The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1599

Chapter 1599 First Tragedy In The Relic

1599 First Tragedy in the Relic

Ye Futian seriously looked at his surroundings. The white sky had no clouds. The dull wind gave off a heavy sense of depression.

The aura was somewhat curious. It was ancient and solemn.

However, Ye Futian felt the omnipresent aura between heaven and earth, as well as the breath of the Great Path. It was as if they permeated every corner of the world.

When they quieted down and observed their surroundings, everyone felt how different it was there. It was not like a closed-off world of ruins. It was more like a vast expanse of space that was not too much different from the outside world. Of course, the area might have been so vast that the boundaries of the relic were impossible to detect.

“God’s relic, are there really gods in this world?” Ye Futian whispered. In the world of cultivation, gods were nothing more than a respectful title for powerful cultivators. Just like fairies, Buddha, or demons, there were all kinds of titles. Gods only signified a kind of power that was beyond imagination.

Perhaps the Imperial Realm above Renhuang was god-like.

“I asked the grandmaster before I came, and he mentioned some things about God’s relic. According to his knowledge, there is a little-known term for God’s relic,” said a woman next to him. It was the daughter of the City Lord of Taixuan, Luoyue.

This time, Ye Futian and the others joined up with the disciples of Taixuan Mountain to enter God’s relic.

The disciples of Taixuan Mountain also had trust in Ye Futian’s cultivation strength.

“What’s it called?” Ye Futian asked.

“Tombs of the gods,” Luoyue replied.

Ye Futian shuddered at the thought of the tombs of the gods.

Had God’s relic buried all of the gods?

If so, the origin of God’s relic was terrifying.

By the order of Donghuang the Great, the prophecy was given to open God’s relic, which shocked the nine realms and brought the cultivators together. Ye Futian knew that God’s relic was extraordinary. When he heard that title, he still felt his insides shudder.

Tombs of the gods!

Doesn’t that mean that this ruin was the burial place of the gods?

In that case, how terrible was it?

Where had they gone to?

This place was perhaps not the simple ruin they had imagined.

No matter how terrible the origin of God’s relic was, they had not time to spend thinking about such things.

Although they were not in a hurry, they couldn’t keep standing there waiting and chatting.

“Follow me,” Ye Futian said as he started walking away.

Everyone nodded and followed Ye Futian. They gathered together and headed in the same direction. They didn’t know where Ye Futian was going, or why he had picked that particular direction. They didn’t ask any questions. This was clearly a demonstration of absolute trust.

Yu Sheng transmitted his voice to Ye Futian. “We have a small number of people. If we have to take care of them and battle at the same time, we will be in trouble. We may not be able to take care of them.” Ye Futian’s strength was not a concern, but the people inside God’s relic were not simpletons. Many of them were standing at the peak of the Nine Realms. Now, some were breaking into the realm of Renhuang.

If there were conflicts, even if he had no confidence of winning, it would be more complicated having to take care of the others.

“We need someone to lead the way,” Ye Futian said. Yu Sheng was puzzled when he heard Ye Futian’s words, but he didn’t ask any more questions.

Since Ye Futian had a plan, he just needed to follow.

“Boss, where are we going?” Black Wind Condor’s eyes were shining with excitement. After being servile for so long, he was finally getting a chance to show off.

Ye Futian was in no mood to answer him. He continued to move forward at a very fast pace.

The cultivators had entered from different entrances into God’s relic. Ye Futian came in later because he was observing those around him to see which entrance they used. After entering God’s relic, he deliberately observed the location of those people and whether or not they were consistent with the location of the gates they had used outside.

Although the distance was much farther than before, the locations did correspond.

Therefore, he walked toward the west.

That direction was the previous location of the cultivators of all the principalities from the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

All the top forces from the Heavenly Mandate Realm had arrived, and the same was true with the demonic realm. Many from the demon realm arrived together, but some forces still preferred to move alone. It seemed that this was the same relationship they had with other demon clans.

For example, although it had become the top power among the demonic clans, the Purple Gold Rat Clan still felt that it was not respected by the other demonic clans.

The Purple Gold Rat Clan called itself the Purple Gold Divine Rat. The leader who took them inside God’s relic was the grandson of the Purple Gold Rat Emperor, Shu Huangsun, whose strength was also very dominant. He had come out for the occasion after spending many years in seclusion.

Through sheer hard work, the founder of the clan had created the glory of the Purple Gold Rat Clan. To continue to expand that glory, they needed the concerted efforts of every generation of Rat Clan’s descendants to work harder than other demonic clans. After all, the talents they were born with were still much more inferior than the demonic clans of the real dragon, divine phoenix, and Kunpeng.

Therefore, they had saved their strength to come to God’s relic. If they had a great opportunity this time, they could potentially maintain the status of the Purple Gold Rat Clan and continue to expand their glory in the future.

Although the appearance of Shu Huangsun was consistent with that of the rat family, his thieving face landed slightly on the ugly side. Yet, his temperament was quite extraordinary. The Vajra shining upon his body gave him an unusual stature. It suggested power that commanded some noble dignity.

They went forward, rushing in one direction. They were ready to discover the treasures in the relic.

The Purple Gold Rat Clan was an expert at this. It was a talent that belonged to them, so they did not want to partner with others.

Furthermore, the Purple Gold Rat Clan kept a low profile under the leadership of Shu Huangsun. Instead of traveling by air, they shuttled on the ground and maintained a steady speed to avoid attracting the attention of others. The Purple Gold Rat Clan was not considered superior in the demonic realm of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. It was regarded as strange and alien by many other more noble demonic clans. In the entire Nine Realms, it had no strong position to speak of. Thus, it worked better for them to keep a low profile.

“Huh?” Shu Huangsun suddenly seemed to have felt something. He stopped and turned to look around.

He faintly felt that someone was peeping at them with divine will and still approaching.

“Go and see,” he said. Behind him, two rat demons levitated. The golden lights on their bodies shimmered as they headed toward the sky. Their eyes turned golden. It was as if they could penetrate the void directly and look into a very distant place.

Their golden pupils pierced through the space. A white-haired figure traveled through the air with incredible speed. It was coming toward them. At the same time, the white-haired figure was condensing a seal in both hands. Suddenly, numerous currents of swordsmanship appeared around him. In the distant void, countless divine wills suddenly appeared to resonate with the divine swords. A strong sword will burst out.

They soon saw the bright and sparkling eyes of the white-haired youth. He seemed to be smiling at them.

In the next moment, the sword came directly through the void.

“Watch out!”

The two shouted. As their voices faded, the radiant sword light appeared as countless divine swords manifested above the sky. Two of the swords sliced through the void and headed toward the two men.


It was almost too fast for them to react. The swords penetrated through, carrying with them the will of the Great Path of Space. The two Demon Saints of the Purple Gold Rat Clan looked pale. Why were they so fast?

Wherever the divine will turned, it instantly landed.

Sword Qi raged in their bodies. More swords descended from the sky, piercing through their bodies and killing the two demons.

When they saw the swords descending from the sky, the rest of the demonic beasts of the Purple Golden Rat Clan were appalled. Many rat demons escaped and fled beneath the ground.

In the blink of an eye, countless divine swords rained down. The sounds of bodies being stabbed continued. The divine swords seemed to be alive as they pierced the ground and continued to chase. Fresh blood leaked spread on the ground.

Growl! A terrifying angry roar was heard. Shu Huangsun’s face was extremely gloomy as he witnessed the scene in front of him. His real nature manifested itself. He turned into a giant purple gold rat demon. He opened the great basin of his golden mouth and devoured the incoming divine swords. He ferociously chewed them up.

They had just entered God’s relic, yet someone was there to assassinate them.

Two figures stepped out of the void. The man in front had white hair like snow. His white robe was flying in the wind. The man behind him wore a black robe and showed an indifferent murderous intent in his eyes. He exuded an air of aggression.

“Purple Gold Rat Clan, you participated in the attack of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.” Ye Futian spoke lightly. His voice was indifferent as he announced the crimes committed by the Purple Gold Rat Clan.

With a turning of his will, countless divine swords appeared. They enveloped the vast and endless void. They quickly and madly fell down. They did not kill the demons. Instead, they locked them into the space.

“Yu Sheng, kill those rats who fled beneath the ground,” Ye Futian commanded. Yu Sheng stomped his foot. An indescribable heavy sensation exploded. His dark armor on him shone with radiance. He was like a dark demonic god that had descended directly from the heavens.

He threw a punch at the ground. When the punch made contact, the earth made a dull sound as huge cracks appeared. The ground was being torn apart.

Beneath the ground, many miserable sharp screams were heard. As fresh blood mixed into the earth, the ground turned dead silent. No breath of life was detected.

In an instant, the casualties were more than half of the clan.

Every one of the Demon Saints of the Purple Gold Rat Clan shivered. Their faces showed anger and fear. They looked at Ye Futian and Yu Sheng in terror.

How were they so strong?

These two had once appeared at the feast of the Violet Heavenly Palace. At that time, they had demonstrated extraordinary combat effectiveness, but they were not that strong.

Now, they were invincible.

This was to avenge the past participation of the Purple Gold Rat Clan in the attack of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

Shu Huangsun let out a low growl and exposed his sharp golden fangs. He looked terrifying and menacing. His eyes were fixed on Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

After they entered God’s relics, they had intended to go about their business as inconspicuous as possible. In less than five minutes after entering, they had been followed and hunted. Now, more than half of their people were slain.

Behind Ye Futian and the others, Black Wind Condor had also rushed over. When he saw what was in front of him, he blinked and remembered Ye Futian talking about keeping a low profile. He felt deeply troubled.

The low profile the boss had spoken about really confused Black Wind Condor.