I came to the Divine Palace, I went to Taixuan Mountain, and it was indeed to seek the Way. I only hid my identity because there are those who wish me harm."

Not far away, Wan Shouyi heard what Ye Futian was saying, and suddenly, many things made sense. No wonder he had been so restrained at Taixuan Mountain. He had put all of his energy into seeking the Way. He had not wanted to stir up trouble at all.

If he had not been attacked by Gai Shi Shi today, he would still not have revealed his identity. He would have returned to Taixuan Mountain to cultivate quietly.

"I was the one who brought you to Taixuan Mountain to cultivate. I dont care who you are," said Empress Yan. If she cared, she would not have brought him there. She had known what kind of person he was when she had heard his music. She had known that he was extraordinary. But she had not thought that he would be this outstanding.

"No matter who he is, since he came to Taixuan Mountain, he is our disciple," said String Emperor. Now, the Golden Divine Nation looked at Ye Futian as an enemy, and it seemed that there were those who had already borne ill will against Ye Futian. They naturally needed to protect him!