The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1604

Chapter 1604 Battle Of The Underground Palace

Chapter 1604 Battle of the Underground Palace

Ye Futian looked at Dou Zhao. He felt a burst of pressure hit him. Dou Zhao was incredibly strong.

As the future heir of the Dou tribe, Dou Zhao was surrounded by a halo of light and had the body of a god of battle. His mighty fighting will rolled off him in waves. Once he opened his eyes, they revealed a terrifying look. As he took a step toward Ye Futian, a loud boom sounded. The figure of a god of battle instantly roared to life out of him. It quickly turned solid and shot toward Ye Futian.

When he saw that, Ye Futian thought, Can he create gods of battle with his fighting will? Was this what it was like when the will of the Great Path and fighting will merged?

The god of battle lashed out with its fists, causing the underground palace to shake. Incomparably majestic power crushed down toward Ye Futian. Dou Zhou wanted to see the true strength of the white-haired youth who had broken into the underground palace.

In a flash, there was the loud and clear sound of an elephant trumpeting. It was loud enough to shake the air. Ten thousand elephants charged through the air. They gathered into a single image of a huge and mighty divine elephant. It rushed forward and smashed into the oncoming god of battle.

Boom! A dull roar was heard as the two powers collided. It whipped up a mighty storm that swept out through the hall.

Dou Zhaos expression did not change. It was as if he had anticipated this. He took another step forward. The divine light coming from him grew even more brilliant. More figures of gods of war materialized and thrust out their fist wills. Endless fist will instantly covered the area, confining Ye Futian to a very narrow space. Within this underground palace, there was nowhere to escape. His only option was to try and withstand it. This place favored those with powerful attacks. Those who were good at close combat had the advantage.

Ye Futian stepped forward. The divine elephant charged through the air again. It looked incomparably huge and contained unimaginable power. The massive power of the Divine Elephants made them one of the strongest forces in the Demon Realm. They were domineering and direct and could crush both heaven above and hell below.

The endless fist will swept out, but the divine elephant broke through it. Suddenly, an even more powerful storm swept through the underground palace. The booming sound made everyones eardrums shake. All the cultivators around them released their powerful will to protect themselves. They fixedly gazed at the battle between the two of them.

Ye Futian had not wilted in the least while facing Dou Zhaos attacks. Even though Dou Zhao was just testing him, judging from Ye Futians response, he could respond to any of Dou Zhaos tests with the same kind of tricks.

Dou Zhao did not have any advantage over him.

Moreover, when judging who had the advantage, both of them were on the Saint plane and not far from the Renhuang plane.

The cultivators from the Dou tribe were naturally the most shocked by this. They knew Dou Zhaos strength. He was said to be the one who would revitalize the bloodline of the Dou tribe. The powerful blood of the god of battle flowed through his veins. He was the only one of his generation who could use the willpower of the Sevenfold Fighting God. How powerful did one have to be to do that? That was something that only the elders of the Dou tribe could do. Moreover, Dou Zhao had the potential to keep improving.

If he attained the level of the Ninefold Fighting God, he would reach the level of the legendary elders and become a true god of battle.

Even though it had only been a probing attack, it still was immensely dangerous with Dou Zhaos power. His attacks were overpowering, but this stranger had directly withstood it.

Could it be that this man was the top figure of some other realm?

If so, why had they only sent two people to the Gods Relic?

This seemed to go against common sense.

"Not bad." Dou Zhao swept his sharp gaze over Ye Futian. He had actually been able to withstand his pressure.

"You are not bad as well," Ye Futian indifferently replied.

Dou Zhaos stalwart body grew fiercer until it was full of infinite power. His gaze seemed to pierce through Ye Futian. In a flash, many gods of battle seemed to be pressing on Ye Futians mind. Behind Dou Zhao, another image of a god of battle appeared. At the same time, a divine light shone between his eyebrows. It was the mark of a god of battle. At that moment, all the will in the area around him flowed into his forehead, making him even more powerful.

Ye Futian felt the pressure on him growing stronger. His expression grew a bit more serious. The person he faced was the strongest disciple of one of the top forces of the Ziwei Realm. Moreover, special power flowed through him. Just like his own Bones of the Divine Elephant Emperor, it made him even stronger.

The sound of elephants trumpeting made the underground palace shake and echoed throughout the hall. Dou Zhao pulled his arms back and slammed them forward again. His body instantly pierced through the air as he teleported through space and appeared right in front of Ye Futian. He lashed out violently with his fists. The amount of power he unleashed was enough to suffocate those around them.

"Dou Zhao is more serious now, so he is using the willpower of the Fighting God!" Bei Chen of the School of the Emperor Star and the Seventh Slayer of the Clan of the Seven Slayers both looked surprised. Dou Zhao had used this power when fighting them. He was no longer fighting them. Now, he was fighting someone who had come in from outside.

Ye Futian responded without any hesitation. He out his fists. He was not the least bit flashy in his technique. He had decided to firmly resist. The impact made his bones tremble. His blood boiled in his veins. It seemed that all the power in his body was being used. The strength of his Body of the Way poured into his fists. The domineering light of the Divine Elephants burst forth.


There was a dull bang. Although the underground palace still stood firm, everyone felt their bodies shaking.

The two of them separated and retreated. This was the first time Dou Zhao had been forced to retreat after a collision with someone at his same level. His feet scraped across the ground, which made an ear-splitting noise.

Ye Futian was also questioning himself. Although his flesh was not as strong as Yu Shengs, it was still astonishingly strong. But that attack had been incredibly powerful, which showed just how strong Dou Zhao was.

They clashed several more times in succession. Each one was incredibly straightforward. By now, their surroundings had gone strangely silent.

Dou Zhao stared at Ye Futian and asked, "Who are you? What force do you come from?"

His voice was loud and powerful. It rang out throughout the underground palace. He was becoming very curious about Ye Futian. How could this unnamed disciple withstand his attacks? Even someone at the peak of the Saint plane was unable to do that. A single punch destroyed their internal organs.

"I am the disciple of the Sky River Great Elder of the Tianhe Realm, Ye Futian. I also once cultivated at Taixuan Mountain," Ye Futian replied.

Dou Zhao looked at him. The Tianhe Realm? That was not one of the Nine Realms. He seemed to remember it had something to do with the Shen clan of the Central Emperor Realm. As for Taixuan Mountain, he had also heard of it. It was said that a year ago, Lord Taixuan had broken through beyond the Renhuang level. That made the top forces of the Nine Realms take notice of him.

Now, a youth who was connected to both of those forces was present and equally matched with him.

"You are very strong, but this is far from my limit," Dou Zhao said. "If you want to compete, you probably have no hope of victory. You should leave."

"You are powerful as well, but this is not the kind of fighting that I am good at," Ye Futian said. "My friend outside is stronger than I am. In a little bit, you two can test each other. As for the ruins, this fight is meaningless. How about we just let whoever can take the fighting will out of here have it?"

"Even so, only those who have the necessary qualifications to take it can even try," Bei Chen said. That was an additional risk, not to mention the fact that Ye Futian had a friend outside.

If he wanted to take the power, he had shown himself to be at least on the same level as them. He was definitely strong enough to do it. And, they did not even know exactly how strong he was.

"In that case, you three can leave," a voice said. Bei Chen looked behind Ye Futian. He saw a figure walking toward them. It was likely the friend who had come with Ye Futian.

He had obviously already dealt with the people outside.

This was surprising to the people in the palace. It seemed that Ye Futian was not the only one who was strong.

Not only that, but this man also seemed quite arrogant. He had said that the three of them could leave. Did he mean that they were not qualified to take the fighting will compared to Ye Futian?

Within their generation, the three of them stood at the peak of the Ziwei Realm. Now, someone was daring to be arrogant at them and saying they were not qualified. That really was too much.

Bei Chen looked at them. Endless starlight gathered around him. His terrifying aura spread out. Lightning flashed and covered his body. Booming thunder filled the hall. A divine purple sword appeared before him. It was bathed in the light from the lightning. It seemed like a king among swords.

Ye Futian looked at Bei Chen in surprise. He was also holding a scepter, but he had called forth sword will as well. Moreover, this purple sword seemed to suppress all the will in the room. It cut through the air, leaving a smile-shaped gash in space as well as tiny dots of destructive light.

The destructive points of light instantly shot out throughout the underground palace. Lightning and Slaughtering Sword Qi immediately filled the area.

Images of purple swords appeared throughout the underground palace. All of them were pointing at Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. It seemed like the two of them were trapped.

In the past, the Star Lord of Ziwei had been one of the most powerful figures in the world and was skilled at many different abilities. He had controlled everything in the Ziwei Realm and managed all their attacks. Even if they were not methods that he had focused on cultivating, he was still strong in all of them.

"Go," Bei Chen said. The purple swords shot through the air at the same time, trying to directly kill the two men who had come in. There was nowhere they could go to escape.

The swords moved with a single thought. They moved so fast that it was impossible to react to them.

They were on a path that would at any moment cut through Ye Futian and Yu Shengs bodies, slicing through their flesh and destroying their souls.