The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1600

Chapter 1600 Control

1600 Control

Ye Futian was still standing in the air with countless divine swords falling all around him. They were everywhere, locking down the area. With Yu Sheng there as well, there was not even room for a mouse to move.

The cultivators from the Purple Gold Rat Clan who had come to the ruins had been frightened by the two men. This made them feel a little bit sad.

They had thought that they would be able to thrive with the greatest powers of the Nine Realms on this trip to the God’s Relic and seize it for themselves. They had not thought that right at the beginning…

Things were going very badly.

Ye Futian looked at the cultivators of the Purple Gold Rat Clan and said, “I will give you a choice. Submit or die.” His eyes were cold. There was not even a hint of emotion in his voice.

He was considering what Yu Sheng had said. There was no lack of powerful figures who had come to the God’s Relic. The two of them naturally had no major problems. For the others, once a major battle broke out, it would be difficult to take care of them.

He needed to get a few servants to take care of them.

The Purple Gold Rat Clan were without a doubt the best choice.

“Submit?” Shu Huangsun grew larger. His body was extremely hideous. His fur was golden and shiny. As a member of the Rat Clan, it still did not give anyone even the slightest feeling of beauty.

His golden fur stiffened and grew as sharp as knives. He stretched out his incredibly sharp claws. An aura like that of a demon emperor spread out from them. As they pressed forward, everyone could feel a terrible tearing power coming off of them.

The Purple Gold Rat Clan stood at the peak of the Demon Realm. However, they were being taken lightly by this human. Did he take them for common rats?

Was he really trying to make the members of their sovereign family submit?

Many of the Purple Golden Rat Saints angrily glared at Ye Futian. Was he trying to humiliate them?

Yu Sheng looked up and felt the cold demonic aura surging from the Purple Gold Rats. His eyes were cold, and his gaze was full of murderous intent.

“It would be an honor for you,” he said. His dark demonic armor flashed with a terrible light. Many dark, sharp blades appeared in his arms, which was a shocking sight. This made the Demon Saints of the Purple Gold Rat Clan feel an immense amount of pressure. This demonic cultivator was much more frightening than Ye Futian. There was not even a hint of emotion in his dark eyes. It was like he was nothing more than a killing weapon.

Shu Huangsun swept his gaze over Yu Sheng. The light shining on his sharp claws grew even stronger. He planned to use his claws to tear through Ye Futian’s and Yu Sheng’s heads.

He was using the finger bone of a powerful ancestor of the Purple Gold Rat Clan to enhance his claws. It contained terrible will within it. When light burst forth from it, the space in front of him seemed like it would be torn in two.

Ye Futian naturally felt its aura. There was a roaring sound within him as the Supreme Elephant Emperor’s bones released their power. In a flash, a burst of incomparably powerful aura filled the area.

Woosh! Shu Huangsun flew through the air at an incredible speed. He reached out with his giant claws toward Ye Futian’s head. His claws expanded until they filled the air. Ye Futian’s whole was likely to be covered by this attack.

Without any hesitation, Ye Futian raised his arms and slammed them forward. The Great Path roared so loudly that the heavens shook. The sound of bones breaking was instantly heard. Shu Huangsun felt his bones shattering.

He soon saw a pair of ice-cold eyes. They were deep enough to make one feel like they had fallen into an abyss.

In his mind, Ye Futian’s image grew larger and larger. It was imprinted on his divine soul. A terrible energy storm raged through him. He groaned as his massive body began to shake.


There was a loud noise as fists slammed into his head. He gave a pitiful cry as powerful will surged into him, eating up his own will and draining him of any power he had to resist.

He cried out as if he had realized something. He had made his final resistance.

He was from the Purple Gold Rat Clan and a sovereign family. How could he have fallen so far as to be the servant of humans and obey their orders? This was a massive humiliation.

Boom! There was another loud noise as his divine soul was struck again. The more he resisted, the worse it got. Ye Futian was using his attacks to waken his willpower. Ye Futian saw the image of a purple gold rat within his opponent’s divine soul. He knew this was his main spirit. Powerful will surged into him through the raging energy storm, leaving an imprint behind.

At that moment, all his power to resist disappeared.

“Kneel,” Ye Futian coldly said. Below them, the cultivators of the Purple Gold Rat Clan watched and trembled in fear. Up in the air, Shu Huangsun was kneeling. It seemed he had willingly submitted to Ye Futian.

This made them feel a deep chill come up from their souls.

They were finished.

They had just entered the God’s Relic and had hoped to have some success. Instead, what had been waiting for them was disaster.

Ye Futian stepped forward and placed a foot on Shu Huangsun’s back. He swept his sharp eyes over the Purple Rat Clan cultivators below him as he said, “I will kill anyone who does not submit.”

Woosh! Several of the Purple Rat Clan demon Saints tried to flee.

Bang! Yu Sheng quickly strode forward, moving an incredible distance in a single step. The power with which he brought his foot down made the earth shake and split open. He reached out. Terrible demonic light burst forth, transforming into swallowing power. All the Purple Gold Rat Clan cultivators were slowed down. In the next instant, countless beams of dark light wrapped around them. They turned into dark claws that pulled them firmly backward.


One of the Purple Gold Rat Clan cultivators transformed with a roar. Golden light flashed from him. He tried to break the power of the claws that were holding him. There was no way he could have succeeded. He was pulled right back into Yu Sheng’s arms.

A snapping sound rang out as Yu Sheng’s hands turned into sharp demonic claws that pierced into his opponent’s flesh. It was a shocking sight.

Thump! There was another loud noise as Yu Sheng stepped into the sky. Countless beams of dark demonic light swept out toward the other Purple Gold Rat Clan cultivators, covering the entire area.

As the cultivators below watched Yu Sheng, there was a loud splitting sound as the cultivators who had tried to flee were smashed to death one by one. There was no hope of escape. They all died on the spot.

Before long, everything had calmed down. There was no sign that a struggle had taken place.

The Purple Gold Rat Clan cultivators felt that things were hopeless. It seemed that they had no other choice but to accept their fates. They had lost any hope of victory as soon as they had entered the God’s Relic.

Ye Futian took several steps forward. As he stood in midair, a brilliant light shone from him. The cultivators of the Purple Gold Rat Clan lowered their heads. They had no more power to resist. They despaired inwardly, but what did it matter? There was a simple choice before them now.

They had to choose to live or die.

Ye Futian looked at the Purple Gold Rat Clan cultivators, whose heads were lowered, without any sympathy or pity. In addition to having participated in the siege of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, they had tried to steal the Divine Elephant Emperor’s bones at the Origin Mountains and kill him.

“From now on, you are no longer permitted to resist.” Ye Futian walked back and forth in front of them. He began to take full control of them. Their bodies trembled. Before long, they all knelt on the ground with incredibly sincere looks in their eyes. They were now fully obedient to Ye Futian.

Behind them, Luoyue and the other cultivators of Taixuan Mountain looked surprised. What was this?

Ye Futian seemed to be able to control demons.

Once all the demons of the Purple Gold Rat Clan were controlled, Ye Futian turned and said to the people of Taixuan Mountain, “This ability is not appreciated by the demon clans. I trust that you will all keep my secret.”

“Don’t worry,” Luoyue said with a nod. There were not many people there from Taixuan Mountain. After all, Taixuan Mountain was rather weak. They had mostly come there to observe. As far as they were concerned, the most important thing was to stay alive. They were not about to deny any good fortune that came their way.

Ye Futian knew all the people who had come. Moreover, he knew they would all obey him. Those who had cultivated to the Saint level would not run their mouths and give away secrets.

Once all this was done, Ye Futian swept his gaze over the Purple Gold Rat Clan. With a single thought, they all suddenly began burrowing into the ground and went off in different directions.

At the same time, one of them burrowed right below their feet, guarding them from below. He was not going to leave them. This rat cultivator desired to give his all to defend them. When they needed it most, he would defend Xia Qingyuan and the others.

The Swordmaster of Lihen walked up to Ye Futian and whispered, “Are you sending the rat demons out to scout?”

Ye Futian nodded. “Yes. I sent them out in different directions. It is said that these rats have some particular talents and are well-suited to scouting and finding treasure. If I spread them out, they can cover a greater area. Even if they are discovered, the people of other forces will not consider a single rat to be a threat. They will probably just ignore them.”

The Swordmaster of Lihen slightly nodded. If any of the rats were discovered and targeted, a single rat had no hope of standing on its own. He inwardly sighed. After so many years of experience, this young man, who had once been swayed by personal feelings, was becoming more mature.

Of course, he did not pity these rats at all. When he heard what Ye Futian had said, he knew there was great enmity between the two sides.

“In that case, we do not need to worry too much as we make our way,” Ye Futian said. The group continued forward. They were not moving very fast. The rats had gone out in all directions, but he did not know yet know what direction to go to find ruins left by the gods.

While Ye Futian was controlling the Purple Gold Rat Clan, the other forces that had come to the God’s Relic were moving as well. They were all going in different directions. The cultivators who had reached into the Renhuang plane were the fastest, and their senses covered the widest area. They already had an advantage and hoped they could discover the ruins as fast as possible.

They knew very well that as more time passed, the number of Renhuangs in the God’s Relic would increase. Many powerful figures were likely to break through to the next level.

However, no great battle had broken out yet. Other than Ye Futian’s fight with the Purple Gold Rat Clan, the other forces were temporarily at peace and did not attack each other. They all knew that this was only because the time was not yet right.

Once a ruin left behind by the gods was found, a vicious battle would certainly break out.