The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1613

Chapter 1613 Goal

With a long spear, Ye Futian blocked in front of Heavenly Sword Hall. Whoever stepped forward would die.

In all the Nine Realms, there were very few people that were as imposing as he was now.

The Sword Saint of Avici raised his head and looked at Ye Futian. The tip of the spear still emanated frightening fighting will. The will of a God of War also lingered on Ye Futian’s body, causing his combat ability to be extremely powerful.

The Sword Saint of Avici was very aware of his own ability. He could not be described as weak. In the Myriad Realm, he was one of the pinnacle figures below the Renhuang Plane. Even among the Nine Realms, he could still be ranked among those at the top. However, in his first battle after entering God’s relic, Heavenly Sword Hall, which was led by him, was being held off by a man with a spear. This made him feel somewhat depressed.

Although he knew that God’s relic would certainly be full of strong cultivators this time around and that there would be no lack of heaven-defying monstrous existences, as someone who was peerless below the Renhuang Plane in Heavenly Sword Hall, the Sword Saint of Avici still believed that he had a fighting chance. He felt that he was qualified to battle against the pinnacle figures of the Nine Realms. This crushing defeat even made him doubt his own ability.

Ye Futian was also looking at him. He retracted his arm and lowered the long spear in his palm. As Ye Futian stood there, he was like a peerless God of War. No one could advance past him.

Prior to this, he had used very gentle means for them to contest for the Divine Sword. His method did not offend nor cheat people and prevented the top forces of the Nine Realms from forging grudges. However, if such a party insisted on defying their agreement, he could only use his ability to force them to submit.

“Do you still want to try?” Ye Futian said as he looked at the cultivators of Heavenly Sword Hall. The Sword Saint of Avici glanced behind Ye Futian. The Swordmaster of Lihen was inheriting the Divine Sword. All the Sword Will in the entire Sword City was surging towards him.

From the looks of it, the Sword Saint of Avici would not be able to seize it from him anymore.

“Let’s go,” the Sword Saint of Avici immediately ordered. He then turned to leave. This was not the only ruin in God’s relic. There were other, greater fateful encounters to be contested. Although they had failed miserably here, their combat ability was not weakened by much; they still had the ability to put up a fight.

If the Sword Saint of Avici continued to fight Ye Futian to the death, he could not predict what kind of price he would have to pay in order to kill Ye Futian.

The cultivators of Heavenly Sword Hall retreated after the Sword Saint of Avici. They also looked at the Swordmaster of Lihen with deep looks in their eyes. Among them was the swordsman who had crossed swords with the Swordmaster of Lihen back then. They all felt somewhat dissatisfied. They might have felt better if Ye Futian had inherited the Divine Sword himself. However, for a person who found it hard to even enter God’s relic to inherit the Divine Sword, they naturally found it hard to accept this.

They could only say that this person’s luck was heaven-defying. This fateful encounter would most likely change his destiny.

Although, as of now, they still did not know what benefits the Divine Sword would bestow onto the Swordmaster of Lihen. The accumulation of the Sword Will in all of Sword City, together with that Divine Sword was enough to cause him to undergo a metamorphosis. He had already destroyed his own Sword Spirit and was now reconstructing it.

Very quickly, the cultivators of Heavenly Sword Hall left one by one. The members of Chixiao Divine Mountain also did not say much and did not even leave behind any words before turning to leave decisively. Since someone had already inherited the Divine Sword, and they also had no confidence in taking down Ye Futian, remaining here was a waste of time.

Brahma’s Pure Sky would naturally not contend with Ye Futian over the Divine Sword. However, Qin He did not leave and instead remained there.

Although currently Qin He had improved greatly and was already halfway to reaching the Renhuang Plane, she still knew her own limitations well. Her abilities would be top tier in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, but in the Nine Realms, she held no advantage.

She could not contend against Ye Futian.

Right now, there was an opportunity before her to travel together with Ye Futian.

Currently, only Yuanyang Clan still had the ability to contest for the Divine Sword.

Ye Futian turned his gaze towards Yuan Hong. However, Yuan Hong smiled and said, “Congratulations. Since the relic has been obtained by you, we will be taking our leave.”

“Many thanks,” Ye Futian replied while nodding in appreciation. Among the few forces, the Yuanyang Clan from the Central Emperor Realm posed the largest threat to them. For Yuan Hong to voluntarily give up this Divine Sword was naturally the best outcome. Ye Futian did not have to worry about offending them as well.

“I’m Yuan Hong from Yuanyang Clan. May we meet again,” Yuan Hong said while saluting Ye Futian with his fists.

“I am Ye Futian, a disciple of Sky River Temple of the Tianhe Realm. May we meet again,” Ye Futian replied. Sky River Temple was the name of the organization name of Sky River Great Elder when he was teaching swordsmanship in the past. It also referred to the mountains where the Elder resided. Ye Futian came to the Central Emperor Realm as a disciple of Sky River Great Elder; naturally, it was most suitable for him to declare himself as a disciple of Sky River Temple.

Moreover, his master was Qi Xuangang, who was indeed a disciple of Sky River Temple.

“The Tianhe Realm.” Yuan Hong had heard of it before. In the past, a huge conflict erupted between Shen Clan and the Tianhe Realm. It was caused by that. Could it be that Ye Futian was related to it?

Yuan Hong did not dwell on this thought. With a smile, he led his army and left.

Here, no one else was contending with Ye Futian now.

Only then did Ye Futian look in the direction where Brahma’s Pure Sky was, saying, “Goddess Qin, is your group not planning to take a look at other places as soon as possible?”

“We will travel with Young Master Ye,” Qin He answered with a smile. Ye Futian was stunned. Qin He’s eyes revealed a glint of joy; it was enchanting. “Why? Does Young Master Ye not welcome us?”

“For Goddess Qin to be willing to travel with my party, it’s a hard-to-come-by opportunity,” Ye Futian said with a smile while nodding. He did not reject them since it had been his hope to get to know Brahma’s Pure Sky more.

With Brahma’s Pure Sky, he still had unfinished business.

“Thank you, Young Master Ye.” Qin He bowed slightly. The Virgins from Brahma’s Pure Sky stared at the two of them. Back when they first met at Xuantian Pavilion, if Ye Futian had truly ventured there for Virgin Qin He, and they had ended up together, their love story would have been the stuff of legend.

The two of them were a match made in heaven.

Clearly, all the Virgins from Brahma’s Pure Sky regarded Ye Futian as a suitable husband candidate. Even if their greatest beauty, Virgin Qin He, would have to lower her status to marry him, the rest still thought of them as a good match for each other. The Virgins were all impressed by Ye Futian.

Before this, everyone had considered Gu Dongliu and Zhan Yuan as the most outstanding people among this generation of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Now, the Virgins felt like Ye Futian should instead be regarded as the most exceptional one.

Ye Futian knew nothing about their thoughts. His gaze shifted to look at the Swordmaster of Lihen.

At this moment, the space surrounding the Swordmaster of Lihen had become a cocoon of swords. Countless Sword Will crisscrossed and enveloped his body inside the cocoon. The Sword Will in the entire Sword City flowed here. From being very weak, his aura recovered and became even stronger and more powerful. It was as though he could faintly resonate with the endless Sword Will all around him.

The Divine Sword contained a Sword Spirit within it. Now, this Sword Spirit had already fused together with the spiritual soul of the Swordmaster of Lihen, and they had become one. His Sword Spirit had been reforged, being reconstructed after being destroyed. Right now, the Swordmaster of Lihen himself saw that he had completely entered a certain state. It was as though he had become a sword. He was the center of this world of the sword. He could sense Sword Will in the entire Sword City. It seemed as though his will was everywhere.

Ye Futian quietly waited on him. He did not know how long the Swordmaster of Lihen would remain in this condition.

After a period of time, there was some strange movement in the Sword Will surrounding the Swordmaster of Lihen. An intense wave of Sword Will appeared around his body. Ye Futian raised his head and looked at the area in the sky above. An extremely miraculous sensation swelled up inside of him. It seemed like the Swordmaster of Lihen could already control the Sword Will in the surrounding space.

It felt like there was a willpower that permeated all around them. That was the will of the Swordmaster of Lihen.

Right at this moment, the Swordmaster of Lihen opened his eyes. He looked at Ye Futian and called out, “Futian.”

“Swordmaster of Lihen, how do you feel?” Ye Futian looked at the Swordmaster of Lihen. The gaze of the Swordmaster of Lihen was sharper than before. His temperament also seemed to have changed. It was as though he had gained a true body for swordsmanship and had become a sword himself.

“I feel that I can take that final step to reach the Renhuang Plane. I also feel completely different from before. This sensation is hard to describe,” the Swordmaster of Lihen said. Ye Futian revealed a smile. From the looks of it, the Swordmaster of Lihen had already completed his metamorphosis.

“Have you had a breakthrough in terms of Plane?” Ye Futian asked.

“Hmm. It seems as though everything is within my grasp,” the Swordmaster of Lihen replied.

“You should be in between the Saint Plane and the Renhuang Plane. Once you pass this point, you will be a Renhuang,” Ye Futian explained.

“Hmm,” the Swordmaster of Lihen nodded his head slightly, “I no longer need to be guarded, but I still need to cultivate for some time. I do not know how long I will need. God’s relic has many more fateful encounters in store. You do not need to stay here and guard me. Go ahead and seek out fateful encounters of your own.”

Ye Futian had already done more than enough for him. Ye Futian had given him a fruit of the Way and had given such an important opportunity to him that made him go through a metamorphosis. This debt of gratitude was difficult to express in words. He could only remember it in his heart.

“Alright.” Ye Futian also did not refuse. As the Swordmaster of Lihen had said, they indeed could not afford to delay any longer. Before this, he was concerned for the safety of the Swordmaster of Lihen. However, now that the Swordmaster of Lihen had already gained control of all the Sword Will in Sword City, even if Heavenly Sword Hall returned here, they would no longer be able to do anything to him within this Sword City.

“Swordmaster of Lihen, I will go on ahead first. After you have finished cultivating, head east. I will be heading in that direction,” Ye Futian said.

“Alright. When I am done cultivating, I will come find you,” the Swordmaster of Lihen replied as he nodded.

“I will be off.” Ye Futian did not say anymore. After he uttered these words, he turned and left the place.

The others glanced at the Swordmaster of Lihen. Some were calm, and others were in awe of him. They followed Ye Futian and left the place together, hoping that they would also come across other opportunities.

“Yaya, would you think badly of me?” Ye Futian asked Yaya, who was beside him, as his group traveled at high speeds across the sky.

After seeing the metamorphosis of the Swordmaster of Lihen, he did not know whether Yaya would have any thoughts regarding this.

“Will you mistreat me?” Yaya asked as she turned her gaze and looked into Ye Futian’s eyes.

“Erm…” Ye Futian was stunned. He replied with a smile, “I won’t.”

Yaya shifted her gaze and did not say anymore, as though Ye Futian himself already knew the answer.

This made Ye Futian speechless. He felt pressure as heavy as a mountain weighing down on him.

“Head east,” Ye Futian instructed. The Purple God Rats that had scouted out the various directions discovered that many top forces were traveling in this direction. This place was previously the lands of a Realm. Many ruins had been searched by people before. Ye Futian might be able to obtain the things that they had left behind and had not taken away, but for him, these things would not give him any substantial benefit.

He went to two different places and had guarded the Swordmaster of Lihen for some time. He could not continue to delay any longer.

Hence, he was prepared to fly past all the ruins that they passed by along the way and head forward at full speed to the end.

Dou Zhao would most likely not have lied to him.

His group traveled extremely fast. They were like shooting stars that swept across the sky in God’s relic. However, they were not the only ones to do so.

Right now, from all corners of God’s relic, people were rushing over at full speed. Some of the fastest ones were the top forces of the Central Emperor Realm. They had more intel, and they had a clearer goal than those from other Realms!