The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1606

Chapter 1606 Defeat Of Demon Peacock Emperors Realm

Kong Xuan recalled how she provoked and insulted every day at the Demon Peacock City by both Ye Futian and the Black Wind Condor during the very first day of the Battle of Empty Realm. From the looks of things, all he did was precisely for this very day.

Beings as powerful as Jialou Feng refused to heed her orders, and the Bull Demon also ended up giving fake orders to take the army tasked with garrisoning Demon Peacock City, to cut down the imperial flag at Emperor Lis City. The implications were apparent.

It all meant that Demon Peacock Emperors Realm had already lost in the Battle of Empty Realm from the very beginning. With the Bull Demon being controlled, it would have been easy for their enemies to cut down the imperial flag at Demon Peacock City, so easy that they would have been able to do it at any time. However, the Bull Demon did not end up doing so, or rather, Ye Futian was not in a hurry to kick them out of the competition. That was because the forces of the Demon Peacock Emperors Realm still had their use, in Ye Futians eyes. That was what led to the battle happening right before them.

From the looks of things, the siblings were made pawns from the very beginning. It was all so ironic, and one could only guess what was going through Kong Xuans mind at the moment. What transpired hurt her far more than any words she had been hurt by.

"I beg your forgiveness, Princess, for all my transgressions so far. All is fair in the Battle of Empty Realm, but I have no intention of fighting to the death with your forces from Demon Peacock Emperors Realm. Youre free to step out of the battlefield. When the Battle of Empty Realm is over, Ill let those mighty ones from Demon Peacock Emperors Realm go back to your side," Ye Futian said as he apologized to Kong Xuan. It seemed as if his target was never the Demon Peacock Emperors Realm, to begin with.

Kong Xuan understood that while Ye Futians words sounded brutal, the forces of Demon Peacock Emperors Realm had long lost in the Battle of Empty Realm, and it was rather pointless for them to continue fighting. But then again, being played to such extenttheir demonic beasts having been controlled by Ye Futian and those from the Demon Peacock Emperors Realm being reduced to pawnswas still something she found incapable of stomaching.

Nine-color divine light shone, and imperial might emanated from the feathers of Kong Xuans voluptuous body. The light shone everywhere, and many mighty ones throughout the battlefield turned their eyes in her direction. The divine feathers behind Kong Xuan spread out, and as she was basked in the divine light, she looked like some unparalleled goddess, emanating a feral grace. One look was all it would take to etch such beauty in the minds of those who saw it, making them succumb to her astonishing beauty. However, there was without doubt that the beauty on display was extremely lethal. It was especially so for Ye Futian. He was able to sense an impending crisis looming over him.

Kong Xuan, the beloved daughter of the Demon Peacock Emperor, was on par with Xia Qingyuan of Emperor Xias Realm. She came to the battlefield armed with items of the Demon Peacock Emperor himself. Nine feathers from her father were infused in the divine feathers behind her. His powers were etched with them, and those items were of incredible strength, as they were true items of the Renhuang. Furthermore, the feathers melded well with Kong Xuan, fitting into her peacock feathers perfectly.

An extremely massive shadow of the peacock appeared. Its wings spread, blocking out the sky, and even her enemies were unable to help but marvel at its beauty. However, there seemed to be eyes all over the feathers of that huge peacock. Kong Xuan extended her hand and shrouded Ye Futian within. He felt as if he was being pinned down by the light of the peacock. Terrifying devouring powers threatened to consume everything around him, so much so that even the might of the great path was not to be spared either.

That devouring power seemed to be imbued with divine light out to destroy any power of rules as well, tearing apart all powers that Ye Futian was able to gather. The nine-color divine light pierced his body. Under Kong Xuans unreserved, all-out attacks, Ye Futian looked incredibly puny and insignificant. It was as if he was about to be destroyed within that extreme beauty.

Ye Futian held on tight to the Halberd of Time and Space in his hand. That time, however, the Halberd of Time and Space, Nothingness, which was ranked third on the Divine Implements of the Nine States Rankings, seemed to be completely overpowered by that of his enemy. But then again, given Kong Xuans status and might, it all seemed completely normal.

Kong Xuans divine implement aside, even the Divine Armoring Cauldron behind Gongsun Zhong from Divine Cloud Valley, would have been on par with the Halberd of Time and Space. The lord of Divine Cloud Valley was the number one armorer in all of Emperor Xias Realm, after all.

Light of rules coursed all over Ye Futians body. While his physical body was extremely formidable, he needed to fortify defenses using rules. The nine-color divine light hit him. His physical body rattled as the rules were broken, and the divine light blasted straight onto his body, shaking his insides tremendously.

Kong Xuan, who was not yet a saint, was already able to threaten his physical body, which he had tempered with the medicinal baths. That meant that the attacks that Kong Xuan unleashed onto him by borrowing the power of Imperial Feathers of the Demon Peacock Emperor had considerably eclipsed that of the light of catastrophe of the Great Path. The devouring power that was out to devour the great path shrouded Ye Futians body. Everything in their surroundings seemed to be flowing to where Kong Xuan was standing.

Ye Futian was also caught in that terrifying whirlpool and being gradually drawn to where Kong Xuan was. He held tightly onto the Halberd of Time and Space as his body burst with dazzling light. His body looked somewhat taller as the Seven Star acupoints throughout his body were activated. The limits on his physical body were lifted, and he became even far more powerful. Under such a state, he felt as if he had touched the great path, feeling as if his physical body itself was an embodiment of the great path, holding unparalleled amounts of power.

Ye Futians body moved at the same time. He no longer attempted to resist the devouring power and chose to move with it instead, bringing out the highest speed he was able to achieve, in the form of the Extreme Shadow. He lashed out with the halberd in his hand and burst with devastating light of the calamity, fusing the light within the weapon. The devouring shadow of the peacock crumbled as the attack was brought about with extreme speed. Kong Xuan, however, was hardly fazed when the peacock shadow was penetrated. Her slender hand clenched into a fist, and nine-color divine light coursed on it, fusing with her fist will before she threw it out straight before her. Her fist seemed to have been infused with the light of the Demon Peacock Emperor, clashing head-on with the Halberd of Time and Space.

Boom. Ye Futian was thrown behind with a rumble while Kong Xuans arm felt rattled. Even with the power of the Demon Peacock Emperor extending to protect her body, she felt her arm going numb as she took on the attack from her opponents weapon. It was a testament to Ye Futians immense power.

At the very next moment, Kong Xuan saw her opponent draw a dazzling arc with his body and continue to launch straight for her. That attack seemed to have packed more punch than his last. Her beautiful wings flapped, and she took one step forward, throwing out yet another punch. The peacock shadow was seen, and thousands of dazzling feathers of nine colors were unleashed, intending to bury Ye Futian right.

Ye Futian was thrown back yet again. He felt as if he had taken an untold number of hits within that split second, yet he continued to draw a dazzling arc in the air and dove down. Kong Xuan spread her wings and took flight, seeing how Ye Futian was growing increasingly powerful. Both figures continued to clash in midair with earth-shattering force emanating throughout their surroundings. Violet shockwaves were thrown about as the nine-color divine light shot to their surroundings. Any top-notch figures that even attempted to get close were penetrated by the nine-color divine light and died on the spot.

None of them were able even to withstand the aftershock brought by the battle between Kong Xuan and Ye Futian. It was undoubtedly a testament to the immense power the human and demonic beasts were unleashing at each other.

Some turned their attention to the battle between the two. Ye Futian seemed to have split himself into thousands of clones, as afterimages were seen throughout as if there was no end. The afterimages attacked furiously. Despite being shrouded by the divine light of the peacock, the looming power was entirely incapable of pinning Ye Futian down. At that very moment, thousands of Extreme Shadows merged into one being. Their surroundings howled as rules, and the great path resonated. He lashed out with an attack of the halberd with earth-shattering might.

Boom. A rumble was heard as Kong Xuans body was thrown behind violently. Her arms trembled, and the light behind her seemed to have dimmed somewhat. Time and space seemed to have stopped moving, with Ye Futian at the center. The nine-color divine light swooped by, shattering the rules of the great path and tearing the binding powers of space rules apart. Kong Xuans eyes were locked onto Ye Futian. She felt as if a terrifying tidal force was sweeping in her direction. It grew in power as it moved. It was as if it was a tsunami of rules out to destroy everything.

Terrifying light of calamity hit her as the incoming force clashed with the nine-color divine light. Ye Futian took one step after another. The space shook as if it was about to shatter. He seemed to have fused with the space altogether, and the great path resonated with him.

Voom. A space afterimage came and went in a flash, streaking through space. Dazzling divine light crashed onto the incoming force, yet was torn down by that one attack with the halberd. That was the most powerful attack from the halberd named as the weapon itself: Nothingness.

Everything under the heavens was reduced to nothing.

A shadow of the peacock appeared in a dazzling manner right behind Kong Xuan. Boundless nine-color light swooped by and threatened to drown Ye Futian in it. Kong Xuans demonic eyes glared at Ye Futian unflinchingly. Her arm was thrown right before her, with boundless divine light streaking through the air, heading for Ye Futian.

The Halberd of Time and Space was unleashed. At that moment, the nine-color divine light seemed to have been split open, gushing at Ye Futians side, drowning the space around them. That power rendered Kong Xuans face ashen. Light of the divine feathers shrouded her body. One divine feather after another fell and clashed with the incoming weapon.

Doom. The power of the Halberd of Time and Space seemed to have penetrated the protection of the divine feathers with a loud rumble, hitting Kong Xuans body. Her body was thrown back as her wings were opened, many cracks appearing. Her stunning face looked rather pale, and blood was seen at the corner of her mouth.

"Kong Xuan!" Kong Zhan called. He was fighting Xia Qingyuan at the moment. He flashed and left where he was after seeing his sisters predicament. He glared coldly at Ye Futian as he headed towards Kong Xuan.

"I lost." Kong Xuan looked rather pale. She had lost to Ye Futian, the silver-haired cultivator who went to her city every day to provoke her. The forces of the Demon Peacock Emperors Realm were reduced to becoming pawns of the enemy. They suffered an overwhelming loss at the Battle of Empty Realm. Even though she had been bested by someone else personally, they had practically lost in every front in that years Battle of Empty Realm.

Kong Xuan was brimming with confidence when she came to command her forces in the Battle of Empty Realm, devoting herself to returning victorious with the forces of Demon Peacock Emperors Realm. None of them had expected to suffer such a brutal end.

"The forces of Demon Peacock Emperors Realm, I advise you to back away from the battlefield," Ye Futian said to Kong Xuan while high up in the air. He then turned his attention to the other battlefield. It would have been embarrassing for the mighty ones from Emperor Xias Realm if they were incapable of getting the situation under control while the enemy was busy fighting themselves. When the army from Emperor Xias Realm joined the fight, they pulverized enemy formations within a short notice, killing many mighty ones from Emperor Lis Realm. Furthermore, the forces from Emperor Lis Realm had already retreated without any intention to fight any further. It could have been said that they had suffered a humiliating defeat.

Li Yao, Yuan Jin, and the others retreated far away with their army, preparing to regroup and defend Emperor Lis City. All hope was not lost if their imperial flag was still left standing!