The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1625

Chapter 1625 1625 Spare A Life

1625 Spare a Life

Ye Futian turned around to look at the disappearing figure. Even though he had killed a Renhuang, he didn’t feel joyful. In terms of ability, he was already half a Renhuang. Many of his skills had reached the tipping point. When he activated the will of the emperor, he could comprehend the limits of the Great Path.

His spear attack just now had directly breached the limits of the Great Path.

Besides that, the Great Path of the Renhuang of Martial God Clan was flawed. Ye Futian wondered how strong would a flawless Renhuang be?

In the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, there was most likely only a limited number of flawless Renhuangs. Moreover, all of them were cultivators from the top forces of the Nine Realms. One would need some great luck in order to encounter them, especially the cream of the crop among them.

The divine halo dissipated. Ye Futian could sense that he had exhausted much of his energy. Even though he had reached the peak of the Saint Plane, activating the will of the emperor still placed a huge toll on his body. However, Ye Futian also felt somewhat happy at his current progress. For him to activate the will of the emperor now was similar to Yu Sheng activating his demonic method; Ye Futian would no longer fall unconscious due to fatigue.

He popped a fruit of the Way into his mouth. A majestic aura of life enveloped his body, recovering his lost energy quickly.

Yu Sheng stood at the side and observed everything calmly. He was not surprised at all, as though killing a Renhuang was but an ordinary thing to do.

“Let’s head back,” Ye Futian said. Then, he rushed back the same way he had come. At the same time, Life Will surrounded his body, and his body recovered quickly.

After they had eliminated the Renhuang of Martial God Clan, there was only one Renhuang left in the opponent’s team. When they left, their alliance was not at a disadvantage. As long as Chixiao Divine Mountain fulfilled their promise, Ye Futian’s side had a great advantage, and they would surely be able to manage the battles well.

When Ye Futian and Yu Sheng joined the others at the main battlefield, they could wipe out the remaining opponents directly.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng traveled in the air at the same speed.

At the moment, the battles which were happening above the Sacred Hall were getting more intense. Most of the cultivators here were existences at the peak of the Saint Plane. They were Saints who had experienced Nirvana. The commotion caused by their fights was huge. Their fights affected a large area, and everywhere the battles took place, the sky trembled and the earth shook.

The entire sky seemed to be buried underneath the overwhelming crossfire.

Bang. A loud thud sounded. Wu Zhan and Yuan Hong moved away from each other. Their auras fluctuated. Wu Zhan put on an overbearing expression as he stared at Yuan Hong, saying, “Yuan Hong, you are the descendent of Yuanyang Clan from the Imperial Realm, and you are actually assisting others in this battle. Are you expecting them to ‘bestow’ you with a few ritual implements? Join us, and we will plunder the entire Sacred Hall for its treasures. Wouldn’t that be better?”

“It depends on whether or not you can get your hands on the treasures,” Yuan Hong responded with a smile. When they were in Sword City, not only did Ye Futian activate the teachings of the Divine Sword for the Swordmaster of Lihen, he also defeated the cultivators of Heavenly Sword Hall with a spear. This time around, nobody knew just yet which party would emerge victorious.

“Although you have a slight advantage in this battle, did you believe that the two of them could stand against Martial God Clan’s Renhuang?” Wu Zhan retorted with a cold smile and continued saying, “Once we capture him, everything will naturally come to an end. When Wu Meng returns, how will you handle yourselves? Should I or should I not kill the Yuanyang Clan?”

“What if you are the ones who lost?” Yuan Hong asked.

When Wu Zhan heard Yuan Hong’s retort, he revealed a mocking look and said, “Yuan Hong, no matter how we put it, you are also a descendant of a top force of the Imperial Realm. You actually said such laughable things. You actually hope that a cultivator of the Saint Plane can win against a Renhuang. Don’t you feel like you are dishonoring your clan?”

Yuan Hong raised his eyebrows slightly. He had also not imagined that Ye Futian would choose to lead the Martial God Clan’s Renhuang away with Yu Sheng. This was indeed somewhat risky.

However, right now, he could only believe in Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

Apart from the Martial God Clan, who was still doing relatively fine, other forces were being suppressed by Ye Futian’s alliance. Before Ye Futian left, he had assigned his teammates to fight against specific targets.

Among all the forces, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Snow Divine Kingdom had it the worst. Brahma’s Pure Sky and Purple Gold Rat Clan were not very powerful, but the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Snow Divine Kingdom had experienced a massacre prior to the battle. Many of their cultivators had been killed. Moreover, they still needed to handle the sneak attacks from Chixiao Divine Mountain. The battle was practically a one-sided beating.

One by one, cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Snow Divine Kingdom were killed. The facial expressions of Yi Tianyu and Ye Man were ugly beyond comparison. They fought even more valiantly, but Ye Man couldn’t get the upper hand when faced against Qin He. Yi Tianyu was powerful, but since Shu Huangsun and a top figure from Chixiao Divine Mountain had joined forces to attack him, he was fully occupied. Even when Yi Tianyu went berserk, he couldn’t shake off the two of them.

The top figure from Chixiao Divine Mountain seemed to still be deliberately holding back. He had chosen the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty as well as the Snow Divine Kingdom as opponents because these two forces were weakened and there was no risk involved. He had no plans to kill Yi Tianyu and Ye Man. One was the Crown Prince, and another was a princess. Although he was not afraid to kill them, he had no need to completely offend their two forces. He only needed to complete what he had set out to do.

There was a huge rumble. Yi Tianyu stood proudly in mid-air. There seemed to be shadows of deities standing behind him.

Yi Tianyu looked towards Ye Man. She had also distanced herself from Qin He and was glancing over at Yi Tianyu.

“I’ve caused trouble for you,” Yi Tianyu said.

“There was always a price to be paid for looting in God’s relic. How can this be considered trouble? We just need to hang on until the Renhuang of the Martial God Clan returns. Then, it will be their death hour,” Ye Man replied. Yi Tianyu nodded his head slightly as he looked up into the sky.

Would the Renhuang of the Martial God Clan be able to capture Ye Futian who had left?

The members of their alliance were all waiting for Wu Meng to return with the captured Ye Futian.

As they were all waiting, a golden divine light shot down from the sky above. Instantly, the crowd below sensed a wave of aura.

“He has returned,” Wu Zhan looked up into the sky. The pagoda in his hand crashed down and forced Yuan Hong back. Wu Zhan sinisterly said, “You will all pay the price for what you have down.”

“He has finally returned.” Ye Man’s gaze was sharp and cold. She stared at Qin He and said, “Greatest Virgin of Brahma’s Pure Sky, you will fall here in God’s relic.”

As long as the Renhuang had returned and they were more cautious, their alliance would certainly bulldoze over each battlefield. After all, it was already impossible for the previous sneak attacks to happen again now. They would also no longer give Ye Futian’s side the opportunity to sneakily attack them. Everything before had happened too quickly for them to be able to guard against.

The forces on the side of the Martial God Clan were all waiting in anticipation. It was because they were being suppressed that they had this sense of anticipation.

Radiant light shone down on them. Two silhouettes traversed the space and stopped in mid-air. The facial expressions of many people changed as though they had already sensed something. When the white-haired silhouette and the burly youth, who was clad in demonic armor, appeared in the sky above, the expressions of the forces of the Martial God Clan alliance turned ghastly pale. It was as though they had plummeted into a freezer. They felt a chill in their hearts.

The Renhuang of the Martial God Clan, Wu Meng, had not returned. The people who had returned were Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

What did this mean?

It was impossible for figures at the Saint Plane to shake off a Renhuang, unless…

“No.” Ye Man felt her heart turn icy cold when she saw the white-haired silhouette. She was in despair. How was it that the person who had returned was Ye Futian?

Where was the Renhuang of the Martial God Clan?

Yi Tianyu also raised his head and looked at the silhouette in mid-air. The clothes of the silhouette fluttered in the wind, and his eyes were exceptionally calm. Had he emerged victorious?

Had Ye Futian and Yu Sheng defeated the Renhuang of the Martial God Clan?

Yi Tianyu had been considered to be born supreme. In the Heavenly Mandate Realm, he was without equal in his generation. He had believed that he was invincible among his peers. At least in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, no one could stand as his equal. That was until Ye Futian and Gu Dongliu appeared.

Ye Futian had actually advanced even faster than him.

What did Ye Futian and Yu Sheng returning signify? It meant that the Renhuang would most likely never return.

“Impossible…” Wu Zhan mumbled in a low voice.

He raised his head and looked towards Ye Futian. His expression had also changed. Wu Meng was a Renhuang. How could he have possibly lost to them?

Opposite him, Yuan Hong looked at him with a smile, “From the looks of it, it seems that your Martial God Clan’s Renhuang has dishonored your clan.”

“Yu Sheng, go and settle the members from the Hidden Land Realm,” Ye Futian said. The cultivators of the Hidden Land Realm’s Prison Fort Clan were being handled solely by the Dragon Gods. This force was also very powerful and did not show any signs of losing. Letting Yu Sheng head over to them could directly determine the outcome of the battle.


Yu Sheng took one step forward and headed down below. His demonic might churned and howled, as though a peerless demon was descending from the sky. He immediately headed over to where the Dragon Gods and Prison Fort Clan were battling.

Before his person had arrived, Yu Sheng had already raised his hands and sent an attack crashing out towards them. A Demonic Dragon howled and consumed the sky. Bearing the power of the Dragon Gods, it crashed towards the cultivators of Prison Fort Clan.

Bang. A number of cultivators were sent flying by the Demonic Dragon. They threw up mouthfuls of fresh blood, their faces pale. Another violent trembling sound that shook the heavens and the earth rumbled as Yu Sheng joined the battle. Everywhere his punches passed by, no one could withstand them. One by one, the cultivators of Prison Fort Clan were directly sent flying.

On the other side, Ye Futian lowered his head and looked at Yi Tianyu. Under the effects of the divine method of the heavenly realm, the Divine Picture of Heavenly Mandate flowed and spun in the sky above, gathering the power of the Great Path. Yi Tianyu was indeed considered a figure without equal. Currently, his cultivation was also at the peak of the Saint Plane, almost approaching the Renhuang Plane.

Ye Futian’s long spear pointed downwards at the sky below as he said, “Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. You were born supreme. Now, can you stand against a strike from my spear?”

Yi Tianyu raised his head and looked towards the voice in the sky.

One strike from his spear. Was Ye Futian trying to humiliate him in this manner?

The Divine Picture of the Heavenly Mandate floated in the sky above. Right now, Yi Tianyu was like a deity. He was one with his Great Path. On the Divine Picture of Heavenly Mandate, endless divine light surged into his body.


In this instant, Ye Futian moved. Bright golden light shot across the space.

Nearby, Ye Man’s gaze was locked on them. Bright light flooded the space. Destructive power swept out into the distance. Her clothes fluttered in the wind. Deep within her pupils, two silhouettes were reflected.

The two silhouettes stood opposite each other. One wielded a spear in his hand and still stood proudly in the sky above. The other was bent over, fresh blood flowing out from his mouth. The once stubborn and arrogant figure was now bent over, as though it had lowered its proud head.

Could he take a strike from this spear?

He was born supreme.

“I’ll spare your life. My Third Elder Brother will come to claim it,” Ye Futian said. He had preserved Yi Tianyu’s life for Gu Dongliu.

Gu Dongliu and Yi Tianyu were enemies. Their families had been engaged in a feud for generations.

This feud would soon be ended by his Third Elder Brother.

Other than that, Ye Futian had spared Yi Tianyu’s life so that he could leave here alive and trigger the conflict between Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and Purple Gold Rat Clan.

How could the Dynastic Overlord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty tolerate this grudge?

Yi Tianyu’s eyes were smiling, portraying the irony and forlorn hope he felt.

Sparing his life was worse than killing him.

For Ye Futian to show mercy on him, it was a great humiliation. Ye Futian was belittling him. Ye Futian had not viewed him as a worthy opponent; thus, he had let him go!