The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1591

Chapter 1591 Meet Up

1591 Meet Up

Sky River Great Elder and Ye Futian cultivated in a corner of the City of the Ruins. Suddenly, Sky River Great Elder opened his eyes and looked into the distance. He said, “The party from Taixuan Mountain has arrived.”

Ye Futian, who was next to him, gradually opened his eyes. He also looked into the distance. After waiting for a few days, the party from Taixuan Mountain had finally arrived.

“The party from Taixuan Mountain seems to be with some other forces from the Higher Heavens Realm in a domain,” Sky River Great Elder said. “Let’s head over there now.”

“Sure.” Ye Futian nodded his head. With a flash, their two figures headed in the same direction.

The party from Taixuan Mountain was gathered together. Lord Taixuan was waiting. He was the one who had actively sought out Sky River Great Elder with his will and transmitted his thoughts over to the latter. Now, he knew that the other party was rushing over to meet them.

Many cultivators from the Higher Heavens Realm were in the surrounding domains. They also had their eyes on Lord Taixuan.

They had heard that Lord Taixuan had made a trip before. After that, Ye Futian had not made an appearance for the past year. Among the members of Taixuan Mountain on this trip, as expected, Ye Futian’s silhouette was nowhere to be seen. Where had he gone off to?

Divine Palace, Golden Divine Nation, and many other forces of the Higher Heavens Realm were still concerned about Ye Futian’s whereabouts.

Ye Futian was someone who could reign supreme among a generation of cultivators. Among those below the Renhuang Plane in the Higher Heavens Realm, he ranked among the top three. Huang Zhong from Divine Palace Ancestral Lands was the only person who could suppress him.

At the moment, many people looked up into the distance. They had sensed something and could not help but reveal bizarre looks.

Ye Futian had appeared. However, he had appeared with another elder who was not Lord Taixuan. They were headed in this direction to meet up with Lord Taixuan.

After a short while, in front of the members of Taixuan Mountain, two silhouettes descended from the sky and appeared before the crowd.

“Lord Taixuan.” Ye Futian bowed slightly at Lord Taixuan, who had sent him to the Tianhe Realm. Although it was unintentional, it had allowed Ye Futian to learn about his master’s situation. Otherwise, Ye Futian would have most likely not known that his master had been captured by the Shen clan.

“How has your cultivation been this past year?” Lord Taixuan asked.

“After cultivating with Master for a year, I have already approached the Great Path,” Ye Futian replied. When Lord Taixuan heard Ye Futian’s reply, he smiled and nodded in approval. Sky River Great Elder’s cultivation methods were suitable for reaching the Renhuang Plane. Sending Ye Futian over had not been a waste.

Since Ye Futian claimed that he was approaching the Great Path, he was likely close to having a breakthrough.

“I approached the Great Path a year ago. Until now, I have yet to have a breakthrough. From the looks of it, you will manage to catch up with me again,” a silhouette from behind Lord Taixuan said with a smile. It was Wan Shouyi, the cultivator from Taixuan Mountain Sword Abyss. Back then, he had been aided by Ye Futian and gained insight in his swordsmanship. After returning to Taixuan Mountain, he stumbled upon an opportunity and managed to approach the Great Path. This past year, he had spent almost all of his time cultivating, but he always seemed to be one step away.

Although he had always felt that he was inferior to Ye Futian, he still believed that he would reach the Renhuang Plane first. However, from the looks of it now, even that was not certain.

The speed at which this fellow improved his cultivation was too frightening.

Wan Shouyi had truly been unable to break through to the next plane. He was not suppressing his cultivation. If he was able to break through to the next plane, he would not intentionally suppress his cultivation. He would have gone with the flow and stepped into the Renhuang Plane.

Ye Futian smiled. Wan Shouyi’s disposition was extremely good.

When he heard Ye Futian address Sky River as Master, Lord Taixuan asked Sky River Great Elder with a smile, “Sky River, what do you think about the disciple I sent you?” For Sky River Great Elder to have accompanied Ye Futian, Lord Taixuan wondered whether he had overcome his previous trauma.

Lord Taixuan was unclear about the exact relationship between Ye Futian and Sky River Great Elder. He did not know that the protagonist of the series of events back then was Ye Futian’s master.

A chill suddenly descended upon them. In mid-air, a group of silhouettes walked over. They shone with divine light.

Ye Futian raised his head and looked in the direction of the silhouettes. He was greeted with blinding divine golden light. They were cultivators from Golden Divine Nation. Gai Shi Shi was among them.

The contingent of Golden Divine Nation was extremely powerful. This time around, it was only second to that of Divine Palace. The bodies of the Golden Divine Nation’s Renhuangs radiated divine golden light that was blinding. Many Taixuan Mountain disciples shielded their eyes with their hands.

Lord Taixuan raised his head at the contingent of Golden Divine Nation and asked, “What business do you have with us?”

“We saw that Lord Taixuan was here, so we came to pay a visit,” the divine general of Golden Divine Nation said. His voice was calm. When his gaze swept over Ye Futian, it was extremely sharp. Gai Shi Shi kept staring at Ye Futian. He was sure to pay back Ye Futian for previously humiliating him.

Gai Shi Shi’s cultivation had greatly improved, but he did not know what level Ye Futian was at now. With the combat ability that Ye Futian had previously revealed, it was rather difficult for Gai Shi Shi to defeat him.

“You are too kind,” Lord Taixuan replied. “I see that the Lord of the Golden Divine Nation has not come. Please extend my greetings to him.”

“Certainly,” the divine general responded. Both parties seemed to be speaking with no animosity. It was as though they were having a normal conversation and were extremely polite. However, everyone sensed the rivalry between them.

Ye Futian took the Sigh of the Divine God from Gai Shi Shi. This was the magnum opus of Golden Divine Nation. Now that it was in the hands of an outsider, how could they possibly be at ease?

“Lord Taixuan.” Another voice also called out. Another group of silhouettes approached. The leader was a powerful cultivator from Divine Palace. Ye Futian saw many familiar faces. They were all prominent figures in Divine Palace.

To the side of the Divine Palace members were members from Divine Sword Li Family, Chang Feng Clan and Sky Burying God Clan.

In the distance, behind this group of people, there were also cultivators from Divine Capital of Xiling. Old Demon Xiling led the group and stood at the very front. His gaze was deep and cold, causing others to be frightened of him.

Prominent figures from all across the Higher Heavens Realm had gathered there.

Among the Divine Palace members, Ye Futian even saw that Huang Zhong was present. One to two years ago, Huang Zhong had already qualified to break through to the Renhuang Plane. However, he wanted to hone his Divine Wheel of the Great Path. He sought perfection and wanted to exceed his limits. There was still another year before he would enter Divine Palace Ancestral Lands. Since Huang Zhong still had not broken through to the next plane, one could imagine how powerful he was at the Saint Plane. He was almost without equal.

A person like Huang Zhong had long outgrown pursuing the Lower Renhuang Plane.

Yi Tianyu was also present. His gaze landed on Ye Futian. When he discovered that Shen Jing was Ye Futian, he had been greatly affected. Now, he had finally met Ye Futian again. This time, Ye Futian had already returned to his original appearance. His temperament was even more outstanding than back then in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

“Are you the one who entered Ancestral Lands?” Huang Zhong asked as he looked at Ye Futian. Before this, Huang Zhong had encountered Ye Futian when he was disguised as Shen Jing.

“I am,” Ye Futian replied as he looked at Huang Zhong.

When he sensed the aura on Ye Futian’s body, Huang Zhong muttered, “You have reached a higher cultivation plane. I wonder how much of an improvement you have made since the last time we met.”

Ye Futian smiled.

“Ye Futian and Divine Palace can be considered to have entwined destinies. If you don’t mind, after entering God’s relic, you all can look out for one another,” a senior of Divine Palace said. Ye Futian had entered Divine Palace Ancestral Lands before. He was considered to have forged an unbreakable bond with Divine Palace.

“I do not need others to look out for me. After entering God’s relic, I will not waste my time on them,” Huang Zhong retorted. After he entered into God’s relic, he would travel alone. Although they were from the same sect, his relationship with the other Divine Palace disciples was not close. He had no time to take care of others.

This was God’s relic. How could he waste time on other people?

“I was only offering a suggestion. As for how things turn out, suit yourselves,” the senior from Divine Palace said. Divine Palace never meddled in the affairs of others. They were there was because they had also received the prophecy. Hence, they had brought their disciples.

As for what would transpire after the disciples entered God’s relic, the seniors could not and did not want to control it.

Many people looked at Huang Zhong. He was renowned as the top existence below Renhuang in the Higher Heavens Realm. As expected, he had some character.

However, with Huang Zhong’s might, he was likely highly ranked among the Nine Realms. He could have even possibly been one of the top 10 existences in the Nine Realms.

On the outskirts of this domain, a lot of cultivators had gathered. They all knew that the people there were members of the top forces of the Higher Heavens Realm. After receiving the prophecy, many people wanted to visit these forces and enter God’s relic through them.

Such a scene was very common. If they wanted to enter God’s relic, many figures at the pinnacle of the Saint Plane without major backgrounds relied on the help of these top forces.

Hence, near the outskirts of this domain, there were many cultivators standing guard. They sealed it off and forbid outsiders from simply stepping into the domain.

“Such a large contingent.” Among the crowd, Emperor Xia looked around and found the place interesting. “This contingent is too powerful. That fellow has found friends in such high places.”

Recalling the youth in the Emperor Xia’s Realm back then, Emperor Xia felt that this was somewhat surreal.

Before this, he was Lord of a Realm. Here, the people around the outskirts of this domain were not weaker than him. There were quite a few Renhuangs.

Emperor Xia felt somewhat disheartened. How was he going to keep his cool before Ye Futian from now on?

“Friend, I am looking for someone who is in the domain,” Emperor Xia said to the person who was guarding the outskirts.

However, the Renhuang before him swept an indifferent glance at him and ignored him.

“I truly am looking for someone,” Emperor Xia continued saying.

“They all are.” The Renhuang swept a glance at their surroundings. Emperor Xia glanced at the crowd. His face involuntarily turned red.

“Ye Futian!” Helpless, Emperor Xia could only shout out.

In the distance, Ye Futian, who was with the contingent, heard Emperor Xia’s voice. He turned his gaze toward Emperor Xia. When Ye Futian saw his silhouette, he subconsciously revealed a look of surprise. He dashed over in a flash.

Seeing Ye Futian’s actions, many powerful cultivators looked at him. They saw Ye Futian come up to Emperor Xia and Xia Qingyuan.

“Your Highness, Princess.” When he saw the two of them, Ye Futian revealed a smile. He was naturally happy to see Xia Qingyuan safe and sound.

“Hmm.” Emperor Xia nodded as he smiled slightly, putting on the airs of a Renhuang who was Lord of a Realm. However, Emperor Xia saw that there was a group of people approaching them. Each of them had auras that were unfathomable. Someone merely glanced at him and he felt his heart tremble. Emperor Xia’s previous aura instantly dwindled.

The company that this fellow kept was too good. He had no place to show his face.

“Futian, who is this?” Lord Taixuan asked.

Although Emperor Xia did not know what plane Lord Taixuan was at, he could tell with just a glance that Lord Taixuan was far more powerful than he was. They were not on the same level.

“Senior,” Emperor Xia greeted as he bowed slightly.

“No need for formalities.” Lord Taixuan nodded slightly in acknowledgment.

“This is Emperor Xia, a senior of mine,” Ye Futian said. “And, this is my good friend, Xia Qingyuan.”

“So, they are your old friends,” Lord Taixuan said and nodded. “Please continue with your conversation.”

As Lord Taixuan spoke, he walked away. Yaya walked over and greeted, “Emperor Xia.”

“You are also here,” Emperor Xia said when he saw Yaya. “The two most powerful Great Swordsmen in Emperor Xia’s Realm might both be here.”

“Swordmaster of Lihen has also arrived?” Ye Futian asked.

“He should have,” Emperor Xia replied. “Not long after the events in the Emperor Li’s Realm were over, Swordmaster of Lihen abdicated Lihen Heaven and came to the palace to bid me farewell. He said that he wanted to go on a training journey and would be coming to the most powerful Central Emperor Realm. It has been many years since then, so he should have arrived in the Central Emperor Realm. If that’s the case, it is possible that he will come here.”

Ye Futian gently nodded. Swordmaster of Lihen had been very devoted back then. He only pursued swordsmanship. He finally decided to cast away his former shackles and leave Emperor Xia’s Realm.

“If he truly has come here, he should be finding ways to join some force to be qualified to enter God’s relic,” Emperor Xia said. “Coincidentally, if you encounter him, you can lend him a hand.”

“Naturally,” Ye Futian replied. Swordmaster of Lihen had been kind to him. If Ye Futian encountered an old friend, he would undoubtedly help out as much as he could.