The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1637

Chapter 1637 Shen Yuan

Shen Hao managed to suppress the Seventh Slayer and steal the spot of the Emperor Star Realm. The Central Emperor Realm now occupied two spots.

However, this was also normal. After all, the Central Emperor Realm was the center of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. Be it in terms of number of top forces or the ability of their cultivators, the Central Emperor Realm was more superior than other Realms.

Shen Clan was one of the most powerful forces in the Central Emperor Realm. Shen Hao was the strongest cultivator among this generation of cultivators in the Imperial Realm; he stood head and shoulders above the rest of the Shen Clan members of the same generation. He had forged a flawless Divine Wheel of the Great Path. It was impossible for the Seventh Slayer to be able to stand against him in a battle.

Moreover, this was just the beginning. After this, most likely other cultivators from the Central Emperor Realm would continue to seize other spots.

Due to great distances between Realms, the cultivators in the Nine Realms actually knew very little about each other. They only recognized the top forces and the top figures; they wouldnt know much about the younger cultivators. This trip to Gods relic had gathered all of them together.

Other than judging ones ability based on their Divine Wheel, another method was looking at their origins and which force they had come from.

Everyone here more or less knew about the forces which stood at the peak in each Realm.

For instance, it was unlikely for one to not know about top forces such as Tianshen Academy and Shen Clan.

Another example would be the Divine Palace of the Higher Heavens Realm. It was also a renowned place for cultivating. In terms of ability and teachings, the Higher Heavens Realm would be ranked first.

Solar Divine Palace of the Solar Realm and Youyue Divine Palace of the Shadow Realm were both the strongest forces in their Realms, respectively. The former focused on the teachings of the utmost Yang while the later focused on the teachings of the utmost Yin. Their ways of teachings were also overpowering.

Tianxian Temple was the holy land for Buddhists in the Mountain Realm. It was located on Buddha Mountain and was praised as the greatest temple in the Mountain Realm.

Compared to these forces, although the position of Slaughtering World in the Myriad Realm, as well as the position of Clan of the God of Ghost in the Hidden Land Realm, was considered among the top forces, they were different from the forces mentioned before. They were not at the absolute peak of the pyramid and were not as immovable.

Thus, it was more likely for Qin Lin from Slaughtering World as well as Lian Jiuyou from Clan of the God of Ghost to be chosen as targets.

Aside from them, there was also Ye Futian from the Heavenly Mandate Realm. For many people, they thought that Ye Futian would be the easiest pushover.

However, the members who previously traveled together with Jian Qingzhu and the others, as well as those who had battled against Ye Futian, such as Xiao Muyu from Xiao Clan, would not think so.

That fellow was definitely not an easy target.

At this moment, another silhouette walked out. When she emerged from the crowd, countless gazes landed on her person. A fairy-like aura swept over them.

In reality, prior to this, many people had noticed her presence. This was because the woman had a stunning appearance. Chang Xi from Youyue Divine Palace was already considered a stunning beauty. However, this woman was actually even more outstanding than Chang Xi. Her body emanated a fairy-like aura, as though there was a formless light that would cause others to feel ashamed of themselves at a glance.

She was a female Renhuang. That was the reason she had such a supernatural temperament.

Even the gazes of the top figures of the Central Emperor Realm revealed looks of appreciation when they looked at her. Emperor Nan inspired awe throughout the realm and was a huge and legendary figure in the Central Emperor Realm.

This woman was the only daughter of Emperor Nan. She was the princess of Nantian Divine Kingdom, Nan Luoshen.

Emperor Nans wifes family name was Luo, so he named his daughter Luoshen.

This was the origin of Nan Luoshens name.

Jian Qingzhu was also looking at Nan Luoshen. This princess of Nantian Divine Kingdom would certainly claim a spot.

When Nan Luoshen walked out, a divine light radiated from inside her body. Her Divine Wheel could faintly be seen. Unparalleled divine light enveloped the heavens and the earth. At this moment, it was as though she was a true goddess that could not be defiled.

Flawless. Ye Futian exclaimed internally when he sensed her Divine Wheel of the Great Path. Based on what he knew, perfect Divine Wheels were extremely rare. Even among Proud Sons of Heaven, they were rarely seen. However, just today, he had encountered several, one after another.

It even made him feel as though flawless Divine Wheels were not rare at all and could be found everywhere.

"What do you think of this woman?" Dou Zhao asked through transmitting his thoughts with a smile when he saw Ye Futians look.

"Who is she?" Ye Futian asked.

Dou Zhao revealed a bizarre look. This fellow truly knew nothing about the Central Emperor Realm.

"She is Emperor Nans only daughter, Nan Luoshen, the princess of Nantian Divine Kingdom. Based on what my old man said, Emperor Nans ability can be ranked among the forefront of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path," Dou Zhao transmitted his thoughts.

Ye Futian blinked. Was this woman from such an incredible background?

It seemed that they were a force that could compare with Shen Clan.

"What are you scheming?" Dou Zhao muttered when he saw Ye Futians eyes shining. It was possible that this shameless fellow was planning something.

"Am I that kind of person?" Ye Futian speechlessly looked at Dou Zhao. What kind of person did Dou Zhao imagine him to be?

"I havent said anything, and you have already understood what I wanted to ask you on your own?" Dou Zhao said in surprise.

"" Ye Futian felt accused.

"I understand. The daughter of Emperor Nan is the dream companion of countless monstrous figures in the Central Emperor Realm. She is definitely the first choice of many." Dou Zhao explained with a smirk, "There is not much hope for you. Take a look at what sort of background Jian Qingzhu and Shen Hao come from. It is not that the other top forces of the Central Emperor Realm are not powerful. Its just that the strongest cultivators of those top forces are coincidentally not at the same Plane, so the other top forces stand out less."

Ye Futian naturally understood that encountering flawless Renhuang required some luck as well.

However, he had met enough top figures this time around.

"The two of you, what are you whispering?" A mutter sounded from beside Ye Futian. Ye Futian glanced at Xia Qingyuan, who was standing beside him. "Nothing," he said.

"This maiden is really beautiful," Xia Qingyuan said while looking at Nan Luoshen. Even as a girl, Xia Qingyuan was amazed by the beauty of Nan Luoshen.

"Hmm." Ye Futian nodded his head in agreement.

Xia Qingyuan turned to look at him. He truly wasnt subtle about it.

Nan Luoshens gaze looked towards Lian Jiuyou of the Hidden Land Realms Clan of the God of Ghost. She said, "Do we need to fight for the spot?"

Lian Jiuyou felt the pressure coming from the other partys Divine Wheel. He was speechless.

A flawless Divine Wheel. He had long heard his seniors mention this before. A flawless Divine Wheel had an overwhelming advantage against other Divine Wheels that could not be overcome. However, even though Lian Jiuyou had spent such a huge effort to come here to Gods relic in order to break through to the Renhuang Plane via a fateful encounter, he still fell short and could not succeed.

He naturally knew who the woman opposite him was. There were few women in the Nine Realms who had such an appearance and temperament. This daughter of Emperor Nan had also reached the Renhuang Plane. Due to her fathers presence as well as her absolute beauty, it was easy for people to forget about her astonishing talent.

"Since Princess wants this spot, you may have it," Lian Jiuyou responded. He gave his spot to Nan Luoshen right away.

Of course, even if the two of them battled, he had no hope of securing his spot.

He might as well reserve his energy for later. It was just that he had not expected that Nan Luoshen would pick him as a target.

Now, the spot of the Hidden Land Realm had been snatched away. The Central Emperor Realm had claimed three spots as of now.

"Jian Qingzhu, just now, you mentioned that each force could only challenge once. The winner will stay while the loser will be eliminated." Shen Hao suddenly said, "However, since we are selecting the best nine people to crack the statues, the forces who are capable should be able to claim more than one spot. Dont you think so?"

Jian Qingzhu looked at Shen Hao, inquiring, "What do you mean by that?"

"I think if a force is capable, its cultivators should claim more spots. Here, power is law. There is no need for us to take care of the weak," Shen Hao explained. After pondering for a moment, Jian Qingzhu looked at the crowd, asking, "Shen Haos words are not wrong. What do all of you think?"

All of them wanted to crack the statues; naturally, they should choose the strongest cultivators to do so. If any force could provide more than one powerful cultivator to take on the task, by right, it shouldnt be a problem.

Everyone revealed shocked expressions when they heard Shen Haos suggestion. The cultivators of Shen Clan did not attempt to mask their greed at all; they were not satisfied with having only one representative.

"I dont mind," Nan Luoshen said nonchalantly. Apart from Shen Hao, she did not see the others from the Shen Clan as worthy of being threats.

No one opposed this suggestion. After all, most of them were not involved in this matter. The only people who were affected by this suggestion were the few who were elected just now. Clearly, nobody would raise any objection and offend Shen Clan.

"In that case, feel free to do as you please." Jian Qingzhu said nothing more. In his opinion, it was not an easy feat for Shen Clan to snatch another spot on top of defending their current spot.

"Shen Yuan, you should go," Shen Hao said to a youth beside him. The cultivator from Shen Clan took a step forward. The aura on his body was astonishing.

Ye Futian had seen this person before. Back then, in the Tianhe Realm, he was together with Shen Yao.

Shen Yuan most likely stepped forward because of Ye Futian.

As expected, Ye Futian saw Shen Yuans gaze land on him.

There was a natural look of arrogance in Shen Yuans gaze. It was as though he was someone who stood in the heavens above and was looking down on the people below.

Shen Clan had a long history. They were established in the Central Emperor Realm and had been powerful and prosperous for generation after generation. Even the top forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm were no different from aboriginals in the eyes of the core members of Shen Clan. In their opinion, the top forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm were merely from a slightly better background from the rest.

They only considered a few of the large top forces in the Central Emperor Realm to be worthy of notice.

As a junior, Shen Yuan did not know much about the incidents back then. However, he had also heard the legend of this peerless woman of Shen Clan. He did not understand why she had married Sky River Great Elder. With their Shen Clans proud bloodline, she had married a person beneath her status and ended up being betrayed by him. In Shen Yuans eyes, the actions of the Sky River Great Elder were a betrayal towards the Shen Clan.

Now, the Shen Clan had captured Qi Xuangang. They did not care much about this inheritor of Sky River Great Elder and had allowed him to live.

However, Shen Yuan still walked out, wanting to walk all over Ye Futian.

He wanted to do so for no other reason than the pride of their Shen Clan. He would not allow their name to be stained.

Some cultivators of Shen Clan wanted to avoid humiliating the Sky River Great Elder, but Shen Yuan had no such concern. He even did not understand why the senior figures of the clan still bore some respect towards Sky River Great Elder.

Hence, Shen Yuans gaze turned towards Ye Futian. His cultivation was at the peak of the Saint Plane. Aside from wanting to seize a spot, he himself had come for Ye Futian.

"I am Shen Yuan from the Shen Clan."

Shen Yuans tone was slightly arrogant. His eyes revealed a haughty look. Shen Yuan seemed to be reminding Ye Futian that he was from the Shen Clan.

Ye Futian naturally could sense the arrogance coming from Shen Yuans gaze. Ye Futians expression was calm, without a trace of being affected by Shen Yuan.

"I am Ye Futian, disciple of Sky River Great Elder," Ye Futian said.

He added another line internally, "I am Ye Futian, disciple of Qi Xuangang!"