The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1581

Chapter 1581 Visitors From God Clan

1581 Visitors from God Clan

Ye Futian knew very well that the old couple, because their cultivation had been destroyed, had relied on their daughter to take care of them all these years. Furthermore, Ping’an needed to seek medicine frequently in order to preserve their vitality. The incident yesterday was the result.Ye Futian knew very well that the old couple, because their cultivation had been destroyed, had relied on their daughter to take care of them all these years. Furthermore, Ping’an needed to seek medicine frequently in order to preserve their vitality. The incident yesterday was the result.

They didn’t want to keep dragging Ping’an down, so they decided to depart this world peacefully. No matter what happened in the future, with Ping’an following the Great Elder, even if there was a dangerous situation, she would be far safer than she would with them.

What happened yesterday was the reason for their choice.

Ye Futian brought the bodies of the old couple back to the mountain for burial. The old man had always regarded himself as a disciple of the Sky River Great Elder, and he believed this deeply. Although Ye Futian had not personally had these experiences, he could deduce and draw many conclusions from the dialogues he heard and things that had happened.

Ping’an’s grandfather, the elder senior brother of the master, the eldest disciple of Sky River Great Elder, the Gentleman Sword Emperor, must have been admired by all.

But he and his descendants ended like this.

There was an additional tomb now on an area of the mountain. Aside from Ye Futian and Ping’an, Sky River Great Elder was also present. He stood there quietly, and his ancient face appeared exceptionally calm.

But he knew everything in his heart.

“This was the place where your grandfather cultivated, but it was abandoned later. Burying Haoran and his wife here is the only thing I can do for them,” Sky River Great Elder whispered. “Ping’an, let the dead rest in peace and don’t be too sad. Your parents must have suffered all these years, so they decided to leave this world in peace.”

“Mmm.” Ping’an knelt in front of the graves. Her tears seemed to have run dry, but her eyes conveyed a firm resolution. She would live well, not for herself, but for her parents and for her grandfather, because she was the only one who would carry on the bloodline.

“From now on, you will follow me to cultivate. If you have any questions regarding cultivation, you can always ask your Uncle-Master. Of course, you will address him as Uncle-Master while on the mountain, but in the outside world, you have to address him as Grand Uncle-Master,” Sky River Great Elder advised.

Ping’an nodded. When Grand Uncle-Master deliberately asked her to bring the message to separate his relationship with Uncle-Master and that they were never to acknowledge one another whenever they met again, she understood the meaning behind it and how she should act.

“Futian, you should also remember your master’s words,” Sky River Great Elder added.

Ye Futian turned to look at the Great Elder, then nodded seriously. He knew that some things might happen in the future, but for the master, it was an unbearable weight. There were some things the master needed to face himself.

It was just that some things required him to make a choice, no matter the price. Just as the grandmaster respected the choice of the master, he would respect it too.

In the Realm Palace, where Duan Qing resided, someone came with a message.

“Are you saying that someone killed the person who went to the Xu residence to pick a fight, and then Xu Haoran and his wife committed suicide?” Duan Qing looked at the messenger.

“Mmm.” The messenger nodded, and Duan Qing looked up into the distance, revealing a touch of sadness. Xu Haoran was considered his nephew in cultivation, someone whom many of their brothers watched growing up. After his cultivation was destroyed, there was, in fact, not much point to his life. Now that it was finally over, perhaps it was a relief of some sort.

“May you have a safe journey,” Duan Qing whispered. His oldest senior brother was unrivaled and full of righteousness, but because of it, he lost his life. His stubbornness had spelled the misery for his entire family. It was so unnecessarily painful.

There was no need for many to die.

“Do you know who killed those people?” Duan Qing asked.

The man shook his head. “He left soon after the killing. It’s been so many years, and we did not really follow Xu Haoran much anymore.”

“Indeed, it’s been so many years. But somehow, I had a feeling that something was going happen,” Duan Qing mumbled to himself. First, it was that his master had appointed a successor, and then it was the suicide of Xu Haoran and his wife, and then their daughter was sent to the mountain to cultivate.

Although these seemed to be common, trivial matters, the deaths of those unremarkable people made Duan Qing feel a little uneasy.

Who was the mysterious man that had killed them?

“Investigate carefully to see if there are any clues,” Duan Qing commanded.

“Yes, Your Highness.” The man nodded, then bowed and left.

Duan Qing was still standing there, looking thoughtful. Although things had passed for a long time, as long as the master was still alive, it would be a hidden danger concerning the Realm Palace.

The master’s strength was too powerful, as the premier person in the Tianhe Realm. Therefore, even though everything had passed by many years, they had always been watching the mountain.

As soon as there was the slightest movement, they would know immediately and report to the top.

He knew very well that the reason why his master did not die at the time was that someone above him was also protecting him. After all, he was the son-in-law of the God Clan, and maybe it was all set up for the return of that descendant.

Therefore, after the news that Sky River Great Elder had taken a successor, he decided to report to the top.

Several days later, in the land above the Realm Palace, a bright ray of light suddenly fell from the sky dome.

The entire Realm Palace was in shock, and countless eyes looked at the void above. Some frowned. Who dared to be so bold and appear directly above the Realm Palace?

Some also faintly realized something. Their pupils contracted slightly, and they vaguely guessed what had happened.

The divine light directly fell into the Realm Palace as if the entire palace was covered with a sacred glow. A group of people appeared directly above everyone.

All of them were going in that one direction.

Naturally, Duan Qing was there too, leading everyone to the ground below that group of people. He raised his head slightly, looking at those figures that descended from the sky. The proud Renhuang of Realm Palace was now slightly bowing to pay their respects.

Not only him, but many people in the Realm Palace were also paying homage at the same time. Their action alarmed those who did not quite realize it before, but finally, they understood just where these people were coming from.

Supreme Realm, the God Clan.

Although the Tianhe Realm was regarded as a very powerful realm with many Renhuang existences, also in close proximity to the area of Supreme Realm and belonging to the extended interface of the Supreme Realm in front of the behemoth that was the God Clan of the Supreme Realm, it was still not worth mentioning. Once upon a time, when the God Clan had passed down its judgment, that vast and endless the Tianhe Realm had faced the danger of extinction.

It was on account of the mediation done by the Realm Palace and having chosen the right path that the Tianhe Realm was able to continue standing until now. Otherwise, after that war, the Realm Palace of the Tianhe Realm would very possibly cease to exist.

Those who came were bathed in divine glory. The man who headed the delegation looked to be about 30 or 40 years of age. He was also a Renhuang existence with astonishing authority and power. Standing beside him was a young man with deep-set eyes that seemed to contain terrible divine aurora. When the two were standing together, they looked somewhat alike as father and son.

On both sides of them, there were several elders, but the light emitted from them was far more restrained, and their breath was hardly detectable. However, Duan Qing felt that these were actually the stronger characters, especially the old man standing in the very back. When his eyes glanced at Duan Qing, it made Duan Qing feel a sense of imminent danger.

He was a Renhuang existence, which just accentuated how terrifying the old man’s realm was.

Clearly, this time, the delegation that was dispatched to come down to the bottom was very strong.

Any matter concerning the Sky River Great Elder, no matter how great or small, would not be taken lightly by the God Clan.

At this time, in the direction of the highest hall inside the Realm Palace, an old man came through the void. The old man was wearing a golden royal robe, and he was extremely majestic. Many people bowed down to worship, as the person who had arrived was the master of the Realm Palace of the Tianhe RealmEmperor of the Tianhe Realm.

“Everyone came from the Upper Worlds. You must be tired. I have ordered a feast for you,” the Realm Emperor said. Many were shocked to hear that the Realm Emperor had personally greeted these guests, and only those from the Upper Worlds could enjoy this treatment.

“The Realm Emperor is too kind; there is really no need. Let’s get to business first,” said the person who headed the delegation of the Upper Worlds, his eyes surveying the crowd. He asked, “Respectfully, Realm Emperor, who do we talk to regarding this business matter?”

“Duan Qing.” The Realm Emperor looked at Duan Qing just as Duan Qing took a step forward.

“Tell us everything in detail,” the man said to Duan Qing. Duan Qing nodded and gave a detailed account of the recent events. The other looked calm after hearing it, and it was hard to tell how they felt.

“Uncle has not had any visitors in a long time. Let’s visit uncle since it’s been many years.” As the man spoke, he turned and walked directly toward the mountains where the Sky River Great Elder was cultivating.


Many people in the Realm Palace heard this appellation. With a quiver in their hearts, they thought that the Sky River Great Elder was indeed powerful. He was accepted by the God Clan. If he did not walk the wrong path, he would definitely be at the top of the Supreme Realm.

Even for those prominent men from the God Clan, when they saw him, they still had to call him uncle. Conversely, those at the Realm Palace trembled and shivered when they saw the people from the Upper Worlds.

“You, go and see,” the Emperor of Tianhe Realm said to Duan Qing. Duan Qing nodded and followed along, walking in that direction.

On the mountain, before they even arrived, Sky River Great Elder had already sensed it.

At this time, he and Ye Futian were standing in front of the mountain while Xu Ping’an stood quietly at the back, gazing into the distance.

“They are here,” Sky River Great Elder whispered. Ye Futian did not ask. He would know who was coming when he saw them.

Sure enough, shortly after, radiant divine light descended, and a group of people seemed to cross the void and appear directly in front of the mountain, standing above the void.

They stopped there, with Duan Qing behind. When he saw this, Ye Futian knew who was coming.

The people of the Upper Worlds had arrived!