The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1615

Chapter 1615 How Inopportune

The Shadow Realm and the Solar Realm were two opposite realm. Each contained the qi of ultimate yin and ultimate yang. In the Snow Divine Kingdom, it was covered by extremely cold snow year-round, and the cultivators there were also extremely cold in nature, like the un-melted ice of thousands of years. The Snow Divine Kingdom dispatched Ye Man to Shangxiao Divine Palace in the hopes that she would cultivate at other peak forces and learn from them.

After Ye Man had cultivated in the Divine Palace for so many years, her temperament had indeed changed a great deal. Her unique characteristics inherited from the Snow Divine Kingdom could no longer be observed in everyday life.

However, at this moment, the people around her exuded an extremely chilling sensation, and even their eyes were like ice and snow. One look was enough to turn the others into frost.

Ye Futian naturally also felt the gaze from Yi Tianyu and Ye Man. He and Qin He both turned their gazes and looked over there with an indifferent expression.

In the past, Yi Tianyuthe Crown Prince of Heavenly Mandate Dynastmight have been able to give him certain pressure, but now, this Crown Prince of the Divine Dynasty could no longer pose any threat to him.

His gaze didn’t linger on Yi Tianyu for too long before he moved his eyes away and looked toward that extremely dazzling place in front of the crowd.

“What place is this?” Ye Futian saw the magnificent scene in front of him, and his heart trembled. What he saw was a brilliant temple interwoven with an incomparable space light beams. Here, the temple stood upon the mountain in the wilderness, and it completely covered this space. Its immensity was incomprehensible; even divine will could not perceive its boundaries.

“Divine items, divine implements.” Ye Futian’s heart trembled. Countless golden space beams seemed to divide this vast expanse into different areas, like a part of this vast and boundless Spatial Sacred Hall. And these areas, where the space was partitioned, seemed to house a dazzling divine item.

Were these the divine implements in the divine hall?

If the crowd had just walked past a cemetery of a demonic emperor, or a demonic beast raised by a Supreme Being, then the scene in front of them might very well be a treasure trove collected in an entire lifetime by a supreme character.

He saw many different treasures, such as swords and spears… Common divine items that were a must, but there were also some rare artifacts.

However, these artifacts seemed to be clearly visible to the naked eye, but no one who was present attempted to enter to fight for them. Could it be that they were unable to enter?

He glanced at the periphery around the divine hall again. There were corpses on the ground, clearly indicating that fighting had already broken out, which meant that someone was fighting for the divine items.

What was happening here?

“What’s going on here?” Ye Futian looked in a direction and asked Xiang Mang, the cultivator from the Divine Elephants. He and the Divine Elephants went from way back and had many exchanges with Xiang Mang himself when he was at the Divine Elephants and saw him as a worthy adversary.

“There are many artifacts sealed in that Spatial Sacred Hall. Each treasure is separated from the other and needs to be opened individually to release it.” Xiang Mang explained to Ye Futian, “You see that in front of each treasure, there was an independent space with a pattern of its own; only when the pattern has been cracked can it be opened.”

“If so, how come no one is doing anything?” Ye Futian asked in doubt.

“They have,” Xiang Mang responded, “but this Spatial Sacred Hall is very odd. After the pattern has been cracked, the treasure will fly out of the sky from above, so even when you have broken the seal, the treasure itself wants to escape. Proactively solving the puzzle would only be creating opportunities for other cultivators who lay in wait. Gradually, some choose to wait and see even when they have the opportunity, acting more cautiously.”

Ye Futian nodded. He finally understood what was going on.

Anyone would hope that once they opened the seal, the treasure would be theirs. But if the treasure flew out and thus taken by others, then there was not much point in it.

Who would be such a fool?

Hence, the situation in front of them.

“Just how many treasures are hidden in this Spatial Sacred Hall, and is it difficult to open?” Ye Futian asked.

“It’s very difficult to open. Looking at it, there ought to be many treasures,” Xiang Mang replied. “They should all be at the top grade of Renhuang.”

Ye Futian nodded, and his heart was disturbed. At this time, some Purple Gold Rats went to another area of the ruins. The speed of these Purple Gold Rats was still very fast, not much slower than when they first arrived here.

In one of the areas, a Purple Gold Rat met many sacred trees and precious flowers. It was just like when Ye Futian once crossed the Sea of the Path when he went to the land of proving the way, and there were many fruits of the Way.

Aside from that, there were golden sacred trees towering into the sky, with endless lotus flowers that nurtured the Great Path, and many other exotic plants.

This made Ye Futian felt as if it was a divine garden.

Moreover, Ye Futian clearly felt that the Purple Gold Rat was very close to him, and very possibly in the same ruin, only in different positions.

If this was really a complete, larger relic, including all four major directions, then, is this a treasure trove of an incredible character? These demonic emperors were guarding here, and were those grounds the garden of a supreme existence?

Ye Futian felt that this relic was called “God’s relic” because it might really be the relic left by the legendary ancient gods.

Is God the most supreme of the Imperial Realm? he wondered.

He glanced at his surroundings and saw that all the top forces from the Nine Realms had gathered here. Among them, there was even the existence of Renhuang, so no one dared to act rashly.

At this time, a group of men came toward Ye Futian. Ye Futian’s attention turned to them and saw that it was the cultivators of the Dou Tribe, who had fought with him in the underground palace before. The one heading of the group was Dou Zhao.

And it was not just them. All the top forces that had twice competed for the relic had arrived one step ahead of him.

Ziwei Palace, Clan of the Seven Slayers, Heavenly Sword Hall, Yuanyang Clan, and Chixiao Divine Mountain were all present to add to the grandeur of this occasion.

Under such circumstances, no one dared to act rashly.

Which force dared to claim to be invincible?

Even if they were really invincible, would it be enough to beat out the alliance of the others?

“Did you just get here now?” Dou Zhao asked. He had reminded Ye Futian to head east, but Ye Futian had arrived later than him.

“I went to another relic, and it took some time,” Ye Futian said with a smile.

Dou Zhao gave Ye Futian a meaningful look. After he seized the spear and the intent of battle, did this guy go ahead and inherit another relic?

“Have you recovered from your injury?” Ye Futian asked.

“That fruit of the Way was quite good, thank you,” Dou Zhao said brightly. “As a way of thanking you, I plan to lead the Dou Tribe to join hands with you and split the treasures 50-50. What do you think?”

“Get outta here.” Ye Futian spat those words out. How could this loser propose an even split?

“Thirty-seventy, then; Thirty for us and seventy for you.” Dou Zhao didn’t seem to mind, and continued with a silly smile on his face.

He was thinking that judging from the speed with which Ye Futian took hold of the godly spear, there should be a ton of treasures in this Spatial Sacred Hall for the taking.

Ye Futian looked up without looking at him.

“Twenty-eighty,” Dou Zhao gritted his teeth and said. They definitely could not go any lower.

He was the descendant of the Dou Tribe, with the blood of the Fighting God flowing in his body; how could he be humiliated by bargaining like this?

“I don’t need anyone’s help.” Ye Futian looked at Dou Zhao with a smile.

“Wha…” Dou Zhao looked at Ye Futian and felt an urge to punch his face. Didn’t he say that he wanted to be friends?

So callous.

He was the descendant of the Fighting God, and yet he kept retreating again and again… Forget it.

“You decide, then,” Dou Zhao said. Judging by the conflicts that had just occurred, he felt that if there were treasures, he had no hope of getting any of them. He was not afraid of those in Saint Plane, but there were several Renhuang in this area with many other top characters. It would be hard for him to compete.


Ye Futian looked at Dou Zhao, stunned. He had guts.

“Deal,” Ye Futian immediately agreed immediately without dissent.

Indeed, he had been beaten by Yu Sheng into submission.

Dou Zhao looked at him, sighing inside. He had to submit because he was less skilled, a party that was defeated.

Many people of power looked this way, especially those who were acquainted with Ye Futian. There were even cultivators of top principalities who came to him for alliance, but his attitude…

This also made the likes of Yi Tianyu and Zhan Yuan frown deeply. Even those at the peak of power were willing to help him?

Could he really be so powerful?

Yi Tianyu had witnessed Ye Futian’s strength later when they were at the Divine Palace, but Zhan Yuan had only heard of what happened at the Divine Palace.

“Help me take care of a person first,” Ye Futian said to Dou Zhao.

Dou Zhao looked at Ye Futian as if to say, “You are badass.”

“Who?” he said, gritting his teeth.

“Him.” Ye Futian pointed in a direction. Over there, Zhang Yuan, the supreme body of the Great Path from Violet Heavenly Palace, who was looking at Ye Futian, was stunned for a moment.

Ye Futian was pointing at him.

“This man is known as the supreme body of the Great Path; one of a kind. Although you have the body of the Fighting God, your victory is not guaranteed. Since you have nothing to do, why don’t you give it a try,” Ye Futian said.

Nothing to do…

After Ye Futian arrived here, everything in this space seemed to have changed.

But how come this felt kind of strange?

“Fine.” Dou Zhao gritted his teeth, then turned and walked in the direction of the Violet Heavenly Palace, where Zhang Yuan was located. “Dou Zhao of the Dou Tribe from Ziwei Realm is here to experience the supreme body of the Great Path.”

Zhan Yuan’s face was gloomy, and his eyes were fixed on Ye Futian. This b*stard didn’t bother to make a move himself, but let people from the other forces attack him instead.

Boom. A violent thunder will of the Way exploded and swept across the sky in an instant, blasting violently toward Dou Zhao.

Bang. Dou Zhao took a step into the void, and a dull sound came out between heaven and earth. He seemed to have turned into a god of war, with divine light shining about him that directly opened up the will of the god of war. Three Marks of God of War appeared around his brow chakra, which opened up the third layer.

The supreme body of the Great Path ought to be incredibly strong.

Ye Futian looked down on everyone, so he had would give this supreme body of the Great Path a good beating to vent his anger.

But how inconvenient it was for Zhan Yuan!