The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1577

Chapter 1577 Little Uncle Master

1577 Little Uncle-Master

Ye Futian remained silent and continued to size up the other. That Renhuang walked in front of Ye Futian and smiled. “Duan Qing of the Duan clan at the Realm Palace in Tianhe Realm. My brother, you may address me as Senior Brother Duan.”

Duan clan at the Realm Palace in Tianhe Realm.

It seemed that it was really the ruling royal principality in Tianhe Realm, and it held a supreme status in Tianhe Realm. No wonder those descendants of Renhuang also bowed down to pay their respect and saluted him as their Royal Highness.

“Senior Brother Duan,” Ye Futian said calmly, but without too much emotion. The other prince was so enthusiastic and was a respected brother of his Master, so he wouldn’t be so rude as to ignore him.

“Mmm.” Duan Qing nodded with a smile. “Master has been in seclusion for many years, disinterested in outside affairs. How many excellent characters in Tianhe Realm desired to be accepted as his disciple but did not get so much as a glance from him? I didn’t expect that after so many years, Master would accept my brother as his successor. It is truly a rare occasion. However, when I saw my brother in battle, the reason couldn’t be more obvious.”

“Senior Brother is too generous. It is just that my realm is a bit deeper,” Ye Futian said. At present, his realm was indeed very deep; it was at the top of the Saint Plane.

“You are too humble. The Sky Sword Elder was defeated by my brother with one finger strike. With such strength, how many people of the Saint Plane in Tianhe Realm could compare?” Duan Qing continued. He glanced at the tavern below and said, “When I learned that the Master had chosen a successor, I thought we ought to drink a few rounds together. But the tavern here has collapsed, so why not go to the Realm Palace? There were many in the Realm Palace who were also master’s disciples, and it will give them a chance to meet you.”

Ye Futian thought for a moment, a few reservations his heart. The news that the Great Elder had found a successor seemed to be widely circulated. The other was the prince of the Realm Palace. He should have already heard, yet he did not visit at the time. It seemed that his relationship might not be as close as expected, or he would have visited as soon as he had heard.

Another thing was that the Great Elder asked him to go down the mountain to tell the world that he would be inherited from the Great Elder.

The Great Elder, it seemed, had taken Duan Qing’s appearance into account?

If this was the case, then he may have to go with the flow.

“Sure.” Ye Futian nodded after a moment of contemplation, ready to go with Duan Qing. He was not worried about being in danger. Sky River Great Elder was the mentor of Tianhe Realm; he was their number one cultivator. If he had asked him to come off the mountain to visit, nothing bad would happen.

Duan Qing nodded with a smile. He looked at the people around him again. “Ren Kuangsheng, Girlie from Mu clan, and other geniuses of Tianhe Realm, since you are all present, why not come with us to the palace and have a few drinks? It would a good way to celebrate with my junior brother.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.” In the distance, Mu Qingyu smiled and curtsied. Others also nodded one after the other. Naturally, they would not decline the invitation from the Realm Palace.

The battle before had made them admire Ye Futian’s strength, as it was not something with which they could compete.

The Realm Palace of Tianhe Realm was magnificent and awesome. Full of solemn ancient halls served by throes of guards and cultivators alike, many of which were of Saint Plane existence themselves.

This palace was like a city within a city, extremely vast.

Duan Qing, as the prince and a Renhuang existence himself, he possessed a complex of palaces of his own, known as the Prince’s Palace.

At this time, there was a grand banquet being held in the banquet square, and beautiful maids kept coming forth to serve precious wine and delicious food.

Duan Qing sat in the main position as the host, while Ye Futian sat directly opposite him as the honored guest.

With such treatment, Duan Qing showered him with enough prestige to raise his status tremendously.

“Today, I am fortunate to have met my brother, and my master was also fortunate to have such a successor. I will drink to my junior brother.” Duan Qing raised the glass. A maid knelt behind Ye Futian to serve drinks, especially for him. Ye Futian raised the glass and then drank up.

As the wine poured down his throat, it was extremely fierce, like burning flames that actually refined his meridians, veins, and blood.

“What strong wine,” Ye Futian said secretly to himself. There was Way hidden in the wine, which was the kind of fine wine that could only be served by extraordinary principalities.

“I heard my brother introduce himself as being from the Ye clan. Yet there is no Ye clan in Tianhe Realm. My brother is so talented that it only served to reason that you were born into a powerful family. Unless my brother is not from Tianhe Realm?” Duan Qing asked. As a prince of the Realm Palace, Duan Qing was well aware of all the great principalities of Tianhe Realm, and there were no royal family principalities with the surname Ye.

“Well,” Ye Futian nodded slightly, “I came from another realm.”

“Is that so?” Duan Qing revealed a rather interesting look. He continued, “I’m just curious that since the Master has been cultivating on the mountains and rarely went out in recent years, how was it that the Master chose you as his disciple? And the successor who would inherit all his crafts, no less?”

Is he prying? Ye Futian thought. Instead, he smiled and replied, “It was quite a bit of a coincidence, and I still don’t know the reason why I was chosen by the Master until today. Brother might want to find some time to go on the mountain and let Master tell you himself.”

Naturally, he would not reveal the matter. If Duan Qing asked no more questions for him and went to the mountains to visit the Great Elder, it wouldn’t be too late to apologize to him.

“It’s true that I haven’t visited the Master for quite a while. I will find some time to visit.” Duan Qing nodded slightly, and his eyes revealed nothing unusual.

“How long has my junior brother been cultivating the Deed of Thorough Comprehension? And your achievement was quite astounding,” Duan Qing asked mindlessly. He seemed quite casual.

“Several months,” Ye Futian replied.

“Several months?” Duan Qing looked at Ye Futian and said, “Brother, stop joking with me. The Deed of Thorough Comprehension is broad and profound, and it took me many years of cultivation to complete it. The power that was displayed previously could not have been achieved in a few months.”

“Talent.” Ye Futian smiled nonchalantly. He did lie this time. He had been cultivating the Deed of Thorough Comprehension for many years; however, the time he had spent cultivating the Deed of Thorough Comprehension when he came to Tianhe Realm was a short, so it was a half-truth.

Whether the other believed it or not, it didn’t really matter.

“If my brother says it was due to talent, I will believe it,” Duan Qing replied with a smile. “Unfortunately, it would be so much more interesting if junior brother entered the clan back in the day. You could have witnessed the grandeur of the disciples of the 3,000 Great Paths. Within the same clan, how many excellent characters were among us? Of course, with the talent of my brother, even in those days, you would, no doubt, be the most outstanding.”


At this time, two figures appeared at the same time, and everyone’s eyes focused on them. It was a man and a woman, both of whom were extraordinary in temperament. The man was handsome, and there was a spirit between his brows that was similar to that of Duan Qing.

The woman was extremely beautiful. She was dressed in courtly clothes, which brought out her noble elegance to the fullest.

These two were the progenies of Duan Qing.

Duan Qing nodded and introduced them to Ye Futian, “Brother, this is Duan Huan and Duan Yu.”

Huanyuthe Universe, Ye Futian thought.

Duan Qing pointed to Ye Futian, who was next to him and introduced, “This is your Uncle-Master Ye.”

They both shifted their focus to Ye Futian.

As descendants of the royal family, both of them had an air of arrogance, and Duan Huan faintly exuded a sense of majestic authority. He might not have been older than Ye Futian, and his cultivation was not any lesser than Ye Futian’s. Now, he was also at the top of Nirvana.

Duan Yu was a little less; she was Unblemished Saint Plane.

They had also heard that Sky River Great Elder had accepted an heir, and it must be this was the “Uncle-Master” in front of them.

It’s just that this uncle was so young and seemed to be the same age as them, so it was not so easy to address him.

“Little Uncle-Master.” Although Duan Huan found it hard to say, he didn’t disobey Duan Qing’s will and addressed Ye Futian as such, but his attitude was not so respectful. After all, they were from the same generation.

Duan Yu had a strange expression on her face as she stared at Ye Futian. Ye Futian also returned her gaze. Duan Yu’s eyes seemed to point to something, but Ye Futian had no intention to cut her a break. He was unmoved by her look, which forced Duan Yu to address him, “Little Uncle-Master.”

But her tone was rather chilly.

Her eyes drifted to the others, and she saw some acquaintances who she did not expect to have been invited to the palace.

“You are both too polite.” Ye Futian had seen their attitude but did not take it to heart. How much respect could he have expected from the two descendants of the royal family who were his peers?

Ye Futian’s calm expression indicated that he could not afford to go easy on them.

“The Grandmaster hadn’t accepted disciples for many years. Once, I also requested a visit but was not able to go. Now, Grandmaster has accepted Little Uncle-Master as his successor, so it must be that the Little Uncle-Master has an extraordinary talent.” Duan Huan’s words attracted the attention of many people who were present.

“The Great Elder has excellent perception, and his chosen successor must be highly gifted with unparalleled talent.” At this time, a voice was heard, as many people started walking together from outside. They came directly to the banquet, their eyes on Ye Futian.

“Brother Ye, I told you before that in addition to the many disciples who had been accepted by the Master, there were also countless people in the palace of the Mountain, including the royal family. What you see in front of you are seekers of instruction from the Master,” Duan Qing said with a smile.

Ye Futian nodded. “Ye Futian greets all the elders.”

Although he was polite, he sat there without bothering to get up.

They smiled and looked at Duan Huan, who had just spoken, asking, “So, do you want to test the perception of the Grandmaster?”

“Precisely.” Duan Huan nodded with a smile. “I just don’t know if Little Uncle-Master would be willing to enlighten me?”

He was not completely aiming at Ye Futian. The Great Elder had said himself that this was the person to pass on his crafts to, so Duan Huan also wanted to give it a try.

This Uncle-Master had better not be a fraud.

“You are not your Uncle-Master’s equal,” Duan Qing said lightly.

“How would Father know without me trying first?” Next to him, Duan Yu piped up. Duan Huan’s body emitted a magnificent momentum, and he said, “Just asking Little Uncle-Master to teach me.”

“Don’t be rude,” Duan Qing reprimanded.

“It’s quite all right. Since I’m his Uncle-Master, instruction in cultivation was a matter of course,” Ye Futian replied. He was unclear as to the real purpose of Duan Qing’s invitation for him to come here.

“It’s good to teach them a lesson so that they know there is always someone better out there.” Seeing Ye Futian speak, Duan Qing did not try to intervene again but only made a comment very quietly. The moment his words fell, a breath of terror erupted in an instant and swept toward Duan Huan!