The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1614

Chapter 1614 Gathering

Dou Zhao claimed that after entering God’s relic, they would encounter a Great Relic if they headed in one direction. Did that mean that there would be different Relics in different directions?

Why was that so?

The Purple Gold Rats made haste as they headed north, south, east, and west. The range that Ye Futian could sense was also constantly expanding.

However, after traveling for a period of time, Ye Futian, who was heading east, suddenly stopped. His eyes revealed a strange look.

“What’s wrong?” Yaya, who was beside him, asked as she looked at him. Yu Sheng also looked incredulously at Ye Futian, who had suddenly slowed down.

Ye Futian’s brow revealed a look of contemplation. He looked towards Luoyue and asked, “You heard Lord Taixuan mention about God’s relic on Taixuan Mountain. Have you ever heard about what sort of places these Great Relics are in?”

Luoyue shook her head. “Taixuan Mountain’s knowledge of this place is also limited.”

Ye Futian understood. Taixuan Mountain’s ability was average. It was likely that they did not know much.

In comparison, a force like Divine Palace might know more about these Great Relics.

“Is something wrong?” Luoyue asked.

“Hmm.” Ye Futian nodded, “When we entered God’s relic, due to the fact that the spatial doors were all in different places, we all ended up in different regions. However, we still could sense each other’s auras from far away. That meant that the distance between us was not too far and that we were all still in the same region. Under such circumstances, if all of us headed out in different directions, shouldn’t we have ended up heading further away from each other?”

“Of course,” Luoyue replied as she nodded her head.

“If it was so from the start, then why is it that we ended up closer to each other?” Ye Futian asked.

He noticed a strange phenomenon. He and the members of the Purple Gold Rat Clan were originally heading in different directions. Before this, the distance between them was also indeed growing larger. However, as they continued forward, the Purple Gold Rats, who were traveling in one direction, seemed not to be moving further away from him, but instead were drawing closer.

He thought that he had sensed it wrongly. After all, when he controlled the Purple Gold Rat Clan, he could faintly sense how far away from him they were. However, he could not determine their exact location. He could only get a rough feel.

However, as they continued, he sensed a similar sensation coming from the members who went in the other two cardinal directions. He could not help but be suspicious of the possibility that they were actually coming closer together.

“There is one possibility,” Xia Qingyuan said.

“What possibility is that?” Ye Futian asked.

“Suppose this God’s relic is a single plane of existence, a spherical world like a planet. Then, if we appeared in the same region and then headed in opposite directions, the distance between us would first increase and then decrease,” Xia Qingyuan explained.

“You are right,” Ye Futian nodded. Xia Qingyuan’s deduction was the same as his.

“Let us continue on our way,” Ye Futian did not say anymore. He kept this in mind and continued heading east with haste.

The sensations he felt after this also confirmed his hypothesis. The distance between him and the Purple Gold Rats was indeed getting closer.

After a long while, an endless wasteland appeared before Ye Futian and the others. The members of the Purple Gold Rat Clan that headed in the other three cardinal directions were still heading forward in haste. However, Ye Futian already discovered that the distance between them was already very near. Of course, this was relatively speaking.

If they continued to head forward, they would end up gathering at one spot.

Based on what Dou Zhao had described, they would encounter a Great Relic by heading in one direction. Was it possible that the Great Relic that they encountered at the end of the four cardinal directions was actually the same Relic?

It was just that nobody knew that it was the same Relic?

That meant to say that the people who entered God’s relic before this had never traversed the entire place?

“We should be arriving soon,” Ye Futian said in a low voice. If Dou Zhao’s information was not wrong, each direction had a Great Relic. That meant that it could only be at the intersection point of the four cardinal directions.

In this place, he could already see the remnants of the will of humans. There seemed to have been a huge battle here before.

“What is that?” Yaya looked into the distance across the barren mountain range. In front of them, they could see a huge golden skeleton standing erect in the wastelands.

They sped up and headed over to the giant skeleton.

“It’s a dragon corpse,” Ye Futian mumbled.

This skeleton was tens of thousands of meters long. Its size was gigantic. Lying here, up close, it was a striking sight to behold. One could imagine how powerful a divine dragon it was when it was alive. Unfortunately, now it was just a pile of bones.

However, even as a pile of bones, it still contained intense will.

“No one has actually taken this away,” Luoyue exclaimed.

“Take it away?” Ye Futian said, “Why don’t you try to take this away from here?”

Luoyue was stunned. She took a step forward and touched the dragon bones. She wanted to try and lift one of them up, but she discovered that the dragon bones that stood erect in this wasteland did not budge. She could not lift them at all.

“A Golden Divine Dragon leaves behind golden bones,” Ye Futian explained in a low voice. “This one was at the Demon Emperor level. One single bone is enough to create a Renhuang implement. Such a huge golden dragon corpse is practically an absolute treasure. However, the people who can enter God’s relic are at lower Planes. They cannot lift it and hence cannot take it away with them.” Even those who broke through to the Renhuang Plane in God’s relic could not do so.

“What a waste. The value of the bones of this Golden Divine Dragon is immeasurable,” Luoyue exclaimed softly. The rest of them understood how she felt. There was such a treasure here, but no one could take it away. It was very frustrating.

The people who had come to God’s relic before this must have also felt this way.

“There seems to be more up ahead,” Ye Futian said. He felt a will that was all around them. Up ahead, there was an extremely frightening area of flames.

The group continued to advance along the wasteland’s mountain range. Not long after, they saw another pile of huge bones. These bones contained a very powerful will of fire. It caused the area where it was to be marked red. It was as though this was an area of flaming mountains. The temperature was exceptionally high.

A Fire Kylin. The group trembled inside when they saw the bones of the huge divine beast. This was the skeleton of a huge Fire Kylin. It had set this area ablaze. Even from where they stood, they could sense its intense will.

If it was a person who cultivated flames, they could even gain insight into their cultivation here.

What was this place? Xia Qingyuan was shocked. This mountain range in the wasteland was deadly quiet. However, the corpses of these dead divine beasts astonished everyone. It was difficult to remain calm in this place.

What exactly had happened here?

Were gods truly buried in the tomb of the gods?

Could it be that there was a graveyard waiting for them further ahead?

They continued forward. Very quickly, they saw another extremely frightening huge beast. Its pair of wings were outspread and blocked out the sky, casting a shade over the vast space. Even though it had fallen and was just standing erect there in the wasteland, it was still a king of demons. It stood there, posed as though it was roaring towards the sky.

“A Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird.”

The corpse of this Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird was complete. It was not a skeleton. Its flesh was still intact. It emanated bright and divine golden light, and its color had not faded even after countless years of exposure. Its proud head was that of a king of the sky. However, its spiritual soul was already destroyed, and it no longer had any life aura.

If one could control the corpse of this Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird, even a Renhuang would not be able to harm it.

These frightening demons and divine beasts were all killed by humans?

Why were these corpses here? What else lay ahead?

Ye Futian’s group continued on their way. Many other skeletons of Demon Emperor level beasts could be seen as they made their way forward.

It was as though this was a cemetery of divine beasts.

At long last, Ye Futian spotted a human silhouette.

It was also the silhouette of someone that he was familiar with.

It was the pinnacle figure of Sky Demon Court, Jun.

In the Demon Realm, Jun was equally famous as Dragon God Long Chen. He was comparable to the Crown Prince of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, Yi Tianyu of the human cultivators.

Right now, he appeared to be sitting and cultivating in front of a beast’s corpse. The beast was a Three-legged Golden Raven. It was homologous with Jun.

Jun’s original form was also a Three-legged Golden Raven.

Seemingly sensing something, Jun opened his eyes and looked in the direction of Ye Futian’s group.

“You all have also arrived,” Jun noted.

“What is this place?” Ye Futian asked.

“I do not know. Sky Demon Court has records of a divine beast cemetery in the eastward direction of God’s relic. It turned out to be true,” Jun said. “I was wondering whose handiwork was this to have caused all the Demon Emperors to submit to them.”

“You mean to say that all these Demon Emperors had a master when they were still alive?” Ye Futian exclaimed.

“That’s right,” Jun nodded his head and said, “I sense that this region of beasts is a habitat created by a supreme being for nurturing beasts to guard this place.”

“Nurturing Demon Emperors?” Ye Futian looked at Jun. He had to say that this idea was extremely bold.

“Hmm,” Jun nodded. “Quite a number of people have gone ahead. Take a look and you will understand.”

Ye Futian raised his head and looked ahead. He also sensed the frightening aura coming from that direction. He could faintly see unparalleled divine light shining radiantly from there.

What was over there?

He did not hesitate, moving forward directly. After they traversed through the barren mountains, they saw dazzling divine light glowing. When they reached an elevated spot on the barren mountains, Ye Futian came across some familiar figures.

Many members of the Demon Clan from the Heavenly Mandate Realm had gathered here. Members from other forces, such as Sky Demon Court, Dragon Gods, and Divine Elephants were present too.

Besides that, Ye Futian also saw many other cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Realm. They were cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, Violet Heavenly Palace, and Ten Thousand Divine Mountain. Including the cultivators of Brahma’s Pure Sky who came together with Ye Futian, it seemed that all the top forces from the Heavenly Mandate Realm had assembled here.

Other than that, there were also some top forces from the Higher Heavens Realm. Of course, some other top forces from the Nine Realms were here as well.

The top forces of the Nine Realms were distributed across the four cardinal directions. Top forces from various Realms could appear at any of the four cardinal directions. However, the top forces from the Heavenly Mandate Realm had actually all appeared in this corner. No one was certain as to whether their gathering was a coincidence, or they had spied on and followed each other here.

Ye Futian’s arrival attracted the attention of many people. When people from the Heavenly Mandate Realm saw him together with Virgin Qin He from Brahma’s Pure Sky once again, they revealed strange looks. Were the two of them truly not in a relationship?

Many people could not help but stare in the direction of Yi Tianyu. However, Yi Tianyu also had an exquisite beauty standing beside him. She was elegant and cool; as expected of Ye Man from Divine Palace.

Both Yi Tianyu and Ye Man gave Ye Futian a glance. Then, they saw Qin He too.

“Is that the Virgin from Brahma’s Pure Sky?” Ye Man asked Yi Tianyu softly. She could more or less guess Qin He’s identity.

“Hmm.” Yi Tianyu nodded.

Ye Man examined Qin He carefully. Was this maiden the person whom Yi Tianyu almost married due to the arrangement of the clan?!