The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1576

Chapter 1576 Junior Brother

His eyes were focused on the white-haired figure standing in the void, and he was extremely shocked. It was not just him; at this time, in the vast area around the tavern, countless people were focused on Ye Futian. The divine light released by the Deed of Thorough Comprehension was still dazzling beyond compare.

One man, one hit. Everything was swept away. Of all the many extraordinary characters of Tianhe City, none was his equal.

Mu Qingyu stared at that white-haired figure, and her heart was racing. He was so strong. If they were in the same Nirvana Plane, why was he so much stronger?

Indeed, there was always someone better out there.

Sky River Great Elder had not accepted any disciples for many years, but now he had finally chosen a successor, whose first battle had shocked the world.

His realm was definitely already at the top of Nirvana.

His combat power was unlikely to find its equal from anyone below Renhuang Plane in all of Tianhe Realm.

“Incredible strength. It seemed that the Great Elder’s successor was not selected at random.” The people in the distance shuddered. No wonder that the Great Elder wanted to live in seclusion. Perhaps it was because his heir was so outstanding that he wanted to pass on all his crafts to him so he could completely dissociate himself from the outside world.

In fact, in recent years, Sky River Great Elder had not involved himself much with the outside world, either. He had been concentrated on his cultivation in the mountains and did not seem to have completely gotten over the events that happened years ago.

“The body of the Great Path,” said a voice from the void. A figure stepped down from the sky. But this time, it was an old man holding a sword in his hand.

“Sky Sword Elder.” Everyone who saw the old man couldn’t help but tremble inside. The Sky Sword Elder did not have any extraordinary talents like Ren Kuangsheng and the others did. He had cultivated for many years and yet was still unable to step into the realm of Renhuang. Many felt that he was limited by his talent and might not overcome that bottleneck.

But the Sky Sword Elder was extremely persistent, and his state of mind was extraordinary. He was not willing to give up so easily, so he devoted himself to cultivation, exhausting all his efforts on the art of swords, continuously making progress, ever approaching the limit of Saint Path. He had stayed in Nirvana for many years, and his sword was always improving. In the endless years, he crafted the Sky Sword. Rumor had it that the Sky Sword could put an end to any cultivators under Renhuang.

Even though those genius talents in Tianhe Realm might possess superior gifts compared to the Sky Sword Elder, as far as cultivation and combat power went, they definitely were not his equal.

Long ago, there was some talented person who challenged Sky Sword Elder but was wiped out by a single strike. Because it was an open duel of life and death, the opponent’s family did not pursue the matter further.

“Heir to the Sky River Great Elder, please enlighten me.” Sky Sword Elder’s eyes were poignant. From a glance, it looked like an extremely fierce sword light came down from the sky, stabbing Ye Futian’s spiritual soul. A terrible storm of sword will manifested between heaven and earth, splitting the void.

Countless sword light shone, and the Sky Sword Elder held the sword in his hand. It was as if his entire person had turned into a sword. Inside his body, the blood roiled in his veins as the will of Way was flowing within. It was as if the body was no longer just simply flesh and blood but was now the body of the Sky Sword.

Sky Sword Elder did not cultivate a very powerful technique of attack because he lacked the required powerful background. However, he relied on countless trials of life and death and countless perilous situations to temper his sword into the Sky Sword, which was extremely fast and extremely sharp.

There was a saying in Tianhe City, “When the Sky Sword is unleashed, demons and gods will weep alike. Anyone beneath Renhuang will be executed.”

Ye Futian looked up at the old man in the void. His white hair danced in the wind, and asked lightly, “There is a murderous intent on you. Have I offended you?”

“It has nothing to do with anything. It’s just that I cultivate in swords,” the old man responded. “I have cultivated in the swords for many years, and the Sky Sword had already reached its realm. There are few rivals under Renhuang, so there was no one with whom to try my sword on. You are the successor of the Sky River Great Elder and possess extraordinary fighting power, so I came because of it. When I unsheathed my sword, it would be hard to predicate life and death, so I advise you not to be merciful.”

Ye Futian understood that the old man had been trapped in this realm for too many years and wanted to seek the Way. Now that they had met today, he wanted to try his sword in seeking the Way. This could be the strongest sword strike from the old man.

“The elder chose the wrong person,” Ye Futian replied. In reality, he came here for the same purpose as the old man, which was to seek the Way. However, he was no longer the Ye Futian who was undergoing the trail at the Divine Palace. Back when Li Daozi had chosen him to try the sword, the timing had been good.

Now, there was no such opportunity for the Sky Sword Elder.

“Right or wrong, my pursuit is the ultimate of the sword. One day, I will find the answer that I’m looking for,” the old man said curtly. As his voice faded, an extremely sharp light pierced toward him like an invisible sword that chopped down from the sky.

In the next moment, he saw a beam of light; it was sword light.

The old man had already disappeared. It was as if he had merged into the sword light, or rather, he had turned the Way into a sword.

“Pursue the ultimate of the Saint Plane,” Ye Futian said in his heart. He wanted to break the limit as a method to comprehend the Way. His reasoning was not false, but it was not always useful.

In the vast world, countless people looked at the sword, and at the moment when the sword light bloomed, cracks began to appear on the ground. Even those in the distance could feel that their spirit souls were being torn apart.

His white hair flew about in the wind, but Ye Futian was standing there without moving. The light of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension bloomed like the divine furnace of the Great Path that would refine the Way of heaven and earth into one. The spiritual will caught the sword light that came in for the kill, and as his palm raised, he pointed toward the sky.

The dazzling sword light flooded the void. The sword was approaching, and the infinite sword light penetrated Ye Futian’s body like haloes. But Ye Futian stood there, motionless. His finger fell on the sword, and the force of that one finger was enough to stop the sword in its track.


A clear sound came out, and countless Path light poured into the sword. In the next moment, the sword flew back and forth twice, and the old man’s figure appeared there. With a loud sound, he vomited a big mouthful of blood. His face was pale, and his breath deteriorated quickly. He was greatly weakened.


Everyone in the crowd was extremely shocked. How could he be so strong?

The Sky Sword Elder was at the top limit of the Saint Plane, and he couldn’t even stop the force exerted by one finger?

Since when was his sword so feeble?

They couldn’t understand, and that included Ren Kuangsheng. But their hearts were filled with fear and shock.

Such strength was so great that it made the others feel completely hopeless.

“Even between limits, there are degrees of separation.” Seeing the old man looking down at him, Ye Futian spoke. When the old man heard those words, he seemed to be deep in thought. He let out a long sigh, feeling a little bit sad.

Indeed, even though he had dedicated his life to continuously surpassing his own limits, he had obtained some prestige in Tianhe City and won over many Nirvana-level geniuses. However, if those people had reached the same level as him, then perhaps he wouldn’t be able to compete with them.

Just as Ye Futian had said, there were degrees of separation even between limits. It was as truthful as it was cold and indifferent.

And this gap could not be bridged after the fact.

“There is no need for Elder to take this to heart. Presently, those who can best me under Renhuang Realm are not of Tianhe City,” Ye Futian continued. He was being subtle when he said that Tianhe City did not have anyone who could beat him. Judging from his current state, it was indeed not an easy task to find someone in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path who could best him in the same realm.

But even so, the people around him were still shocked by his cocky claims.

There was no one in Tianhe City?

How impertinent to include all of the cultivators of Tianhe Realm in this category? However, having witnessed this battle, they, too, could not think of anyone under Renhuang Realm who could beat Ye Futian.

Even at this moment, it was unknown just how much Ye Futian’s strength had expanded.

This successor of Lord Tianhe was terribly powerful.

The Sky Sword Elder gave Ye Futian a long look. He held his hands together to bow. He said, “Thank you for your enlightenment.”

As he finished speaking, he walked away. Despite the words of consolation from Ye Futian, he still felt disappointed. All the cultivation that he possessed was not enough to counter the power of one finger. What kind of gap was that?

Even if the opponent was the successor of the Great Elder, this should not be how it ended.

“Who else wants to try?” Ye Futian surveyed the crowd, but no one spoke. Even Ye Futian had claimed to be under the Renhuang Plane, and no one could fight with him. Judging from this combat power, it was indeed difficult to find an opponent.

His body drifted down and landed on top of the tavern. However, at this time, he saw rays of divine light descending from the sky, and a group of people appeared out of thin air as if they had shuttled over from a distance.

This group of people possessed extraordinary temperament. The person in front was clad in a luxurious robe. He looked to be about forty in age. Of course, his actual age must be far greater than that. He stood there, seeming to be one with the Great Path. He was definitely an existence of Renhuang Realm.

“Your Royal Highness.” Ren Kuangsheng saw the comer and bowed slightly.

Afterward, many of the people below turned to this Renhuang and said, “Greetings, Your Highness.”

Ye Futian looked up at the newcomer. His Royal Highness?

Did Tianhe Realm, like the Crimson Dragon Realm, have its own ruling royal principality?

Before, he had heard Lord Taixuan saying that the Sky River Elder ought to be the strongest person in Tianhe Realm.

There was indeed a royal family in Tianhe Realm. The Realm Palace of Tianhe Realm was now in Tianhe City. Tianhe City was the main city of Tianhe Realm.

The person who had just arrived was from the Realm Palace of Tianhe Realm. He was the cultivator of the royal family, and he was in the realm of Renhuang.

The eyes of that Renhuang landed on Ye Futian. With a smile on his face, he looked extremely gentle and comforting without any harshness of authority.

“Junior brother.” That Renhuang looked at Ye Futian and called out to him with a smile, which stunned Ye Futian.

Junior brother?

A look of doubt flashed through his eyes. Was the Renhuang cultivator of Tianhe Realm also a disciple of the Sky River Elder?

“No need to question. Our Master had been in retreat for many years and never expected to accept another disciple after so many years,” that Renhuang smiled and explained. He stepped down and came to Ye Futian without showing any superiority.

Ye Futian understood when he heard his words that this man was a disciple of the same clan as his master. He might even be his Uncle-Master.

However, the Great Elder had not mentioned it to him but had only asked him to go down the mountain and walk around.

He was rather speechless. Once upon a time, in the battle that destroyed the realms, how many of the 3,000 disciples did the Great Elder lose? If there were still some survivors, wouldn’t they all be his “brothers,” technically speaking?

Moreover, this man was a member of the royal family of Tianhe Realm. In the battle that destroyed the realms, did the royal family survive that catastrophe unharmed?

At this moment, there were many thoughts flashing through in Ye Futian’s mind!