The Legend Of Futian Chapter 163

Chapter 163: Like a Hot Knife Through Butter
Chapter 163: Like a Hot Knife Through Butter
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Zhao Han saw that Ye Futian's trio made seven steps, just like him. His expression changed slightly. Huffing coldly, he continued forward. On the eighth step, the sword intent destroyed everything but couldn't stop Zhao Han. Not stopping, he made his ninth step. When his foot fell, everyone heard a sword scream through the air. The grotto's wild intent charged towards Zhao Han's direction. He stopped, preparing for the next step. The tenth step was his previous limit.

So powerful. Everyone looked at Zhao Han and then to the others. Ye Futian had taken seven steps but each step afterward was impossible. The other talents, such as Mo Fan, were only at the sixth step. Li Lianyi, Yun Qianmo, Yang Ziqi, and Liu Yuan had stopped at the fifth step. They already felt the horrible pressure.

Yang Ziqi and Liu Yuan looked upset. They were reputable figures of the Qianmeng area, after all, but were surpassed by three in lower planes. Trying for the Noble Grotto at the same time, the difference between weak and strong was obvious.

The Noble Grotto was different from the Cang Mountain Relic. The latter depended more on comprehension but the grotto required powerful spiritual intent, unprecedented aura, extraordinary endurance, and the ability to breakthrough limits.

Ye Futian didn't care about the others. Actually, he'd never thought of those people. He only came to the Ancient Barren World to become stronger and fight against the Nandou Nation and Luo Junlin. He only came to the Noble Grotto for the fate. As for Zhao Han, he wouldn't know the man if he didn't come to make trouble. Right now, Ye Futian didn't even notice Zhao Han or Yang Ziqi and the others. He only saw the grotto.

Unifying his Spiritual Qi, his aura rose up. As if performing the Nine Heavenly Attacks, he stepped forward again. With the eighth step, the power swept towards him. Intent rushed into his mind, almost destroying his will. However, his spiritual intent strengthened instead. He took another step; the void shook. Ye Futian had taken a ninth step.

He was once again equal to Zhao Han.

Now, Zhao Han's expression changed slightly. He'd already taken nine steps and his previous limit was ten. Ye Futian had actually caught up. There was one more step and it would be his previous limit.

So powerful. Everyone's hearts trembled as they stared at Ye Futian. The majority had been left in the dust already. Ye Xiao had been forced back at the fifth step. Yang Ziqi and Liu Yuan were stuck at the fifth step too, studying the two figures in the front.

Boom! However, someone seemed unwilling to let Ye Futian and Zhao Han get all the attention. He took another step and the air shook.

Yu Sheng had taken his eighth step. He didn't stop. Roaring, he made his ninth step. The burly body was filled with explosive strength. The power seemed unstoppable.

Zhao Han, Ye Futian, and Yu Sheng were at the same point.

Ye Wuchen seemed to see Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. He also moved. His body seemed to transform into a sword. He melded into the endless sword intent. Closing his eyes, he was entirely focused. He took his eighth and then ninth step. He was entirely in his own world. In this world, he was alone with his sword.

Now, the four were together.

Seeing this, the Black Wind Eagle in the back grew excited too, flapping its wings. As for the others, they trembled inwardly. Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Ye Wuchen had come together. Now, they all made their ninth step. The spectators' shock was imaginable. If they took another step, it would be ten. Zhao Han's limit was ten. This would mean that the trio was equal to Zhao Han.

That was shocking.

Zhao Han was the top disciple of the Sword Clan. He was extremely talented and was one of the best of the clan's younger generation.

As if sensing danger, Zhao Han gathered himself and took his tenth step. He yelled and his sword aura turned into a river. His entire body drowned in the sword but he still stood firmly and made his tenth step. Only the last three steps remained. Then he could step onto the corridor and feel the grotto's intent at a close distance to add the fate to himself. However, before Zhao Han could relax, Ye Futian moved too. He made his tenth step. His aura grew stronger and stronger. It combined with his intent. Right now, he seemed to be fighting the grotto's intent.

Boom! With the tenth step, wild wind rose up like tidal waves. His long hair flew and his clothing fluttered. Even more terrifying was the attack on his spiritual intent. It was powerful enough to destroy everything.

He's standing. Everyone stared at him, insides trembling. This was the tenth stepthis was Zhao Han's limit. Just like him, Ye Futian had reached this step. If they tied, what would Zhao Han do?

Zhao Han obviously couldn't accept a tie. His eyes sharpened to a point. He looked forward and closed his eyes, feeling all the power. Then he took his eleventh step.

The last three stepsthe most terrifying threehad caused many top talents to stop. Some were even heavily wounded by the backlash. In fact, some very terrifying talents had died during these three steps. It was known as the 13 Steps of Death but the truly fatal ones were the last three. Now, Zhao Han was forced by Ye Futian to take the first of the last three steps.

Sword intent seemed to bite into his body. The grotto's intent rushed into his mind. That moment, no one knew what kind of attack Zhao Han bore. They only saw his body shake violently. Countless eyes fell on him, staring at his body. Would Zhao Han be injured by the backlash?

This step was too dangerous. Even with Zhao Han's top talent, the people still felt that his steps were unsteady. He seemed to sway, about to die at any moment.

The space muted. Even Yun Qianmo had stopped to look at Zhao Han. Mo Fan, Li Lianyi, Yang Ziqi, and the others all looked at Zhao Han's eleventh step.

The air seemed to coagulate. After a long while, Zhao Han's body steadied. He yelled and opened his eyes. Sword intent shot out.

The eleventh step. Many people's hearts shook. Zhao Han had started with the three fatal steps and surpassed his limits.

"How will you take this step?" Zhao Han asked. His tone was wildly arrogant. Ye Futian had taken ten steps and was good enough. But unfortunately, Zhao Han had surpassed himself and taken the first of the three fatal steps. Only personally experiencing it would one know how terrifying this step was. Ye Futian couldn't do it. If he tried, he would die.

"Shut up." Ye Futian gazed at Zhao Han coolly. Without any hesitation, he took the first of the fatal three.

That moment, Ye Futian felt the grotto shine brilliantly. He had the hallucination that this mighty grotto only targeted him. Even worse, the carved statues magnified in his eyes. They filled his vision, rushing into his mind. He no longer felt pure intent attacks. The statues' intent transformed into tangible shadows. They appeared in his mind like true Noble figures. An unmatchable pressure swept through. It transformed into an impossible power that worked to destroy his will. He finally understood how horrifying this step was. It was completely different from the earlier ten steps. No wonder Zhao Han's limit had been ten before.

Now, Ye Futian closed his eyes. In his mind, his will confronted the Noble statues. The impossible pressure weighed down on him. A terrifying figure appeared in his mind. It was a humongous demon ape. It was extremely powerful and waved its staff, moving the clouds and wind.

The Nine Heavenly Attacks could shatter the world. Before, the Snow Ape had destroyed heavenly soldiers with a staff. The noble intent couldn't defeat him now. The intent power seemed to recreate a past scene. The demon ape split the skies and earth. It was attacking rather than defending. An extremely resilient intent sliced down at the statues.

A rumble came from his mind. The stone statue shattered but Ye Futian remained standing straight and tall. He took the eleventh step steadily. That moment, countless eyes stared at Ye Futian's backside. His figure was still standing so tall as if he was looking down on the world.

"How is this possible?" Yang Ziqi and Liu Yuan stared at Ye Futian in shock. He'd actually taken the eleventh step.

Beside Ye Futian, Zhao Han stared at him coldly. He'd already surpassed his own limits and taken the eleventh step. He couldn't continue. The last two were impossible to challenge; he was at his true limit. But Ye Futian was still tied with him, coming to this step together.

"I can't believe you can be equal to me." Zhao Han's voice was tinged with shock. He seemed to have overthought. Ignoring him, Ye Futian raised his foot again. Everyone's hearts shook.

Was he going to advance again? Was he crazy?!

This was Ye Futian's first time here. He'd already taken eleven steps and could still continue.

Under their shocked eyes, Ye Futian stepped again. When the noble intent descended, he still didn't hide. He took the offensive and destroyed it with horrible intent. At this moment, he was like a god. No intent was impossible to destroy.

The twelfth step. The people couldn't stop shaking inside. Ye Futian had taken the twelfth step. Only one remained.

This was Before the spectators could process this, they discovered that Ye Futian didn't stop. He raised his foot again. Countless eyes were fixated on that steady figure. Was he going to take the last step?

Boom! As Ye Futian brought his foot down, the air before the grotto shook. Similarly, everyone's hearts shook as well.