The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1583

Chapter 1583 Making An Appearance

1583 Making an Appearance

Ye Futian stood in front of Shen Yao, and in front of all the cultivators from God Clan.

Traces of breaths fell on him as if trying to spy on his secrets. Shen Yao’s brow chakra seemed to be opened, sending out a terrible divine light. This divine light shrouded Ye Futian’s body in a moment, and Ye Futian felt as if he was imprisoned by a divine light.

Boom. An extremely sacred pressure of the Great Path descended, and suddenly Ye Futian felt the oppressive force of suffocation. It was the pressure that came from the spirit soul. He felt as if his spirit would come out of his body and be bound and suppressed by the divine light.

Ye Futian felt that he was trapped in an illusion. In this wonderful world of illusion, his consciousness and the spiritual soul had separated from the body. Under the eyes of the sky, countless reflections of Shen Yao, like godly statues, rushed directly into his spiritual soul, asking to be let into his conscious to see his deepest secrets.

This ability was incredibly terrifying.

It could directly spy on the secrets of others.

No wonder the Sky River Great Elder disallowed the God Clan from taking him away. At this moment, the Sky River Great Elder was focusing his attention on Ye Futian. The pressure of might permeated from his body. As soon as Ye Futian could no longer bear the weight of it, he would directly intervene by force.

“Shen Yao, you have really grown up.” Sky River Great Elder spoke lightly, and his voice was commanding without being arrogant. He dared to forcibly spy inside Ye Futian in front of him. This was enough to prove that little fellow who had once followed behind him was now a Renhuang and the backbone of the God Clan.

Certainly, having entered Renhuang, his style and manner of handling things were different. Gone was the childishness of yesteryears, and what was left now was the majesty and strength of Renhuang.

Ye Futian closely guarded his spirit, and at the same time, the power of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension bloomed out, refining the Way inside his body. Inside the Spiritual Soul, the ancient characters of the Great Path seemed to be surrounded to guard the will and blocking the forceful invasion of the other.

“Humph.” Shen Yao snorted coldly. The divine light from his brow chakra grew even stronger. Miles of the radiant glory sprinkled down, and an infinite beam of light seemed to pierce directly toward Ye Futian. At this moment, Ye Futian appeared miniscule under that divine light.

The man he was facing was not some ordinary cultivator of Renhuang Plane, but someone who came from a clan that ruled the Upper WorldsRenhuang of the God Clan, its blood flowing in his body, and he belonged to the main branch of its bloodline. Sky River Great Elder was his uncle through marriage since his aunt was married to him. She had been the most coveted beauty at the time.

For a person of such background and lineage, never mind someone from the Saint Plane, even Duan Qing from the Realm Palace of Tianhe Realmthe direct disciple of Sky River Great Elderwas hardly of enough weight to stand in front of him because they were simply not at the same level.

At this time, Shen Yao was a little surprised. Normally, it was difficult for any ordinary Renhuang to defend against his divine eyes. But today, a man from Saint Plane was able to offer some resistance. It was no wonder his uncle had picked him as his successor; his talent was truly astounding.

“Forgive me, Uncle, since you refused to let me take him back to the God Clan, this is what I have to do,” Shen Yao said. The pressure of might was still getting stronger, and Ye Futian’s spirit soul was quivering slightly. The coercion from the Sky River Great Elder was getting stronger and stronger. It was as if it might bloom at any moment.

At the same time, behind Shen Yao, several prominent figures of the God Clan stepped forward. All of them were releasing a terrible breath to take on the oppressive force meted out by the Sky River Great Elder.

The entire mountain range was now in a state of suffocation, and many whose realms were weaker felt difficulty breathing, as they were greatly suppressed.

“Your Highness.”

However, at this time, there seemed to be a very strong breath coming from afar. This breath came from a very distant placethe Realm Palace of the Tianhe Realm.

“Father.” Duan Qing raised his head and looked surprised when he sensed this breath. Why did his Fatherthe Emperorsuddenly appear now? What had happened?

“Huh?” Shen Yao, the cultivator from the God Clan who was oppressing Ye Futian at the moment, also frowned. The old man next to him asked, “What does the Realm Emperor mean by this?”

“Qi Xuangang has returned,” a voice came said, and everyone perked up when they heard his words. Shen Yao’s breath dissipated quickly from Ye Futian’s body, as the rest of the cultivators also withdrew their breath. They all concentrated their attention toward the sky.

Duan Qing’s heart was quivered. Qi Xuangang had returned?

He didn’t expect that he would actually come back.

A trace of disturbance flashed across the face of Sky River Great Elder. He had come back after all.

Ye Futian’s heart trembled. He tried hard to control his expression so that he appeared calm.

On the side, Xu Ping’an’s face turned pale, and it was a detail not missed by Shen Yao. Judging from the looks of it, when Duan Qing reported that someone had saved Xu Ping’an, that someone must have been Qi Xuangang, who had returned.

He came back and had gone to see Xu Ping’an’s parents, but he didn’t go up on the mountain.

If so, then the white-haired young man may have nothing to do with Qi Xuangang.

“Where?” Shen Yao asked.

“Outside the Realm Palace,” the voice said. “He wants to see Duan Qing.”

“Let’s go back,” Shen Yao spoke lightly, then immediately turned around to leave. Not only him, but all the cultivators of God Clan and Duan Qing, all turned and stepped into the void to leave.

“Are you going?” the Sky River Great Elder transmitted his voice to Ye Futian and asked whether Ye Futian would go there or not.

Ye Futian understood the meaning of the question. Since Master had chosen to appear, it meant that he had decided to face everything.

If he went, could he control his emotions?

“I will go,” Ye Futian responded, and without saying anything more, the Sky River Great Elder nodded. The storm of the Great Path rolled toward Ye Futian, and the two disappeared directly from the mountain.

“Grand Uncle-Master.” Xu Ping’an’s eyes looked toward somewhere far away, her face extremely pale.

At this time, outside the Realm Palace of Tianhe Realm.

A figure stood there quietly, and in front of him were great groups of mighty cultivators and even the Realm Emperor of Tianhe Realm. He stood there, watching the figure that had appeared.

Qi Xuangang had come back. He had arrived in such blunt fashion, standing in front of him like this.

And, he was also now a Renhuang.

Having experienced the great upheaval that happened and having left with just a grievous injury, it was not easy for him to step into the Renhuang realm at all. It was no wonder Sky River Great Elder chose him for his daughter.

In the distance, many people gathered together. Qi Xuangang was an unfamiliar name to the Tianhe Realm today. But, once upon a time, the upheaval that was raised in Tianhe Realm because of him was a near disaster that almost destroyed the realms. Therefore, until today, many still remembered himdisciple and son-in-law of the Sky River Great Elder.

Qi Xuangang had taken off his hat now. He stood there calmly and with honest majesty. There was no anger or fear on his face, only indifference. It was the kind of indifference that was only possible when everything had been let go of.

He didn’t plan to appear so early or in this way. But once he knew that the God Clan was coming and had gone directly to the mountain, he decided to come out in advance; he would end it all in his own way.

Above the sky, there was divine light descending, followed by the cultivators of the God Clan. They appeared directly at the top of the stairs, looking at Qi Xuangang.

After Qi Xuangang was seriously injured back then, they had searched for him for many years, but they couldn’t locate him. Perhaps Qi Xuangang had been wandering about, and perhaps he had gone to some very distant place.

They had never expected that he would come back by himself.

Then, Duan Qing also appeared. His eyes fell on Qi Xuangang in an instant. This was outside of his expectations.

After so many years, the man who had disappeared had come back by himself. He was not the descendant that they had guessed.

Qi Xuangang watched the appearance of everyone quietly. It wasn’t until the Sky River Great Elder came that his eyes seemed to come alive. He turned around and looked at the old man who appeared there.

Qi Xuangang knelt down in the direction of Sky River Great Elder, touching his forehead to the ground.

“Since you have come back, why not go up the mountain and visit? This is already out in the open, are you still worried that it will hurt me?”

“The disciple was inconsiderate.” Qi Xuangang looked up at the Sky River Great Elder, saying, “For what happened then, the disciple could never make it up to Master and Masteress. How could I return to the mountain to see you?”

“If you felt you couldn’t come see me, why would you come back?” asked the Sky River Great Elder with a bit of coldness. “Since you have already disappeared from this world, what can you do by coming back?”

“There are some things that if I don’t come back to solve, my heart will not be at peace,” Qi Xuangang replied. “Even though I did not visit Master on the mountain, I still have a glimmer of hope that I will see Master one more time.”

Sky River Great Elder looked at the figure, and he was speechless.

At the time, he quite liked Qi Xuangang; otherwise, he would not have accepted him as a son-in-law. Qi Xuangang possessed a calm state of mind. The intention of his heart was extraordinary, and their philosophy was in line with one another. If Qi Xuangang was given time, he could become a great cultivator who could inherit his crafts. Unfortunately, the upheaval of the past had destroyed everything.

“You’re quite the pupil,” Sky River Great Elder responded with some displeasure. What was the price of a glance?

Now that Qi Xuangang had appeared, the God Clan would take him away at all costs.

His appearance meant that he could never leave again.

“Since Junior Brother is this thoughtful, why should Master be displeased?” At this time, a voice came; it was Duan Qing. He looked at Sky River Great Elder and said, “Junior Brother returned this time, presumably so that the master may be freed from all this.”

Sky River Great Elder glanced at Duan Qing and said, “I do not have disciples who lie and cheat their teacher, seeking their destructions. You are not worthy of being my disciple.”

Duan Qing was stunned. Although what had happened was known by many back in the days, and everyone had guessed it somewhat, but it was always talked about in secret, never in public. Even Sky River Great Elder had never mentioned it.

However, at this time, he was openly accusing him of cheating and seeking the destruction of his master. He understood that perhaps because of Qi Xuangang’s return, everything would end, and the master no longer cared.

“I have done nothing wrong,” Duan Qing said to the Sky River Great Elder. Everyone was born with their own life and their own position. He did not think that he had done anything wrong. He was a person from the Realm Palace with the blood of the royal family in his veins. All descendants of the God Clan took the will of the God Clan as their own highest will, and he was no exception. The interest of the Realm Palace was the highest interest without question.

It was impossible for Duan Qing to watch the Realm Palace go down with Qi Xuangang. He needed to protect the Realm Palace because this was his clan, and he had to do something so that the family would continue on and emerge from that upheaval.

Therefore, he had no regrets, and his conscience was clear. If he had to do it again, he would still choose to do the same.

Ye Futian had been watching all this quietly, and his heart was extremely turbulent, but his face remained expressionless. Qi Xuangang had not looked at him from beginning to the end. It was as if they were really just two strangers!