The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1617

Chapter 1617 The Luck Of The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty

The entire golden temple was filled with countless spatial threads, especially in the places where the implements were sealed within. Each of the implement in this golden temple was sealed by an independent golden space, and all the independent spaces there were connected to become a whole and constituted this treasure trove.

Ye Futian and the others walked to a place. In front of them was a battle ax suspended in mid-air and releasing radiant golden light. Renhuang-level light emitted from it. Standing here, they felt as if they were standing under a great pressure of might on the verge of splitting it in two.

And around that suspended battle ax was a seal created by countless spatial divine lights. These divine lights were flowing to create a three-dimensional pattern, and that battle ax seemed to be locked within the pattern.

“Has anyone tried to split it open by force?” Ye Futian asked Dou Zhao.

“They died miserably; nothing was left,” Dou Zhao responded. Ye Futian nodded, for this was well within his anticipation. Whatever sealed inside was a very powerful divine implement. Therefore, it must have taken a considerably higher level of power to seal such weaponry within.

To forcibly break the seal, there was no kind of realm that could have achieved this. As soon as the seal was disturbed, the golden divine light inside would start flashing, and the intruder would be torn apart by those infinite golden lights, leaving nothing behind.

“These treasures were like the collection of some great being; they are likely to contain the spirit of the implement so that they will fly out after the seal has been lifted. Even if the implement is freed, it is not so easy to obtain it,” Ye Futian whispered, and Dou Zhao nodded in agreement. Ye Futian’s speculation sounded about right.

Dou Zhao sobered up and said in all seriousness, “And, even a miscalculation in unlocking the seal could spell great disaster. As soon as you provoke the power within, terrible consequences may ensue. Just now, even those in the vicinity could be affected. Before you came along, many had fallen here, which was the reason why everyone was extremely cautious and careful.”

Ye Futian nodded. Everyone was outside when he came, and not only for fear of being robbed by others. Before this, someone had already learned the lesson the hard way.

Now, none of them dared to act rashly.

“Then how do we break it?” Ye Futian asked.

“You are asking me?” Dou Zhao looked at Ye Futian with surprise. This guy had only gotten hold of that divine spear in a few moments, so he should easily break at least a dozen to 20 seals to be worthy of his trust, right?

He was the descendant of the Fighting God and had forsaken his dignity in this endeavor. If he didn’t get a few treasures out of the ordeal, wouldn’t that be terrible?

“I’m testing you. Otherwise, how could I demonstrate how different I am from the others,” Ye Futian replied.

“…” Dou Zhao felt that Ye Futian must have been the most shameless genius talent he had ever encountered. He was absolutely the most shameless one.

He wanted to see just how many seals he could break today.

Ye Futian’s eyes became like the divine wheels; rims of the wheels seemed to be reflected inside his eyes. In an instant, his eyes seemed to be able to see through the Great Path and into all of the nothingness.

The flowing will of the Way seemed to slow down in his eyes, and the lines of the pattern gradually became clearer. The pattern that sealed the battle ax gradually took shape in his field of vision like a golden divine gate.

To unlock the seal, opening this golden divine gate ought to be the key.

The surroundings became exceptionally quiet, as Ye Futian’s eyes kept staring at the pattern. Those next to him were all looking at him, and the others couldn’t really understand what he was doing.

As if he felt the eyes of those who stared at him, Ye Futian whispered, “I have already seen through some of it.”

“How much longer?” Dou Zhao asked.

“Almost,” Ye Futian replied.

But after a while, Ye Futian was still watching.

“So?” Dou Zhao asked again.

“Not too difficult.” Ye Futian sounded rather confident.

“Then open it.” Dou Zhao looked at him.

Ye Futian turned his attention back and rubbed between his brows. He looked at Dou Zhao as if he was looking at an idiot.

“This is all set up by the great power of the ancients, and we cannot afford to be careless. We must only proceed when we are absolutely sure. Wait for me to observe it for a while longer to ensure my calculation is correct.”

“Do you get it?” Ye Futian’s eyes were full of contempt.

“…” Dou Zhao clenched his fists. Didn’t he just say that it wasn’t too difficult? So, what were all these reasons for not getting a move on?

As if he was an idiot!

He felt the urge to hit someone, but looking at Yu Sheng, who was right next to Ye Futian, he thought better of it.

“Let’s observe the other seals first.” Ye Futian turned and walked to the side, where each seal occupied a different position, forming a separate entity of its own.

“…” Dou Zhao looked at Ye Futian. Was this considered fast? No difficulty?

Even Qin He seemed to do her best not to laugh. An enchanting smile appeared in her beautiful eyes. She hadn’t seen Ye Futian like this before.

Was he holding on?

However, even Ye Futian couldn’t resolve it at the moment and dared not to act rashly, demonstrating just how strong the pattern of this seal was.

People from other principalities around Ye Futian didn’t bother to disguise their contempt. If he couldn’t do it, he should just admit it. Was this guy really for real? His shamelessness was second to none.

However, even Dou Zhao of the Dou Tribe in Ziwei Realm was following him.

The space next to the battle ax also contained another divine implementa dagger, which released a dark luster, with a terrible breath flowing from it, giving out a dangerous signal. However, like the battle ax, it was locked inside the flowing spatial divine light, as countless divine lights flowing back and forth, isolating the dagger in its place.

“You see, the others were useless, also. Each of the implement here is sealed by different means, so the method of unlocking is bound to be different. Otherwise, they would all have been opened long ago. You have not even unlocked the seal of the battle ax, yet now, you are looking at something else. I’m afraid it’s all for nothing,” Dou Zhao said to Ye Futian.

“Who told you that it was sealed by different means?” Ye Futian asked.

Dou Zhao was stunned when he heard Ye Futian’s question and replied, “This is known by everyone.”

“Oh,” Ye Futian responded, his eyes still fixed on the pattern of the dagger.

When Dou Zhao heard Ye Futian’s response, the urge to beat him was even stronger. What did he mean by that?

What Ye Futian saw was different from what Dou Zhao had said. The spatial lines were indeed different, so the patterns that were formed were also different. However, they were not formed by different means.

On the contrary, he found that both seals shared something in common. In those flowing golden divine lights, if he slowed it down, the vision became clearer, and he could see a door.

This was the same ability, except that the timing of the arrangement was different. Or rather, it was possible that the supremely powerful character had sealed the divine implement here at will, so it was the same sealing ability, only because of different timing so that he details were slightly different.

If it was really as he had suspected, that this here was an armory where the supreme being stored the divine implements. If he was that supreme being, would he really set a different method to seal each implement?


If he were really so powerful, the implement would be sealed as soon as he tossed it into storage, why would he take on more trouble with them?

Sometimes, things were complicated by overthinking because it was the wisdom of the ancestors that they were facing.

However, considered in reverse, an entirely different angle now opened up.

It didn’t take long before Ye Futian walked in front of the third divine implement and continued his observation that roused Dou Zhao’s curiosity. What was this guy doing?

Qin He and the others were also puzzled, but they trusted Ye Futian. Although he sometimes seemed less than reliable, he had often surprised them.

In the next few moments, Ye Futian continued his walk inside, observing all the implements as time slowly passed by, little by little. The others had already begun to try to unlock the seals.

“If you really can’t do it, then give it up, don’t force it,” Dou Zhao finally said.

“Once I start my move, I’m afraid your heart won’t be able to bear it,” Ye Futian said with much contempt.

“Hehe.” Dou Zhao said nothing but merely looked on quietly to see how much longer Ye Futian could act this way.

At this moment, a strong light shot out as the cultivator of the Martial God Clan unlocked a seal, but he paid for it. A divine light flashed, and a divine implement rushed out, along with the cultivator of the Martial God Clan, who would not let it slip away so easily.

Many figures now flashed out of the golden temple.

“Whoever dares to snatch it will be killed without exception.” An overbearing and indifferent voice was heard as the cultivator of the Martial God Clan threatened.

Some cultivators continued to rush out, but no one dared to intercept the implement. The divine implement was a Heavenly Halberd. It was full of fierce breath. When a cultivator of the Martial God Clan attempted to take it, the horrific divine light of the halberd rushed into his body and shook his body violently.

Bang. His body was knocked out, and the Heavenly Halberd flew out of his hand. All the cultivators rushed toward the void at the same time, not willing to let the treasure slip away.

Ye Futian still remained within the golden temple, and even the cultivators of the Martial God Clan seemed to have figured out the skills to unlock the sealed gates, which was to destroy the circulation of the matrix that sealed the gate and allow the divine implement to come out by itself. However, this method was very dangerous, and may even cause the backlash of the matrix and end with the death of those who tried to breach it.

The cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Realm were also making the same attempt. However, even though they were extremely careful, they still made a mistake, leading to someone being directly killed by the divine light.

“Almost,” Ye Futian said to himself. His eyes were looking toward where the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was congregated, and a very brilliant light seemed to have bloomed from his eyes, like a divine light. In no time, a light seemed to have directly invaded the seal matrix.

In the next moment, strong golden threads flowed about, and a radiant divine light suddenly burst out. A divine implement rushed out as the seal was broken. The implement bloomed a brilliant light, rose into the sky, and burst out of the golden temple.

“It’s broken.” The cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty shuddered suddenly and immediately started chasing after the divine implement.

Some people looked that way, struggling inside. There were people on the outside who saw the emergence of more divine implements, and they were eager to move.

Still waiting? Ye Futian remarked secretly in his heart, only to see another seal matrix opening up once again, and it was still at the place where people of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had gathered. Another divine implement broke through the air and flew straight into the sky.

“Another one?”

The hearts of everyone trembled. As they watched the cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty rushing toward the divine implement, the inner throbbing of their hearts could no longer be contained, and some cultivators went after it as well!

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had sent out an impressive team this time and had scattered many people at different parts of the temple. They were not all stayed in front of one divine implement but were stationed at different locations.

When they saw that two divine implements consecutively landed in their hands, a strange looked showed on their faces. Just as a cultivator from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty looked up outside, the seal matrix in front of him suddenly lit up as another divine implement became available.

“What the hell!” the cultivator from Heavenly Mandate Dynasty remarked silently. This surprise was a bit unexpected.

However, no matter the reason, the divine implements were the top priority.

“Take them down.” Every one of the principalities outside could bear it no longer as three divine implements were unearthed in a row. They wondered if the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had found a method to crack the code!