The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1618

Chapter 1618 Slight Difficulty

In this region, there were only five cultivators of the Renhuang Realm, and the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had one of them.

At this moment, Yi Tianyu held on to the divine implement tightly. It was a Renhuang pen, similar to the Qianqiu Brush that he used for his expertise. This was why he paid special attention to this particular divine implement. The pen was shining with terrible golden divine light as Yi Tianyu held it tightly. The radiant divine light rushing into his body continuously and bathing Yi Tianyu in a golden glow.

There was residual willpower in the pen, and he needed to conquer it in order to control the pen.

The divine light of the Heavenly Mandate was shining, with the Renhuang of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty standing protectively beside him, watching over him. However, at this time, divine implements shot into the void in two other directions, and more curiously towards the positions where people of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty were located.

At this time, all the cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty flew out successively to seize the divine implements.

“What’s the matter?” Yi Tianyu wondered. The seals on the implements in the Spatial Sacred Hall were extremely difficult to crack, but they seemed to have some luck in breaking the seals. And before he even had time to figure out the situation, two more implements had revealed themselves, one after another?

How could the Heavenly Mandate Realm have such good luck? Did they get a large dose of it somewhere?

“This is bad,” Yi Tianyu thought. At this moment, even the appearance of a single divine instrument would make others jealous, so the appearance of three divine instruments in a row was not luck, but disaster.

Sure enough, just as Yi Tianyu thought, a dreadful Renhuang breath descended, covering the void. Three consecutive divine implements appeared, and the other cultivators could endure it no longer.

At times like this, how could they not snatch them?

“Be careful!” the Renhuang from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty yelled out as he was guarding Yi Tianyu. He saw another Renhuang-level cultivator heading straight toward those from the Heavenly Mandate Heaven to fight for them Renhuang implement.

One of their descendants was in that position.

A force full of destruction enveloped the vast void, and the cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had also realized that something was wrong. In the next moment, they saw countless dark air currents appearing around the space they were in, like spears of death from hell that came to attack them.

“Go!” A shout came out as they tried to rush out of this space, but the surrounding space had been blocked already. Black mountain ridges now appeared in the area behind them. They laid across the sky, a blockade to all the heavens. Then, the dark spears of endless destruction went toward them like the apocalypse.

Poof A sound came out, accompanied by the screams of the cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, as all of them were penetrated by the light of darkness and slaughtered. At the same time, the place where the third divine arm appeared had a very similar ending with different players.

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was attacked at the same time by many cultivators who were strangling them, and even some existences of Renhuang were attacking them.

It was in an instant that the cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had become the target of the masses.

Everything was happening so fast that there was no time to think carefully. As soon as the implement was freed, everyone could only think of getting it in their own hands. There were very few forces in the Nine Realms who could claim that they had implements at such a level. For some, to have even one or two would be considered fortunate, indeed.

Under such circumstances, could anyone suppress the desire to loot?

The moment the divine implements appeared in front of the cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, they should have, by all rights, belonged to them. How could they just let them go?

This terrible scene before them was the result of it. In only a very brief moment, the cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty on both sides were killed off. Nobody was spared. With the two Renhuang and many other strong cultivators involved, there was no chance for any of them.

Boom. The Renhuang from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was furious. In a flash, they had suffered heavy casualties, including one of his own descendants who had perished in front of his eyes. His rage was completely expected.

The power of Renhuang erupted. He took a step forward and raised his finger. The Qianqiu Brush, which contained a powerful murderous intent, exploded. The Renhuang pen dropped down as the light of death swept through the world, heading toward those who had murdered his descendant.

The Renhuang who took the shot was one of the most superior beings from the Hidden Land Realm. When he saw the Renhuang pen coming to attack, he put his hands together, and his whole body was like a plain in which countless sharp blades extended to lock in the space he occupied. Those black blades were extremely sharp, like countless dark spears, constantly extending to cover the sky and the sun. Each blade was thick and sharp, like sharpened mountain peaks slamming toward Yi Tianyu, his party, and everyone else.

Other cultivators rushed toward the divine implement, too busy to care about the ongoing battle here.

A chaotic scene now played out in the void, as the three divine implements had appeared at the same time, causing a melee.

Yi Tianyu’s face was extremely hard, as he was also attacked while trying to control the divine implement. When the other two divine implements had arrived just now, the cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty should not have done anything to allow others to fight for them.

They were the first to make a move and became the targets of the others, sacrificing their lives in vain. This time, they had dispatched all the elite of his generation from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. In just a moment, they had suffered heavy losses, losing many of their brightest descendants right on the spot.

Boom… A violent destructive power swept toward them. The Renhuang from the Hidden Land Realm was at war with the Renhuang beside him. Many other cultivators walked toward Yi Tianyu. It was as if they had begun to remember the Renhuang-level divine implement that was clutched in his hands.

At this time, the cultivators of the Snow Divine Kingdom descended. Ye Man and the others came to Yi Tianyu’s side. Her look was cold as she swept a glance to those who were surrounding them.


A splendid divine light erupted from the Renhuang pen as Yi Tianyu took it and held it in the palm of his hand. His breath was floating. He had finally successfully controlled this Renhuang divine implement, but when he saw those that were around him, it seemed that this divine implement was not so easy to keep after all.

If they had concentrated their power in retrieving just this one implement, perhaps there may not have been much of a problem, but now everyone wanted what was in his hand.

“The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty consecutively broke three major seals and released three divine arms. How did you do it?” A voice came from nowhere. No one in particular appeared to be the speaker, but now, all eyes were focused on Yi Tianyu sharply.

With so many cultivators present, it was difficult to get their hands on even one divine arm. The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had broken three seals in a row, quite possibly because they had seen through the sealing method and found a way to crack it.

Seeing the look on everyone’s face, Yi Tianyu knew it was going to be bad. How the hell did he know how seals were unlocked?

He had no idea how this seal was unlocked and had mistakenly thought it was luck. As for the other two, he couldn’t even wrap his head around what had just happened.

Who could explain it to him?

Even if they assigned it to the good luck of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, it was such bad timing for them that it was more bad luck than good.

But at this time, inside the temple created by endless spatial divine lights, Ye Futian and the others looked up at the chaotic war outside.

Qin He’s beautiful eyes showed a curious look. Her eyes retracted from the sky above, and she looked at Ye Futian’s profile. She was wondering if it had something to do with this guy.

“Let’s go and see.” Ye Futian’s body flickered to the outside, and the others followed suit.

“Don’t you want to lock them?” Dou Zhao looked at him and asked.

The group came outside. Ye Futian looked at Dou Zhao and said, “No hurry. These seals are easy to break; it’s just a matter of turning a thought. We’ll get them sooner or later. If we are too obvious, we will end up just like them, targeted by everyone.”

Ye Futian’s voice was not disguised, and everyone could hear him. Many were rendered speechless. They could also see that this man was brazenly shameless.

The seals could be cracked with a mere turn of thought? Seriously?

“Then break one for me to see me first.” Dou Zhao looked at Ye Futian with shocked amazement.

“You don’t believe me?” Ye Futian looked at Dou Zhao. How come, whenever he spoke the truth, no one believed him? It was indeed a matter of thought alone.

Otherwise, how were the other three divine implements released?

“I don’t believe you,” Dou Zhao said sincerely.

Ye Futian pointed at Yi Tianyu, who was in the void and said, “This man is Yi Tianyu, the crown prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. He is known as the natural-born supreme. He was extremely distinguished in the Heavenly Mandate Realm but is still quite beneath me. If Yi Tianyu could break three major seals, I can do better.”

“…” Dou Zhao did not feel much like talking after that whole exchange.

Ye Futian looked up at the battlefield in the void and said aloud, “Brother Yi, when you were at the Heavenly Mandate Realm, His Majesty called you unparalleled in the world. Your talent is incomparable, and there is nothing you can’t accomplish. Today, you cracked three major seals in a row, which is befitting of your sterling reputation as the crown prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. If only the Overlord knew, he would be most proud of you.”

The people around Yi Tianyu sobered up when they heard what Ye Futian had said. They didn’t expect that Yi Tianyu’s reputation was so great in the Heavenly Mandate Realm that he was considered unparalleled in the world. They wanted to see for themselves just how strong the incomparable power from the Heavenly Mandate Realm was.

Yi Tianyu’s face was all twisted. Was this b*stard trying to kill him?

He hadn’t suspected that this was Ye Futian’s doing. After all, Ye Futian didn’t even come close to them. Could he have unlocked the seals from afar? How could this be achieved? Not to mention, he was unwilling to believe that Ye Futian could have even possessed such supreme abilities.

“There are many divine implements here in the temple. Why not turn over the method to unlock the seals so that everyone can choose what suits them? It’s a win-win situation, and no one will need to monopolize all the weapons,” someone said.

“Whether you believe it or not, what happened before was indeed a coincidence,” Yi Tianyu said.

“Brother Yi is unparalleled in the world. He has no fear of the geniuses of the Nine Realms. Remember the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty’s dream of once again ruling over the Heavenly Mandate Realm. If these divine implements of God’s relic can be obtained, then the revival of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty is just a matter of time. Long Live the Heavenly Mandate!” Yu Futian continued. Yi Tianyu’s eyes were extremely cold, and he wished he could destroy Ye Futian on the spot.

“Shut your mouth.” Ye Man, the princess of the Snow Divine Kingdom, stared coldly at Ye Futian. He was piling hatred on Yi Tianyu, making him a public target.

“Cultivating at the Divine Palace and favored by the princess of the Divine Kingdom of the High Heavens Realm, who is willing to follow you. I really admire that,” Ye Futian said with a smile. It was not easy to find more enemies of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

However, with so many cultivators here, how would they empty the temple?

It seemed that there were some slight difficulties!