The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1619

Chapter 1619 Exposed

Ye Man looked coldly at Ye Futian, and her eyes contained murderous intent.

But at the moment, she seemed to ignore Ye Futian. The will of the Great Path from the cultivators around them shrouded her and Yi Tianyu.

"I cultivated with him in the divine palace at Upper Heaven Realm. I can assure you that he did not know how to crack those seals. It was all just a coincidence," Ye Man looked at the crowd and explained. If they became a target, it would be trouble, to say the least.

Buzz. A divine sword was slashed toward them. Without bothering with more words, someone had made a move.

Then, a horrific pressure of might erupted as a mighty battle broke out in front. The storm enveloped the endless space as everyone was now wrapped up in it.

Ye Futian stood there quietly, watching the battle. In the strong storm, his clothes and his long hair were flying in the strong wind.

There were many cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty who came here, forming a powerful alliance with the Snow Divine Kingdom. With a Renhuang existence among them, their alliance was a force of considerable power here. However, many of their people were exterminated right off the bat. Now being under siege, even if the Heavenly Mandate Realm was stronger, they would still be in the same suppressed situation.

"Arent you going to go for it?" a voice asked; it was Long Chen of the Dragon Gods who had walked up next to Ye Futian.

"Do I need to?" Ye Futian replied calmly. "Why dont you fight for those divine implements?"

Long Chen shook his head. "You didnt either."

"If I wanted to, I could get them at any time. No need to fight for them now," Ye Futian said with a smile.

"I believe you," Long Chen said. Ye Futian glanced at him. He didnt expect the Purple Blood Divine Dragon of the Dragon Gods to actually believe in him.

"You are the Ye Futian thats from the Heavenly Mandate Realm?" A voice came from the side. Ye Futian turned his attention to a group of monks that was coming their way. Their eyes were clear but gave an aura of unpredictability.

"And you are?" Ye Futian asked.

"We are from the Mountain Realm," the monk replied.

"Which temple in the Mountain Realm are you from?" Dou Zhao asked, looking at them.

"We have been seeking enlightenment between the mountains and the wild," the monk responded.

"No temple?" Dou Zhao looked at them with curiosity and said, "They are not the monks from Shenxing Clan, are they?"

"Precisely." The monk nodded slightly, and Dou Zhao was even more astonished. It turned out to be this group of bald donkeys.

Ye Futian looked at Dou Zhao and heard him said, "Shenxing Clan was originally Shenxing Temple, but because they did not observe the rules, they were ousted by the monks of the Mountain Realm. Because they were not allowed to build the temple, Shenxing Temple became Shengxing Clan. These bald donkeys were not here for good. They committed many evils and were greedy beyond imagination. It was an insult to their religion. Therefore, they were called unruly monks in the Mountain Realm."

When Dou Zhao said this, it was not via voice transmission but said out loud, so there was no concealment from those who belonged to Shengxing Clan.

However, when the monk of Shenxing Clan heard what he said, there was not the slightest disturbance in his eyes, and no anger at all, as if he had just heard a few common words.

What was so good about keeping the rules? The world of cultivation was a cruel world. They were just following the path to cultivate when opportunities rose, unlike those other monks who were hypocritical in obeying those rules.

This was how they were, and they didnt mind what people had to say about it.

"I have long heard of your clan by reputation," Ye Futian said with a fake smile. "But what may I do for you, oh great masters?"

"As to what my Lord Ye had said previously, though the others may not believe, we have faith in you," the other replied.

"What?" Ye Futian had a look of surprise on his face.

"Lord Ye just said it was easy to unlock the seals, and we believe you," the monk said with a smile. Ye Futian looked at the other and smiled in return, "And what of it?"

"Previously, in the temple, no one had taken notice, but I actually felt the power of Lord Yes psychic power. I imagine the seals opened by the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty were with the help of Lord Ye." The monk faced forward without opening his mouth. He was communicating with Ye Futian through voice transmission.

"The ability that could open three seals in a single thought would have no problem opening up the whole temple. No wonder you are the genius talent who could have stepped into the ancestral land of the divine palace," the other party continued, but Ye Futians eyes gradually grew cold.

He didnt expect to be noticed by some people, but the perception of these bald donkeys was admittedly strong.

Moreover, they even knew of some of his previous doings.

"And then?" Ye Futian continued to inquire.

"Our strength is relatively strong here, with one of the five Renhuang being ours. How about working together?" The monk still did not look at Ye Futian. Those next to Ye Futian were all looking at the monk, obviously knowing that the two were communicating via voice transmission.

"What if I dont agree?" Ye Futian asked.

"Lord Ye has a deep grudge with the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. But why is the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty under siege like this?" the monk responded with a smile.

Clearly, this was a threat. If he refused to cooperate, would they be besieged?

"I will consider it," said Ye Futian. He was just thinking about how to empty the temple and didnt expect to be exposed so quickly. Indeed, he should not have thought so highly of himself. After all, there were many able people here, and these monks from the Mountain Realm kept a low profile before. No one had really sensed their presence before.

However, it seemed that they had been paying attention to the movements of the others, which was insidious indeed.

It seemed that it was time to rethink his plan.

"My Lord Ye is a wise man," the monk smiled and said nothing more. They did not press him too tightly, giving Ye Futian time to think it over.

Under such circumstances, cooperation with them was undoubtedly the most beneficial.

He believed that Ye Futian would definitely make the right choice.

"What are you two talking about?" Dou Zhao was very curious just what were the two talking about?

As far as he knew, these bald donkeys were not good news.

"Chatting with the Masters,’" Ye Futian responded casually, looking at the battlefield in the void. The alliance between the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Snow Divine Kingdom, likewise, demonstrated extremely aggressive resistance, but to no avail. They were being steadily suppressed, and many of their people had already perished in the battle.

"Princess," a cultivator from the Snow Divine Kingdom transmitted his voice to Ye Man. Although the two were in an alliance, such a great sacrifice was something they were unwilling to make.

Ye Man had a terrible look on her face. She glanced at Yi Tianyu.

"This matter has nothing to do with you. Get out of here," Yi Tianyu said. As he released a punch, he was knocked backward. He looked at the crowd that surrounded him, saying, "I can give up this divine implement to you, and will no longer participate in the battle for the other artifacts in the temple. Would this be enough for you to believe that I did not do what you thought I did before?"

He didnt want to admit defeat, but under such circumstances, continuing to battle would not guarantee the procurement of the divine implement by the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. It only offered the strong possibility that his entire army might be wiped out.

He had to do it.

A series of tyrannical coercions loomed over Yi Tianyu. Ye Man looked at the figure above, and she understood Yi Tianyu. As proud as he was, the siege and the relentless attacks forced him to submit, asking for reprieve. He even offered to exit the battlefield of the relic proactively.

"Supposed he could really break the seals at will, how could he break the seals of three divine implements in a row and not know that it would lead to disaster?" Ye Man also piped in. "Perhaps this is someone deliberately trying to provoke a dispute."

"If it was not you who provoked the fight, who would it be?" someone demanded aggressively. Although there was some truth in what Ye Man said, it was still impossible for them to let go so easily.

"Didnt someone claim to be able to unlock the seals at will? Why couldnt it be him?" Ye Man said coldly.

Many people frowned and knew who Ye Man was speaking of.

Ye Futian had been ranting and raving before with crazy words. Who would believe his bullsh*t?

"Do you guys really think that he was just some shameless madman?" Ye Man continued. "When Ye Futian decimated the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, he claimed to have the Divine Body of the Heavenly Path, one who could do anything and had defeated all the Heavenly Mandate geniuses. Later, after he became well versed in the mystical ways of Haotian Celestial Gate, he caught the attention of Lord Taixuan, who facilitated his entry into the divine palace to cultivate. In all these years, only one person from the divine palace had ever been able to enter the ancestral land. Ye Futian was not a disciple of the divine palace, and yet he was able to push his way into the ancestral land, defeating all the disciples of the divine palace with his sword."

Ye Futian had a weird look on his face. Was this woman now trying to use what he had said about Yi Tianyu back on him?

Ye Man didnt necessarily know that it was his doing, but simply wanted to re-direct the attention at him.

"Why do you think that the top geniuses of the Dou Tribe followed him closely? Do you really think that he was just some arrogant moron?" Ye Mans everyone word was driving into the ears of those who could hear, and many people turned their attention to Ye Futian.

Previously, their impression of Ye Futian was that he was very shameless.

"Before, Ziwei Palace, the Dou Tribe, and the Clan of the Seven Slayers did encounter a relic that was inherited by him, so" Bei Chen of Ziwei Palace looked at Ye Futian. Doubts started to plague his mind. Dou Zhao was a proud man, yet he was willing to follow Ye Futian. Just exactly what had happened to the underground palace after they left?

"Now, this also reminded me of something. Previously when we were in the Sword City, this man took the inheritance of the divine sword on behalf of the person that was with him."

The Sword Saint of Avici from the Heavenly Sword Hall was also present. When he was thinking back on all that had happened in the Heavenly Sword Hall, it all became so clear to him what happened at the time.

It was Ye Futian who helped that swordsman to seize the heritage of the divine sword. It must have been that he had uncovered the secret of the inheritance. In light of what the cultivators from the Ziwei Palace had said, it could be deduced that this man possessed extraordinary talents in cracking the relics.

The pupils of Yi Tianyu and Ye Man contracted slightly.

Before, they hadnt suspected Ye Futian. However, after listening to the two sides, they really felt that Ye Futian had his own agenda in the matter.

Could it be him who actually cracked the seals?

And it was not just doubt; even if Ye Mans words were not credible, it was impossible that the other two top powers also harbored some grudges against Ye Futian and intentionally set him up.


What he was saying before was not the ranting of a madman.

Dou Zhao looked at Ye Futian, who was next to him. His expression was one of surprise. Were the seals of those three divine arms were cracked by him after all?

But the thing was, he never saw Ye Futian make a move.

The words of all three parties inadvertently echoed with one another, and this was no longer a coincidence. Everyones attention now instantly shifted from Yi Tianyu to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian stood there, brows tightly knitted as he was feeling the coercion from all sides.

Unwittingly, and by sheer chance, Ye Man, Ziwei Palace, and the Heavenly Sword Hall stumbled upon the truth and left him exposed!