The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1612

Chapter 1612 Invincible Spear

At this moment, the fighting will of Ye Futian was intense. The cultivators of the Heavenly Sword Hall frowned; Sword Will surged out from their bodies too.

Those who stepped forward would die.

Ye Futian was attempting to stop the Heavenly Sword Hall alone!

Moreover, he had the audacity to utter such a presumptuous statement, having no respect for the Heavenly Sword Hall at all.

The cultivators of Yuanyang Clan stared at Ye Futian with great interest. They had not expected him to be such a domineering figure. However, could he really stop the Heavenly Sword Hall?

Swoosh… swoosh Dazzling Sword Will erupted and charged towards Ye Futian ferociously. A swordsman beside the Sword Saint of Avici took a step forward. Countless hurricanes and storms appeared all around them as a myriad of swords was unleashed from the eyes of the storms, aiming straight for Ye Futian. The swords attempted to tear the space apart.

Those who stepped forward would die?

He wanted to see for himself how he would die.

Buzz. Ye Futian’s figure moved. His arm shook, and the spear became a beam of light that directly charged into the storm. With just his body of flesh and blood, he pierced right into the eye of the storm.

At this moment, a golden hole seemed to appear in the storm. A godly spear appeared and swept across the sky.


A soft thud sounded. The swordsman that had attacked saw a golden illusion. The next moment, the spear directly pierced through his glabella. Fresh blood seeped out. The scene was horrifying.

How is it possible? This final thought emerged in the swordsman’s mind. After that, his consciousness dimmed, and his spiritual soul shattered. His body directly plummeted down to the ground.

He was killed in one blow.

“I am not fooling around,” Ye Futian said indifferently as he pointed his spear at the members of the Heavenly Sword Hall before him. A suffocating Sword Will enveloped the space around them. Many Sword Spirits directly appeared from thin air and floated behind the cultivators of the Heavenly Sword Hall.

Not fooling around?

He actually killed someone.

Alone, Ye Futian stood in mid-air in front of the cultivators of the Heavenly Sword Hall, threatening that anyone who stepped forward would die.

This scene was extremely embarrassing for the members of the Heavenly Sword Hall. Not only was it because one of their companions had fallen, but it was also because this was a disgrace for the Heavenly Sword Hall. A person who had wanted to join Heavenly Sword Hall in order to enter God’s relic had now snatched the teachings of the Divine Sword from right in front of them. As for them, they were being held back by a man with a spear.

As the strongest swordsmanship force in the Myriad Realm, the Heavenly Sword Hall had never encountered such a disgrace.

Moreover, this time, their commander was the powerful Sword Saint of Avici.

The cultivators of the Heavenly Sword Hall wielded their Sword Spirits together. They mainly cultivated Sword Spirits. Their Sword Spirits were very powerful. Each Sword Spirit had frightening rune lines imprinted on them. Their Way was imprinted on them. A Sword Spirit guiding a cultivator in their cultivation could increase the chances of them breaking through to the Renhuang Plane.

Each Sword Spirit was forged through many hardships. When they reached the Renhuang Plane, their Sword Spirits could directly serve as the foundation for their Divine Wheel of the Great Path.

In an instant, countless Sword Spirits pointed towards Ye Futian at the same time. It seemed as though the space was about to be ripped to shreds. Each Sword Spirit contained different Ways, but they were all very sharp.

Sword Will howled with sharp ear-piercing screams. Who could possibly survive an attack from so many of these swords?

This time, they wielded their swords but did not advance. It seemed that the death of the person before had caused them to grow cautious, even though they were dissatisfied.

On Ye Futian’s body, Renhuang level fighting will furiously burst forth. He had an imposing aura. Ye Futian stood alone against so many of them. He became a peerless God of War. With a spear in hand, he was invincible.

The swords attacked, and the space was torn apart. The sharp howl of swords ringed in the ears of all present. Destructive winds filled the air. Countless Sword Spirits attacked Ye Futian at the same time, all of the swords flying together. Each of them was an extraordinary weapon. This scene was grand and domineering.

Ye Futian took a step forward. His fighting will that was bursting forth swelled to its limit. Great Path aura surged forth. The spear in Ye Futian’s hand pierced forwards into the space.

Although he had not practiced spear techniques, he had practiced halberd techniques. Their Great Paths were interconnected, and there were similarities between spears and halberds.

The spear was like a dragon that rumbled forward with an unparalleled fighting will.


A dull sound exploded in the space. Once the spear landed, the entire space before Ye Futian was blown apart.

The Sword Spirits trembled violently. Cracks even appeared on some Sword Spirits. The swords shook, and some Sword Spirit immediately shattered while cracks appeared on others.

Dull sounds reverberated in the surrounding space. Many people spat out mouthfuls of fresh blood. Their faces turned pale. The Sword Will of some of these people dissipated, their auras rapidly weakening.

In just an instant, the auras of the cultivators of Heavenly Sword Hall were drastically weakened.

One spear.

It was still just one spear.

Everyone else was astonished. This white-haired youth was actually powerful to such an extent. Who could receive a strike from his spear?

With him standing there, no one could take a step forward.

Among the Yuanyang Clan, Zhu Qi was shocked. The master of the Black Wind Condor was so powerful. His abilities were actually so terrifying. It actually was as that despicable Black Wind Condor had said. Compared to Ye Futian, the monstrous figures that she knew of paled into insignificance. Among Yuanyang Palace, the ruling power of the Yuanyang Realm, who could take a hit from this spear?

Even among the members of the Heavenly Sword Hall of the Nine Supreme Realms, no one could do so. It was even more so for them, a force from a Lower World ruled by the Yuanyang Clan.

She recalled that this person had a friendly attitude and that he had actively sought out the swords for the crowd. He had also suggested that they all took turns to try and inherit the Divine Sword based on destiny and luck. Zhu Qi had believed that he had done so because he was weak.

Now, as she looked at him again, he was so outstanding.

It was as though the person from before and the person now were two completely different people.

Let alone Zhu Qi, even the commander of Yuanyang Clan, Yuan Hong was extremely astonished inside. That spear strike was definitely stunning. This person’s elegance and talent were comparable to the figures at the pinnacle of the Nine Realms. Such a person was actually a nobody. Yuan Hong had not known of him before this.

Yuan Hong even believed that today’s contest for the Divine Sword was unrelated to this white-haired youth. After all, Ye Futian’s group was weak. Such a lineup could not possibly contend for the Divine Sword. Even if Yuan Hong followed the agreement and did not contend for it, would the other forces also agree to do so?

Just as Yuan Hong had predicted, Heavenly Sword Hall did not agree to this and directly attacked.

When Heavenly Sword Hall snatched the Divine Sword away from the Swordmaster of Lihen, Yuan Hong would then snatch the Divine Sword away from Heavenly Sword Hall.

However, Yuan Hong had not imagined that a man and a spear was standing against Heavenly Sword Hall.

When one man guarded the pass, ten thousand men would not be able to get through.

The spear in Ye Futian’s hand emanated a powerful Renhuang level fighting will. It was most likely an item he acquired from God’s relic.

With Ye Futian’s talent, the person who inherited the Divine Sword by right should not be the Swordmaster of Lihen. Unless, Ye Futian intentionally gave up the opportunity to the Swordmaster of Lihen. Ye Futian’s attempt prior to this was not to inherit the Divine Sword, but to examine it and search for ways to inherit it.

Moreover, he had successfully carried out what he had intended to do. Hence, they witnessed the success of the Swordmaster of Lihen.

Giving up the teachings of the Divine Sword willingly; what kind of disposition was this? Did he look down on such teachings?

As the direct heir of the Yuanyang Clan, Yuan Hong was well-aware that God’s relic was not a site left by modern age swordsmen. It was an ancient battlefield. The teachings left here were a complete Great Path. The reason why God’s relic caused such a huge commotion in the Nine Realms was that many fateful encounters were hidden here. Anyone who was fortunate enough to seize it would leave this place as an extraordinary Renhuang.

The maidens of Brahma’s Pure Sky stared at Ye Futian. Their eyes glistened with light. He had grown stronger, far stronger than when they met him at Xuantian Pavilion. Right now, even if he was faced with Yi Tianyu again, the latter would most likely be no match for him.

Besides, Qin He was Virgin Jinyi of Brahma’s Pure Sky. In the past, she visited the prophet when she was in the Demon Realm. She first met Ye Futian there.

Suddenly, she recalled an incident. Back then, not long after Ye Futian had entered the Prophet’s Palace, the prophet committed suicide. Since then, there was no prophet in this world.

Prior to his death, the prophet had prophesied that there would be a huge occurrence in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Everyone had their attention drawn to Gu Tianxing and Gu Dongliu, so nobody drew a connection between the death of the prophet and Ye Futian, the last person whom the prophet had met before he died.

However, as Jinyi recalled this incident now, she was struck by the sudden realization.

Her heart was throbbing. Could it be that Ye Futian was the one who would transform the Heavenly Mandate Realm, as predicted by the prophet in his prophecy?

If the death of the prophet was related to Ye Futian, what was the hidden story behind the case?

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng guarded the pass, ensuring that no one could disrupt the Swordmaster of Lihen from inheriting the teachings of the Divine Sword. The party from Taixuan Mountain was a tad bit jealous of the Swordmaster of Lihen.

Ye Futian treated this swordsman really well. The swordsman was most likely a senior that Ye Futian had a lot of respect for. Hence, Ye Futian offered such an important fateful encounter to him.

Endless Sword Will circulated; all the Sword Will in the entire Sword City continued to gush towards the sword matrix, where the Swordmaster of Lihen was. As weak as he was, his body persevered through this stage; his Sword Will gradually recovered in his body, strengthening him once again.

In front of Ye Futian, the Sword Saint of Avici’s pair of golden eyes remained fixed on him.

As expected, no one from Heavenly Sword Hall could take one step further. In the previous attack, only swords had been sent out. No one had advanced.

However, the Sword Saint of Avici had not sent out his sword.

Dazzling golden light emanated from the body of the Sword Saint of Avici. In his figure, a divine sword with countless golden rune lines appeared. It hovered above his head. He formed sword mudra with both of his hands. In an instant, sword shadows covered the sky.

With Ye Futian’s body as the center, countless divine swords imprinted with golden rune lines appeared, blocking out the sky. Beams of divine swords descended, forming a frightening spatial sword veil. They actually formed an astonishing light shroud that sealed Ye Futian within it.

“Spatial Divine Swords.” Ye Futian raised his head and glanced around. There were golden divine swords everywhere around him.

The divine sword in mid-air above the Sword Saint of Avici’s head seemed to be a Sword Spirit that had merged with a Renhuang implement. It emanated a gorgeous Renhuang light. Swords resonated with clanking sounds. Endless Spatial Divine Swords floated in the sky.

“Go,” the Sword Saint of Avici uttered this word. Divine swords swept across the space towards Ye Futian. Almost all at the same time, in the sky above, countless Spatial Divine Swords traversed the space and descended instantly, slashing across from afar.

Rumble. A savage fighting will erupted from Ye Futian. As he took one step forward, the air around him tightened as though the space was under his choke, slowing down the speed of the swords. Billowing fighting will surged out from Ye Futian’s body. He lunged, and the spear went for its target. In an instant, the overwhelming fighting will was transformed into countless spear shadows, colliding with the divine swords.

The heavens and earth shook. Destructive power swept up into the sky. However, Ye Futian’s body instead became a beam of brilliant divine light that immediately pierced through the space and charged straight ahead. The spear’s straight tip landed on the strongest divine sword.

A brilliant glow was emitted. The divine sword flew back, and the Sword Saint of Avici let out a dull groan. A formless power sent his body flying backward from the shock. He collided into the cultivators of the Heavenly Sword Hall behind him before finally coming to a stop.


A soft cough was heard. A streak of blood flowed out from the corner of the mouth of the Sword Saint of Avici.

It was still just one spear. It was invincible!