The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1597

Chapter 1597 Preparation

1597 Preparation

“How powerful.”

Zhu Qi secretly remarked as she looked at the back of the man clad in black. Under the fist will, the entire void had been suppressed.

The people on their side who had acted were all top cultivators at Yuanyang Palace.

“Who dared to be so rude?”

An indifferent voice suddenly sounded. A group of people was walking from the side where the palace was located. Zhu Qi and the others turned their attention in that direction. It was the young Palace Lord of Yuanyang Palace, who was also the leader of the Yuanyang Realm. It was said that he would cultivate at Yuanyang Clan in the future, and his combat power was extremely fierce.

The moment his words faded, a pattern appeared in the void where Ye Futian and the others stood off in the distance. A brilliant light sprinkled down. Large stone pillars descended from the sky, suppressing the void and blocking their way forward. At the same time, he stepped forward. His appearance seemed indifferent. When the young man in black had dealt that blow from afar, he had already felt its great shocking power.

However, Ye Futian and his group still moved forward. It was as if they didn’t see any of his movements and continued their way out of there.

The young Palace Lord of Yuanyang Palace took another step forward. More radiant patterns appeared above the sky. They were like sharp thorns hanging above them. The young man in black turned around and glanced at him.


With a violent stump of the foot, the earth quaked. The young man in black walked over. Rumbling noises were heard. Every step seemed to shatter the void. The patterns collapsed and were pulverized.

The face of the young Palace Lord suddenly changed. It only took the young man in black a few steps to walk in front of him. He raised his fist and blasted it out again without any fancy moves.

A huge roar was heard as the fist suddenly morphed into a dark demonic dragon. Containing the power of the dragon god, it crushed through the void.

A brilliant pattern appeared in front of the young Palace Lord of Yuanyang Palace. He tried to block the attack of the dark demonic dragon. However, broken crackling sounds were continuously heard as the fist will penetrated it.

Boom! With a loud bang, the young Palace Lord of Yuanyang Palace was shocked by the force and flew backward. He groaned and spat out a mouthful of blood. His breath was shallow, and his face was pale.

The people around him were shocked by what they saw.

Could he be that strong?

The strength of the young Palace Lord was well-known to them. In Yuanyang Realm, he was known as the perfection existence below Renhuang. However, he had been knocked backward by a single blow and had no strength to resist. How aggressive was this power?

As Renhuang Will of the Way descended, the Yuanyang Palace Renhuang cultivators stepped forward. They wanted to approach, but the young Palace Lord raised his hand and stopped them. He said, “Let them go.”

Several Renhuang stopped and did not continue the chase.

“The City of the Ruins is filled with strong cultivators. In comparison, our Yuanyang Realm is insignificant. The other party has no intention of picking a fight,” the young Palace Lord of Yuanyang Palace said as he looked at the figure in black that was walking away. With such powerful fighting power, he was not some small character without renown.

They were all City of the Ruins for God’s relic. Although he was the young Palace Lord of Yuanyang Palace that controlled the Lower Worlds, he knew his limit. The top forces of the Upper Worlds were a lot stronger than them. Strictly speaking, their reason for being there was merely the fact that they were from the Yuanyang Clan of the Imperial Realm.

Therefore, he didn’t want to escalate the matter.

Ye Futian and his group moved further away. They soon disappeared and could no longer be seen.

Zhu Qi looked at the disappearing figures. It took her a long time to regain her calmness.

The young man in black was strong. In fact, he was the strongest person in Saint Plane that she had ever seen. The young Palace Lord was blasted away by a single punch.

Previously, the Black Wind Condor had called the man in black “Second Master.”

Since there was a second, there had to be a first. Who could that be? It was likely the man at the center and the master of the Black Wind Condor. It was the young man with white hair.

Because of the trash-talking by the Black Wind Condor, her initial impression of Ye Futian had not great. To have such a demonic beast, the master was probably not someone of great quality. The moment she thought of it, Ye Futian had been polite and not rude at all. He appeared elegant. Judging from the dominance of the young man in black, one could imagine that his talent was very strong.

Could it be that the shameless bragging of Black Wind Condor was true?

Just who was his master?

When Ye Futian and his men returned to their station, he turned around to look at the Black Wind Condor. Seeing Ye Futian’s smiling eyes, Black Wind Condor shrunk his head. Speaking in an extremely obsequious tone, he said, “Master, what do you command?”

“I’m thinking that it’s about time to find a new demonic beast to serve me,” Ye Futian whispered.

“Don’t, Master, Black Wind Condor is loyal and honest. Although I’ve been outside, I always thought of returning to Master all the time.” Black Wind Condor had been away for a few years. Not only had he not been degraded, but he had also increased its power. Cultivation was for ascension. His spiritual intelligence was fully opened. He thought it was no different from human beings. He was no longer the little demon from before.

In the words of the Black Wind Condor, he was already a demonic saint, a big demon beast.

“You were bullied outside but still thought about coming back.” Ye Futian looked at him and considered Zhu Qi’s attitude. This guy had not lost his sharp tongue, and Zhu Qi’s eyes didn’t look right. Presumably, she was dragged by this guy. Ye Futian had every reason to believe that Black Wind Condor said a lot of things that should not be said.

“In the future, if I get wind of you tarnishing my reputation, you will be handed over to Qingyuan for discipline,” Ye Futian said as he stared sternly at him.

“Ah…” Black Wind Condor let out a sigh and weakly glanced at Xia Qingyuan, who was beside him. He saw Xia Qingyuan look at him with a smile. Black Wind Condor felt a tingling in his scalp. That woman was too aggressive. He never wanted to fall into her hands.

“Enough of that,” Ye Futian said. “Many days have passed, and the day of the opening of God’s relic draws near. We should make all the necessary preparations and try not to cause any trouble.” Everyone had arrived. He had already met up with many people there, which made him happy.

Now, all of their focus needed to be directed at the God’s relic.

The relic was under the control of Donghuang the Great. It only opened up once every 50 years, so it was the event of the Nine Realms that affected the cultivators of all of the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path.

Many notable figures had converged upon the City of the Ruins, which was not considered a large city. Everyone was waiting for the opening of God’s relic.

Without a doubt, once everyone had entered the relic, there would be bloody fights.

Once the top cultivators of the Nine Realms were in one place inside God’s relic, it was easy to determine what would happen.

Moreover, many principalities did not come by themselves. They also brought with them ruling forces from other realms. Some of those who had more people with them entered like a large army.

For instance, among the forces that had recently arrived, the force that was closest to Ye Futian, as far as he knew, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, had brought with them many cultivators.

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty ruled all the surrounding imperial dynastic forces. All the top cultivators of the Saint Plane among those principalities were called together to enter God’s relic.

Among all the cultivators, Yi Tianyu was the strongest.

As they waited, Ye Futian quietly cultivated and continued to make preparations to enter God’s relic.

This time, he was about to face his peers, who were those cultivators at the peak of their power in all of the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path.

Ye Futian was not alone in his preparation. The other cultivators from all sides were doing the same.

In an area of the City of the Ruins occupied by the cultivators from the Solar Realm, there was a mountain. It was possessed by a force from the Solar Realm. The entire mountain had been transformed into the color of flames. Solar palaces had been cast upon the mountain.

On the edge of the mountain, a group of people was standing and gazing at the movement of the people in the distant City of the Ruins.

Divine light from the sun was released from the bodies of those who were standing there. Even their eyes were like the eyes of the sun. They released the burning fire of the sun as the sun’s crown dazzled above their heads.

Legend had it that the Solar Realm was transformed by a divine item and could illuminate everything in the world. Those who were born in the Solar Realm inherently possessed extremely strong flame attributes. In the Solar Realm, some were from the bloodline of the legendary Sun God.

“This time, after God’s relic is opened, there will be cultivators from everywhere, such as the Imperial Realm, Mountain Realm, Ziwei Realm, and Solar Realm, as well as many other extraordinary principalities,” the man in the middle of the group said. “After entering God’s relic, we should avoid catching too much attention. Of course, whatever is necessary for us to fight and get it must be done. This is an extremely important opportunity for all of you who had come.”

“Yes,” the people next to him slightly nodded. They were the most famous from this generation of the Solar Realm. Normally, their peers were nothing to them, but this time it was different.

Those who were entering the relic were similar to them.

In another area, inside a forged great hall, a middle-aged man wearing a starry robe looked down at the crowd below. He wore a crown. He was like an emperor on earth, majestic and regal.

The people there were the cultivators from the top forces of the Ziwei Realm.

“In the past, several outings to God’s relic were the most violent battlefields, with many proud geniuses from all realms losing their lives there,” the man with the crown, who was like an emperor in the midst of them, said to the cultivators. “Therefore, the journey to God’s relics is also a battlefield where geniuses perish. Of course, your strength is unquestionable, but you will do well to remember that what you will be facing the existence of equal strength from all Nine Realms. Thus, you are not allowed to treat this with any slightness or negligence. Any enemy who stands in front of you is worthy of your most serious attention.”

The people gathered there were all the best of the best. Yet, among them, many were going to perish in God’s relic. That was an unquestioned fact. Even so, they still had to progress, but he also had to remind them of the hidden danger.

All major principalities were making final preparations for God’s relic. Gradually, the once lively City of the Ruins started to sober up and become somewhat oppressed.

Everyone understood that they would be facing the most brutal trial in their lives, which could be said as the most severe trial within all of the Nine Realms.

The day had finally arrived.

In the area above the City of the Ruins, a mesmerizing divine light cascaded down from the sky. Sacred figures stood high above the sky. They were clad in armor and as magnificent as divine generals.

They were from the Empty Imperial Palace, known as the Divine Priests, and commanded by Donghuang the Great.