The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1626

Chapter 1626 1626 Total Victory

1626 Total Victory

Due to the bitterness between Ye Futian and Yi Tianyu, there was no reason for him not to kill him. They were already lifelong enemies, why would have any scruples about doing this?

So by not killing him, he was showing incredible disdain for him. This kind of disdain towards Yi Tianyu, who had once been called an ultimate talent, would be an unimaginable humiliation.

But reality was indeed that cruel. Once again, the winners wrote the history books.

He had not even been able to withstand a single spear thrust.

In this battle, all the other forces besides the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty of the Heavenly Mandate Realm had stood on Ye Futian’s side. When they saw the spear thrust, they had felt many conflicting emotions.

After that spear thrust, the Heavenly Mandate Realm truly had a number one junior, one whom no one could compete with.

If Yi Tianyu could not even withstand a single spear thrust from him, who could compete with him?

The young master was gone, and the Renhuang of the Martial God clan would never return.

Ever since GuTianxing fell, the Heavenly Mandate Realm had fallen behind the other realms, and there was no one within it who could stand among the most powerful figures. But now, in the younger generation, Ye Futian had the potential to stand at the top.

Would this affect the entire Heavenly Mandate Realm?

The Demon clan thought back to the prophecy from years ago. Could it have had to do with Ye Futian?

Ye Futian swept his gaze over Ye Man, then said coldly, “For the sake of letting the Divine Palace keep face, I won’t deal with you. Get out of here.”

“Get out of here…”

Ye Man went pale. As a princess of the Snow Divine Kingdom who had been sent to the Shangxiao Divine Palace, she had never been humiliated like that. She had never had someone of the same generation as her look at her and tell her to get lost.

What was most painful was that she did not even have the right to protest.

Letting her go was a form of forgiveness in that he would not kill her. Did she dare refuse?

Would she dare to trade her life to keep her honor?

She did not, and so she kept her mouth shut, despite how hard it was.

Looking at Yi Tianyu, she felt a burst of sadness. She and him had been heroes at the Divine Palace, envied by countless people. But now they had come to such a tragic conclusion. It was bitter, indeed.

“Let’s go.” There was no emotion on Yi Tianyu’s face. He walked off into the distance. Everyone could feel his sadness as they watched the retreating figure. Ye Man watched him go as well. The spear thrust must have hurt him badly.

She lowered her head, then followed him as he left.

There were not many people left from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Divine Snow Kingdom, and many of them had been wounded. They had no more power to fight. They left the battlefield in a desolate manner, as they no longer had the right to keep participating. Ye Futian letting them live was his forgiveness.

After they left, Ye Futian looked at the other fights going on. Although the other battlefields were far away, everyone else knew what he had done. When he returned, all eyes would be on him. Everyone would be paying attention to him.

There was no doubt that the Renhuang level cultivator from the Martial Gods clan would not be returning.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng had been able to cut down a Renhuang when they teamed up?

How had they done that?

The Martial Gods clan had no more heart to fight. Yu Sheng had cut his way through them like a tiger through a flock of sheep. Everyone he went, there was no one left behind who could stand. Cultivator after cultivator fell to the ground, crippled. The reason they had not been killed was that Ye Futian did not want it to be so final, so he had asked Yu Sheng to not slaughter them.

After all, they could always just leave, so he had left them some leeway.

Ye Futian’s figure flashed as he moved again. Everyone watched him. Who was he going towards?

Golden lightning split the sky, as the spear wrapped in incredibly powerful fighting will struck out again. A figure went flying backward. It was the leader of the Martial Gods clan, Wu Zhan.

His body slammed into the mountain behind him, making it shake. Blood streamed from a wound in his chest, as well as from his mouth. His face was pale, and he felt like his internal organs had been cut to pieces.

He looked up and saw Ye Futian standing before Yuan Hong. His spear pointed at him. “Do you still want this ritual implement?” he asked.

Wu Zhan looked at him, then said resolutely. “I have lost, and so I admit defeat. I will take my people and leave.”

There was no point in continuing to fight. If this had been a fight to the death, he would have already lost his life. The spear thrust that Ye Futian had hit him with could have killed him.

Ye Futian pulled back the spear and said, “Go and find another ruin. You may not come back to this one.”

Wu Zhan nodded. “Fine.” At this point, he would do whatever Ye Futian said.

Whatever happened here from now on had nothing to do with them.

The fighting stopped all across the battlefield. All of the cultivators separated.

Ye Futian looked down at his own people and said, “If you want to keep pursuing this, you can keep fighting, and I will help you. If not, let’s leave it here.”

In fact, he could perform a terrible slaughter here, but if he did that, there would be endless consequences. After all, he was only one man. If others used this as an excuse to make an enemy of him after he left, he would not let them off easy again.

No one said anything. In reality, Ye Futian’s people had the upper hand. They were all crushing their opponents and had taken a few casualties. Their opponents had many more dead and wounded. If they stopped fighting, they could end their losses here, making the whole situation a lot less serious for them.

On the contrary, if they were the ones with more dead and wounded, they would not be able to stop fighting. But they had had the advantage ever since the beginning of the fight.

The Martial Gods clan’s alliance naturally could not say anything. In reality, they had no right to choose. They were the losers, and their fate was in their opponents’ hands. Since their opponents were willing to stop fighting, what else could they do but leave in defeat?

Many figures turned to leave the battle. Some of them looked dejectedly at the Spatial Sacred Hall.

“Wait!” called Ye Futian. They all stopped.

“Leave all of the treasures that you got in the Sacred Hall before. You are free to go, but you must leave the spoils of war here,” he said with a smile. All the people of the great forces, including the Martial Gods clan, looked crestfallen.

“We got these things before our fight. Why should we leave them?” Wu Zhan stared at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked at him, and a strange look came over his face. “I am the one who broke the seal,” he said. “Why do you want to steal what is rightfully mine?”

Had he really asked that?

He had lost so badly, and he still had the gall to ask why he should leave his ritual implements?

Wu Zhan stared at Ye Futian. Ye Futian’s eye twitched, and several lines of cold killing will appeared from his brow. When he saw this, Wu Zhan trembled. He clenched his teeth, pulled out two magic weapons, and flew over towards Ye Futian.

Then several more ritual implements appeared and fell into his hand.

“Benefactor Ye,” said the monk from the Shenxing clan with a smile, “We have gotten along fairly well. If you ever find the time to come to the Mountain Realm, please come visit the Shenxing clan.”

Ye Futian held out his hands to him in an expectant gesture. “I think you’re forgetting something.”

He had gotten back two of the divine arms that he had unlocked. One of them still remained with the Shenxing clan.

He had not yet given it back, and yet the monk was speaking of friendship?

How could they be friends?

“Benefactor Ye, we still have a Renhuang. If this comes to a conflict, I fear it will not go well.” The monk was still smiling. The Renhuang beside him had fought a Demon Emperor of the Sky Demon Court not long before.

“The Martial Gods clan had a Renhuang too, but he died.” Ye Futian was smiling insincerely as well.

The monk’s mouth twitched, and his smile disappeared slowly.”Do you really want things to come to that point?”

“I will ask you one more time. Will you give it to me or not?” asked Ye Futian with a smile. The monk from the Shenxing clan was silent for a while, then he pulled out the ritual implement and threw it to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian caught it, then nodded in satisfaction. “Take care of yourself, teacher.”

“No need to see me off.” The monk left Ye Futian’s side, and the other cultivators followed him. Soon they had disappeared off into the distance.

“The monk from the Shenxing clan has always been said to be insidious and cunning. He may seem like he’s given up, but he might be trouble int he future,” said Yuan Hong of the Yuanyang clan to Ye Futian. Although the Shenxing clan had lost a lot of people, they still had their Renhuang. Judging by their previous attitude, they were still ambitious and unhappy with how things had turned out.

“Many forces were pulled into this fight. It could have ended in a massive slaughter. Will the Yuanyang clan be willing to protect me for the sake of the friendship between us?” Ye Futian asked Yuan Hong.

Yuan Hong shook his head. “They won’t.”

“Then that’s the way it is.” Ye Futian smiled and said no more. After all, all the forces here would make for advantageous allies. Even though some of the cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Realm were his friends, in the end, they were only heirs. If he wanted to really fight other great powers, it would be difficult to get them involved.

If he had killed a lot of people here, once he left, many would come to him seeking vengeance. Even though Lord Taixuan would help if they all moved against him, would Lord Taixuan be enough?

Yuan Hong said no more as well. He understood that even Ye Futian would not be able to withstand the Yuanyang clan’s wrath if he slaughtered their cultivators.

“However, if the monk wants to provoke me, next time he won’t speak so politely,” said Ye Futian. He looked down at the battlefield. Their alliance had won a crushing victory.

Thus, the treasures within the Spatial Sacred Hall could be safely taken out.

The next step was to divide up the treasure.

Beside him, the people from the other great forces looked down with burning gazes. They all had their own expectations. There was a whole hall full of treasure. Even if Ye Futian was stingy, he would still be able to give several treasures to each force.

In any case, they had been strong enough to break the seal, which they would not have been on their own. And they had not taken many losses in this battle!