The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1603

Chapter 1603 Fighting Will

Violent noises were continuously heard from the underground palace. There was not nearly enough space down there for a battle between people at the top of the Saint plane. An ordinary palace certainly would have collapsed by this point. However, even though the underground palace was constantly shaking, it had not been destroyed.

Outside the palace, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng had advanced a little bit and were watching the palace.

"I cant sense anything," Ye Futian whispered. Should they go in or not?

"Should we go in?" Yu Sheng asked.

"Lets wait a little longer," Ye Futian replied. The battle within was extremely chaotic. The cultivators of the three greatest forces in the Ziwei Realm were locked in battle. If they rushed in now, they would be nothing more than cannon fodder.

At the very least, it was best to wait until all three sides had been weakened.

Ye Futian did not doubt that even though their opponents had completely ignored the two of them, if the two of them rushed in to try and seize the advantage, their opponents would not hesitate to destroy them first.

Yu Sheng quietly stood there. He was a little disheartened. Since there were no Renhuangs among these three great forces, why wait? They should have started fighting right away. This guy was still quite lazy.

The sounds of violent battle continued. Although their divine spirits were blocked by the underground palace, they could still imagine how fierce the battle within was. Just the sounds were enough to shake their courage.

As long as those sounds continued, Ye Futian was in no rush. The battle was clearly still going on.

After a while, all suddenly became quiet within the underground palace. There were no more wild sounds of battle.

"Did they stop?" Ye Futian was surprised. He stared at the underground palace. He was unable to see the end of that long gallery in front. Had the winners and losers been decided?

He strode forward but stopped after a single step. He saw figures emerging from the underground palace. They soon reached the outside. A look of surprise came over Ye Futians face when he saw them. There were people from all of the three forces.

Had they made peace?

"Did those two leave on their own, or should we see them off?" one of them asked. Ye Futian slightly frowned. Why were they suddenly thinking of them?

Could it be that the people inside had come to an agreement?

Would they first take care of the people watching from outside?

Yu Shengs eyes were cold. A thread of demonic power rolled off of him. Ye Futian said, "I know we want to go in and take a look, but lets stay put for the time being."

Whoosh! A powerful killing will suddenly erupted from the cultivator of the Clan of the Seven Slayers. Endless threads of Slaughtering Qi surged with horrifying force. The cultivators from the School of the Emperor Star and the Dou tribe released powerful auras as well, which pressed toward Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

One of the figures moved. The cultivator from the Clan of the Seven Slayers pierced through the air, ignoring the great distance between them. He descended in front of Ye Futian and Yu Sheng and thrust out with his spear. Slaughtering Qi filled the air. It covered the two of them within it. The spear contained an incredible amount of killing will. It made the two of them feel like their divine souls were under threat.

Yu Shen stepped forward. At nearly the same instant, demonic energy rolled off of him. A dark demonic flow of Qi swept out, colliding with the Slaughtering Qi. His fist turned into a claw, which he raked across his opponents spear.

As the spear pressed down, incomparably powerful Slaughtering Will erupted from it. It tried to pierce through Yu Shengs hand and into his arm, but Yu Sheng had already transformed his hand into a demonic claw. The Slaughtering Will seeped into the claw, but it was blocked. It seemed that Yu Shengs arm was not made of human flesh and blood. It was filled with the hard bones of a demon dragon.

The man reacted incredibly fast. He dropped his spear, took a step back, and transformed into a beam of light to flee.

Yu Sheng ran his hand over the spear from top to bottom. He suddenly took a step forward, which made a loud booming sound. All the air seemed to flee the area as the suppression of the Great Path made the world stagnate. Time and space seemed to stop. He reached out toward his opponent.

Boom! There was an incredibly loud noise. Within the moment that time had stopped, he had pierced the spear through the fleeing cultivator from the Clan of the Seven Slayers chest. He slammed into one of the ruined walls, spitting up a mouthful of blood. His internal organs shook from the blow. Blood flowed continuously from his wound.

"Youre still so violent!" When he saw what had happened, Ye Futian was nearly speechless. "They had not seen each other for several years, but Yu Shengs combat style was still simple and direct. It was clean and tidy, without any unnecessary complications. But his destructive power was astonishing. Even if the cultivator from the Clan of the Seven Slayers had not been killed, he would not be getting back up anytime soon.

When they saw this, everyones hearts beat faster. Some of them thought back to their elders orders and felt like they had made a mistake by taking these men who had come to the Gods Relic too lightly.

In the face of the three great powers, no matter how individually powerful they were, two Saint-level cultivators were no threat at all. Once Yu Sheng acted, they sensed that these two were far stronger than they had originally assumed.

Bang! Yu Sheng rushed forward at the crowd of enemies. The sky was filled with raging, dark demonic energy. It seemed like a black demonic dragon had appeared. He reached a claw through the air. The dark dragon suddenly roared and charged toward his opponents. The other cultivators rose into the air, scattering and fleeing.

Whoosh! Ye Futian rushed forward as well, appearing in front of the underground palace. He stepped inside and said, "I will go and take a look."

There had been no movement inside. Their opponents had sent people out to deal with them, so he wanted to go in and see what was going on. As for what was happening outside, he left it to Yu Sheng. He had absolute confidence in his abilities and believed he would solve the problem very quickly.

There were some corpses in the long gallery in front of the palace, as well as many wounded people. All of them had been left behind after the recent battle. Of course, Ye Futian saw many skeletons.

There were shafts of light, but it still was rather dark. That was probably because it had been buried underground for so long. Judging by the gate, which was so large, and how sturdy the palace was, it must have once been the cultivation place of some great figure.

He thought that if his guess was correct, this had once been its own realm. What happened to lead to its destruction?

Luoyue had said that this was the burial place of all the gods. Could it be that this realm had a war in the distant past? Had it led to the annihilation of the history of an entire realm full of cultivators? If so, when Donghuang the Great had conquered this area, he had set this up as a place for his descendants to train.

Ye Futian continued forward. He moved deeper into the gallery. He finally saw the three forces that had previously been fighting.

The cultivators were no longer fighting. They were all just standing there.

In front of them was the end of the hall, which contained a throne. In front of the throne was an incredibly imposing figure. His eyes seemed to be able to peer through the ages. He possessed incomparably powerful fighting will. He held a spear that was stuck into the ground. Dazzling fighting will swept out from the spear, transforming into a light curtain that lit up the whole area.

Hes dead, Ye Futian thought. The figure was insubstantial. It was not the mans true body. It was not even his ghost. There was no breath of life left within him. All that was left was his ferocious fighting will.

Had he transformed into fighting will that would not dissipate after his death?

His spear seemed to have inherited all of the fighting will he had had in life.

Compared to that fighting will, Dou Zhao of the Dou tribes fighting will seemed rather lackluster.

The Dou tribe was skilled in battle and said to be the descendants of the God of Battle. When they were able to give full play to their advantages, their fighting will could fill the heavens and their power was pushed to its limits. However, it was still far less than the fighting will within that spear and unreal image. They were not even on the same level. It was like comparing a firefly to the full moon.

This was the fighting will of a true legend. Even after thousands of years, it had not dissipated. It had seeped into the spear. There was so much fighting will that the people could not get near it. This showed how terrifying it was.

There was a fire burning in Dou Zhaos eyes. It was like this place had been prepared for him. If he was able to obtain this fighting will, how much would his power increase? He might have even been able to fight Renhuangs.

Right now, none of them had even gotten close to it. Thus, they had stopped fighting.

There seemed to be no more use in fighting. Whoever obtained the fighting will would certainly be the winner.

Suddenly, a stranger entered. Everyones gaze turned and fell upon Ye Futian.

The people they had sent out had not managed to deal with the two of them. In fact, they had even let one of them in.

It seemed that these were no common cultivators.

They released their auras at him. Suddenly Ye Futian was under an immense amount of pressure. He looked at the crowd, smiled, and said, "I am just here to watch. You may continue."

"Just here to watch?" Everyone looked at him coldly. Was he really going to play the fool with them here?

He had been able to get this far. Was he really just going to watch?

One of them stepped toward Ye Futian. It was a cultivator from the Dou tribe. His fighting will wildly surged. His aura was astonishing. It climbed right up to the Saint level.


There was a roar as he stepped forward again. Divine light shone from him. He shot through the air toward Ye Futian, flying like a sacred spring. A flow of divine light followed him through the air.

Ye Futian calmly stood where he was without trying to dodge. When he saw his opponents fist coming, he threw out his fist.


There was a loud noise. The underground palace trembled with a ferocious rumbling. The cultivator from the Dou tribe was extremely strong, but he had taken it for granted that he would be able to crush Ye Futian. It seemed that the reality of the situation was different from what he had imagined. With a violent noise, the cultivator from the Dou tribe was sent flying backward. His arms made a snapping sound. It was as if his bones had been shattered.

When he hit the ground, he began to retreat. Blood was streaming from his mouth. This made everyone look very surprised. They saw that Ye Futians eyes had become a little more serious.

The Dou tribe was famous for their skill in battle, and they were unparalleled in close-combat. However, when their fists had collided, he had been defeated. How strong was this white-haired youth who had just appeared?

Dou Zhao turned. His gaze fell upon Ye Futian. Violent fighting will fell upon him. It was extremely overbearing