The Legend Of Futian Chapter 158

Chapter 158: Fate Level
Chapter 158: Fate Level
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When Ye Futian heard the other's words, cold murderous intent flashed past his eyes. It seemed that Emperor Luo's desire to kill him was still as strong as before. He'd tried once at the Nandou Nation's Tingfeng Banquet. He had tested Emperor Ye's bottom line. If Emperor Ye hadn't done everything he could to protect Ye Futian, Emperor Luo probably would have acted.

These people before Ye Futian were strangers but wanted to kill him. It was obvious they were sent by Emperor Luo.

If that was the case, then

"Yun Qianmo," Ye Futian called. Yun Qianmo was standing on a boulder not too far from Ye Futian. She faced the group charging at them, her sword intent growing. In a moment, a frightening sword intent loomed in the sky.

"Kill them all!" Ye Futian uttered but his fingers didn't stop strumming the instrument strings. While he played, the intent of the sword wall seemed to meld into his music. It rushed wildly into Yun Qianmo's mind, strengthening her sword intent.

A sword came down, obstructing all the charging people. Then Yun Qianmo flashed. Her clothing fluttered and she descended like a gust of wind.

The swords were like threads of rain, splashing at the others. The strong cultivator's expression changed slightly. He pushed his palms forward and a burst of terrifying fire swept through. A fire elemental dragon followed.

The swords came down like raining, piercing everything. They extinguished the fire and spell and went through the man's body. In a moment, blood flowed endlessly from the figure. His body shook violently and he looked down, discovering that his body was riddled with thousands of holes.

"No" Terror rose and despair appeared in his eyes. Then he fell down from the sky.

This scene made the charging people halt, all looking up to the beautiful figure. Yun Qianmo didn't stop though. Her sword intent surged, filling the vast sky.

The threads of rain turned into strings. Yun Qianmo swung her sword again. Her movements were light and agile. Another strong cultivator was stabbed between his eyes.

Yun Qianmo was already in the Level eight Dharma Plane. Paired with the sword intent given by Ye Futian through the music and the sword technique she'd comprehended by herself, her abilities evolved. She was so much stronger than the pride of the Sword Clan from before. Thus, despite appearing weak, every move from her was fatal when she rushed into the crowd.

The prides of the Nandou Nation cast spells crazily to stop her but her sword was like rain. It covered the entire space and was both strong in attack and defense. No one would overcome her.

"Kill Ye Futian first." The expressions of all the Nandou people changed. They looked to Ye Futian. His music could strengthen Yun Qianmo.

Sorcerers skilled in wind spells rushed to Ye Futian. Yun Qianmo leapt and brought her sword down continuously but couldn't stop everyone. Two figures charged at Ye Futian.

He glanced at them and said indifferently, "Is it worth it to die for Luo?" As soon as he spoke, his fingers strummed the instrument strings. In an instant, the two enemies sank into the artistic conception of the music. Violent waves swept at them. Their faces turned aghast and they stumbled back. But at that instant, sword light seemed to come out of the words on the sword wall. It transformed into a tangible sword intent that burst from the stone. It cut through everything, sweeping at the two figures. Rain fell down. The two scrambled back but couldn't escape from the rain. When the raindrops fell onto them, they went through the body. The men dropped from the sky.

He's that powerful? Everyone looked at Ye Futian in shock. The power of the stone wall's intent was a known fact but they didn't expect Ye Futian to wield it so powerfully. It seemed that even if Yun Qianmo hadn't acted earlier, Liu Yuan still wouldn't be Ye Futian's match.

The Nandou people shook inwardly. They didn't know what had happened when they first arrived. After seeing Ye Futian, they immediately thought of Emperor Luo's words and wanted to kill him for the achievement. They didn't expect to be forced into this dead end.

"Let's go." The figures all retreated. They clearly understood the situation.

"Why leave after coming? Why don't you all stay?" As Ye Futian spoke, his sword intent grew stronger until it enveloped the entire Cang Mountain Relic. It crisscrossed and Yun Qianmo flashed continuously. The surrounding people kept seeing people drop down until everyone who went to kill Ye Futian had fallen.

The air was dead silent. Under Ye Futian and Yun Qianmo's cooperation, the dozens of strong cultivators in the Dharma Plane had all been killed. There were even those at the pinnacle of the Dharma Plane within them.

This was done by relying on the stone wall's intent but it was still terrifying. The others were thankful they didn't go against Ye Futian. Otherwise, it would be tragic.

At this time, Ye Futian's eyes fell upon someone in the distanceXi Lou. He was the only one who didn't act so he was still alive.

"Why didn't you do anything?" Ye Futian asked.

Even when we're out of here, I promise I'll never work for Emperor Luo." Xi Lou didn't seem to answer the question but was speaking for survival.

"Okay. If I see you work for the Luo family in the future, I will take your life. Go now," Ye Futian said with a smile. Xi Lou retreated immediately; he didn't stop at all. He had a lower plane so he didn't try. He didn't expect this to save his life. Naturally, he could tell that either Ye Futian or Emperor Luo could kill each other so he knew what to say if he wanted to live.

After Xi Lou left, Yun Qianmo floated into the distance. Ye Futian looked at her and asked, "Did you comprehend everything?"

Yun Qianmo nodded lightly. Her gaze at Ye Futian was very calmneither arrogant nor lowly. She had agreed to be Ye Futian's maid but this didn't mean she would be under him. Ye Futian had given her the stone wall's intent so she fulfilled her responsibility. When Ye Futian gave her an order, she acted without any hesitation.

"Good." Ye Futian stopped playing and the Guqin Spirit disappeared. "Let's return to the Qianmeng City," he said.

Everyone had comprehended the Cang Mountain Relic and received some fate. It was meaningless to stay there.

Yun Qianmo stepped forward and quietly went behind Ye Futian as if she wanted to play the role of a maid well.

"Ruo Yu, what do you plan on doing?" Ye Futian asked with a smile.

"I plan on leaving the Ancient Barren World. I feel that I'm not suited for here," Ruo Yu replied, smiling. She had some feelings after experiencing all this.

"Okay. Let's meet again if we have the chance," Ye Futian said. Then his group climbed onto the Black Wind Eagle. Wind came and it flapped its wings, going forward at a much faster speed than before.

Seeing the figure in the air, Ruo Yu smiled and waved. This short experience was quite unforgettable. She didn't know if they would have the chance to meet again.

Beside her, the anger of Ruo Qiu, Wang Jue, and the others had faded. They felt numb inside. Earlier, Ye Futian and Yun Qianmo had worked together and killed so many Dharma cultivators in the snap of a finger. They were so shocked. The amazing figure that sat before the stone wall was so foreign. It seemed that he was born to look down from the top despite not being in a high plane.

The Black Wind Eagle rode the wind in the air.

"Aren't you afraid I'll turn back on you?" Yun Qianmo asked curiously, looking at Ye Futian from behind.

"You agreed to be my maid, sacrificing your reputation. If it's just for the Cang Mountain Relic, then do whatever you want," Ye Futian said to Yun Qianmo with a smile.

Yun Qianmo studied the handsome face and said, "I agreed but there are some things I won't do."

"Such as?" Ye Futian's expression grew strange as he looked at her.

"You know what I'm saying." Yun Qianmo looked away. "As for anything else, I'll do my best."

Ye Futian blinked. Glancing at Lin Yueyao, he muttered, "Do I seem like that kind of person?"

"Yes." Lin Yueyao smiled and nodded.

Ye Futian frowned. "Don't worry. You won't have the chance even if you want to," he muttered. "Oh, Yun Qianmo, what exactly is the noble fate?" Ye Futian's fate bloomed. It was dazzling and towered from miles high.

Yun Qianmo looked at it with shock. How did he receive so much fate so quickly? "Didn't Ruo Yu tell you?" she asked.

"She only told me how to receive the fate," Ye Futian answered.

Yun Qianmo nodded lightly. "When the fate becomes strong enough, it'll change in quality and become the noble fate with noble intent. This is the power belonging to those in the Noble Plane. Receiving the noble intent in the Dharma Plane means that you can at least be a Noble in the future. Therefore, the most powerful in the Eastern Barren Territory choose those who receive the noble fate in the lower Ancient Barren World as their disciples."

Those in the upper Ancient Barren World were already above the Arcana Plane and entered to break into the Noble Plane. They didn't have as much potential as those talents who could receive the noble will in the lower Ancient Barren World.

"The noble fate has different levels too. You probably felt that the intent from the stone walls can be at the noble level. Therefore, once you accumulate enough, it can transform into true noble will. This type of noble fate is a lower level."

Yun Qianmo continued, "Some even stronger geniuses can use the fate that they received to figure out the noble fate by themselves. For example, I'm a swordsman in training. I only perceive sword fate or use all fates to cultivate the sword intent until I create sword intent at the noble level. This is pure noble fate and is the middle level.

"Even more monstrous figures can perceive different types of noble will in the Dharma Plane. These terrifying people will have the upper level noble fate. If someone can have this fate, all the top forces will fight for him but this is too rare. I heard that even if someone like that exists, he'll be someone already trained by the top forces of the Eastern Barren Territory."