The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1636

Chapter 1636 Absolute Suppression

The cultivators of various forces each had their own thoughts about this. Even Han Ziyu of Tianshen Academy could not crack the statues.

From the looks of it, it would also be difficult for most of them to do so as well. After all, many people had already tried, and none had succeeded.

Hence, the idea proposed by Jian Qingzhu of Tianshen Academy was reasonable. The denizens of each Realm would choose their strongest cultivator as a representative. The nine chosen ones would then crack the nine statues at the same time. The Ancient Road would then be opened; they could then access the sky stairwell and reach the Heavenly Palace.

However, there was an issue that still remained: what would happen to the rest of them after they had successfully chosen the nine representatives?

Right now, nothing was certain. However, there was a huge probability that the nine chosen ones would seize the greatest opportunities, and they had the highest chances of getting the relics.

Even if the rest didnt agree with this idea, what could they do?

They could not crack the statues by themselves. Therefore, everyone acquiesced to Jian Qingzhus proposal. The minority who had opposing ideas could only hold their tongues.

"Since the rest do not have any objections, then may the Nine Realms each choose their respective representative," Jian Qingzhu said. The top forces of the Central Emperor Realm numbered the most here. They also had the most top figures here. If they were to descend into an all-out brawl for a spot, it would most likely escalate into a frightening war.

Since Jian Qingzhu made such a proposal, he probably wanted this spot. Rather than fighting with Jian Qingzhu over it, the other figures of the Central Emperor Realm might as well fight for the spots of other Realms.

"My older brother has already reached the Renhuang Plane and is the top scholar on the Book List of Tianshen Academy. Does anyone object to him representing the Imperial Realm to crack the statues?" a cultivator from Tianshen Academy asked loudly. He was also a prominent scholar on the Book List and had some fame in the Central Emperor Realm.

However, it was impossible for anyone in Tianshen Academy to contend with Jian Qingzhu.

"We can compete fairly," Jian Qingzhu said. "If anyone has any objections and they are at the Renhuang Plane, we can spar to see who is superior. If they are at the Saint Plane, I will also not take advantage of them. We can try to crack the same statue to see who succeeds. These statues seem to contain powerful wills. It seems that cracking these statues is unrelated to ones cultivation. It is just nice for us. We can also check in advance whether cracking these statues will bring about any changes to the Ancient Road."

If cracking the statues beforehand was also counted, they could save some trouble. They would only need to wait for the rest to crack the other statues themselves.

Jian Qingzhus words were very reasonable. No one in the Central Emperor Realm went against him; there was no need to contend with Jian Qingzhu.

He was the top scholar of the juniors of Tianshen Academy. Now that he had reached the Renhuang Plane, defeating him was too difficult.

The other cultivators from other Realms were also debating. On the Heavenly Mandate Realms side, everyone was clearly very harmonious. The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, the Violet Heavenly Palace, and the forces that opposed Ye Futian had already lost pathetically to Ye Futians forces. The other forces all had good relations with Ye Futian and also acknowledged his ability. Not long ago, in the battle in the Spatial Sacred Hall, they also came to realize that no one in the Heavenly Mandate Realm could contend with Ye Futian.

Hence, very tacitly, everyone looked in the direction where Ye Futian was.

"You should go." Beside Ye Futian, Qin He said to him in a low voice, "Among the top figures of the Nine Realms, there will most likely be members from other Realms who will want to seize our Heavenly Mandate Realms spot. Rather than that happening, we are more confident if we give the spot to you."

As she said this, her gaze swept over the crowd beside them. She asked, "What does everyone else think?"

"Hmm." Long Chen nodded in agreement. This time, it was subtly a contest to see who was strongest in the Nine Realms.

In reality, Ye Futian was also considered the hope of the Heavenly Mandate Realm in this contest.

On the Higher Heavens Realms side, there was also no suspense. Almost no one could compete with Huang Zhong from Shangxiao Divine Palace. The representative from the Higher Heavens Realm was naturally him.

Among each of the Nine Realms, there were only a few people who could claim the top positions within the Realm.

After a short while, Jian Qingzhu asked, "Let us begin with the Central Emperor Realm. I am willing to step forward and give it a try. Does anyone wish to challenge me for this spot?"

As expected, no one said anything.

"If that is the case, I will take a spot first." Seeing no one responding, Jian Qingzhu said, "Next, the Mountain Realm. Who is your representative?"

"I wish to give it a try." At this moment, a silhouette walked out. Ye Futian glanced over at the monk who had walked out. It was the monk who was meditating under the willow tree not long ago. His demeanor was stern. The light of Buddha circled around him. His temperament was extraordinary.

"I am Divine Monk Gui Zang from Tianxian Temple." Every cultivator in the Mountain Realm knew of Divine Monk Gui Zang. Divine Monk Gui Zangs cultivation method was extremely bizarre. When he was young, his cultivation advanced at an extremely slow rate. He traveled all around preaching. However, once he meditated, he would do so for a few years and break through multiple Planes consecutively.

There were rumors that claimed that there were no signs of distinction of the Saint Plane on his body at all. He had broken through from below the Saint Plane all the way to becoming a flawless Renhuang in one swoop. He had defied the common knowledge of many people. Some claimed that it was because he had accumulated his cultivation over many years. His state of mind was extraordinary, and he had superb dharma. Due to that, he only needed to deepen his Way of Buddha, and he would naturally break through to higher Planes and attain Nirvana.

Currently, it seemed that he could no longer be considered a monk at the Saint Plane. After becoming a Renhuang, he was a Buddha.

When the cultivators of the Mountain Realm saw Gui Zang walk out, they gave up on the notion of competing. Prior to this, the members of the Shenxing Clan had also joined the crowd. However, after seeing the monk Gui Zang, they could only curse internally. They did not want to offend this bald monk. He could easily exorcise anyone here.

"Emperor Star Realm?" Jian Qingzhu continued asking. On the Emperor Star Realms side, Dou Zhao was initially eager to give it a try. However, Ye Futian transmitted his thoughts over to him and asked, "Among those of the Emperor Star Realm, how high would you rank yourself in terms of ability?"

"I would be first place," Dou Zhao said without any shred of humility.

"" Ye Futian was speechless. He felt that compared to Dou Zhao, he paled in comparison when it came to shamelessness.

"I am the descendant of Fighting God. My will is only below that of Sevenfold Fighting God. If it wasnt because I encountered the guy beside you, who else could defeat me?" Dou Zhao said, annoyed. He gave Yu Sheng a glance.

Ye Futian acknowledged the ability of Dou Zhao. In reality, in order to defeat Dou Zhao, Yu Sheng had used all his triumph cards. Hence, one could tell how domineering Dou Zhao was when he unleashed the will of Sevenfold Fighting God.

When Dou Zhao said he was ranked first in the Emperor Star Realm, he wasnt bluffing.

"Even if you are ranked first in the Emperor Star Realm, you will surely face challenges issued by those from the Central Emperor Realm when you step up. Can you fight against them?" Ye Futian asked.

Dou Zhao looked at Ye Futian and revealed a strange expression, asking, "Are you afraid that I might contend with you for the spot?"

"Fine. Do as you please." Ye Futian rolled his eyes at Dou Zhao. If the nine representatives cracked the statues, they might indeed end up fighting against each other.

"Nevermind. I am already quite satisfied with what I got on this trip. I will leave this opportunity for you." Dou Zhao did not volunteer himself. The Seventh Slayer, who was now at the Renhuang Plane, represented the Emperor Star Realm. There was another Renhuang from the Emperor Star Realm, but his reputation was obviously not as good as that of the Seventh Slayer, so he didnt volunteer himself either. As for those at the Saint Plane, when they saw that the Seventh Slayer was now a Renhuang, they gave up too.

After that, each Realm decided on their representative. In the end, the cultivators of the Myriad Realm chose a Renhuang from the Slaughtering World. He was also a top figure who had broken through to the Renhuang Plane in Gods Relic.

Unsurprisingly, Huang Zhong of Shangxiao Divine Palace represented the Higher Heavens Realm.

Then, one by one, the Solar Realm, Shadow Realm, and Hidden Land Realm elected their representatives. All who were chosen were top existences.

Naturally, Ye Futian represented the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

When other cultivators saw Ye Futian emerge and that no one had fought with him, the facial expressions of those who knew him changed. Those who had suffered losses at the hands of Ye Futian put on strange looks. There were also people who cast skeptical gazes at Ye Futian. For example, the cultivators of Shen Clan were puzzled. It seemed like this inheritor of Sky River Great Elder was quite capable. He could actually convince everyone from the Heavenly Mandate Realm to support him. Was this the person who had traveled from the Heavenly Mandate Realm to the Tianhe Realm in order to learn under the Sky River Great Elder?

Jian Qingzhu was not at all surprised. Ye Futian was the first person to reach here after opening the door of the Relic. There was no doubt that the Heavenly Mandate Realm would choose him.

The nine representatives who had been elected were as follows:

Central Emperor Realm Jian Qingzhu of Tianshen Academy.

Heavenly Mandate Realm Ye Futian.

Higher Heavens Realm Huang Zhong of Shangxiao Divine Palace.

Mountain Realm Master Gui Zang of Tianxian Temple.

Emperor Star Realm the Seventh Slayer of the Clan of the Seven Slayers.

Myriad Realm Qin Lin of Slaughtering World.

Hidden Land Realm Lian Jiuyou of the Clan of the God of Ghost.

Solar Realm Di Wu of Solar Divine Palace.

Shadow Realm Chang Xi of Youyue Divine Palace.

These nine cultivators formed more or less the strongest lineup of the Nine Realms.

However, this nine-person-lineup was only the initial arrangement. Next, people from any Realm could eliminate them and take over their spots.

After all, this time, their target was not merely choosing one representative from each Realm. They needed to form the strongest lineup of the Nine Realms.

"Everyone, in the interest of time, if you intend to challenge any of these nine cultivators, each force will only get one chance to do so," Jian Qingzhu spoke again. If multiple cultivators from each force competed in this elimination, it would take forever to decide on the lineup.

Each force only had an opportunity. The winner would take the spot, and the loser would be eliminated. There was no second chance.

Shen Hao was the first to take a step forward. Brilliant divine light enveloped him. He stared at the Seventh Slayer, saying, "Since your Divine Wheel of the Great Path is flawed, you should not occupy a spot."

The Seventh Slayer glanced at Shen Hao. Murderous intent surged out from his pupils and stabbed towards his opponent.

Buzz. A divine halo shone brightly on Shen Haos body. His Divine Wheel could be vaguely seen. His gaze was sharp, piercing directly into the eyes of the Seventh Slayer. He ignored the domineering murderous intent emanated by the Seventh Slayer.

The two of them exchanged blows from a distance. An alarming collision of the Great Path had actually taken place in the space between the two of them.


An overbearing might of Renhuang descended from the sky, intruding the body of the Seventh Slayer. The halo of the Divine Wheel of the Seventh Slayer was suppressed by the might of Renhuang. Even though the murderous intent of the Seventh Slayer was strong and endless killing aura intended to burst forth, they were restrained and could only flow around his body, unable to break through.

"There are only two types of Divine Wheel: a perfect one or a flawed one. The two of them are worlds apart. Let alone cultivators at the same Plane, even if you are a Plane higher than me, I can still suppress you," Shen Hao spoke with the authority of heaven as his might of Renhuang continued to lash down on the body of the Seventh Slayer. The latter let out a groan of pain, and he actually took a step backward. His murderous aura had experienced an absolute suppression.

Ye Futian revealed a look of surprise when he saw this scene. The Divine Wheel of the Seventh Slayer had encountered an absolute suppression. Some cultivators divided the Divine Wheels into four tiers. However, in the eyes of the top figures, there were only flawless Divine Wheels and flawed Divine Wheels.

Shen Hao had forged a flawless Divine Wheel. He was ranked first among the younger generations of the Shen Clan in the Central Emperor Realm. The experiences and resources he had were not something ordinary cultivators could replicate. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Even in the Shen Clan, Shen Hao was the only one in his generation to have forged a flawless Divine Wheel.

The might of Renhuang dissipated. The halo on both of them disappeared. The Seventh Slayer remained silent. In his first battle after he had become a Renhuang, he was suppressed.

His spot was seized by others!