The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1568

Chapter 1568 The 10034th Year Of The Divine Prefecture Caldendar

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Ye Futian sat upon a mountain at String Pavilion, clouds floating all around him.

His eyes were closed, and not one bit of his aura was going outside his body. An image of himself sat within his Life Palace. Here, the World Tree towered over him, will seeping out of it as it soared into the sky. His life palace seemed like a world of its own. Many spirits curled around the World Tree, giving off different kinds of will.

Ye Futian seemed to be carving something into the ground. There were many different patterns: sword patterns, divine elephant patterns, and starry patterns. Each pattern was an incredible artistic conception, and will seemed to seep out of them.

He looked at the patterns, but he seemed to be dissatisfied with them. He waved his hand and erased them all.

For those who were not cultivators, rushing to the Renhuang plane seemed like an impossible task. It was impossible by its very nature. One had to forge a body of the Great Path and a soul of the Way, link the two together, and make them resonate with the Great Path. Only then could one finally forge a Wheel of the Great Path and reach the Renhuang plane.

But Ye Futian considered it further. He needed to consider what kind of Wheel of the Great Path he would forge. He would not be stepping onto the Renhuang plane in a simple manner.

In order to forge a Wheel of the Great Path, one needed to use ones body of the Great Path as the basis, and then take things step by step. If each step was different, the Wheel of the Great Path that you forged would be different. Ye Futian had read many ancient texts about becoming a Renhuang, and thus he wanted to create a prototype of his Wheel of the Great Path.

Moreover, how many wheels would he forge?

An ordinary cultivator would never dare to even think about this. Reaching the Renhuang plane was already nearly impossible, but if he wanted to go further, he would need to set up an ideal foundation from the very start.

The legendary Renhuang level was not the end, but merely another starting point. It was the starting point of becoming the most powerful person in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path.

Thus, he needed to be more cautious.

Huang Zhong had already reached the next level and was at the peak of the Saint plane. He could already become a Renhuang, but he had not yet taken that step. Why?

It was because extraordinary people had extraordinary ambitions. They were not content with merely becoming a Renhuang. They wanted to create outstanding Wheels of the Great Path. Once they became Renhuangs, they would dominate other Renhuangs. Only the most powerful people would dare dream of this.

Ye Futian thought of all the battles he had experienced both inside and outside the Divine Palace: his battle with Huang Zhong and the battle where he was suppressed by the Renhuang from the Golden Divine Nation. When comparing the two of them, although Huang Zhong was not yet a Renhuang, when his bell of the Great Path rang out, the Great Path itself had collapsed. He had incorporated many types of will into his bell. If he forged it into a Wheel of the Great Path, then when the endless divine bells appeared, they would be able to shake someone to death in an instant.

A Wheel of the Great Path could take all kinds of will into it. Even life spirits and the spells of the Divine Palace could be used as a foundation for a Wheel of the Great Path.

This was why Ye Futian was still thinking.

He continued to carve patterns into the ground. Each one of the patterns contained powerful sword truths within them. But when he finished drawing them, he wiped them away yet again. It seemed that he was still not satisfied.

He closed his eyes again and fell into a state of forgetting himself. Within his mind, he pictured all the great figures that he had met over the years, of the power that they had displayed, and the forces that they had let loose. Among them, the strongest was naturally Gu Tianxing of the Demon Realm when he had taken advantage of the situation and fought against the Dynastic Overlord and several others. He remembered the scene vividly. But this type of power did not suit him.

He thought of Lord Taixuan, of Old Demon Luo, and of String Emperor. Guqin music began to play within his mind.

The music gradually formed a picture.

He drew on the ground for a while, quickly forming a pattern. The pattern contained countless notes. Each note looked like a sword. He looked at the pattern and finally did not erase it. It seemed that this pattern was finally what he was looking for.

He looked at it for a while. Suddenly, the people in the outside world could feel a disturbance coming from where he was.

He opened his eyes, full of determination. It seemed that he had made his mind up.


A burst of terrible will roared through his body.


After a moment, he spat out a mouthful of blood. His aura weakened, and his divine spirit retracted. His face was very pale.

He had decided to try and rush towards the Renhuang plane. There was no need to pretend any longer. From now on, he would constantly be heading forward, never retreating.

Ye Futian had cut his own life spirit a second time.

He needed the guqin spirit to return.

He had envisioned the first of his Wheels of the Great Path. It would be a guqin wheel.

Clouds rolled through the sky. Someone seemed to be watching him from a distance with a puzzled look. What had that guy done to himself?

Had he really hurt himself when everything was in perfectly good condition?

Did all young geniuses cultivate this way nowadays?

Once he had recovered from his wound, Ye Futian left String Pavilion to visit Lord Taixuan. Some people on Taixuan Mountain could faintly hear divine music playing.

After a month, Ye Futian was once again on the mountain behind String Pavilion, sitting cross-legged and playing his guqin. The music was a song of remembrance for the Great Path.

The music lingered, and there were countless notes of the Great Path integrated into Ye Futians sword will as it flowed around his body.

Brilliant golden sword-shaped notes flowed through his veins and were carved on his bones. Another tree seemed to grow within him, and its trunk, branches, and leaves transformed into his limbs and skeleton. All of it was integrated together, and he was infused with the will of the Great Path.

His blood surged through his veins as the music grew more lively. The sound of Sword Qi could be heard, and his body seemed to grow to fill a vast area. He was filled with infinite will, and his flesh, bones, and blood felt as if they were bearing the blows of a thousand hammers. They were forging him into a body of the Great Path.

After a few months, he had created a body of the Great Path, but he did not stop there. He used the power of the Divine Elephants to forge yet another one. The massive strength of the Divine Elephants surged continuously throughout his body, turning into countless Great Path particles that were carved into his veins, bones, and organs.

Cultivators were not only able to create a single Wheel of the Great Path. There was no limit to cultivation, and peoples potential was endless. They could even carve different marks of the Great Path within their bodies.

After a Renhuang had fallen, their descendants could feel many different kinds of will coming from their blood and bones.

Ye Futian was an outstanding cultivator, and so he naturally was not going to only forge a single Wheel of the Great Path.

As far as he was concerned right now, his flesh was already at the level of a body of the Great Path when he had been at the Divine Palace. Now, he was just perfecting it.

He would be cultivating here for a long time.

In the 10,034th year of the Divine Prefecture Calendar, Ye Futian had already been shut away in cultivation for more than two years. It had been more than three years since he had come to the Higher Heavens Realm.

Many things had happened in the Higher Heavens Realm over these two years, and much had happened in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Many people in the Heavenly Mandate Realm had heard news of Ye Futian, including his enemies. They knew that Ye Futian had gone to Taixuan Mountain to cultivate. But even though they knew this, they had no way to act against him.

Once Lord Taixuan had broken through to the next level, he was at the same level as Gu Tianxing. In the past, there had perhaps been two people who had reached this level, and Gu Tianxing had possibly reached the level of the old Dynastic Overlord. Now, it was clear that there was no one at that level now, at least publicly. As for if anyone had reached it in secret, no one knew.

At the very least, the present Dynastic Overlord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the palace lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace had not reached that level. So, it would be impossible for them to go to Taixuan Mountain to seize Ye Futian. Nor could the Golden Divine Nation seize him. If they went themselves, they would be rebuffed, and so they would rather make plans in secret and stir up trouble from a safe position.

These past few years, the Tai family and the Hua family had caused trouble many times. No one knew where they were cultivating now. None of them could be found.

The Lady of Brahmas Pure Sky had hut herself away. It was said that she was cultivating with the foremost Saint of Brahmas Pure SkyQin Heand teaching her the Way. Some said that Qin He was becoming very powerful and would soon break through to the Renhuang plane.

The Violet Heavenly Palace was working hard to train its younger members. However, even Zhan Yuan, with his Supreme Body of the Great Path, had been defeated several times, and it was not easy to train someone else up to this level. Geniuses like him were few and far between.

There was someone in the forbidden land of the Dragons Gods of the Demon Realm who it seemed was being gradually forgotten by the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

In the forbidden canyon in Longyuan, countless dark chains filled the area. Within the dark depths, a jet black, monstrous demon sat in cultivation. The images of demonic figures floated around him, making him seem even more powerful. It seemed as if he were a demon monarch who would conquer the world.

An incomparably huge black dragon hovered at the peak of a dark mountain, endless demonic will spilling out from him. These past few years, he had devoted all his energy towards the uninvited guest who had come more than three years ago.

The cultivators of the Dragons Gods had come a few times, but they had never entered. Perhaps they thought that he was only searching for a suitable person to pass on his demonic arts to. But in reality, he was the only one who understood why.

It was the same as the reason why he had been imprisoned here.

At that moment, lines of dark demon light spread out behind the figure. It gathered together into the image of a demon god, with demon generals all around him. But they all seemed incredibly polite.

The demon dragon watched the scene taking place below him and began to move. His master was truly cruel in that he had asked him to wander about in the outside world.