The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1623

Chapter 1623 Battling Renhuang

Three silhouettes flew up into the sky together, leaving afterimages.

Above the Sacred Hall, many people raised their heads to look up into the sky. This fellow drew the opponent’s extra Renhuang away to avoid their battlefield involving others. He was rather righteous.

However, could Yu Sheng and Ye Futian withstand the onslaught of a Renhuang?

Prior to this, they had also held off the other two Renhuangs. However, that was just containing them for a short amount of time. If they truly continued to battle against the Renhuangs, they would have certainly lost to them. The difference in their Planes was clear as day and was difficult to overcome.

Dou Zhao raised his head and glanced high up in the sky above. His eyes burned with a flaming fighting will. He really wanted to battle Renhuang together with Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. However, Ye Futian had not called him to come. There were other cultivators here waiting to be dealt with by Dou Zhao. Before he left, Ye Futian had already arranged their tasks. Each of them already had their assigned opponents.

Dou Zhao felt a faint feeling of anticipation inside. When his will of the Sevenfold Fighting God erupted, his combat ability was definitely at the level of a Renhuang. Since Yu Sheng could defeat him, Yu Sheng was naturally also at that level. As for Ye Futian, he had always been secretive of his cultivation. Up until now, Dou Zhao did not know what level Ye Futian’s cultivation was at. If Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were existences at the level, it might be possible for the two of them to go against the Renhuang.

However, for him, it was unfortunate that he would not have the opportunity to do battle against a Renhuang. Regardless, he could finally go all out today and enjoy a good fight.

“Open,” Dou Zhao roared.

Endless fighting will surrounded him. The divine light was blinding; his golden pupils were terrifying. On his glabella, the Six Path War God appeared, activating the fighting will of the Sixthfold Fighting God. He was approaching his upper limit.

His body swelled up while his fighting will shot up to the sky. He had transformed into a God of War.

At this moment, he, Dou Zhao, was the Six Path War God.

“Bei Chen, you scums of the School of the Emperor Star are shameless. If it was not for the fact that the others showed mercy, could you guys have left the underground palace alive?” Dou Zhao took a step forward. His thunderous voice reverberated in the space, saying, “Let me teach you how to behave.”

Then, he leapt across the air, striding towards the cultivators of the School of the Emperor Star. Other cultivators from Dou Tribe followed behind him and rushed in the direction of the School of the Emperor Star.

The task that Ye Futian assigned to Dou Zhao was battling the School of the Emperor Star. In this underground palace, Ye Futian sensed that, relatively speaking, Dou Zhao was the strongest in their alliance. The Dou Tribe would most likely not suffer great losses when they fought against the School of the Emperor Star.

Dou Zhao agreed to Ye Futian’s assignment without hesitation.

Both alliances pounced onto their opponents. The war had begun. Everyone in Ye Futian’s party had a specific target, respectively.

Yi Tianyu, the Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, unleashed his strongest attack, Divine Art of Heavenly Mandate. Like a Divine God, he lunged at Shu Huangsun, with the intention of killing this traitor. The Purple Gold Rats were engaged in battle with the cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

As for the cultivators of Snow Divine Kingdom, they were fighting against the Virgins from Brahma’s Pure Sky.

Ye Man targeted Qin He, the greatest Virgin of Brahma’s Pure Sky. Ye Man’s attacks were swift and aggressive, desiring Qin He’s life. However, Qin He’s ability had improved a great deal, so the battle between the two of them was fierce.

Bang. A loud thud sounded. Shu Huangsun was at the short end of the stick when dealing with Yi Tianyu’s attacks. Right at the moment, a group of cultivators approached them, shining with the dazzling glow of the sun. The glow was scorching hot and blinding. Their target seemed to be the Purple Gold Rat Clan.

“I don’t need you here. Go help the others,” Yi Tianyu said loudly. Due to the previous incident and Ye Futian’s provocation, Yi Tianyu bore a sense of distrust towards other forces, especially Chixiao Divine Mountain, which he knew little of. He knew almost nothing about this force of the Solar Realm.

“Isn’t it better to combine efforts to eradicate a force first?” Gleaming divine light descended and struck towards Yi Tianyu. Clearly, the force which was to be eradicated was not the Purple Gold Rat Clan, but the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

The facial expression of Yi Tianyu was grim. As expected, another top force had betrayed their alliance. The two alliances had equal strength initially, but now they had become the weaker team.

The war turned white-hot in this space.

Sky Demon Court and Divine Elephants joined forces to attack the Shenxing Clan. The Clan of the Seven Slayers and Ten Thousand Divine Mountain collaborated to attack Heavenly Sword Hall. The Dragon Gods put up a fight against Prison Fort Clan while the opponent of Yuanyang Clan was naturally the Martial God Clan.

Brahma’s Pure Sky, Purple Gold Rat Clan, and Chixiao Divine Mountain were working together to fight the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Snow Divine Kingdom. Ye Futian’s alliance had the advantage in every one of the battles. Their alliance was even winning in some of the battles. After they defeated their targeted opponents, they helped out in other battles.

The Shenxing Clan was suppressed by Sky Demon Court and Divine Elephants. The monk who was the leader had an ugly expression. He had not expected that there would be so many traitors among them. Initially, he thought his team had the game in their hands. However, judging from the current situation, unless the Renhuang could defeat Ye Futian; otherwise, the rest of them here would be considered very fortunate not to be killed.

If the monk knew this was going to happen, he would have chosen to side with Ye Futian. Then, the party that he was in could defeat the opponents effortlessly. It was just that Ye Futian was too petty.

Now, he could only put his hopes on the Renhuang of the Martial God Clan. The Renhuang was up against Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, who were both at the Saint Plane. The Renhuang couldn’t possibly be that weak, right?

In mid-air, Ye Futian left behind afterimages as he traversed the space. The Renhuang of the Martial God Clan was called Wu Meng. His pupils were frightening as he stared at the sky above them. His will enveloped the vast space, pressing down on Ye Futian’s body.

A figure at the Saint Plane wanted to escape from him?

Where could he escape to?

He could have cut off Ye Futian earlier, but he had not done so due to self-interest.

Ye Futian controlled the method of unlocking the treasures of the Sacred Hall. If he could capture Ye Futian and force the method of unlocking the seal out of him, it was the same as possessing a huge treasure trove. Its value would be immeasurable.

All the ritual implements of all of the top forces within a Realm combined could not compare to such a huge treasure trove.

If he could force the method of unlocking the seal out from Ye Futian, anything he decided after this was his prerogative. He could maximize his own benefits. If he killed off Ye Futian, he could then dictate what happened to the treasures of the Sacred Hall.

Hence, he did not mind that Ye Futian was running further away.

From below, there was another figure at the Saint Plane chasing up to him. The Renhuang of the Martial God Clan paid him no heed. How could figures at the Saint Plane stand against him?

The brilliant divine light came to a halt. Ye Futian stood in mid-air.

This should be a good spot. With his speed, even though it had not been long, he had already covered a very large distance. Even the will of a Renhuang could not reach this far.

He had just stopped when a silhouette from below traversed the space and appeared opposite him and stood in mid-air. The light of Renhuang shone on his body and was insufferably arrogant. It was Wu Meng.

Ye Futian naturally also saw that Wu Meng had intentionally allowed him to escape further away. Of course, Ye Futian understood his scheme. Who didn’t want to monopolize the treasures of the Sacred Hall?

Martial God Clan should be the strongest force on the opponent’s side. For Wu Meng to have his own interests in mind was to be expected.

“Why aren’t you running away anymore?” Wu Meng said indifferently as he looked at Ye Futian. His face was expressionless. He did not mind letting Ye Futian escape further away.

Ye Futian smiled. With the spear in his hand, he pointed it at Wu Meng and said, “I have yet to truly face a cultivator at the Renhuang Plane head-on. Unfortunately, you will be the first.”

“Unfortunately?” Wu Meng stared at Ye Futian. A figure at the Saint Plane actually called him unfortunate when faced against him. It was truly outrageous.

“You have never faced a Renhuang head-on before? Have you never experienced it either?” Wu Meng asked.

“If I don’t count the previous exchanges I have had, I have indeed never meaningfully exchanged blows with a Renhuang,” Ye Futian said. He had encountered Renhuangs before, but those exchanges could not be considered true battles.

“No wonder,” Wu Meng nodded and said, “If you had truly fought against a Renhuang, you would not say such things. Today, I will educate you on what a Renhuang is.”

As he said this, the light of Renhuang in his body burned even brighter. It appeared extremely divine as it extended up into the heavens.

His Divine Wheel of the Great Path burst forth. In an instant, the vast sky was lit up by his light of Renhuang. In the sky above, golden pagodas appeared and descended, pressing down towards Ye Futian.

It was as though this space had become an absolute space and was his own domain.

The will of Renhuang. Ye Futian looked at the golden pagodas descending upon him. Each one of them contained the frightening might of the worldly great path and seemed as though they could suppress all existences.

The Divine Wheel of the Great Path of the cultivators at the Renhuang Plane communicated with the heavens and the earth. With just a thought, the heavens and the earth were at his bidding. The might of his will was all around.

Wherever his will was, he could exert his vast authority.

Under the influence of this authority, a cultivator at the Saint Plane seemed miniscule.

Buzz. The inside of Ye Futian’s body became a divine furnace for the Great Path. Ancient characters like Qian, Kun, Li, and Kan surrounded his body. The World Tree in his body became a will. Monstrous fighting will swept out, causing his Spiritual Will to explode. His aura also expanded greatly together with it. It was an extremely powerful fighting will at the level of a Renhuang.

At the same time, he also activated the Ten Thousand Bones of the Divine Elephant Emperor. The sound of trumpeting elephants shook the heavens. Divine Elephants trampled across the space and merged into his Renhuang level fighting will. They collided with the pagodas crashing down from the sky. The sound of loud collisions roared.

Wu Meng was not surprised. Ordinary cultivators of the Saint Plane could not even withstand the will of a Renhuang and could be directly killed off. However, the most monstrous figures of the top forces could already resist the will of a Renhuang. Otherwise, how could the other two Renhuangs possibly be killed off by sneak attacks from them?

As the commander of an alliance, Ye Futian’s ability was naturally beyond doubt. Wu Meng clearly knew this.

However, no matter how powerful Ye Futian was, he could not surpass the difference between Realms.

The will of the Renhuang shifted, and he extended his hand towards the sky. The heavens and his Divine Wheel of the Great Path resonated. A gigantic golden pagoda appeared and spun in the sky. It emanated beams of divine light that enveloped all around him.

“Descend.” He closed his palm, and the pagodas immediately dropped down upon Ye Futian. The spinning pagodas emanated unparalleled divine light that eradicated all existence.

Storms descended. Ye Futian naturally felt a pressure pressing down on him from above. The aura on his body exploded to its limit. He stepped in mid-air. The sound of trumpeting elephants roared all around them. The long spear in his hand, covered with lingering monstrous fighting will, stabbed out, straight and true, into the empty space before him.


The sound of a loud collision caused the heavens and earth to tremble. Ye Futian thrust the long spear towards the pagodas. Beneath the gigantic pagoda, his silhouette seemed exceptionally small. The divine light that emanated from the spinning pagodas could easily eradicate him. The Great Path storm swallowed up his body.

However, Ye Futian still remained standing firmly. A frightening power exploded on his long spear. It caused cracks to appear on the gigantic golden pagoda. The cracks propagated throughout it frenziedly until there was a loud rumble. The pagoda collapsed and turned to rubble.

“It seems that this is all there is to a Renhuang,” Ye Futian said as he glanced at Wu Meng!