The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1616

Chapter 1616 Not Picky

At this time, a Mark of the God of War appeared at Dou Zhao’s brow chakra, and there an ethereal shadow of the God of War loomed behind him with a horrific will of might.

The flash of divine thunder shone in the sky, and in an instant, this world seemed to be facing the apocalypse as the endless thunder now roamed between heaving and earth, casting a matrix of apocalyptic thundering all around him. As he stepped under the matrix, the Sword of Doomsday appeared in front of him, swallowing and tearing apart all the thundering divine light.

Zhan Yuan, the supreme body of the Great Path from of Violet Heavenly Palace, was facing a great enemy.


A golden divine light exploded, and Dou Zhao started his attack. His body directly pierced through the void as the golden divine light penetrated the space, traversing through it and appearing in front of the body in a flash.

“Kill!” Zhan Yuan shouted angrily, roaring like thunder with the thunder god’s wrath as the Sword of Doomsday was released as if to destroy everything in front of him.

However, Dou Zhao slammed his fist of flesh and blood onto the sword without dodging and without retreating.

There was a terrifying burst of noise between the two. The wandering destructive divine thunder engulfed Dou Zhao entirely. At the same time, a horrific power of terror sent shock waves through Zhan Yuan’s body, like rays of golden divine light that penetrated regardless of the divine sword.

Bang! Bang!

A horrible sound erupted from the inside of Zhan Yuan’s body. He groaned and forced his mouth to close. Then his body flew out backward as his face turned bright red, and finally, a mouthful of blood spewed out, and his breath rapidly weakened. The bones and nerves in his body seemed to be shattered.

His eyes fixed on Dou Zhao, who was being engulfed by the destructive light of the thunder. The purple thunder shone and floated above his strapping and overbearing torso and then gradually dissipated, exposing that powerful and overbearing physique.

Dou Zhao’s eyes contained golden divine light. He stared at Zhan Yuan in front of him, who had no sign of injury. Clearly, he was disappointed.

“Supreme body of the Great Path?” Dou Zhao mumbled, looking at Ye Futian and said, “Did he give himself that title?”

He was not too durable.


When Zhan Yuan heard what he had said, another mouthful of blood spewed out again, his face red with incredible shame.

He was the first person among the descendants of the Violet Heavenly Palace known as the Supreme body of the Great Path. His name resounded in all of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. He was a magnificent figure in his own right in Heavenly Mandate Realm before, but all this changed after Ye Futian’s appearance.

Today, he was thusly humiliated.

The cultivators from Violet Heavenly Palace stepped out to come behind Zhan Yuan, all of them staring coldly at Dou Zhao. The breath from their bodies was frightening.

“Perhaps.” Ye Futian smiled.

“So, what kind of body are you?” Dou asked curiously.

“Divine Body of the Heavenly Path.” Ye Futian replied.

“…” Dou Zhao felt that he shouldn’t have asked. No one could have been as shameless as this.

What kind of concept was the Divine Body of the Heavenly Path?

Under the Heavenly Path, what other kind of constitutions could be compared?

So shameless.

“How are they going to deal with this?” Dou Zhao asked, looking at the cultivators releasing their breaths toward him.

“Do you think this kind of strength is worthy of competing here?” Ye Futian asked.

“Not worthy.” Dou Zhao responded. He was not even sure of himself in the competition, hence his proposition to join hands with Ye Futian. In comparison, Zhan Yuan and the others were even more unworthy.

“Then you can decide what to do with them,” Ye Futian said. Dou Zhao then stepped out and rushed into the crowd of the Violet Heavenly Palace, violently swinging and blasting the golden divine fists. No one from the Violet Heavenly Palace could counter even one single punch from him.

Watching all those who were being blasted and falling, Ye Futian’s expression was one of pure indifference. It wasn’t that the Violet Heavenly Palace was weak, but that Dou Zhao had opened up the third layer of Fighting God’s will. In this realm, there were not many equal opponents; there weren’t many even in the entirety of the Nine Realms.

Dou Zhao’s combative prowess was definitely top-notch.

“How sad,” many who witnessed this scene remarked secretly to themselves. However, most of them were not too sympathetic. The aim of those who came here was to compete with each other. Such inferior strength indeed had no place in the competition.

Violet Heavenly Palace, in comparison, was still relatively weak.

People from the Heavenly Mandate Realm felt the most complicated. Now, someone who was willing to follow Ye Futian proactively had made a move and crushed the Violet Heavenly Palace without even giving them a chance to fight back.

The cultivators from the Violet Heavenly Palace were full of grief and indignation, for they had never suffered such great humiliation. If it were to avenge the grudge of the past, Ye Futian could have struck directly. However, he didn’t even bother to move, merely ordering Dou Zhao to do his bidding, and they were still abused to such a degree.

“Enough.” A cold voice was heard, and the speaker was the Crown Prince Yi Tianyu of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. This time in the God’s relic, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Violet Heavenly Palace were considered allies. In addition to the Snow Divine Kingdom, where Ye Man was located, these three principalities had formed a rather considerable force.

Dou Zhao was born to the Dou Tribe, a top principality in Ziwei Realm. Previously when he hadn’t been getting along well with Zhan Yuan, Yi Tianyu didn’t intervene on account of not wanting to make more enemies. But now that he saw the cultivators of Violet Heavenly Palace being sorely beaten by one man, he had no choice but to step out and say something.

Boom. Another violent blast from the fist and two figures were knocked out in a flying fashion. Dou Zhao turned his head to look at Yi Tianyu and found that there was a Renhuang on Yi Tianyu’s side, an old man from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. He had been suppressing his realm until after the entrance of God’s relic, and his breakthrough was a way of protecting the Heavenly Mandate Realm to improve their chances in God’s relic.

Dou Zhao turned his attention to Yi Tianyu, saying, “Do you fancy a try?”

Yi Tianyu stared at Dou Zhao. If they were to fight, he wasn’t so sure if he could overcome Dou Zhao. This man had crushed the cultivators of the Violet Heavenly Palace with great ease. Judging from the combative power he had demonstrated, he must be stronger.

“Enough,” Ye Futian said. Dou Zhao turned his head to look at him, somewhat perplexed. He had wanted him to attack, so why stop now?

He walked back to Ye Futian and said in a low voice, “I have given you plenty of prestige. If there were any benefits to be had, you should know what to do.”


Ye Futian looked a bit shocked. Watching this godlike figure next to him, he felt a little curious.

This guy seemed to be multifaceted; he was wild and crazy on the outside, but inside, he was a bit… cute.

If Dou Zhao knew the word that Ye Futian used to describe him, what would he think?

At this time, all the cultivators from Violet Heavenly Palace glanced at Ye Futian. Their numbers were considerable, and there were many cultivators from the eight major branches of the Violet Heavenly Palace among them. Back when they took away Gu Dongliu, he went to make trouble, but the other refused to turn him over. How high and mighty were they then.

But now, Ye Futian looked at them with some contempt, saying, “People of the Violet Heavenly Palace can get the hell out now. There is nothing concerning you here.”

Boom… The light of thunder flashed, and the cultivators from the Violet Heavenly Palace were extremely incensed when they heard such humiliating words used on them. But when Ye Futian cast his glance toward them, after seeing the gradually sharpened look in his eyes, no one dared to challenge him. All they could do was to look away, endless humiliation filling their hearts.

“Let’s go,” Zhan Yuan said. His group left with their dead and wounded.

After the people of the Violet Heavenly Palace left, the space was quiet again. The strength of Zhan Yuan’s group was not spectacular, to begin with, so they had a minimal effect on the situation at hand.

No one moved, and neither did Ye Futian as he stood there quietly. Although he believed he could unlock the seals of the treasure within the temple, he was unwilling to be the first to make a move and, presumably, everyone else thought the same as well.

No one wanted to be so careless in their actions.

At this moment, someone walked forward. It was not just one person, but many cultivators from one single top principality now walked toward the Spatial Sacred Hall. At the same time, many more stayed outside on guard, and one of them said, “Since none of you are acting, from now on, any looters who dare to touch the items released by us will be killed at all costs.”

These words contained incredible murderous intent. Many looked at the man speaking and knew that these people were from the Central Emperor Realm.

“Where are they from?” Ye Futian asked Dou Zhao. Judging from these arrogant words, they must have possessed great self-confidence in their own strength. If anyone were to rob them of their treasure, they would not hesitate to kill others as a way to deter any looting.

“The Martial God Clan from the Central Emperor Realm, one of the top ancient clans.” Dou Zhao responded to Ye Futian via voice transmission. The Central Emperor Realm was the center of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, and the top forces among them were mostly clans; very ancient clans as a matter of fact. Many of them claimed to have descended from the gods and said that divine blood flowed inside their veins.

The surname of the Martial God Clan was “Martial,” indicating the combative power of those in the clan. It was said that their ancestor was the Martial God of War.

Ye Futian nodded slightly. Among those present, there were some powerful Renhuang who were the only ones that could pose a real threat to them.

“In that case, let’s not interact with one another, and we will each take our own,” the cultivators of Yuanyang Clan also proclaimed as they started walking forward, stepping into the temple.

All the cultivators began to move, one after another. Many of them now entered the Spatial Sacred Hall.

Next to Ye Futian, many looked at him for a cue. When they saw Ye Futian walking towards the interior, many followed suit.

This Spatial Sacred Hall was extremely vast. It was filled with space will of the Way everywhere. The endless space divine light turned the space into countless segments, and as soon as they stepped into it, they could clearly feel the strong and arrogant breath from inside. Many divine implements and weapons had mighty breaths permeating amongst them.

“What do you want?” Ye Futian asked the people around him.

“As many as possible, we are not picky,” Dou Zhao responded honestly.

“Get the hell away…” Ye Futian looked at this brazen man next to him. As such, he wasn’t picky either.

Some of those who were around were a little speechless when they heard Ye Futian’s words. Although there was a treasure trove inside with many divine items, were they so easy to obtain? It was extremely difficult to crack even one of the seals, and Ye Futian was asking what his people wanted?

Could he get whatever his heart desired?

“There is an ax over there. Yu Sheng, why don’t we get that for you to chop some wood?” Ye Futian said.

“Chop wood?” Dou blinked.

Clearly, he did not know the story of how Yu Sheng used to chop wood at the Cottage on the mountain.

“Mmm.” Yu Sheng nodded. He was really not picky at all, as long as it was suitable for his explosive power, and the battle-ax sounded like a match made in heaven!