The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1627

Chapter 1627 1627 Gate The

1627 GateThe

Ye Futian stepped towards the Spatial Sacred Hall and said, “Come with me.”

Everyone else followed him expectantly. He was able to break a seal with a single thought, and so the divine arms within the treasure house of the Spatial Sacred Hall would soon be theirs.

As they all entered, Ye Futian continued forward, saying, “Each force may take three divine arms. You go and find them, and I will break the seals for you.”

He thought to himself that these already very powerful figures were receiving a frighteningly incredible gift here. Every one of the divine arms was earth-shaking. Once they fell into the hands of the top forces, they would increase their power many times.

“Please go and take your pick,” he said. “Once you have chosen, let me know. Everyone quickly moved off in different directions and began searching through the artifacts. Ye Futian walked up to the battleax and said, “Yu Sheng, you go first. You should take the battleax.”

Yu Sheng nodded. “Alright.” He floated up into the air towards the top of the Spatial Sacred Hall. Ye Futian’s eyes changed, and it seemed like he could now see through all illusions. His thoughts swept out through the hall and seemed to form a key for the gate that affected the way the light curtain flowed. A crack appeared in the gate, and the battleax began to fly through the air.

Boom! Ye Futian was sent flying backward as the battleax shot upwards. Yu Sheng’s demonic aura surged, and he reached out towards the battleax to grasp it. A terrible aura spread out as his body began to tremble slightly. The battleax carried him up into the air with it.

“It’s so powerful,” said Dou Zhao, his eye twitching.

“Don’t worry, it’s not a problem,” said Ye Futian, looking up into the air. The process of obtaining a divine arm was a test in and of itself.

“How are you unlocking these things?” he asked Ye Futian. The man had really not explained how. To be able to release them with a single thought was too marvelous.

“Do you really think I’m going to tell you?” Ye Futian looked disdainfully at Dou Zhao. Dou Zhao rolled his eyes.

“I want that scepter.” Dou Zhao pointed towards a scepter sealed away, shining with a divine jade green light. A shockingly powerful life aura was emanating from it. It seemed like it would be able to heal anything in a short amount of time.

Ye Futian looked at Dou Zhao then muttered, “You should broaden your horizons.”

“I…” Dou Zhao clenched his fists. He had an impulse to hit Ye Futian, but when he saw how he was smiling, his temper abated. Wu Meng of the Martial Gods clan had been killed by him, so he probably should not hit him. Moreover, he was depending on him to unseal the ritual implement.

He, the mighty descendant of the Fighting God, had lost face for his elders. This must make him the lowest of all the heirs of the Dou tribe in history.

“Get ready,” said Ye Futian.

“Alright!” Dou Zhao, who had just been dejected, suddenly brightened up and looked happy.

After all, this would increase his strength. What did his reputation matter?

When Ye Futian unsealed the ritual implement, the whole golden Spatial Sacred Hall lit up with jade green light, and a life aura covered everyone. At that moment, everyone felt the life energy and spiritual energy that they had used up while fighting be restored. They all thought that if they could get their hands on that scepter, they would have unlimited recovery ability and could fight until the heavens and fell, and the earth cracked apart.

“That was a good choice,” someone said, looking up at Dou Zhao. The scepter did not have a great amount of repelling force, and so Dou Zhao was able to grasp it without difficulty. Once he had formed a connection with it, he cried out, “Wonderful!”

His fighting ability was impressive, and when he used all the Sevenfold Seals of the Fighting God, he was stronger than a Renhuang. But the aftereffects were devastating to him. Now that he had this scepter, he could fight and recover at the same time. Just imagining this made him excited.

Xia Qingyuan looked up at the scepter and felt a little bit jealous. She was a cultivator of life energy herself.

“Everyone used up a lot of power in the last battle, so I am letting them choose the things that they want. There are many ritual implements in the Spatial Sacred Hall, including some that are arcane and mysterious. I will leave those for you and Emperor Xia,” said Ye Futian.

“Oh,” said Xia Qingyuan with a nod. She had not used up any of her power as she had basically just been watching the battles.

“I want this one.” At that moment, Yuan Hong of the Yuanyang clan pointed to one of the treasures. It was a map scroll from which radiant light was emanating. Ye Futian did not even bother looking at what it was. “Get ready for it,” he said.

“Oh.” Yuan Hong stepped forward as Ye Futian directly unsealed the item without even really looking at it. He had promised everyone that he would give them ritual implements, and he would keep his promise. They could have any items that they chose. He did not care what they were.

“I want this one,” said Seventh Slayer of the Clan of the Seven Slayers. Ye Futian unsealed it for him.

Then, people were constantly choosing the ritual implements that looked powerful and were well suited to themselves and to their forces. Many seals were broken for the many people in the Hall.


At that moment, many people looked up into the air and saw that someone had broken through to the next level after receiving their ritual implement. It was Seventh Slayer of the Clan of the Seven Slayers. He had formed a connection with his ritual implement, which had been enough to launch him to the next level.

Endless whisps of Slaughtering Will filled the air and swallowed up all the Worldly Great Path in the area. He had forged a Wheel of the Great Path.

Ye Futian watched Seventh Slayer breaking through to the next level. Divine slaughtering light suffused Seventh Slayer’s body. A strange look came over Ye Futian’s face as he watched this.

There seemed to be two kinds of will fighting within Seventh Slayer’s body.

Boom! Cracks seemed to appear in the very air. The divine arm that he had received was a spear, and it was eating up the Worldly Great Path and pumping it into his body. A look of intense pain was on his face.

“What’s wrong?” someone whispered.

Yuan Hong’s eyes shone with divine light. So it was true. If he had had the good luck to reach the Renhuang plane here in the God’s Relic, he would have been able to forge an unblemished Wheel.

The Wheel of the Great Path slowly materialized. Ye Futian looked at Seventh Slayer and said, “If he breaks the will that he had previously, what will happen?”

“He will likely be crippled,” answered Dou Zhao.

“Ah.” Ye Futian said no more, but he still looked into the air. The others were all watching as well. After a while, Seventh Slayer’s Wheel of the Great Path was formed. Divine light emanated from him, and his slaughtering aura spread to every corner of the room.

“A Celestial Level Wheel!” said Dou Zhao.

A look of confusion came over Ye Futian’s face. “What did you say?” he asked.

“I am talking about his Wheel of the Great Path,” said Dou Zhao. “Do you not know the different levels of Wheels of the Great Path?”

“I know of the different levels of Renhuangs, the three ranks and nine tiers. There are different levels of Wheels as well?” asked Ye Futian.

“There are, though only the top forces of the Nine Supreme Realms make this distinction. Among the common forces, things are not so clear since all of their Wheels are Common Level,” said Dou Zhao. “When Wheels of the Great Path are created, they are divided into different levels based on their strengths and weaknesses. The vast majority of Renhuangs have Common Level Wheels. Those who are incredibly talented can forge golden wheels that shine with brilliant light. At the higher level, you have Celestial Level Wheels. Wheels at this level are extremely strong, and few people can forge them. This is the kind of Wheel that Seventh Slayer just forged. Of course, legends say that there are even Wheels above this, perfect Wheels that shine with dazzling divine light. These are called Divine Level Wheels. There are those who say that the reason all Wheels of the Great Path are called Divine Wheels is that they all originally start at the Divine Level. But when there are flaws in one’s will, you get Wheels of lower levels. All Wheels are imperfect, and so we of the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path have made these distinctions. In reality, any Wheel below the Divine Level is commonplace. There should only be perfect ad imperfect Wheels.”

“I understand.” Ye Futian looked up at Seventh Slayer up in the air. His Divine Wheel was stronger than that of Wu Meng, who he had just fought. Huang Zhong, who cultivated in the ancestral lands of the Divine Palace, had wanted to forge a perfect Divine Level Wheel of the Great Path.

He had heard those mysterious people in the Divine Palace talk a little bit about this, but they had never spoken about the different levels in concrete terms.

Seventh Slayer had forged his Wheel here in the God’s Relic. The divine arm he had taken had given him this chance, and thus he had forged a Celestial Level Divine Wheel. But it was still flawed as it was not at the Divine Level.

He had just been wondering, if Seventh Slayer attacked someone with his wheel, what would it be like?

Of course, he could not say this. This was Seventh Slayer’s personal path of cultivation, and their friendship was not very deep yet. They could not speak of matters of life and death casually yet.

Each force finally selected three divine arms, but they all still wanted more. They felt that three was not enough. They hated to leave.

“Can’t we pick some more to take back to the people in our clans?” Dou Zhao asked tentatively.

“You were only choosing for yourselves before?” Ye Futian’s face darkened. They were so shameless!

Dou Zhao smiled awkwardly and said, “I am the most prominent junior member of the Dou tribe after all. One day I will be the leader.”

Ye Futian felt that in some aspects, he was not Dou Zhao’s equal.

He looked at the others and saw their expectant gazes.

“Fine, each force way choose two more. Chixiao Divine Mountain and Brahma’s Pure Sky expended a little bit less power, so they don’t get to,” said Ye Futian. Chixiao Divine Mountain had been hesitant and had only decided to join them at the last moment. In addition, they had only fought the weakest of opponents, so loyalty was not assured. Right now, they were in an alliance, but after they left, who knows if they would be friends or enemies? He could not trust them too much.

As for Brahma’s Pure Sky…

Qin He looked at him with a smile then said to him telepathically, “Are you really going to be so cruel to me, Lord Ye?”

“Forgive me, Goddess Qin. You can keep the ritual implements yourself. If Brahma’s Pure Sky wants them, then when the Empress asks me, I will surely give them to her,” answered Ye Futian.

Qin He stared at him. Did he have some ulterior motive with this?

The people from Chixiao Divine Mountain’s expressions changed. They did not say anything, but they were clearly unhappy.

But the other forces were all quite glad. They seemed to like this new turn of events.

In reality, Ye Futian had originally planned to give each force five divine arms.

Soon, the various forces had each chosen two more items. Ye Futian walked down the vast hall until he finally discovered that it was blocked off. There was a gate blocking off one side of the hall.

In front of the gate was a pearl shining with brilliant golden light. All the light in the hall seemed to be gathering towards it and forming countless lines of light.

Obviously, the God’s Relic did not end here. There must be more land beyond the gate!