The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1624

Chapter 1624 Flawed Renhuang

Ye Futian’s fighting will and his spear should have been obtained from within God’s relic.

As for Ye Futian’s attack power, it had indeed already reached the level of a Renhuang. Otherwise, how could Ye Futian have possibly shattered his pagoda?

Ye Futian’s plane should not be far from the Renhuang Plane.

“For you to have cultivated the Saint Plane to your level, it must not have been easy,” Wu Meng said. “With such talent, you are sure to have a bright future. I also do not want to destroy such a talent. Give me the method for unlocking the seal, and I will let you go.”

Even though Ye Futian possessed an attack at the level of a Renhuang, at the end of the day, he was still not a true Renhuang. How could Ye Futian possibly win against him?

Behind Wu Meng, Yu Sheng had also arrived. The demonic might on his body churned, and Wu Meng actually felt a faint pressure coming from him.

The Renhuang of Martial God Clan had not imagined that he would encounter two such figures in one day. These two figures were possibly not weaker than Wu Zhan of his Martial God Clan.

“You sure are confident in yourself. However, we still don’t know who will leave here alive,” Ye Futian said. The instant he finished uttering his words, golden divine light flashed, and he directly traversed the empty space between them. His spear stabbed out straight towards Wu Meng.

For him, the distance between them was just a step away.


Wu Meng clenched his fists. The light of Renhuang spread upward. With a shift of his will, the pagodas swept out. With his Divine Wheel bursting forth, almost all of the power of the Great Path in this part of the sky became pagodas that kept crashing towards Ye Futian.

It was as though there was a light shroud of pagodas. Again and again, they crashed down on Ye Futian. This was the might of the will of Renhuang and the Divine Wheel bursting forth. No one could block it. Hence, those who had weak cultivation would not be able to withstand the will of a Renhuang.

The spear covered in lingering fighting will pierced right through the pagodas constantly as though they were made of bamboo. A brilliant protective light shroud of the Great Path appeared around Ye Futian’s body. The shadows of the pagodas kept shattering. Shocking explosive sounds filled the space, spreading across a region of hundreds of miles.


Wu Meng took a step forward and also walked towards Ye Futian. He raised his arm and sent a punch bursting forwards.

The will of a Renhuang’s punch was powerful. Before his punch arrived, the gigantic pagoda shadow crashed onto the spear and was mostly shattered. When the punch landed on the spear, a humongous divine pagoda appeared. It spun at an extremely high speed, sweeping and destroying this space. It swept up an astonishing storm.

Clang. The spear collided with the punch. A shocking sound of metal clashing erupted. Ye Futian’s body was sent flying backward. The spear in his hand hummed as it trembled. His arm was also slightly shaking. The force of the punch even directly entered into his body and wanted to shatter his flesh. However, he had already forged a powerful body of the Great Path. It was not easy to shatter his body.

Wu Meng also took a step backward. He relaxed his fist and then clenched it again. He sensed a faint numbness in his hand. In the attack just now, he sensed an absolutely strong power become a frightening destructive force that wanted to tear apart his fist.

He glanced at Ye Futian. He was standing opposite him. He had indeed lost some face for being knocked back by a junior at the Saint Plane.

He stepped forward, and his body approached the part of the sky where Ye Futian was. He extended both of his hands at the same time. The Divine Wheel within him exploded with the might of an emperor. At this moment, in the sky above, countless golden pagodas kept appearing. They were all physical pagodas that were like divine arms. Each pagoda was spinning and releasing frightening windstorms.

Ye Futian was once again buried within all of them. The power of this attack was clearly much more powerful than that of the first.

The pagodas descended and flattened mountains and rivers alike.

Ye Futian’s spear stabbed forth and shattered a pagoda. However, a second pagoda came crashing down. There was no time gap between them. They did not give Ye Futian time to even attempt to retract his spear.

Ye Futian’s arms shook, and his spear trembled. His fighting will surged forward and frenziedly burst out from his spear. His fighting will shattered the pagodas that continued to rain down upon him. His body was also knocked downwards, as though he was about to fall.


A domineering aura burst forth. Golden divine lights shone brilliantly. Ye Futian’s body turned gold in color as though he was made of pure gold. From the sky, the divine sound of the Great Path rang. Golden divine lights erupted from Ye Futian’s body continuously. Under the divine furnace of the Great Path, the sky turned luminous gold.

Divine sound could be heard continually from the sky, and it resonated with the Great Path of All Things. One by one, golden ancient god figures appeared behind Ye Futian, as though deities were descending to the earth.


There was a huge explosion. Ye Futian’s body was still being knocked downwards. However, Wu Meng, who was in mid-air, was frowning slightly. This seemed to be a magnum opus from an ancient force from the Higher Heavens Realm. It was the Sigh of the Divine God from Golden Divine Nation. The Golden Divine Nation had some affiliation with Donghuang the Great. Hence, Wu Meng knew a little about the Golden Divine Nation.

How could Ye Futian be proficient in a powerful art of sorcery from the Golden Divine Nation?

Right now, it was as though Ye Futian was possessed by a god. Within his golden figure, the trumpeting of divine elephants shook the heavens and the earth, seemingly able to suppress all things. Combined with the lingering fighting will on his body as well as his Deed of Thorough Comprehension, when these magnum opuses burst forth at the same instant, Ye Futian’s power at this moment had already reached an astonishing level.

The spear in Ye Futian’s hand shook as his pupils looked up at the sky. He took a step forward, and his body forcefully halted. The sound of the Sigh of the Divine God could be heard. His spear trembled, and golden divine light pierced the heavens. Ye Futian’s body shot up into the sky. One by one, the pagodas were shattered.

High up in the sky above, Wu Meng lowered his head and looked at Ye Futian below. He saw Ye Futian’s body become golden divine light and smashed through his attack as though he was splitting bamboo. Ye Futian kept rapidly advancing towards him, as fast as though he was a golden shooting star.

Could combat power at the Saint Plane actually reach such a high level? Wu Meng secretly thought to himself. He lowered his head and looked down at Ye Futian below. Such combat ability at the Saint Plane might have already surpassed that of Wu Zhan of the Martial God Clan.

However, what of it?

Even if Ye Futian’s ability was vast, he was still a Saint.

The difference between a Saint and a Renhuang could not be overcome with just an increase in combat power. It was a difference in terms of quality.

Ye Futian’s movements were like flowing light. The pagodas came raining down. Most of them were shattered. Right then, Wu Meng waved his hands.


There was a huge clang like the sound of the Great Path of All Things. The heavens moved in sync with the sound. Countless shadows of pagodas merged into one and fused into Wu Meng’s body. The pagoda Divine Wheel in Wu Meng’s figure could be clearly seen. It lit up the endless space.

The shadows of pagodas in the sky began to flow. They contained unparalleled killing power. They were like ripples. Even ripples could coalesce into huge and powerful waves, what more for the pagodas moving in sync.

Wu Meng extended a hand and looked at Ye Futian, who was charging upwards against the flow of his attack. Wu Meng’s huge palm slammed downwards.


As this palm strike descended, there was another huge clang. The heavens and earth shook, and thousands of shadows of pagodas appeared. They covered this part of the sky and loomed over Ye Futian’s body.

In just an instant, they collided directly with Ye Futian’s spear that was stabbing upward so fast that he had no time to react.

Dull thuds could be heard. Finally, the spear did not continue to split apart the pagodas. Ye Futian was once again knocked back and fell downwards. When Ye Futian finally came to a stop, his arms were shaking, and fresh blood was flowing out from the corners of his mouth. The bones in his arms were nearly shattered from the shock.

The might of the thousand shadows of pagodas was too astonishing.

In the other direction, the demonic might on Yu Sheng’s body churned and howled. He was prepared to provide support at any moment. However, Ye Futian wanted to truly experience the power of a Renhuang as he was about to break through to the next plane. Hence, Yu Sheng had not interfered and had let Ye Futian battle the Renhuang alone.

“Now do you see?” Wu Meng looked down on Ye Futian below and said, “No matter how powerful your combat ability is, a cultivator at the Saint Plane is still just at the Saint Plane. There is a great difference between the Saint Plane and the Renhuang Plane. This difference cannot be surpassed with mere combat ability. How could you possibly overcome it?”

While Wu Meng was talking, his will of Renhuang loomed over Ye Futian. His Divine Wheel radiated brilliant divine light. There were still countless shadows of pagodas crashing down towards Ye Futian.

The Renhuang controlled his Great Path of All Things, causing the way of the heavens and earth to be at his bidding. It was as though he had his own Great Path zone. For a Renhuang to go against a cultivator of the Saint Plane, it was like a king of a domain quelling an invader; there was no suspense worth mentioning at all.

The Renhuang could kill any and every cultivator of the Saint Plane.

He extended his palm, and pagodas descended, thousands of shadows of pagodas appearing again.

“Yes, I see now,” Ye Futian nodded his head and replied, “In terms of quality, the difference between the Renhuang Plane and the Saint Plane is indeed difficult to surpass.”

“Since you now know that, then hand over the method of unlocking the seal, and I will let you go. You won’t need to go through this pain.” Wu Meng continued to walk down towards Ye Futian as though he was a god.

“However, some people can still surpass it in the end,” Ye Futian continued saying. Wu Meng scowled. Why was Ye Futian so full of himself?

However, the next moment, Wu Meng saw Ye Futian’s body radiate bright divine light that pierced the heavens. These beams of divine light shot out in all directions. There seemed to be countless leafy branches extending everywhere. They consumed the Great Path of All Things in all directions and fused with the power of all creation.

Ye Futian’s blood vessels were screaming. His figure was burning. At this moment, Ye Futian felt that the Great Path of All Things was his to command.

“This…” Wu Meng’s facial expressions changed. Right now, Ye Futian was standing there, shining radiantly like an emperor of the human world that demanded worship from all. Ye Futian’s eyes were shining brightly, as though they could see through all things, like a king of the world that looked upon all things.

Ye Futian looked towards Wu Meng’s Divine Wheel. It seemed as though he could see through it with just one glance. He actually seemed to have found the cracks in his Great Path.

His Heavenly Path was flawed. Wu Meng’s Divine Wheel of the Great Path was flawed, and it was not a perfect Divine Wheel.

At this moment, Wu Meng felt a great sense of danger. He actually felt threatened by a cultivator at the Saint Plane.

The more horrifying thing was the aura emanated by Ye Futian. How was it possible?

Wasn’t he from the Heavenly Mandate Realm?

The spear of Ye Futian struck. His fighting will overflowed from the spear and merged with the divine light.

“Flawed Renhuang, I will send you on your way,” Ye Futian said. He took a step forward, and divine light immediately shot across the space. He seemed to have instantly traversed the distance between them, his body immediately appearing before Wu Meng.

Wu Meng hurriedly raised his hands to attack. How was it that Ye Futian was so fast this time?


The spear hit directly on Wu Meng’s Divine Wheel. Cracks appeared on the Divine Wheel in Wu Meng’s body, then it shattered into pieces. Appalled, Wu Meng stared at Ye Futian. Swoosh. The divine light penetrated through Wu Meng’s body as Ye Futian’s silhouette appeared behind him.

After that, the body of Wu Meng exploded, turning into dust!